About Us

All great ideas come from humble beginnings. This very site was conceived from a very simple idea. I am an avid user of the Internet. It is now a basic need in a modern society. Online shopping is now a trend that is only going to increase. I too shop online quite frequently. However, an obstacle I often came across while shopping was where to find reliable information on the products I want to purchase. One site would tell me the price of the product, another the quality and another site would actually show me what it is like to use the product. After all this research I would have to come up with the complete picture myself and determine whether the product is FOR ME!

If you shop for products online as much as I do, you’d know this whole process can be slightly cumbersome.

So, that’s when it hit me, I’m sure there are others out there who might face similar obstacles while shopping online. I asked my friends, family and some online public forums if they ever craved for a one-stop shop for almost every product on the internet. I knew I would and the feeling was mutual!

I took this idea and began working on a website which would have thoroughly vetted data on all the products on the internet. My main objective was information and this meant reviews, advice, pros and cons, how to use etc. I wanted my site to address all of these important questions and am happy to see that we are getting there!

Please keep supporting us because this is a site made by the buyers, for the buyers. The goal is for the site to someday literally become THEQUINTESSENTIALBUYER’SGUIDE! With your continued support this objective will be achieved someday.

Thanks for dropping by!