How to Maintain A Saltwater Aquarium

We know how aquariums are hard to maintain, however, saltwater aquariums seem far more daunting in this instance. Where both freshwater and saltwater aquariums both require a maintenance for Ph and temperature, saltwater aquariums also have the added burden of having their salinity maintained. However, it is not as hard to maintain them once you … Read more

Differences between a Saltwater and Freshwater Filter: Things You Need to Know

Saltwater and freshwater aquariums house completely different types of fish in them, which would lead people to believe that their filtration systems would need to be different. While it does need to be different in a few ways, the overall requirement of a canister filter or HOB (hang on back) filter would be necessary. So, … Read more

How To Clean An Aquarium Power Filter

Any machine you use will require maintenance from time to time, and one of the most important types of maintenance is cleaning. This obviously remains the same for all aquarium power filters as well, mostly the Hang on Back style. We’re going to use this article to break down how these work and how you can … Read more

10 Best Portable Water Softener [2021 Reviews]

Best Portable Water Softener

Water is normally pumped from different sources all of which are not safe for direct human consumption. The water usually contains some sort of hardness that can lead to accumulation of mineral deposits which will end up damaging your plumbing system, will stain your toilets and bathroom floor. This can be dealt with by regular … Read more

10 Best Protein Skimmer for 200 Gallon Tank in 2021 (Ultimate Reviews)

Best Protein Skimmer for 200 Gallon Tank

If you have a 200 gallon tank, you understand the importance of having a quality protein skimmer. This is an essential aquarium equipment that maintains table water parameters in the tank. This eventually provides you with a healthy place for your fish. But how do you pick the best protein skimmer for 200 gallon tank? … Read more

6 Best Protein Skimmer For 300 Gallon Tank (Reviewed and Rated in 2021)

Maintaining proper hygiene for a 300 gallon aquarium can be very challenging especially when it comes to removing fish excretory and food waste. To solve such problems, you will need to invest in the best protein skimmer for 300 gallon tank. A protein skimmer is very essential when it comes to maintaining fish tanks especially … Read more

10 Best Heater for 5 Gallon Betta Tanks (2021 Reviews & Guide)

Best-Heater for 5 Gallon Betta Tank

A large number of fish species require warm water to survive so if your fish tank water is too cool, you will probably need an aquarium heater. There are five main types of aquarium heater; submersible, immersible, substrate, in-line and filter. This guide presents to you 10 of the most loved aquarium heaters you can … Read more

10 Best Aquarium Canister Filters (2021 Reviews & Guide)

Best Aquarium Canister Filters

Many people love aquatic pets and animals. This makes it a great idea to have aquariums in your houses. Aqua animals require a nice environment for them to survive and thrive well. One way to ensure that the fish have healthy living conditions is to use filters. Filtration is very vital for a healthy aquarium. … Read more

10 Best Aquarium Water Conditioner (Reviewed and Rated in 2021)

Best Aquarium Water Conditioner

Wouldn’t you want to see your fish happy and stress-free? Well, you will need the best aquarium water conditioner to help you with that. Tap water contains chemicals which are added by public officials to make water safe for human consumption. However, these chemicals are very dangerous to fish and they cannot survive in an … Read more

10 Best Aquarium Controller & Monitoring System (2021 Reviews)

best aquarium controller and monitoring system

Keeping an eye on everything that goes on inside your aquarium is nearly impossible. That is why every aquarium owner needs the best aquarium controller and monitoring system. These devices help to control and monitor all the major conditions in the aquarium. From the pH, salinity, water motion today water temperature. Finding the best depending … Read more