8 Best 55 Gallon Fish Tanks in 2021 (Reviews & Guide)

Aquatic animals are a beauty to behold. Now, we have a way to get the beauty of the sea right to your doorstep. This is thanks to the fish tank. Fish tanks vary in size, and they can all hold different sizes and numbers of fish. That being said, it might be hard to find a fish tank that can fit your specifications. This is where I come in. I am here to show you some of the best 55 gallon fish tank in the market. Go through our quick comparison, review and buying guide to help you make the right choice.


Best 55 Gallon Fish Tank Reviews

Without wasting any time, here are the nine 55-gallon fish tanks available.

The Aqua Culture fish tank is one of the best glass fish tanks for fish-keepers. It comes at an affordable price and is made from high-quality glass. You get different options in placing the aquarium; you can keep it as a desktop of position it with the support of a stand, according to your liking.

What I like

First off, what appealed to me was the rectangular shape of the tank. The shape allows you to keep a large number of fish. It is also made from high-quality glass, so you know the fish will be safe inside it. The tank also has a powerful Tetra filter. The filter works quietly, and it removes any pollutants, leaving the water clean. It can also prevent the loss of helpful bacteria for healthier water.

What I don’t like

The tank doesn’t have a powerful lighting system, so it is not able to support plant growth. The fish tank also lacks a heater, which is something that can be improved.

This fish tank comes with an inbuilt LED light that gives the appearance of daylight. You will, however, need a stronger light if you want to sustain any plant growth, especially dense growth.

  • Powerful filtration system
  • The hood has cut-outs for easy feeding
  • A built-in LED light
  • Made from high-quality glass for safety
  • The kit comes with a care guide and fish food
  • Lacks a heater
  • The light isn’t strong enough to support plant growth

If you ever wanted to make a big deal out of a fish tank, this product will give you exactly that. It has a lot of space, which means you can customize the tank according to your specifications, maybe add a few castles, rocks, or whatever suits your fancy.

What I like

I have to say, the thing that stood out more than anything with this tank is a large amount of space. This allows you to decorate the tank however you want, making it fun for both you and your fish. You can also put more fish in the tank thanks to its size. The tank also comes fully equipped with a heater, a 3-stage filtration system, LED fixtures, and plastic plants.

What I don’t like

The downside to this tank is the absence of night lighting. You either switch the LED light off entirely at night or to leave it on.

A large tank will be heavier than most. This means that the tank will require considerable support. The tank weighs around 521 pounds on its own. You should get a sturdy stand, like the Majesty 48×13 stand, that can support the weight of the aquarium.

  • Easy to set-up and maintain
  • Made from scratch-resistant, high-quality glass
  • Includes a 3-stage filtration system
  • Comes equipped with plastic plants for decorations
  • Easily accessible through a hinged hood for cleaning and feeding
  • No night light

This fish tank is one with a unique design, a hexagon, giving you a new unique look at your fish. The tank is made from acrylic, giving it an advantage over glass. Acrylic is one of the safest materials out there; the tank will not harm anything inside it even if it drops, and there is a life-long warranty against leakage in case it gets damaged.

What I like

The tank can support any kind of water, whether freshwater, saltwater, or reef. This versatility gives you a wide variety of fish to choose from. It also gives you a more extensive choice of pumps and filter combinations. It also has a hood, and you can install a light on its inside. And, as I said before, it is made from acrylic so it can last for a long time.

What I don’t like

I don’t dislike this feature, but I just hoped that this fish tank would have a light fixture. This would make it easy to position the filter anywhere without considering natural light.

The chemical composition of acrylic is a more effective insulator. This means it will hold heat longer, lower the energy level required to run the tank, and reduce wear on the heater more than any glass ever will.

  • A 3-in-1 filtration system
  • Manufactured using acrylic for a stronger, safer alternative
  • Can support different kinds of water, so several types of fish
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Has a limited lifetime warranty against leakage
  • No light fixture

We now have another unique tank design, an aquarium tank. This tank is also made from acrylic, so it has the benefit of being stronger, lighter, and safer than any glass aquarium. The unique design also helps with the overall beauty of the place, which is a bonus.

What I like

This goes without saying, the shape. The cylindrical shape makes it easy for you to put it in any place, and you get to have a full 360-degree view of the inside at all times. Another thing is what the kit comes with. You won’t need to buy lighting or a filter as they come included with the kit.  The filter comes with an air-pump and a bio-ball that will clean the environment and leave it healthy

What I don’t like

Now, this is not a factor that affects me directly, but I did think it was worth mentioning. Due to the cylindrical design, the tank is tall. This height makes it hard for some people to clean.

  • Comes with a smooth-running filter and air pump
  • Beautiful and unique design
  • The filter can fit anywhere thanks to the shape
  • Has an LED light installed in the canopy
  • Runs smoothly and quietly
  • Might be too high for some people making it harder to clean

Acrylic is so famous in this review, huh? Well, what can I say? It is the best material out there. I will not repeat all the wonders of acrylic since we all know them. This filter is equipped with a 3-stage filtration system; yes, it includes mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. Seaclear is the way to go.

What I like

The acrylic material is one of the things I liked. Another is the ample space the tank has. Remember how we said that the tank has a filtrations system? Well, even with that installed, you still have enough space to fit a heater and a skimmer. All of this can function silently and efficiently. The tank also has a prefilter feature that makes cleaning even easier.

What I don’t like

The instruction manual does not offer clear instructions on how to assemble the tank. Add that to the vague directions, and you are looking at hours of trying to figure out how to assemble it

  • Ample space for a filter, a pump, and a skimmer
  • Has a quick change prefilter for easier cleaning
  • Bio-Air drip tray to distribute water evenly
  • Made from acrylic that is safe for fish, pets, and children
  • Easy and efficient to work with
  • Vague instructions
  • Hard to assemble

Guess what’s back, back again? That’s right; a SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium. This tank weighs less than any glass of the same size does. This means you get a tank with better quality material that is also lighter than any other of its kind.

What I like

The make of the glass is one of the things that impressed me about the tank. Acrylic is more resistant to impact than any other material. It does not chip or cracks easily so you can keep it around the house without fearing any harm coming to you, your children, or your pets.

What I don’t like

The light fixture on this tank is a joke. It bends easily, is bulky, and doesn’t have a light. You should just go the extra mile and buy an LED light because the light hood will disappoint.

  • Suitable for both salt and freshwater use
  • Made from powerful, scratch-resistant acrylic
  • The aquarium combo has a light fixture, and a reflector included
  • Has an extensive warranty
  • Makes your decorations pop
  • The light hood is a flimsy
  • Can be hard to clean

The next best thing that you want in your aquarium is Starfire glass. Now, this isn’t acrylic by a long shot, but Starfire glass is one of the most resilient glasses out there. Thanks to that feature, this aquarium provides safety for you, your fish and pets, and your children.  A bonus is that the aquarium needs no assembly since it is done before shipping, so you can start using it immediately after it arrives.

What I like

The aquarium has a cabinet with a dual door. This factor makes it easy to regulate the flow of water, which is made even easier with the pre-drilled drain and return pipes. It also has a well-designed feeding hole that makes it easy for you to feed the fish.

What I don’t like

This feature is now common in some aquariums, and it is becoming annoying, the absence of a light fixture. You have to be extremely careful to make sure you get not only the correct one but also one that fits the shape and contents of the tank.

  • Has a 3-year warranty
  • Black Styrofoam is available to maintain the level of water in the tank
  • Has a well-designed and easily accessible feeding hole
  • No assembly required
  • Comes with a cabinet and dual door
  • No light fixture
  • Low surface area: volume ratio

Here we have yet another aquarium from SC Aquariums. This one is also made with Starfire glass so you can depend on its durability. It has a rimless design and has a pre-drilled drain and return system. For easy maintenance, the aquarium comes with its cabinet.

What I like

What I liked immediately about this aquarium is the space. That space allows you to place your fish without overcrowding, and it gives the filter enough space for it to work. This will come in handy when dealing with smaller fish like goldfish since they produce large amounts of organic waste due to inefficient feeding. This tank, with its large size and an elevated filtrating system, is just what is needed under such circumstances.

What I don’t like

The light fixture included is not adequate for this tank. You will need to buy a specific one that will suit your fish and the plants too. You might also want to buy an additional filter, especially when dealing with fish that excrete extra organic waste.

  • Large space to hold fish without overcrowding
  • Has both draining and return pipes
  • The tank has a rimless design
  • A sturdy glass that is resistant to impact
  • Clear glass for a clear view of the aquarium
  • The light fixture might not be suitable for most fish needing you to buy another one

Buying Guide

As you have seen, there are many fish tanks available. You have to find the exact type that will suit you and the kind of fish you want to keep. This is going to be a comprehensive buying guide to help ease the buying process.


Of course, the one thing you have to look for is space, as in, do you have enough room to put a 55-gallon fish tank? You will also need to find a place to position the tank and whether it will require a fish tank. A standard 55-gallon tank’s dimensions are 48x13x21 inches, and they weigh around 625 pounds.

You should use a measuring tape to get the exact amount of space you will need for the tank and also factor in the size of the stand. Something else to take into account will be if the floor can bear the weight of the aquarium once filled.

Plants or No Plants?

Plants are a great addition to any aquarium, but they come with a lot of work. You will need to get the correct lighting that can fit the sizes of the fish, and that is enough to maximize plant growth.

You will also need to consider the substrate you can put in the aquarium, whether sand, gravel, or marbles. The plants will determine the kind of substrate to grow in the aquarium, or the substrate will determine the plants to grow.

Will You Use Freshwater or Saltwater?

This is a huge decision that will determine the type of fish you will keep in the tank, the plants, or the accessories to put in the tank. Saltwater tanks have a wide variety of marine life. The only downside is that they are more expensive and need more maintenance than freshwater tanks.

Freshwater tanks, on the other hand, give you a wide variety of tanks for your choosing, getting different tank sizes and structures. Having a freshwater aquarium is also easier to manage than a saltwater aquarium, which makes it easy for beginners.

One thing to put into consideration is that there are different tanks and filters, and they are all suited for their water type. Different ones support freshwater and saltwater, so you’ll need to be careful.

What Features Are You Going to Use?

Aquariums come in different types, and they all have various features and accessories, and they can all come included with the aquarium. If you don’t know what to get, there is an easy alternative for you. You can get the aquarium kit. The kit includes everything inside apart from the fish themselves. This simplifies the whole shopping process as you won’t need to shop for anything else. On the other hand, if you want to customize your aquarium to your specifications, you can choose a standard tank and accessorize the way you want.

Materials Used

There are two main types of aquarium materials; acrylic and glass. The choice you make will depend on your budget and what features appeal to you the most. 


Glass is hard to scratch and very appealing to the eye. It can last for a long time while still looking new since it is almost scratch-proof. It is also less expensive than acrylic. Glass is also heavier. You get to choose your aquarium stand, just make sure it can withstand the weight.


Acrylic is lighter than glass, but it comes in a variety of shapes. You can manipulate acrylic to get a unique shape compared to glass that can be made into more classical styles. Acrylic is more expensive, however, and it will lose its shine quicker than glass. You can’t use a stand with acrylic. The most positive feature is that it is highly unlikely to crack and is safer for children and pets at home.


It is the law; you cannot buy anything without having a budget first. This budget will help you know what kind of material to look for and the options you will have at your disposal. You will have to stick to your budget if you want to get the most out of your aquarium. Since a 55-gallon tank is more extensive, it is going to be at a higher price, so you need to be ready with your budget.

Brand Name and Product Reviews

Before buying, look for customer and product reviews. These are going to help know what the upsides and the downsides of the aquarium you want to buy are. Something to look out for is the brand name. A well-known brand will have higher quality products, so it will be advisable to go for one of these brands.

What Type of Fish And How Many Can I Keep in a 55 Gallon Tank?

Once you have figured out the tank you will buy, and where to position it, you have to look at the type and the number of fish to keep in the tank. You will need to know what fish can live together and whether space is enough for the fish. A 55-gallon tank gives plenty of room that can fit both large and smaller fish.

These are some of the fish you can keep in the tank;

Angelfish – you can keep around four to five of these in this tank

Harlequin Rasbora – these fish come in a school so you can keep ten or more in the tank

Zebra Danio – these are active fish that prefer the upper regions of the tank. They come in large schools so that you can keep a whole school in this wide tank.

Fancy goldfish – these fish excrete a lot of waste and so will need a lot of space. Because of this, you can put up to two of these fish in a 55-gallon tank.

Swordtail – you can keep these fish in a ratio of 2females:1 male in a large tank.

Mollies – these fish need a lot of space to swim around in a broad tank, and since they come in groups, then you will also need a flat tank.

Bristlenose Pleco – these are to be put in a low and flat tank. You can keep two females in although you can put one male if you want to breed.

There are more types of fish you can put in this gallon, and this is a guide to some of the choices you might consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I keep a whole school of fish in a 55-gallon tank?

A. Some fish work better in this type of tank if you only put a few, like the swordtail, in the tank. But other fish, like the mollies and the Zebra Danio, can be put in schools.

Q. Does this fish tank come with its filter and air pump?

A. Some of the aquariums I mentioned in this review are a kit, which means that they have the filter, air pump, and more in them. Others are the more standard design, which will be just a fish tank, and you will have to buy the accessories yourself.

Q. Can I put live plants in this tank?

A. You can choose to keep live plants or not, depending on your specifications.

Final Verdict

Now we come to the end of this review. We have looked at some of the best 55 gallon fish tank available for your picking. These fish tanks are made with high-quality materials, and they won’t disappoint. I have also included a buying guide to make sure you have the necessary material to look out for. I hope you are now well equipped to go out and get yourself a fish tank and enjoy displaying your fish.

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