8 Best Acrylic Fish Tanks in 2021 That Money Can Buy

Some people think that acrylic tanks are typically large, bulky, and very heavy pieces of snacks to maintain. In this modern era, it is complicated to find the best acrylic aquarium considering the vast numbers of such tanks in the market. You may end up purchasing the wrong piece if you are not insightful and especially if you are very new in the world of fish keeping. This guide will walk you through on the variety of the Best Acrylic Fish Tanks and equip you with the right knowledge you need to have your purchase.

As we all know, the Plexiglass fish tanks model relatively expensive than their conventional counterparts. However, these types of models provide you with the best touching experience that you need as a hobbyist. They are very durable and offer the best form of performance than most of the acrylic in the market today. Besides, the strength of this model is unrivaled, giving it the honor of a super pick. The acrylic tank is well furnished with super radiant LED lighting application, which provides quality lighting to the entire system without any demerits.

What I like

The tank comes with performing glass that ensures there is no discoloration of the water inside the tank. This feature is very vital for any piece of the aquarium since the biggest secret if making your Betta happy is clean water. The tank has an inbuilt impact-proof plastic to reduce the force of influence between the fishes and the wall of the container. You will notice that the design of the tank is excellent, thus reducing the possibility of water leakage. One of the best features of this tank is the fact that it guarantees you a higher volume for quite a little space.

What I don’t like

I don’t like the pump’s pressure on the tank. It can fluctuate after a short period.

  • It comes with LED lighting with a choice of colors
  • Unique design
  • The tank does not leak
  • It has a small feeding tunnel.

SeaClear Acrylic fish tank is one of the best tanks in the market that comes with a perfect design that will blow your mind off. Think about your long days at work and how sometimes the working environment can be very dull. You need something sweet to stare at, and that where this type of tank should come into your mind. This piece of the tank provides you with relaxation and the peace of mind you require when you are soul and need to think about an idea. Besides recharging your brain, this model of aquarium comes with sterilizer, which will eliminate all forms of bacteria from the tank.

What I like

Apart from the fish tank, the aquarium comes with a reflector and a 24 inch light fixture that is electric. This factor will aid the perfect growth of your small fishes. Also, the model is super light and lucid to behold, and most importantly, it is almost 17 times reliable as compared to the glass plexiglass types. If you read more about the history of the model, you will notice that it is perfect for both the marine and also freshwater tanks. Besides, the aquarium is relatively less vulnerable to chipping and any other form of cracking.

What I don’t like

One of the biggest drawbacks of the aquarium is the mode does not include a bulb meaning you will have to purchase from the dealers.

  • It is lightweight and quite lucid
  • Important for marine and freshwater tanks
  • Less susceptible to scratches
  • Does not include a bulb

Until you get to know this tank, you will possibly have nothing to tell about this supermodel. The Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium is one of the most affordable pieces in the market today that blends both cost-effectiveness and quality in the long run. This model comes with unique features with a cost tag that will not disappoint your bank. Tetra Crescent Aquarium is a very excellent small fish tank that anyone planning to keep little species could choose as the right tank. Although we term the model as low, it has enough space for the Beta to move around comfortably.

What I like

I love the filtration system of this model. The tank serves an effective mechanical filtration that operates by pulling all the water from the tank and then pushes it through the help of the cartridge. All the dirt and another form of residues are trapped in this place for cleaning. Moreover, the tank comes with an ultra-activated carbon that allows the total banishment of all the discoloration foul and smells. The aquarium looks impressive and very simple to maintain.

What I don’t like

The only downside of the tank is that it does not include a thermometer or heater to measure the temperature of the internal system.

  • Comes with a LED lighting system
  • Super filtration system
  • A wonderful choice for the Betta
  • The aquarium is prone to scratches

The first step of being a beta enthusiast is by having the right tools of work. The main father of such devices has the right super tank for your fish. This model is a 5-gallon acrylic super tank that comes at a very affordable price to suit your budget. On top of getting a cut on the price, you will also get amazing features with perfect inbuilt materials. Many recognize the model because of its renowned three serviceable phase filtration applications. Although the system has an inbuilt filtration for five-gallon tank size, the system is so automatic and impressive.

What I like

The tank comes with a single LED hood lighting that provides awesome 15 blue high performings colored LED bulbs. This great light combines with the curvy surface to sensitize your aesthetics. It is quite amazing how the manufacturer of the tank combines such two impressive features for an aquarium. Beginners and the hobbyist will surely fall in love with the tank because the process of fish keeping needs to be simple and less demanding. The clarity of the tank is impressive since there is a transparent plastic canopy that provides you with a well visual of the system.

What I don’t like

The tank may become a little bit flaky after a few days.

  • The aquarium comes with a super design
  • It has a transparent plastic canopy
  • High performing filtration
  • The intake tube in short

Do you need to choose a model that has been in the market for a while? If so, then let me introduce you to the super fantastic aquarium that will serve you for an extended period. R&J Fusion Acrylic is one of the rare models that offer more than 20 gallons of interior space. This aquarium comes with a well built-in sump with triple compartments, and from that, you can answer whether the model is spacious or not.

What I like

The acrylic tank comes with all the necessary accessories saving you the amount you might use to buy additional related products. Just like other fish tanks, the model also comes with an LED lighting system, which is ideal for creating flashes for the internal network. However, the tank is a little bit expensive and may require some additional bucks. But you will be sure to get the best fish tank in the market in terms of performance and superiority.

What I don’t like

Although the aquarium is relatively durable, you need to take more caution when handling the exterior since it is prone to scratches. Also, you might incur more costs when purchasing scratch remover.

  • It is a durable piece
  • Comes with authentic filtration system
  • The aquarium is relatively expensive

If you are looking for an aquarium with the best perfect design in the market, it is high time you start thinking about this model. Tetra Glofish 3 Gallon fish tank comes with a good build-up and a display that will leave you yearning for more. The aquarium appears as a perfect example of sleek and style. Also, the model is very tough, making it free from scratches. Besides, the aquarium is one of the extended-lasting models in the market, and for sure, you will fall in love with the shockproof spec of the tank. Another essential feature is the LED light system.

What I like

You should note that the lighting system of the model provides the right intensity for your eyes. The radiation is not very strong; hence will not harm your sight. Also, the aquarium works well to give an ideal tiny tropical appearance for the fish. The model is suitable for goldfish, which requires several applications that come with the aquarium. Furthermore, you will notice the lid of the aquarium comes with a large hole for effortless feeding of your Beta. Moreover, the filtration system of the model is quite impressive.

What I don’t like

I don’t like the filtration system of the tank since it is an old school. This system is incapable of giving your biological tank filtration for your betta fish.

  • Sweet visibility of your swimming pets
  • Protect your fish against foul odors
  • The model does not come with a thermometer.

SweetSea Creative is quite a small aquarium for children to assemble and maintain. The system is lovely to play with and impressive to watch. This model is a wall-mounted aquarium and will work well for those who have limited space in their home. The aquarium is safe for the security of your children when playing around. Whether you are an amateur or a professional in fish keeping, the tank will work well with you to improve your skills to lofty heights.

What I like

The model will improve the taste of your room since its splendor is something impossible to ignore. It is a very transparent and sturdy acrylic that is very bright. The exterior design is sweet to gift your friends and your lover. Also, it is perfect for rearing goldfish and several other aquatic plants for fish keeping.

What I don’t like

You have to frequently clean the tank since the filtration system of the tank is quite inferior. Besides, the model may be a bit small to shelter a sheer number of fishes.

  • Sturdy and transparent acrylic tank
  • Saves the space of your room
  • An excellent home adornment
  • The aquarium is tiny to shelter more fishes.

If you love solid more than glass, then this aquarium may be the perfect choice for you. This acrylic tank is way more robust than glass though it is not bulky at all. Although substantial means obscurity, the model provides more than 93% clarity being an excellent companion for keeping your home or office splendid. The model comes with a heavy-duty material that offers both top performances and, at the same time, assuring you of an extended period of service.

What I like

This tank is five times powerful than the glass aquariums. That means it can withstand several years of performance even in harsh conditions. You will not regret purchasing the product since it comes with an affordable price with more features, unlike other models. Although the model may seem more reliable, it is almost ten times lighter than the glass tanks. The tank makes the process of fish keeping more exciting and straightforward. Scratches may not affect the exterior of the BiOrb Flow Aquarium due to the robust nature of the system.

What I don’t like

The main downside of the model is that you will have to buy some accessories such as the stand, which may be challenging to find.

  • Can operate at a low voltage
  • Very friendly to kids and pets
  • The aquarium is available in two sizes
  • The filter cartridge may wear off easily

Buying Guide

Before purchasing a new acrylic tank, you need first to check on several indispensable features that the model offers. It is very paramount to note the functions of the item you are buying to ensure that you have the right piece for your fish. While it is valid that you may encounter several options in the market, if you don’t do the right research, you May likely end up doing an impulsive shopping. It is very vital to shop when you have the proper knowledge. Before then, there are several things you need to consider before making the purchase.  

Consider your pet’s needs

 It is very fundamental to note that fish farming needs a lot of attention, care, and maintenance. That means you need to purchase an acrylic tank that helps you to fulfill the needs of your betta fishes. Acrylic tanks with operational filtration systems are the best to consider in this case. 

You need a tank that will ensure the elimination of all the harmful products and dirt with immediate effect. At the same time, an acrylic tank should ensure that the food you throw inside the tank doesn’t go to the bacteria but the fish. The system should be able to detect and clean any form of odor and discoloring materials that limits the purity of the water.


You need to ask yourself what size you want your fish tank to have. Do not make a blind purchase without a plan. Acrylic tanks come with differing sizes. Some of the tanks are too spacious to offer enough room for any kind of betta species, while others are too small to accommodate only a given number of fish. It is also essential to note that the size of the aquarium is directly proportional to the size of the tank. 

You need to work on your budget and ensure that your pocket can sustain both the buying cost and the maintenance costs of the acrylic tank. Don’t find yourself in a situation where you will find yourself selling the tank because you cannot sustain the running damage of the aquarium. Also, note that your fish needs a spacious room as they grow.  


Does your acrylic tank come with all the accessories onboard? You may find yourself incurring more costs to buy some more items for your aquarium while you could have purchased one that includes all the products. That is the reason why you should have relevant information before making the purchase. 

Plenty of acrylic tanks today comes with several other items, such as heaters, lights, and filters. Some of these tanks are the right pick because they are affordable and come with almost all the features you may wish your tank to have. You may check the right bargain for versatility and efficiency.


Also, you have to ask yourself if you will have to buy a stand or not. Not to mention, most of the aquarium is too bulky when filled with water and all other accessories. Before getting one, think of the best locations where you may get one at an affordable price. Typically, a tank with less than 15 gallons may come with sturdy tables. 

However, tanks that contain more than 15 gallons are a bit large, and they require a stand. Generally, you have to make the right choice, and that is the reason you should take the time to search for information.


Q: What are the best acrylic fish tank brands?

A: Essentially, when you want to purchase the best model acrylic aquarium, the maker plays an important role. If you wish to your acrylic tank to be superb and last longer, then you need to choose the right and most trusted global brands. Searching for the most reliable acrylic fish tank can be daunting, considering there are several brands in the market. However, you can consider choosing the most credible manufacturers such as the SeaClear, Tetra, biOrb, and Koller products.

Q: How to clean the acrylic fish tank?

A: You will only become successful in fish, keeping only by maintaining cleanliness in the tank. If you want your tank to maximize its exquisite appearance, and serve its purpose long, you need to perfect care should be your utmost priority. Several fish tanks come with a filtration system, which makes the cleaning process effortless. Never use some cleaning agents such as alcohol and ammonia or coarse pads to avoid creating scratches to the acrylic tank. You can use a soft fabric purposely for the acrylic fish tanks. 

Q: Where to buy acrylic fish tanks?

A: Acrylics fish tanks are available in all the pet stores worldwide. Generally, these fish tanks are not hard to find since they come in a broad range of choices. You should look for the most trusted dealer in your location to avoid unnecessary cartels. The only item that may be hard to find is the stand, but you can also ship it online.

Final Words

In essence, when searching for the best acrylic fish tank could be challenging, but with the right information, it is straightforward. As you have seen, acrylic aquariums are different in functionality and performance. You need to choose one that takes your fish, keeping hobby to another level. It is important to note, even if you are a novice in fish keeping universe, you can still acquire the right acrylic fish tank. Besides, you can receive the correct information to have a deeper grasp of the success of your fish keeping hobby. Don’t haste to make the decision. Sit down and come up with a plan, and you will be free to go.

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