5 Best Aquarium Gravel for Betta Fish – 2021 Reviews and Guide

Betta fish are so messy, especially when it comes to the rearing process. For that reason, you need to be very keen when choosing the type of gravel to use to create a natural environment. You can decide to use either aquarium sand or gravel. They both do well with betta fish, and they have no side effects on the fish. For those who don’t want to do maintenance, choosing the best aquarium gravel for betta fish is the best idea.

In the article, we have discussed the best top five affordable aquarium gravels that are available in the market and create the best natural environment for your fish. Also, we have provided some tips on how you should keep your betta fish healthy and safe. Read on for more details.

Best Aquarium Gravel for Betta Fish Comparison Chart

Product NameBrandWeightDimensionPrice
Spectra Stone Shallow Creek Regular for Freshwater Spectra-stone25.6 Pounds18.8*9*2 inches
Royal import 5lb Small Decorative Ornamental for Home décor landscapingRoyal imports5 pounds7.5*7*2.2 inches
GloFish Aquarium gravel, fluorescent colorsGloFish5.3 pounds4*5*9 inches
Carib sea Acs00887 Gemstone creek gravel for aquariumCarib Sea50 pounds1*1*1 inches
Carib Sea ACS00832 Peace River Gravel for AquariumCarib Sea19.8 pounds16.5*10.5*3.7 inches

Spectra-stone shallow creek stone is among the intellect aquarium fragments that you can purchase.  Spectra-stone provides the ideal size that will suit your betta. Another fantastic feature of this aquarium is the neutrality.  The neutrality of the aquarium will make the bettas color great.  The spectra-stone has a neutral PH; therefore, no more worries concerning the parameters of water changes.

Nevertheless, the aquarium gravel is a bit lighter in its natural appearance. Despite its bright color, it will suit all your betta effectively without any side effects. 

What I like

Spectra-stone aquarium gravel features a great size that is perfect for all bettas. The ideal size of the gravel makes the freshwater aquariums more unique from the rest. Therefore you can’t afford to confuse it with similar models in the current market.

What I don’t like

Despite that its natural appearance that makes the bettas color pop, it’s lighter in its original color. Therefore it may cause a problem in case you rear the dark betta. But for the lighter betta, it’s the best choice you can make in your freshwater aquariums.

The great thing to note with the spectra-stone aquarium gravel is the non-toxic coating.  Also, the gravel is ideal for the freshwater aquariums, which is not the case with most of the gravels.

  • Spectra-stone aquarium gravel has the best size for bettas
  • It contains a non-toxic coating
  • The gravel is secure to use in freshwater aquarium
  • Its neutral thus wouldn’t affect the PH
  • It's lighter than as pictured

Are you looking for the best gravel for landscaping or home décor? If yes, then Royal ornamental river pebbles rocks are the best. Royal ornamental is natural stones that are free from toxic chemical. The non-toxic ability makes them ideal for home décor. Apart from being safe, they are available in several colors. 

Also, natural attributes make the Royal stones more durable. Royal ornamental is eco-friendly and doesn’t quickly deteriorate as the artificial gravel does.

What I like

The multi-color of these pebble Royal stones gives the user an additional advantage. Also, they are useful in different sectors for beatifying.  Royal gravels are great for a craft project as well as home décor. Great to sue for filler in a cylinder, foundation, exterior, and interior planters, swimming pool decorating.

What I don’t like

Although these natural river pebbles are useful in different sectors, they are not ideal for aquarium purposes.

Royal ornamental gravels are smooth and round. Their unique appearance makes the pebble suitable for several uses. However, you need to keep in mind that these pebbles are not too ideal for aquarium use. But they can be sued as a substitute to decorate your walkway as well as outdoor gardens.

  • They are available in multi-color
  • Royal pebbles are long-lasting
  • Suitable for filling cylinders, home décor among others
  • Due to their natural attribute, they are non-toxic
  • Not so great for aquarium gravel use.

If you are looking for the right pebble, then this GloFish is the best opinion. Glofish is a premium brand that has been in the market for an extended period. GloFish is well known for its positive impact on the aquarium betta fish. Also, like other pebbles, GloFish is mainly designed for aquarium purposes. To suit everyone, GloFish comes in several colors.

When it comes to its size, it has a premium size, therefore, suiting both small and large betta fish. Whether you get the black or white GloFish gravel, it will suit your betta fish.

What I like

The GloFish is available in different colors and species, making it the best choice for most people. Also, the GloFish is mainly manufactured for aquarium use, thus no negative impact to the betta fish.

What I don’t like

Despite that, the aquarium gravel is ideal for aquarium, its not natural. Therefore, it may contain some toxic substances. Also, to fill an aquarium, you need several bags.

Glofish is available in 3 different species: GloFish Barb, GloFish Danio, and GloFish Tetra. Also, the species are identical in terms of their non-fluorescent. Besides, the GloFish comes in up to six stunning colors.

  • GloFish has the best size for betta fish and other aquatic animals
  • It's capable of bringing the color of your betta
  • GloFish is mainly made for aquariums
  • Can be used as an accent or substrate
  • GloFish is not purely natural
  • For you to fill an aquarium or a betta, you need some bags

When it comes to aquarium gravel, Carib Seabecomes the first choice. Carib Sea is among the few pebbles with a neutral PH. The neutral pH makes the stones safer for any system in your fish tank, which is not the case with most of the ordinary gravel. In addition to that, it features a large grain, therefore ideal for minimizing detritus. If you are looking for the best type of aquarium, then Carib should be your priority. 

Carib Sea pebbles are beautiful, affordable, natural, and available for everyone while purchasing this aquarium gravel, no worries concerning the quality as it’s of high-quality.

What I like

The Carib Sea is a high-quality and premium natural aquarium gravel that is suitable for all types of’ betta fish.  Another great feature of this type of stone is that they are intellect while using live plants. The last but not the least is the level of PH. Therefore you won’t mind throwing the parameters and having side effects on the fish.

What I don’t like

Despite that the Carib Sea gravel is natural, one packet contains pebbles of different colors. Also, the stones are of different sizes and shapes making it not suitable for any other activity.

Carib is a natural pebble that makes it non-toxic. The natural attributes give the gravel an additional advantage. Besides that, it also available in several sizes as well as the color. The stone can be used to decorate the garden or for home décor.

  • Carib is safe and secure for all systems
  • Carib aquarium are PH neutral
  • The natural attribute makes the aquarium gravel non-toxic
  • They are available in different sizes and colors
  • Some of the particles are too big while other small

Last but not least is the Carib sea ACS00832 peace river gravel. Carib sea gravel is a pure natural pebble that is safe to use in any aquarium system. In addition to that, no dyes or paints are used which provides a means for an added advantage in your fish tank

Carib Sea ACS00832 is a complete natural aquarium that will help mimic your fish habitat.  The best feature of this product is that it’s the ideal size for planted tanks. It will anchor the plants while allowing plenty of space for root to penetrate and grow effectively in any planted tanks.

What I like

The supernatural nature of the sea pebble gives the gravel an additional advantage. The smooth grains are usually fish-friendly, thus suitable for rays and other dwelling fish.  The unique and well-sized grains are essential for resisting the collection of detritus. Also are free from collecting fish waste as well as fish food from the substrate.

What I don’t like

The small grain size may not be suitable if you intend to use a gravel vacuum.  If you use it for too long, then it may begin to be sucked, thus increasing the cost of purchasing another.

On the side of safety, the gravel is suitable for types of betta fish. Unlike most of the aquarium, this sea ACS00832 is ideal for freshwater aquatic, including tetra, water turtle, discus, rays, and plants, among others. Carib is proven to minimize nitrate better as compared to the regular ones.

  • It’s ideal even if you are using plants
  • Carib Sea ACS00832 is PH neutral
  • The aquarium is free from non-toxic substances
  • Contains no dyes or paint
  • It’s safe and secure for all aquarium systems
  • The grains are a bit too small
  • In case you use gravel vacuum for an extended period, it starts getting sucked

Things to Consider When Purchasing Aquarium Gravel for Betta Fish

Before you select the right aquarium gavel for your betta tank, there are some important things that you need to note. These tips will help you end up with the right model. They include the following:

1. Nature of the aquarium

Despite that, most of the time, the life of the betta tank it’s not a big issue, but you in to put into consideration.  We can have an artificial or natural aquarium which differs in term of color and other features. The plastic aquarium may not suit all the betta fish. Therefore, if you intend to purchase artificial gravel, be away from the type of betta fish you have. Some aquatic animal is allergic to plastic pebbles due to the ingredients used.  Also, the artificial aquarium gravel is not as durable as the natural gravel. 

The natural aquarium gravel has its benefits and disadvantages. First of all, natural pebble is usually free form toxic. The natural attribute makes the gravel suitable for all betta fish, which is not the case with the artificial aquarium gravel. Also, the PH of the natural gravel is always neutral, unlike the artificial one that may vary. 

2. Size of the aquarium gravel

The size of the aquarium is the other factor that you can’t afford to leave behind. For your betta fish to be comfortable, then you need to choose the best size of the grain. Some betta fish require large grains, while others prefer small grains.  But it’s always recommendable to choose a medium-size grain that will suit all the betta fish types. However, you have the final decision to come up with the best size for the aquarium gravel. 

3. The PH level

When it comes to aquarium gravel, you should be very keen to ensure that you get the right gravel with the bets PH Level. The aquarium should not be so acidic or necessary as it may alter the life of the aquatic animal. If you have decided to go for the artificial gravel, then you have the responsibility to ensure that the pebbles are neutral.  For the natural aquarium gravel users, you have no much work as most of them are non-toxic. The non-toxic attribute makes them the best choice for most people.

4. Color of the gravel

The color of the aquarium is another great feature that you can’t afford to miss to consider if you need a great pebble. To the natural gravel, the same packet can contain different colors that may also differ in terms of size. But on the other side, the artificial pebble may be precise of the same color. Even though most of the colors are suitable for most of the betta fish, it’s good to choose the best color.  For instance, the lighter color is ideal for the dark betta, which is not the case of the light betta fish. The lighter betta fish mostly do while with the more colored aquarium gravel. 

5. Cost of the gravel

Despite that, the value of the pebble depends on other factors like quantity, nature, as well as the quality. It’s ideal to get gravel that is within your budget. But you need to keep in mind that the cost of the gravel will not determine the quality of the pebble directly. Nevertheless, a costly product seems to be the best in terms of quality and performance.

What Color Is The Best For Betta Fish?

For a decade of years, there is a lot of debate concerning the best color.  Also, the color of the gravel depends on the nature of the fish tank gravel. A lot of issues have arisen concerning the best aquarium between the artificial and the natural gravel. 

At the end of the day, as the user, you have the final decision.  It’s always advisable to go for color according to your personal preference. However, most of the people prefer the use of natural gravel due to some reasons. First, due to its attribute, it imitates the betta’s natural habitat.

On top of that, the natural aquarium gravels are less toxic as compared to the artificial ones. Also, they make the betta look more colorful. Lastly, if you prefer the artificial colored aquarium gravel, then no limits for that.

How Often Should You Replace The Aquarium Gravel?

They have not stipulated duration that directly you how often you should replace the aquarium gravel. So, if you have one, no need to keep on returning despite that it remains clean if you keep cleaning the gravel frequently, it can last for many years without changing the gravel. Mostly if you have the natural aquarium gravel, you are lucky as it can last as many years as possible. 

However, the time you should think of changing the gravel is when you notice that the plants are outgrowing in the betta tank. Of course, you can decide to change the gravel any time when you feel of doing so. Also, when you feel like changing the container, you need to replace the gravel.

How Do You Change The Gravel In Your Betta Tank?

Even if the gravel can last for a decade, you should replace it for a better aquatic life. For a complete process, here comes step by step guide on how you should go.

  1. Move all the betta fish to a new betta fish tank before changing the gravel. By doing so, you will ensure that your fish are not stressed. The new container or tub should be free from contamination. By doing so, you keep your betta fish calm and free from stress.
  2. Ensure that you don’t change the gravel after replacing the filter. In case you do the change at the same time, then you may enter up interfering with the routine of the fish. On top of that, the bioload emitted by the betta fish may begin poising the betta tank.
  3. Before changing your aquarium gravel, it’s ideal that you don’t feed the fish. Lack of feed will ensure that no excrement and nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia will not rise. 
  4. Rinse the current pebble or gravel with cold water before boiling it. For better results, you can repeat the process several times until the water becomes clear. 
  5. After cleaning your gravel, quickly turn off your filter. Immediately start the next step as soon as possible.
  6. Add water from the main betta tank to the new betta tank or container. When making water changes, ensure that the is water is almost half full of the current shell.
  7. Add the betta fish to the holding tank together with all plant life and decoration. After adding all the fish, ensure that you cover the container.
  8. With these water changes, fill the main betta fish tank on the top with conditioned water. After that, you can turn your aquarium back.
  9. Remove all the old aquarium gravel and vacuum everything left behind. By doing so ensure that everything that may alter the aquatic life is left aside.
  10. Add the new gravel or pebble slowly into the tank. Replace the live plants as well as the décor then later add the betta fish

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can you determine the needed gravel? 

A: It can be a bit tricky to provide a straightforward answer due to different factors. The total aquarium gravel needed can result from the number of betta fish you have. Also, the design of the tank can affect gravel needs. The rectangle tanks require a lot of aquarium as compared to the circular tanks.  

Q: What the recommended depth of the aquarium gravel?

A: In case you wish to add gravel, ensure that it’s not so deep or shallow. However, the intellect depth for gravel is about 1.5 inches. On top of that, it can range from 1 to 2 inches. However, in case you intend to have a lot of plants in your tank, make sure you stick to the higher range of about 1.5 inches. This will help to give your live plants plenty of space for healthy growth.

Q: Between sand and gravel, which is better for an aquarium?

A: Both the aquarium sand and the gravel do well for an aquarium. However, the advantages of gravel overweigh the benefits of sand. In addition to that, gravel is available in different sizes and colors, unlike sand.  But if you intend to use sand, you are free as it has no side effects any aquatic animal.

Q: Is aquarium gravel suitable for a fish tank?

A: Definitely yes, as long as it’s pea-sized, smooth, clean, and compact, it’s an excellent choice. In case you are stuck on choosing the best gravel, pea gravel seems to be the best choice you can make.

Q: What is the purpose of the aquarium substrate in betta fish? 

A: There are several reasons why an aquarium substrate is useful in betta fish. This help makes your betta’s color pop. In addition, there help in decorating your tank.

Final Verdict

Having high-quality aquarium gravel, it’s hugely a significant step. We know that gravels are useful when it comes to betta fish. If you are looking for the best aquarium gravel, then you have to worry no more. The above gravels are the best in 2020 and are of high quality and very affordable. Most of them are natural, making them free from toxic chemicals. Besides, they are PH neutral, meaning no side effects to the tank and betta fish. Get one of the above aquarium gravel, and you will have a testimony.

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