10 Best Aquarium Plant Fertilizer in 2021 (Reviews and Guide)

Having an appealing aquarium does not only mean that you have to keep fish alone. Think about how natural your aquarium can look if it has aquatic plants. It is amazing, right? You just can’t take your eyes off it. To ensure that aquatic plants in your aquarium blossom perfectly, you need to treat them with the best aquarium plant fertilizer.

Aquarium plants not only need to survive but also thrive. Do you think to maintain green aquarium plants come naturally? No. The plants are live just like any other in the ocean. Plant fertilizer ensures the healthy growth of the aquarium plants.


Best Aquarium Plant Fertilizer Comparison Chart

Product NameNet WeightWater GallonsDimensionPrice
Glosso Factory All-in-one Planted Aquarium Fertilizer16 oz4730 gallons3 x 3 x 7.5 inches
API Leaf Zone Plant Treatment18 oz946 gallons2.5 x 2.5 x 8.8 inches
Thrive Planted Aquarium Fertilizer16.9 oz2500 gallons3 x 3 x 7 inches
Seachem Flourish 500ml16.9 oz200 gallons20 x 75 x 20 inches
API CO2 Booster16 oz4700 gallons2 x 2 x 8 inches
Fluorite 7kg /15.4 lbs2 pounds-17 x 11.75 x 1.75 inches
Luffy Marimo Fertilizer0.32 Ounces-5.28 x 1.61 x 1.26 inches
API LEAF ZONE Plant Treatment16oz-1 x 1 x 6 inches; 1.1 Pounds
Glosso Factory All in one Planted Aquarium Fertilizer16oz4,730 gallons3 x 3 x 7.5 inches; 13.4 Ounces
Aqueon Aquarium Plant Food17.4 Ounces2.3 x 2.3 x 7.9 inches; 1 Pounds

Best Aquarium Plant Fertilizer Reviews

While there are many types of aquarium fertilizers that you can get, not all are safe for the plants and fish. Check out reviews of our top 10 picks this year.

The Glosso factory all-in-one planted aquarium fertilizer is specially formulated to provide your aquarium plants with a good balance of both macro and micronutrients. It has all the nutrients in one bottle like cobalt, boron, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, nitrogen among others. If you are looking for the best aquarium plant fertilizer, then this one might just be the one for you. The instructions can be easily followed so you don’t have to be an expert to use the fertilizer.

Moreover, this fertilizer is the ideal pick for anyone with either a large or low-tech planted aquarium which has rooted as well as floating plants. If you have some dwindling fish aquarium plants, this product can help them to get back their strength. They can also become healthier provided you follow the dosage as per the instructions.

What I like

This fertilizer is a great choice for all aquarium owners because it is very easy to use. I liked the clear dosage instructions it has which can be followed by new aquarium owners. I also like that it is an all-in-one concentrated fertilizer with a well-balanced formula of both micro and macronutrients.

What I don’t like

The brittle nozzle is weak as it breaks easily. It is also not a good idea to use the pump when adding this fertilizer in the aquarium. You might end up putting too much or less. I also didn’t like how it forms a cloud once it is added. It will take some good time for it to disappear.

It is a concentrated all-in-one plant fertilizer that will give your aquarium plants the vital nutrients for proper growth.

  • You don't have to measure individual nutrients
  • It is very easy to follow the dosing instructions
  • The 16 oz treats can work for up to 4700 gallons
  • Overdose promotes algae growth
  • It will cloud the water for a few hours
  • It is only ideal for lightly stocked aquariums

If you are in need of an aquarium plant fertilizer that will take good care of your aquarium plants, then the API leaf zone plant treatment is a good try. It comes at an affordable price and its size will take you for a while. You will only need 5 ml to manage a 10-gallon aquarium. It is also suitable for tanks which have got a high bioload as these have a lot of phosphorus and nitrogen.

If you have got decaying plants in your aquarium then this fertilizer will work wonders for them. Remember you don’t need to spend a lot to own this plant for treatment.

What I like

This product works wonders when it comes to stimulating colourful and healthy leaves. I also like the magic it does for decaying leafy plants since it was made for Speedy absorption. Also, the fact that it is not expensive and it is big enough to keep you going for some time is another advantage.

What I don’t like

The tank has to have a high bioload to get this fertilizer to work well. This is because it only has potassium and iron elements. Therefore, nitrogen and phosphorus can be got from high bioload. Also if you put a lot it will cause the plants to die.

If your aquarium has plenty of leafy plants then you have found the fertilizer just for you. It was formulated to be absorbed quickly by the aquarium plants which is perfect for leafy plants. It will sustain colourful and healthy leaves leaving you with an impressive view.

  • It is affordable
  • Speedy absorption in Freshwater tanks
  • Stimulates growth of decaying leafy plants
  • It doesn't have all the necessary nutrients

Wouldn’t you love to spoil your aquarium plants with all the necessary nutrients? The thrive planted aquarium fertilizer might be the one for you. It comes in a convenient 500ml pump bottle with some easy-to-follow instructions. This only means more fertilizer for all aquarium owners. This product is also suitable for both high- and low-tech aquariums.

What I like

This product can decrease algae build-up which keeps the fish and plants healthy and safe. I like the easy-to-follow instructions and the fact that all you have to do is to pump the required dosage without having to measure the nutrients one by one. It also comes in a bigger bottle which can serve up to 2500 gallons of Freshwater meaning it will serve you for longer.

What I don’t like

It comes at a higher price which could be more for some aquarium owners who are just starting out. Also, it can increase nitrate levels into the water when you exceed the recommended dosage. This can be harmful to your aquarium dwellers.

  • It has the vital nutrients for your aquatic plants
  • Ideal for both high- and low-tech aquariums
  • It is highly concentrated
  • Also, it reduces algae accumulation
  • It is expensive
  • It can raise the levels of nitrate in the water

If you are in need of the best aquarium plant fertilizer, then the Seachem flourish is one of them. This fertilizer has been tested and it is proven that it will not harm any of your aquarium dwellers. It has all the necessary elements and nutrients required by your aquatic plants. These include amino acids, vitamins, biotin, gluconate, iron, manganese, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

If you wish to have stunning, healthy and fast-growing aquatic plants then you will find that in this fertilizer. Your plants will start showing bright colors once you introduce this product into your aquarium. Additionally, if you are aquatic plants are pH-sensitive, they will thank you for this fertilizer.

What I like

I like that it is a safe solution for aquatic plants and also the fish. It has the necessary micro, macro and trace elements. You will also get the necessary nutrients needed by the aquatic plants. I was also impressed with its size of 500ml which can be good if you need a fertilizer that will serve you for longer.

What I don’t like

This fertilizer requires caution when adding it into the tank. Too much of it will lead to algae build up. I also didn’t like the cap of the bottle because it became loose leading to a leak when not stored straight.

  • It is safe for the fish and other tank dwellers
  • Stimulates rapid growth of the plants
  • It comes in a bigger bottle
  • It is easy to use
  • It has the necessary nutrients and elements for the plants
  • Too much of it at once can cause algae accumulation
  • The cap is weak as it loosens easily

API is one of the leading Aquatics companies as it has been around for over 50 years. It is not doubted that API CO2 booster is one of the best aquarium plant fertilizers you will get on the market.

This carbon dioxide booster is formulated to promote a healthy and vibrant planted aquarium. When you introduce this booster to your aquarium, the plants will grow seven times more than those which have not been treated. It also has easy to follow guides to enable you to work with it more easily and get what you want for your aquatic plants. You can also choose to use it alone or you can use it with carbon dioxide systems.

What I like

The easy-to-follow instructions make the addition of the carbon dioxide quick and easy. The 237 ml bottle treats up to 2350 gallons and the 473 ml bottle treats up to 4700 gallons. I also like that it is from a brand that has been around for decades meaning you will get a quality product.

What I don’t like

The only downside I saw with this product is that it will not help to control algae accumulation. The plants will grow healthy and strong but there will be more algae growth as well.

  • This carbon dioxide booster will promote the photosynthesis process to allow your aquatic plants to grow well
  • It features are Cup which can be used for measuring
  • It will supply your plans with the essential carbon which is ideal their growth
  • It doesn't control algae growth in the aquarium

Having this fertilizer makes everything easy since it does not necessarily need other modifiers. Why would you struggle by using a lot of resources to buy fertilizers that will be of a waste? Due to its effectiveness, you will enjoy using his type of fertilizer. Since it is no chemically treated, it cannot alter the ph of the water. Although it is recommended for planted aquarium, it can also be used for aquarium environment with fresh water.

What I like

To cut down costs, it is an effective fertilizer since no other chemicals are added. Its nutrients are essential to both planted aquarium and freshwater hence having no negative impact on other plants.

It comes pre-washed and the setup is easy. Since it is a natural product, you can find it dusty so it is great to rinse it before you use it.

What I don’t like

This is a great fertilizer but it is very dusty. In as much as you can clean it several, it doesn’t get clean enough.

  • Effective and easy to use
  • Contains all nutrients
  • It is easy to set up
  • Doesn’t contain chemicals
  • It is very dusty
  • The product is also cloudy

This type of fertilizer contains calcium, nitrates and phosphate substances that are effective for the growth of plants. Calcium is an important substance to the crops since it gives it its color while the availability of both phosphate and nitrites increases the growth and size of the plants. 

It also contains Marimo balls that act as food to other aquatic plants and since it is liquid, it can easily and directly be absorbed into the plants. Since Marimo balls consume a lot of nitrates and phosphates, its availability makes it bigger and fluffier.

What I like

Although most of the fertilizers are designed to fight against algae, this fertilizer is aquarium friendly algae thus making the marimo balls larger and healthier. Provided you use the exact amount required, you certainly come up with positive results. As they grow, you will love the beauty that comes up with it. Also, all the ratios of either calcium, nitrates, and phosphate are written for easy usage.

What I don’t like

Many users who have used this fertilizer claim that it doesn’t work because they don’t notice any difference.

  • It is simple and easy to use
  • It is economical and effective
  • Gives the plants its green color due to the availability of nitrates, phosphorus, and calcium
  • The pictures are misleading
  • It doesn’t work

Ensuring the cleanliness of the aquatic plants makes them grow faster, strong and healthy. This is so because it prevents yellow and decaying leaves from the plant due to the availability of essential nutrients. More so, it has a rapid absorption hence facilitating photosynthesis and cell pressure

What I like

This product has a rapid impact on the plant provided you use the exact amount. Ensure the tank is clean before using the treatment for better results. Plants look lush and with the availability of the product. This fertilizer also contains an iron pigment that is very much essential for the plant by giving it its green color, makes it strong and stimulates its growth.

What I don’t like

This fertilizer kills fish. Some users also say that it dries the aquarium plants leaves because it kills the beneficial bacteria.

  • It promotes strong colorful green leaves thus preventing decaying leaves
  • Availability of essential nutrients that are effective to the plant
  • It is quickly absorbed for rapid and healthy growth
  • It is easily absorbed through the leaves hence easy penetration
  • Not effective for people who are always impatient
  • When you use a lot of the fertilizer can lead to the death of the plant
  • Does not provide all the nutrients required

For effective growth of plants and algae, all the nutrients are mandatory and supposed to be supplied in the same ratio, in case there is no balance, most of the plants will die hence no yields. Do you imagine doing zero work whereby a lot of efforts are used with no good results? This is what most farmers go through hence discouraging them. I wish that not to happen to you since I have got some good news. Having Glosso Factory All in one Planted Aquarium Fertilizer solves all your problems.

What I like

The fertilizer is made in a way that provides the aquarium plants with the right balance of macro and micronutrients which leads to healthy plants.

It does not require a lot of effort since you only need to change the water. This will depend on the nature of the algae. If it increases, you will be able to change the way but if the level of the algae reduces, you will have to retain the water. No more fertilizers are required for one to have positive feedback.

What I don’t like

This is a nice aquarium fertilizer but it fogs the aquarium water. Some users also complain about algae in the tanks upon using this fertilizer.

  • Easy to use and manage
  • Contains all the nutrients required by the plant
  • Leads to a brighter color of the plants and rapid growth
  • Contains a balanced formula of both micro and macronutrients
  • Availability of light enhances the growth and development
  • It is easily affordable
  • It contains traces of copper, therefore, it is harmful when used in a large amount
  • At some point, the pump does not work effectively
  • Inaccuracy in the measurements provided and feedback given may lead to high expectations which might be discouraging

The growth and stability of the plant on the roots of the plant. Therefore, when the roots are strong, it will lead to greater yields. Aqueon Aquarium plant food does all that you need.No more struggle and poor yields!! Healthy products give the farmer morale to plant more. This can only be achieved when there is perfect manure or fertilizers used.

What I like

It is used by both macro and micronutrients and contains cytokinin that helps in the health of the product. Besides, the kelp extract is effective in the strong growth and development of the roots. When this plant food is used, all the nutrients that had been lost by the plant are easily regained.

What I don’t like

The fertilizer provides the plants with nutrients but it is messy to work with. Some users also complain about getting a used product.

  • Provides nutrients to freshwater plants
  • Easily adjustable depending on the size of the plants
  • Effective for the rapid growth of the plant due to the availability of required nutrients
  • Provides the plants with an amazing green color
  • Seems overpriced
  • Complaints of leaks

How To Choose The Best Aquarium Plant Fertilizer

Look at the quantity

Different aquarium owners have different aquarium size. Know your size. That is the only way you will be able to select the best aquarium plant fertilizer. For a small aquarium owner, you are lucky since you require a small quantity. If you have a large aquarium you might also not necessarily buy a large size, small concentrated fertilizer quantity will also work.

Check the nutrients available

Micronutrients, check. Macronutrients, check. CO2, check. An aquarium plant fertilizer with all these components is a perfect choice. CO2 will aid in speeding up photosynthesis and help the plant retain nutrients. Macronutrients; NPK (Nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium) enhance healthy growth while micronutrients help the aquatic plant in absorbing the nutrients. Ensure that the nutrients are moderate, not in excess.

Consider the price

The concentration and quantity of an aquarium plant fertilizer will determine its price. As an aquarium plant lover, you can invest in any amount to make the aquatic plants thrive. But, we have good news for you. You don’t have to spend too much money when you can still get the same product quantity and concentration at an affordable price.

Is it easy to utilize?

Can you imagine how disappointing a complex to use aquarium plant fertilizer can be? Selecting the best aquarium plant fertilizer also implies choosing the one that is simple to use. The packaging of the fertilizer will determine the ease of use. For example, some liquid fertilizer accompanies a pump for straightforward utilization. For solid fertilizer, the use of resealing able packages enhance storage

Consider the safety of the plants and the fish

Choose a fertilizer that will ensure the safety of your plants and the fish at the same time. Although most fertilizers in the market are safe to use, you can still find others that are just ideal for the plant. When you use it on fish, it may lead to death or weakening. Choose an aquarium plant fertilizer that is safe for both the fish and plants.

Types Of Aquarium Plant Fertilizers

There are different types of aquarium fertilizers that every aquarium owner should know. They include; liquid, pre-packed substrates, and root tabs aquarium fertilizers. Check the explanation below.

Liquid Aquarium Fertilizers

This might be one of the best types of aquarium fertilizer. Do you need an aquarium plant fertilizer that dissolves easily in the water? Well, liquid aquarium fertilizer is the perfect option. The design of this fertilizer is perfect for aquatic plants that feed directly from the water. Their packaging makes application easy and quick.

Aquarium Fertilizer Root Tabs

You can as well refer to this aquarium fertilizer type as compressed plant food. They come in tiny solid pieces hence the name ‘root tabs’. In case your aquarium has inert substrate like gravel or sand, the aquarium root tabs are the best for you.

How does the root does tabs aquarium fertilizer work? You need to place the root tab under the gravel or sand surrounding the root feeder plant in a circle. After a while, the root tab dissolves making the plant absorb nutrients through the roots.

Pre-packed Substrates

If you need an aquarium fertilizer with all the ingredients that an aquatic plant’s roots require for feeding, this type can be the best option. Its special-soils design is ideal for use in an aquarium ensuring the safety of both the plant and aquatic animals. This aquarium plant fertilizer is perfect for plants like; Sagittaria, Vallisneria, dwarf baby tears, and other aquatic plants. 

Note that this type of aquarium plant fertilizer is mainly ideal for plants that feed through the roots. If don’t have such plants in your aquarium, it is unnecessary to purchase pre-packed substrates fertilizer type. For root feeder aquarium plants owner, these fertilizer releases ammonia that may affect your fish. Therefore put the fish in a different aquarium in case it’s time to put the fertilizer in the plant aquarium.

Should I Fertilize My Aquarium Plants?

If you are looking for a quick answer, the response is yes! Plants require nutrients to survive and thrive. Where will they get these nutrients? Will they get any nutrients from the aquarium water?  The only thing that can provide the necessary nutrients to your aquarium plants is an aquarium plant fertilizer. Nutrients are in two types; micronutrients and macronutrients. 

These two kinds of nutrients work together to ensure that your aquatic plants are healthy.  Micronutrients comprise iron, chloride, copper, magnesium, nickel, boron, cobalt, molybdenum, and zinc elements. Any aquatic plant only requires a small quantity of these nutrients. Be sure not to choose a fertilizer that has excessive of these nutrients.

Have you ever seen any fertilizer indicated ‘NPK’? Do you have any idea about what it is? Worry not. We are going to explain everything here. NPK stands for Nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. These three components are macronutrients. Any aquatic plant requires these nutrients in large amounts Calcium, Sulfur, and magnesium are also macronutrients. If you are using Treated tap water in your aquarium, it already has calcium and sulfur. Therefore you do not need large amounts of these two in the aquarium plant fertilizer. However, the plant still needs moderate amounts of magnesium. 

Using aquarium plant fertilizer on your aquatic plants will perform miracles on them. If you have never seen green flourishing aquatic plans, wait until you use the aquarium plant fertilizer. All the nutrients that the fertilizer provides to the aquarium plants, will ensure that the plants have healthy growth. Do not leave the plants all alone without giving them the care they deserve. Taking care of them will also be advantageous to you. 

You can use homemade fertilizers or purchased aquarium plant fertilizers. We recommend the purchased ones since you can find a variety of them with all the nutrients an aquatic plant need. But be sure to check if it is safe for the fish. However, if you choose to use homemade fertilizer, ensure to add all the nutrients needed by the plant. 

  • Fertilizing your aquarium plant will lead to the following; 
  • Fertilizers can help revive dwindling and weak plants by rejuvenating their strength
  • Aquarium plant fertilizers assist in minimizing consistent growth of algae in the plant and fish aquarium
  • Fertilizers will speed up the process of photosynthesis hence making the aquarium plants to blossom incredibly
  • They assist in preventing the aquatic plants from absorbing too much light

Will Plant Fertilizer Kill Fish?

Most of the aquarium plant fertilizers available in the market are safe to use in a fish aquarium. Some aquarium owners opt to put in both aquatic plants and fish in a single aquarium. It is not wrong because fish food is not harmful to aquariums plants. Plant fertilizer is likewise not harmful to the fish. No need to worry friend, treat your aquatic plants with plant fertilizer since your fish will grow normally. When the manufacturers make the fertilizer, they put into consideration that an aquarium might contain fish or other aquatic animals.

Although some aquarium plant fertilizers contain a chemical that is only ideal for aquatic plant aquariums, some instructions and stickers show that. It helps you pick the right fertilizer in case you are using it in a fish aquarium. There are many types of plant fertilizers but one type you can be sure that it won’t kill your fish is any biological or organic liquid aquarium plant fertilizer. Applying the right aquarium plant fertilizer is also essential. Excess dosage may harm your fish and later lead to the death of the fish. Read the labels perfectly and the instructions about the amount to use in different aquarium sizes.

How Often Should You Fertilize Aquarium Plants?

How often you Take care of your aquarium plants through fertilization depends on some aspects. You can use different techniques to fertilize your aquatic plants. Regardless of which method you use, you will have a flourishing aquarium plant as long as you use the correct plant fertilizer. All you need to do it study your aquarium and plants and determine the best method of fertilization to use. Before adding plant fertilizer, determine the quantity that is ideal for your aquarium based on the number of water gallons. When doing at least 2 water changes, the plants will need potassium, phosphate, nitrogen, magnesium, iron and carbon dioxide. Therefore you need to add a considerate amount of fertilizer in this period to provide those nutrients.

You can study the amount of consumption and determine how often to fertilize your aquatic plants. It is recommendable to apply a small quantity of aquarium plant fertilizer frequently. Large amounts at once may not lead to proper nourishment. Apply small amounts and let the plants have time to absorb the nutrients slowly. Therefore, you can opt to use the fertilizer daily or apply after every two days. Weekly fertilization can lead to the plant weakening as the weekends. 


How do I store and take care of aquarium plant fertilizer?

There are different ways to store plant fertilizer depending on the kind of aquarium plant fertilizer. For liquid fertilizers, ensure that the lid if tightly close after utilization. For pre-packed substrate, reseal the bag after every time you open to applying on the plants. You should store all kinds of fertilizers in a cool and dry area and prevent direct sunlight.

What do I need to know about aquarium plants in gravel? 

With the perfect aquarium plant and lighting, it is possible to plant aquatic plants in gravel with ease. Not all aquarium plants can be planted on gravel. Some of them that are ideal for gravel include java moss, java fern, or Anubis When it comes to the fertilizer, the best type to use is root tabs.

How to make homemade aquarium plant fertilizer

All you need is two teaspoons of potassium sulfate, one potassium nitrate teaspoon, one tablespoon of micronutrient elements, and 5 tablespoons of magnesium sulfate with moisture. Mix all these ingredients in 1 ½ cups of water. However, ensure that you add all the nutrients a plant requires.

Is an all in one plant fertilizer perfect for aquatic plants?

Yes. Purchasing an all in one fertilizer can be a wise option. In case you want to spare some cash, you can opt for this technique. You don’t need to purchase many products to give your aquarium plant the nutrients they require. Just one all nutrient inclusive fertilizer is enough.  However, check the percentage of each nutrient.

Final Verdict

Achieving perfect blossoming aquarium plants cannot come by just leaving the plants to grow by themselves. The plants need nourishment, in that case, the best aquarium plant fertilizer being perfect nourishment. These fertilizers help the aquatic plants remain green and strong.

Choose the best type of fertilizer that suits your aquarium. In case you have fish inside the aquarium, don’t dwell on the plants so much and forget the fish. Select what’s best for both the fish and the plant. Aquatic plants have never been these green without aquarium plant fertilizer. Experience the aquatic world inside your house. Isn’t that incredible!

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