Best Baby Jumpers: 10 comparisons made for you! (2021)

As parents, your children are the most precious things to you in the whole of your existence. The joy and pride they provide you without even trying is a feeling like none other. Watching your little one grow up to become a full fledged young man or woman carrying on your legacy is a blissful feeling. So it is obvious, providing babies with the best baby jumpers is a great way to help them grow. However frivolous it may seem, it’s a contender to be the best baby product purchase you could make, and there are multiple types of baby jumpers on the market.

Now, I can stress however much I want, about you getting the best baby jumper for your child/children, however, what exactly are baby jumpers? Surely, with all the furniture lying around your house, there’s a range of places you can plop your child down with a toy in hand and keep an eye on them. Well, if you are online looking through articles for items that would be suitable for young babies/children, I can assume you are a responsible parent or guardian seeking the optimal care for their young ones. Despite the fact that a bed or a crib can act as a safe haven for your child; attaining a baby jumper would be the best way to keep them safe and entertained as that is a baby jumper’s number one priority. It’s what it was made for.

Now, I can sit here and try to sell them to you without any prior knowledge about these items, but that would just be rude. As with everything in the modern era, innovation leads to progress and even with baby jumpers, there’s room for improvement and over the years newer and better ones have been produced. The best baby jumpers will offer you a multitude of perks, such as being machine washable or optimal height adjustments, making it easy for you to always have your child in eyesight. This article will delve into 10 different baby jumpers within different price ranges, sizes and numerous other factors to find the right one for you and your child! Let’s get into it shall we?

10 Best Baby Jumpers:

We’ve talked about baby jumpers a lot, but now it’s time to look at the 10 best ones we have researched for you. Ensure the best for your baby, in terms of health and fun!

  1. Skip Hop Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Center, Silver Lining Cloud
  2. Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce & Learn, Zoo Friends
  3. Evenflo ExerSaucerJump and Learn Stationary Jumper Jam Session
  4. Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Activity Jumper
  5. Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper
  6. Merry Muscles Ergonomic Jumper Exerciser Baby Bouncer -Blue
  7. Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce and Learn Sweet Tea, Party
  8. MINNIE MOUSE PeekABoo Activity Jumper
  9. Jolly Jumper – Stand for Jumpers and Rockers – Baby Exerciser – Baby Jumper
  10. Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper, Marianna

Skip Hop Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Center, Silver Lining Cloud

Produced by Skip Hop, this is our number one choice in the list of best baby jumpers and just from first glance doesn’t it look aesthetically pleasing? This picture alone gives you the idea of numerous activities that are available within the confines of just one seat. Optimal usage for your baby would be from 4 months onwards, and it comes with the benefit of having multiple height adjustments as your little one blossoms into a young toddler. Let’s now delve into what’s mentioned within the name of the item itself; ‘3-stage Activity Center’. This refers to the jumper having three different stages of use;

  1. Sit, swivel, bounce and play- This pretty much speaks for itself. Your child can sit in the chair relaxing, or rotate the base and have a 360 degree swivel around the table. Last but not least, they can bounce around in their chair, which would be an obvious feature, as it is a baby jumper!
  2. Cruise and interact- This basically means that the jumper comes with it’s own toys and various features that a child could engage in for hours all by themselves.
  3. Playtable- The third feature is a play table that has a chalkboard on it for the child’s curiosity and freedom to run rampant!

It also comes with a piano at the base of the jumper right next to where the feet would be, and allows the child to learn cause and effect, just by using their feet to create different noises by applying pressure to the different notes. Not to mention, the feeling of creating music! Speaking of music, the jumper is electronic and the battery lasts up till 2 hours. It allows the toys to run on the battery and a few classic children’s songs to be played for the child’s satisfaction. Not to mention, the toys that are equipped on it are movable! It’s targeted for both boy and girls and is the best choice for your child to spend hours on learning various things and just enjoy their own company. While the price seems a bit steep at $129.99, the best for your child is what this ensures!

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Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce & Learn, Zoo Friends

Here, we have the next item on our list! Created by the great minds at Evenflo (a company you’ll be seeing multiple times on this list), you’ll find that the Exersaucer has multiple perks of its own that allow it to ‘jump’ up the baby jumpers list!

  1. The most noticeable one is that it is only $59.00 in comparison to the first one we checked out which was twice it’s value. Now of course, an increased value means it is better than this one(which is why it’s at the top of the list).
  2. However, with the cheap price it also grows with the child(adjustable heights) to allow for the most efficient and long term usage, also providing toys alongside.
  3. With how everything is set up, your child can start growing their ability in many fields which are; gross motor skills, fine motor skills, object exploration, cause/effect learning, self-awareness, tactile development, visual development, object permanence and hand-eye coordination. Not to mention, with how the jumper is made, it can allow for your child to get exercise while within the jumper itself.

Adjusting the height can not only help them sit down and relax despite growing older, but you can help them to learn standing up as they grow, because the seat itself will help your little one from falling over or bearing too much pressure. This means, not only will your child be getting relaxed whilst on it, they exercise and learn multiple important attributes that cater towards better growth. Along with that, it also comes with toys. It may not be equipped with as many toys as others, but it does not require batteries for any of the toys or the jumper itself to be operated thus, saving you more on any further costs. Not to mention, it will allow your child to get lost in their own creativity whilst playing with the toys!

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Evenflo ExerSaucerJump and Learn Stationary Jumper Jam Session

Here, next on our list we have another one by Evenflo(told you, there would be more of them on the list). It is one of the more expensive jumpers we will be looking at, however along with the traditional perks of a jumper, it comes with a lot of additional features. There is an astounding 67 activities on the jumper itself for your child to engage in; that heighten their senses in necessary mental traits.

With electronic toys to entertain your child for hours, it also has fun lights and 3 different genres of music! Not to mention, it has a bounce base that allows for your child to have a safe landing whenever they are jumping. This combined with the ability to jump higher allows your child to learn how to start walking with their own support. However, it does have its cons, because it is only recommended to be used till your child is 3 months old, and with that price tag can surely be a turn off, along with the fact that it is not portable. However, if neither of those concerns you, then this a great and comfortable buy for your child!

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Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Activity Jumper

Next on the list we have a jumper produced by Baby Einstein, who you’ll also be seeing a bit more on this list. If you’re like me, a music lover, and what your child to also be inspired by music, this is a great choice in jumper! Now of course, as kids they will not be listening to the classics like Mozart or the new generation pop rock, but child friendly songs.

Along with the added benefit of getting music inspired activities all 360 degrees around their seat, they will be able to engage in 15 different activities! It can be used from the ages of 6 months to 12 months for a child. All the toys that come with the jumper are also removable and are electronic. You can also pull out a removable toy station to play on the floor. Imagine how long you can allow your child to be entertained with 15 activities and the perk of not having to be confined to the jumper and it’s seat. You also have the added benefit of being able to clean the jumper as it is easily washable. So for $89.07 this is a very affordable jumper with a lot of perks and some great music!

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Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper

This is the second jumper and consecutive jumper on this list produced by Baby Einstein, which goes to show the quality of the jumpers they make! Even though they do not top the list, they produce consistent products which are great jumpers. This jumper is focused on the ocean and everything related to it! Toys such as the sea turtle station are available on it and a lot more. These are electronic and can teach your child a lot about animals and mammals of the water kingdom.

In total your child can have fun engaging in 15 different activities with all the toys which can be detached from the jumper and surely to their amusement; light up! Along with the joy the toys can bring your child, they’ll also get a lot of exercise and help in learning how to walk. As most other jumpers, you’ll be able to adjust the heights they are at and allow them to start learning how to walk with the support of the jumper seat and without the fear of them getting hurt. So many perks right? And all of this can be had for $109.99, you can attain a very colorful and multilingual jumper with various toys! Not to mention, its a lot cheaper than most jumpers out there, with a lot of the similar benefits.

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Merry Muscles Ergonomic Jumper Exerciser Baby Bouncer -Blue

Halfway through the list, and you’re wondering what other jumpers we could have that could intrigue you? Well, this one produced by KIdalog, is a special jumper as it was scientifically designed by an occupational therapist! Yes that’s right. As it quite rightfully also details in the name, this jumper is designed to help your child not only experience the feeling of enjoying a jumper, but making sure they gain a proper prioritization of relaxation and exercising. Without any discomfort, the baby can choose(or rather you the parent/guardian) to exercise however told to or wanting to, or just sit back and relax while observing their surroundings or playing with their toys.

Now, it may look a bit different and seemingly uncomfortable, but do keep in mind it was designed by a licensed physician in order for a baby’s proper growth without disrupting bodily actions. This means that there is no pressure on the baby’s muscles or the organs within them. Rather, your child will be very comfortably held up by their own buttocks and thighs, squatting from early ages!

In likeness to most other jumpers, they also allow children to start balancing out on their feet to grasp the concept of walking, but not only that; this jumper allows your child to be balanced so proportionately that they walk on their soles, and not their toes. This not only will make them walk appropriately and look normal while doing so, but is healthy and better for balance and for their feet overall. Now, there might not be any toys coming out of this jumper, but any child will already have their own, but having a jumper designed for their own body’s advantage, is very rare and should definitely be taken advantage of while on the market. Unfortunately it does come in one colour which is blue, but for only $94.95, a jumper can make your child a very entertained and healthy child!

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Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce and Learn Sweet Tea, Party

The last jumper we saw, was one of the less conventional ones even though the innovation in it was ingenious. Coming back to the more traditional jumpers, we are greeted with a jumper made by a company we have already read about and seen jumpers from; Evenflo. A variety of different jumpers are made by this company and we should surely appreciate the different tastes they have been made in.

Now yes, it focuses a lot on the ‘tea party’ theme, which can put off parents or guardians with a male child, however in the age that we live in today, i’m pretty sure we can all engage in the sophisticated art of consuming tea! In any case, the targeted gender here are little girls, this jumper comes with a special tea party set, that you can engage in with your little one!

So, if you have a little girl, and are looking for a jumper that comes with a different set of toys that match the jumper itself, then this could be the jumper for you! However, this is not the only perks of this jumper. Every Evenflo jumper comes with the concept of building your child up for a series of traits that are fundamental in their growth.

We can go through it again; helps in development of gross and fine motor skills: object exploration, cause/effect learning, self-awareness, tactile development, visual development, object permanence, hand-eye coordination. Along with this, it allows for your child to develop their leg, neck and back muscles which contribute towards the building of improved motor skills. Let’s not forget the most important part, that it is safe and provides a good learning and playing environment for them. It’s also in good note to remember that the seat pad is very convenient to clean, as it can be removed and washed in a machine. They do also very much advice, that your child stop using it once they are big enough to be standing within the jumper flat footed on the highest height setting. From only $57.70, with great reviews proving its credibility, this jumper is one we definitely recommend.

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MINNIE MOUSE PeekAboo Activity Jumper

Now, this is the 8th jumper we will be going through on this list, and we have seen a few companies you might recognize and a few you might not. However, this jumper here comes from a name/brand you will definitely have heard of; Disney. Yes the hugely popular child’s company that every little kid to a teenager knows and loves(if not older). Given their huge success, you can be sure that whatever they provide, with their famous names will be a huge plus with your child.

In this case, it is Minnie Mouse. Who does not love Minnie Mouse? Okay, to be fair this one may not be a hit with all the boys, and preferred more by your daughters. But for those of you who know their daughters love Minnie Mouse, this jumper comes equipped with a Minnie Mouse peek-a-boo toy that makes giggles in the voice we all know and love! It also includes an electronic toy station that’s been ‘Minnie-fied’, to satisfy your child’s love for her. It’s not just one or two, there are 12 different activities available on the jumper, some toys with extra loops on them for engaging your child longer. With a 360 degree view of the jumper, your child will have an easy time accessing each and every toy and entertain themselves for hours on end! And yes, it does require batteries, but with only 2 AA batteries, the jumper and it’s toys will run up to an astounding 96 hours! And once you feel like it’s been used a few too many times without being cleaned, the seat pad is machine washable. In comparison to some other expensive jumpers, for only $99.72 your child will be entertained by a well-known and loved character for hours!

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Jolly Jumper – Stand for Jumpers and Rockers – Baby Exerciser – Baby Jumper

With all of the jumpers we have seen thus far, they’ve all had this extra aesthetic about them of being fancy or having additional items to make them much more entertaining. This jumper however, made by Jolly Jumper, is keen on the idea of ‘jumping’. It does not come with the concept of having a lot of toys around or being electronic to fit in new technologically advanced toys on it. This is just baby holder, hung from a rod, stuck to a 4 legged stand. Simplicity at it’s finest.

This lives up to the true idea of being a jumper, and can allow your child to be up in the air as depicted in the picture, but because of the sturdy holder and elastic baby vest/holder, you need not worry about their safety. What may seem like a precarious position for your child to be in, it is a new way for your baby to jump to new heights and safely feel and elevated sense of jumping. As for whether or not your baby is seated correctly, the saddle seat has been scientifically engineered to ensure your child stays in a proper upright position for a proper growth of the spine. Only fun and no worries! Not to mention, all of this jumping will ensure proper muscle growth for your child, along with a better growth in balance, coordination and rhythm.

One of the most convenient features of this jumper is that it does need to be fit into a specific spot and can be carried both inside and outside so that your little one does not miss out on any sunlight. So, if you want your child to be just entertained by themselves with the joy of movement, then this jumper is a great buy for only $89.99. You can sit with the whole family and just marvel at the joy your little one experiences bouncing up and down on the jumper!

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Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper, Marianna

For the last jumper we have on the list, it is a very modest and simple design. Another production by Evenflo, we have a jumper which is basically a cable with a seat pad at the bottom and you can attach this to any frame with the proper height. Door frames are an example and the most convenient places to fix these, as it fits standard doorways 3-6 inches thick with firmly affixed door trim at least 1/2 inch wide.

In terms of what height would be most suitable, well the straps that come with the jumper are adjustable and can allow your little one to experience being off the ground for a long time when they start bouncing around! Also, you do not have to worry about the safety, as this will completely surround your little girl. Yes, little girl because that is the target audience for this specific jumper.

It may not live up to the competition with all the other jumpers, but it comes with simplicity and for using it up to only around 6 months, it does the job doesn’t it? You get to dawdle at your young girl bouncing up and down in complete and utter joy while you manage to get some relaxation time in. Not to mention, every time you change rooms, you can take it off and hang it up on another door frame so that you never lose sight of your child! The best part about this jumper is that it fulfils all the necessary criterias and costs only $22.99. A reliable and cheap jumper.

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The Benefits of Acquiring a Jumper!

Now, in all the different items we’ve reviewed and delved into we have left various reasonings as to why you should want to get a jumper for your child. Not just any however, why you would want the BEST baby jumper would be a more appropriate way to go about it.

  1. Entertainment- Acquiring a jumper, will allow your baby to engage in various activities as jumpers these days as we have seen, have multiple activities and almost always come with numerous toys. Not to mention the sheer joy your child will have in bouncing around in them.
  2. Exercise- Even from an early age, you should be concerned on whether or not your child is engaging in enough exercise. With how easy it is to be unfit in today’s world, an early start to the idea of exercise and moving around will greatly benefit your child. The feature of jumping around within a jumper without the risk of falling down is key to growing their confidence and realizing a good work ethic.
  3. Growth in useful traits- As we have seen a lot of these jumpers offer a variety of activities while on the jumper itself. From motor attributes to the growth of leg and neck muscles, there’s a lot of benefits towards the human body itself for your child just from bouncing around in a jumper!
  4. Relaxation and safety- No matter how much you want to be around your child, sometimes you need to leave them on their own to relax and distress. Not to mention also get work around the house or for your office done in time. Your child also needs to learn to engage in activities and play themselves to not be so reliant on you. Knowing that they would be safe within the seat of a jumper without the risk of falling out is a big plus allowing you to do what you need for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old should your baby be to use/not use a jumper?

Well, typically all jumpers are within the range of 6 months to 12 months where the usage would be optimal for your children. However, certain ones can be used from 3 months whereas some can be used till 18 months. This is a high priority issue, and you should always check it out within the description of the jumper when searching for it.

Is it made of plastic, polyester or bpa free etc?

This is a very important detail because a young child will not always have the sense to look for their own safety as this is a concept not understood by them. What’s healthy for your child will be best known by you; parent/guardian. So, it’s best to always look it up in the description and if it’s not mentioned; steer clear or ask some questions and get the answers.

Is it portable?

There’s a few different type of baby jumpers available as discussed in the list here. You’ll find ones that can be attached to most places, but others require special attachments and placements based on the activity center, floor space, height adjustments and a multitude of other factors. You can even acquire a doorway jumper which will be suitable for doorways throughout your household. The choice of acquiring a stationary jumper, or a portable one is entirely up to you!

Will the baby get bored of the jumper easily?

This is a question seen very often and rightfully so. Making a purchase for your child, you would want to ensure the best buy you can make. Whereas there is no exact science behind it, most responses to this question usually get the same answer that the children never tire of the jumper or the activity center they provide. However, it is always wise to check the question and answer section for this if you are especially worried.

Final Words

Now, to sum it all up; we have given you a lot of things to look at here and it could be a lot to take in. However, we’ve taken our time to create this list, because you need to make the best choice when it comes to baby products. So, do take your time selecting what it is you are looking for in the jumper, research it, from the weight limit, amount of floor space, height adjustments and etc, your desired product has. Of course you have us and our review here to help you reach a better and conclusive answer. And with that we bid you farewell, and hope you find the perfect jumper you’re looking for, for your precious child!
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