Best Baby Mobiles: 5 items to help you choose in 2021!

As parents or guardians of the little humans, you would always want to be around to make sure they are safe, loved and given the care they need and deserve. However, for the first few years of their lives, children are at their most vulnerable and keep you alert all day everyday; the initial few years being the busiest times ever! So wouldn’t it be nice to have something to allow you to go make that sandwich you wanted or watch that show you have been dying to know the ending of? Then get yourself the best baby mobile!

Now, if you’re a parent and have been scouring the internet for baby items, we salute you! You’re going out of your way to find what’s best for your child and even if it is an obligation as parents or guardians to do so, it should always be appreciated. So, let’s discuss what baby mobiles are and why they are a vital part of your child’s growth and allow you some mental piece.

Baby mobiles are essentially attachments for cribs, walls and more (we will get to it later down the article), and contain various toys and other ingenious forms of technology to distract and entertain your child (with other perks), while you get some of your work done, or just relax after a long day’s work!

Now, we’ll look some of the best products we have found looking around Amazon and giving you our take on them, and look into why you should seek a baby mobile afterwards!

5 Best Baby Mobiles:

So, here we have the list including all of the best baby mobiles for your child to grow up with. Be sure to get the best ones with the best toys that you feel your child will enjoy the most!

  1. SHILOH Baby Crib Decoration Newborn Plush Musical Mobile
  2. Schylling Tin Hot Air Balloon Mobile Toy
  3. Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile
  4. Tiny Love Classic Mobile, Into The Forest
  5. Tiny Love Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile

SHILOH Baby Crib Decoration Newborn Plush Musical Mobile

Our first product on show here is produced by Shiloh, and is not just a great mobile in general, but is the best musical mobile out there. With how much music in incorporated into our lives in this generation, that is a very important feature for any item out there. Not to mention, music is a very good form of relaxation for kids! Apart from that, this mobile has numerous features which we’ll look at as pros and cons below!


  1. Contains 60 songs that play in random and keep your child preoccupied! Let’s not forget to mention how the songs aren’t old classic songs, but new songs that your child will surely come across from cartoons and TV shows.
  2. Baby safety is at an all time high here, as the toys are safe and durable. The manufacturers have made sure to make the toys non-toxic towards the babies in case they do get their hands on them.
  3. The toys attached to the mobile, don’t always have to be! Yes, you can detach them and let your little one engage in their own creativity in building a relationship with their toys. Along with being detachable, all the toys have a built-in BB speaker, rattle or jingle inside them to make them more entertaining.
  4. The holder can be adjusted to 3 different styles to provide the most comfort for your baby as they grow!


  1. Reviews showed parents faced a lot of difficulty in disassembling the product.
  2. Randomization of the songs seemed to put off a few parents.
  3. The holder will only fit on a baby crib.

Despite the few cons this mobile has, we highly recommend this one. With how efficient it is and the 1 hour of songs that can keep your child relaxed; you can change the song, volume up and down and more with 6 buttons. Not to mention, it will auto sleep upon 30 minutes of inactivity and pick up where it left off.

So, if you feel a little musical and want to keep your baby calm and relaxed, do look into this mobile!

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Schylling Tin Hot Air Balloon Mobile Toy

Second product we have for show is produced by Schylling, and it’s an absolutely beautiful piece of craftsmanship! Unlike most other mobiles, it is made up of a few hot air balloons that need a very small draft of air to keep them swaying with the wind and look beautiful in the process.


  1. Only $20.40, and comes with 10 balloons, all styled differently.
  2. Designed to calm, soothe and relax anyone admiring the work of art.
  3. Customer reviews indicate there is never any entanglement of the strings of the balloons.
  4. Can be used for babies, and even in adulthood, due to it’s calming nature.


  1. The balloons are made of tin, and if ever they get loose or fall, could be danger to anyone around them.
  2. The item manufacturers clearly state that this is for adults, as they can be a choking hazard. Should be used at the user’s discretion and knowledge of the particular risks.
  3. Hard winds can entangle the balloons as they are pretty light. However, should not be a concern in normal households.

Now that we’ve looked closely at the pros and cons, it is up to you to decide whether or not this suits your needs, and your baby’s needs. Yes, we know it says this is for adults; however, with the ability to be hung from the ceiling it provides you with a considerable amount of distance to ensure your child/children will not be within proximity to touch the product at all. The calmness that can be obtained from looking at these balloons calmly swaying with the air can prove to be key in a nice and proper behavior.

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Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile

Our next product here is manufactured by Fisher-Price, and is one of the more innovative mobiles we have seen. Let’s look at the pros and cons for this mobile.


  1. Comes with adorable animals that spin and smile, keeping your baby company!
  2. Projects close up images on to the canopy above to allow your child to look at images without problems. Makes it easier for them to focus as well.
  3. Has a crib-side music box, and includes classical lullabies. And yes we mean from the greats such as Mozart, Bach and Beethoven!
  4. Requires only 2AAA batteries and has a battery life of 90 hours!
  5. Music box also plays soothing nature sounds and womb noises for up to 20 minutes without disturbing the baby.


  1. Some products have been reported to have faulty projectors showing blurry images. Do report your product and try to get a better one in this case.
  2. Babies may tend to get to attached to watching the projected images, and could be bad for their eyes. Make sure they are watching these for a limited amount of time. Entertain them with the toys!

Upon delving into this product, we can see there isn’t much to go wrong with this item, not to mention it costs $54.02. However, whatever is wrong with this product would mostly come from the specific item you ordered to be faulty. In that case, be sure to return the product and order another one ensuring your child’s safety. The innovative projection does make this mobile a very unique kind and one you should surely look to get for your child!

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Tiny Love Classic Mobile, Into The Forest

The next mobile we have to show is made by Tiny Love; a very cute named manufacturer for a cute product! One of the more conventional looking mobiles, but comes in handy with it’s numerous features allowing it to be very unique!


  1. Has 3 spinning black and white spirals that are mesmerising and helps children improve visual development.
  2. Has a music box that can play soothing music for up to 20 minutes straight!
  3. Along with that soothing music, you can also have a calm motion that also helps your child be relaxed.
  4. Mobile can grow with your baby, and music box can be used just by itself when your child outgrows the mobile!
  5. Has a calming night light that can also soothe your baby.


  1. Customers have reviewed that the product sometimes has attachments which are loose and can not hold the mobile in place from cribs or etc. The velcro attachment was one that was a common issue.

With very few cons and an astounding number of pros, we believe this is one of the finer mobiles to have been made for your children. Easily distracts them and can be used far into the future. Not to mention, it costs less than other mobiles we have seen at $44.99. So, we approve this and say soothe your baby with ease!

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Tiny Love Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile

Next, on our list, we have a mobile manufactured by Tiny Love. This is a very simple and easy to look at mobile, which has its stand alone features that make it shine above other mobiles. You can let your baby listen to 40 uninterrupted minutes of music from 6 different categories, not to mention that it’s 40 minutes of different music. No listening to the same music over and over again. The buttons available on the music box will allow your child to engage with it and change the music to over and over again keeping them preoccupied and entertained longer! Along with the music to calm them down, the soothing movement of the mobile helps the process move along much smoother.


  1. 40 uninterrupted minutes of music from 6 different categories for your child to indulge in.
  2. Can grow with your baby and music box can be changed to be a stand alone music box.
  3. Has a soft night light to calm your baby, alongside a smooth soothing motion as well.


  1. Some reviews from parents stated they did not receive the nightlight.
  2. Sometimes a clicking noise is heard when it is in use.

A musical mobile, that can help your child calm down and be in a relaxing soothing state listening to the various genres of music while being soothed by the relaxing motion of the mobile.

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Needs for having a Baby Mobile

Now, we said we would discuss the need for having a baby mobile itself in the first place. Throughout the article, the plan was to expose you the many different forms of entertainment and perks of having a baby mobile. Let’s list it out!

  1. Peace and relaxation: Taking care of your child is a 24/7 job, and sometimes it can get frustrating. In those times, having a baby mobile for your child to rely on for entertainment or distraction is key for you, the parents, to make sure you are getting your necessary rest.
  2. Entertainment: With how many innovative ideas come out everyday now, baby mobiles seem to get more and more creatives with the activities they come out with. From toys, to music and even projections, you can find more than enough to keep your child happy and distracted.

While it may seem like the advantages are limited, do keep in mind that these are very integral parts to parenting. Getting optimal rest is key for parents/guardians to ensure they can properly take care of their child while getting their work done to keep the household flourishing. On top of that, you do not want your child to always be dependent on you for every second of the day. Sometimes, leaving them alone in their crib staring at the baby mobile, will give teach them the concept of staying alone and finding entertainment and distractions from their toys and other objects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the baby mobile work with cribs/pack and play/ceiling/etc.?

Different baby mobiles can be attached on to different environments; some more than others. It is preferred you look up what the room you want to place a mobile in looks like and what attachment points are more suited, and buy accordingly.

Will the baby mobile require batteries?

Most baby mobiles these days will require batteries as they have more and more features (playing music and motion movement) that require power. Just to be sure, always check the product description as it is a necessity for them to mention it!

Can the mobile and toys along with it be washed?

Usually, toys are washable but most of the times they need not be washed in the first place. However, it is best to always check the description of the mobile to know whether or not you should wash them.

Final Words

We hope our article has shed some light on the best baby mobile for you and your child and we hope you take our recommendation into consideration. This is a very compressed list and we realize it isn’t the longest; however, we’ve made sure to add the baby mobiles that we consider the best and full of perks to ensure complete satisfaction for you and your little one. The smaller the list, the closer you are to acquiring your desired mobile, aren’t you? We bid you farewell, and hope you find what you are looking for!

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