10 Different Choices for the Best Bow Sights for you! (2021)

From the old ages, bows have been a prime weapon in combat and for survival. From fending off enemies range to stealthily taking out deers or rabbits afar, bows can be used for protection and for the sport of hunting!

It used to be very simplistic in aiming a bow towards your target and getting the shot off. However, now you can get very innovative sights that allow you to make a more precise and clean shots than ever. This is why you need the best bow sight for your bow!

Why do you need a bow sight?

For ages, people have gone about shooting arrows without any sort of aid. However, sights can make your shot to the point. The adrenaline rush you get when you’ve got your target in sight and ready to take down, can sometimes hinder your shot and make you lose that perfect hit.

So, does having a sight for your bow make it a science? Till a certain extent with a little understanding of your sight, you can definitely make it so that missed shots are a thing of the past.

There are basically three different types of sights for your bows:

  1. Vertical Pin Sights: The form of sights people will be most accustomed to! These sights are ones used most by professionals who use bows, such as in competitions. Despite being a bit slow to adjust and harder to get used to, you can rely on them for a longer period of time due to their longer durability.

In terms of getting used to them, if you have ever fired guns with just their sights, you should find this relatively simple to pick up and come to grips with. So, learn how to set your pin on your target, and with a little guesswork and experience you’ll have your targets down before they know what’s there.

  1. Reticle sights: The newest form of sights on the market and are more alike rifle scopes than you’d think. These are probably the easiest types of sights to use, considering they do make it a complete science to use them.

Did you have trouble hitting your target because of the pin and accounting for the drop? Well don’t worry, with the reticle sights you will always know where exactly your bow is going to go and take your targets down.

If you’re worried about the reticle having a lot on it, that should not be a problem, as they’re actually very clean and simple; with just a simple dot on the sight to let you know where your shot is going to hit.

  1. Multi-Pin Sights: These are the least recommended version of sights that we would suggest, because of the difficulty they pose to use. Why do we say that?

We know that wasn’t the best way to start off describing a sight, however we are trying to get what’s best for you! Even with a single pin sight, you have to have the calm and poise to make split-second reactions to certain changes to ensure you get your target.

Using multi-pin sights, you have to account for changes which a reticle sight would just take care for you (such as windage and elevation). However, despite being a little harder to work with, the hunt is that much more satisfying once you get that hit, because they are still as deadly as any other sight!

So, now that we have looked at the different types of sights, let’s take a look at the sights we have for you!

Let’s take a look at the Best Bow sights:

Now that we have gone through what makes the best bow sight, we will delve into the 5 products mentioned in the list below. Whenever you’re looking to buy a sight, make sure the features and perks they provide are the best for you. Optimal performance is key whenever you’re looking for the best sight!

Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight

The first sight we have, is manufactured by Trophy Ridge, and it comes very cheap at only $45.91. Now yes, you do have to adjust for windage and elevation because it is a multi-pin sight, however with how innovative the technology in this sight is, you won’t have any difficulty doing so.

Not to mention, once you achieve your perfect settings, you will be able to shoot very precisely without any hindrance.


  1. Very cheap at $45.91.
  2. The five pins are fiber optics and come with a pin guard, allowing for better durability and precision shooting.
  3. For increased accuracy, the sight has a bubble level.
  4. Has offset mounting holes and designed to be usable for both right handed and left handed people, giving the ultimate versatility for the sight.
  5. With how powerful bow shots are, this sight comes with a ballistix covering to decrease vibrations from making a shot.


  1. It is a multi-pin sight which is harder to get used to.
  2. Certain customers reviewed the fiber optics and lights being broken upon arrival.

However problematic the cons are, this company is very responsive to their customers and their situations. So, if you ever face problems with your sight, be sure that they will help you out! This is a great sight overall and we can definitely recommend it to you!

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Field Logic IQ Bowsights Micro 3, 5 or 7 Pin Compound Bow Archery Sight with Retina Lock Technology – Left and Right Hand

Our second product is manufactured by Field Logic, and this is a sight with many perks! Yes, this comes in a little more expensive ranging from $70.95-$192.04. What does it have to justify that price range? Well, some things are the same as the first sight, such as the dual hand capability, and that it is a multi-pin sight.

However, this can come with either 5 or 7 pins, and is applicable for compound bows. It has a particularly cool feature called the “retina lock”. This lets you know of the slightest change in your surroundings and allows you to shoot longer with accuracy and precision.


  1. Has the versatility of being used on either hands, along with dual positioning mounts.
  2. The retina lock technology allows for your sight to give you more consistency for a longer period of time, so less mess ups!
  3. Makes it easy to adjust for windage and elevation with small knobs on the sight.


  1. It is a multi-pin sight, but very easy to use.

This is a great sight, and comes with it’s very unique retina lock technology, which probably accounts for the steep price among other things. However, if you can live without it, both the first and second sights will serve you well!

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Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight

Yes, another Trophy Ridge sight, and also another multi-pin sight. Didn’t we say they’re one of the hardest sights to get used to? They may have been, but with the ability to innovate them with easier methods, they’ve become more popular among these companies to incorporate.

This sight comes in three different forms, with 3, 5 and 7 pins. They cost $83.60, $64.02 and $108.63 respectively. Just like the first sight, this sight comes with the horizontal fiber optic pins with incredible precision and accuracy over long distances.


  1. Number of pins can be chosen, based on the user’s preference.
  2. Has great visibility and precision with the fiber optic pins.
  3. Brightness can be calibrated to allow you to shoot in any conditions.
  4. Need to adjust your pins? You can store the tool on the sight itself!


  1. Multi-pin sight so hard for a lot of people to learn.
  2. Just as the first sight, people have complained the lights did not work.

This sight is great for use, and is very similar to the first one but just a little bit more expensive. So, you can choose either of these or the second sight we’ve gone through.

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Garmin Xero A1i Bow Sight, 2″ Auto-Ranging Digital Bow Sight with Laser Locate, Dual-Color LED Pins for Unobstructed Views

For our fourth product, we have one manufactured by Garmin, and yes we know you’re glaring at us for suggesting a sight worth $999.99. However, this is a digital sight, and to be honest, with glowing reviews and wonderful perks!

As some of the others, this comes as usable for both left and right handed people giving it more versatility. However, the digital part of it gives it the ability to do your work for you and set a pin on where your bow will go by measuring the distance and setting up a marker for your shot. Not to mention, it comes with two colours for the LED pins, meaning there will be no obstructions for you to see your target.

Did you think that was it? With such a price tag, we are here to justify it for your sake! You can also personalize this sight to be either single pin or multi pin! This gives you the flexibility to have your sight set up however you want it.


  1. The sight can measure the distance and set up a pin for your target to help you make the most accurate shot!
  2. Has pins with dual colour, allowing you to have no constraints to see your target.
  3. Of course it requires a battery being digital, but it will last up to 1 year with 2 lithium AAA batteries.
  4. You can shoot up to 100 yards for stationary targets and 300 yards for reflective targets.
  5. Can be customized to make it a single pin sight or multi pin sight, giving you ultimate flexibility.
  6. A fun feature is that a Garmin GPS device will allow you to find out when and at what range a shot was taken.
  7. Can be used by both left and right handed people.


  1. Comes with a very steep price of $999.99.
  2. Some customers reviewed their sight to be completely frozen and unusable.

If you have the problem stated in the cons (2), you should definitely look to return it for a better version of the product, as it’s too expensive to be that defective! However, if you can look past the price this is a great sight and would come in real handy!

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TRUGLO Range-Rover PRO LED Bow Sight

Our last sight on the list is manufactured by Truglo, and while it may be last, do not count it, as it’s still a very good quality sight. This can be purchased as either a single dot sight or two dot sight. They cost $143.69 and $179.86 respectively and both have their perks.

For the best idea, let’s delve into the two-dot sight, as it is just better. As opposed to the single dot, the two-dot sight provides you additional help for shooting at range. The circle of the sight

has a lit up center dot that provides better accuracy and precision at longer distances.


  1. Doesn’t cost too much more than a few of the sights we have seen but much more than the Trophy Ridge sights.
  2. Is great at aiming precisely at long ranges with both one dot and two sights, especially because of the lit up center dot giving a better understanding of aiming.
  3. Has 11 different settings for brightness for you to calibrate to your benefit in different conditions.
  4. Has the battery included with the sight.


  1. Some customers have reviewed that the sight can get clustered, even if you have low power settings.
  2. The sight comes with poor instructions on how to set it up for left handed people and some customers have warned against using it for left handed people.

This sight is great and comes with it’s perks to make you think you’ll have a great time using it. However, sometimes there will be flaws in a few products because of mass production. But if you are left handed, the amount of problems faced by people might make you lean towards some of the other products.

They are higher on the list than this sight, so feel free to look at any of them! However, don’t think that this won’t be worth your while either, because a lot of people had a great time using it!

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Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight

This comes in both a left-handed as well as a right-handed version, with the right-handed model costing just a few dollars less. Both are actually quite affordable, but don’t think these are of cheap quality. This is made of tough aluminum, which offers a lightweight to go with its dependable strength.

What sets this bow sight apart is its terrific adjustable vertical indicator pin. This lets you dial in the very exact yardage you need regardless of the shooting conditions. You can then make the proper aim without a fuss and without making a lot of noise.

That’s crucial when you’re actually using your bow to shoot game and you’re not just practicing on a range. Part of the reason why you can use this without causing a ruckus is the use of the terrific Delrin bushings. These are all you for quiet and smooth movement, since there’s no metal to metal contact that can spook your game.

The tiny (about 0.019 of an inch) medium vertical fiber optic pin is a key feature here, as it makes it easy for you to bear down on your target. It is quite bright. This vertical indicator pin lets you make adjustments with superb precision, so you can hit your target right where you want to. There’s also the rheostat light that gives you adjustable brightness, which you can then set to suit any shooting

Even low light or changing light conditions won’t really bother you much. The “glo indicator” pins are still visible for use, so you can be as accurate as you need to be.


  1. Can be used to narrow on your target easily and quickly
  2. The rheostat brightness is adjustable for your shooting condition
  3. Can be used silently so game won’t be spooked
  4. Can be used for low or changing light conditions
  5. Strong yet lightweight due to aluminum construction
  6. More affordable than other single pin adjustable sights


  1. Sighting this in will require various Allen keys
  2. Some people didn’t get any instruction’s manual with the sight
  3. No pre-marked tape options

Lots of people really like this, and the main thing here is that it can really make you a lot more accurate with your bow when you have this as your bow sight. It’s not really an entry-level bow sight at all, despite the rather affordable price. It really offers a lot of value for your money.

Check latest price on Amazon.

HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite .019 5500 Sight

The HHA brand is quite renowned in the industry, and for lots of people it’s the benchmark to which other brands of bow sights are compared to. It’s easy enough to understand how HHA has become this popular when you consider this model. It’s not exactly among the most affordable of bow sights, but you get full value for each penny you spend.

This is a 1-pin sight that can give you the amazing accuracy you want. It comes with a yardage sticker so you can adjust it easily. All you’re required to do is to sight this in for 20 and 40 yards and you’re all set. The yardage goes up by 5-yard increments. You can then easily make adjustments that can make you accurate with your shots up to 80 yards.

Even experienced bowmen (or archers, to be more gender-neutral) will find their shots improved in terms of accuracy. With newbies, this can enable them to have enough confidence to go with shots at a longer distance.

Even in low light conditions, you’re okay because of the fiber optics. Installation for this bow sight is easy enough and you won’t find it hard to mount this evenly.

This seems to be made for hunters in particular, as this allows you to aim accurately even though you don’t have the time to make complicated adjustments. The black color is appropriate, so your game doesn’t get startled by your movements. There’s a hood that protects the fiber optics from the elements, plus this hood makes it easier for you to use the sight when you’re in low light conditions. The rheostat light also lets you adjust the pin brightness.


  1. This is a lightweight bow yet it’s very durable
  2. Easy to mount evenly on a compound bow
  3. Pins are easy to adjust and set for accurate shots
  4. Great for low light conditions
  5. Allows for quick aim when hunting
  6. Offers a very solid platform with no vibrations


  1. Sight adjustment  can still be difficult when you’re outdoors hunting
  2. You still need to be careful during installation and when putting on the tapes

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Apex Gear Covert Pro Green PWR-Dot Sight

This isn’t cheap, but it’s not really all that expensive either. That’s actually surprising, considering that Apex Gear proclaims this model as their most advanced single pin sight so far. It’s terrific, and it offers accuracy for your long-distance shots. It also allows for easier horizontal and vertical tilt adjustments, so you have more fine-tuning options.

It’s really surprising how many adjustments you can make with this sight. You can make adjustments for elevation and windage. The micro-click adjustments are actually fine enough that you’re not limited to using this for hunting. You can use this for 3D shooting as well. This particular adjustment via tiny increments can usually be found only in sights with multiple pins, so this time you get this particular advantage even with the single pin sight.

This sight also works with dual and 3rd axis adjustments. You can then aim for targets at farther distances or when they’re at somewhat more awkward angles. This sight is so great for long-distance shooting that you can use it for targets up to 100 yards away. You also get lots of yardage tapes so you can really shoot with great accuracy within that range.

Visibility with this sight is also not a problem even in low light conditions. The pins are bright enough, especially with the included light to help you aim for your target even in less than ideal conditions.


  1. Wide range of adjustments for more accurate shots
  2. Pin sizes can be 0.019-inch or 0.010-inch so it’s more versatile
  3. Convenient sight tape placement
  4. Green dot works very well in making you focus on your target
  5. Solid with no vibrations
  6. Works very well for long distance shots
  7. Can be used for hunting or for 3D competitions


  1. Some might find the small screws for the sight setup too small
  2. It’s not quite as silent as other sights, so this can be a problem with close game

The wide range of adjustments isn’t always a good thing though, especially for people who are more partial to the “plug and play” models. You do have to work at sight this properly, but then your efforts will be rewarded in the end. But in the end, you actually get more than what you pay for with this bow sight. The value for money is amazing, and its versatility means you can use it more often.

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Trophy Ridge React H5 5-Pin Bow Sight

This comes in either a left-handed or right-handed version, but either way it’s quite affordable. The fact of the matter is that quite a few people actually think this is underpriced, as it offers a lot more than what you might think due to how affordable it is.

First and foremost is that this will help you for a very long while, as it is extremely durable. You can take it with your hunting as frequently as you want, and it won’t really seem as if it’s affected by any wear and tear. Lots of other sights aren’t as tough as this one.

Take it out when you go hunting and if you do this often, you’ll understand just how durable this really is. It’s not uncommon for most sights to eventually suffer dents and to have pins come out of place when you use them too frequently. But here these aren’t problems at all. The materials are simply of too high a quality, and so is the way it was designed and built. You won’t be spending any money any time soon for a replacement.

Part of the reason why this sight is highly regarded is that it’s just so easy to adjust the pins. It’s no trouble at all for you to move the pins exactly where you want them. That means you’re more able to get that accuracy you want at any time. The almost surgical precision you get from this model is yours for the taking, and that accuracy is greater here than in many sights that are priced a lot higher.

This comes with the “React technology”, which lets you line up your bow sight accurately without having to deal with complicated math equations first. Basically, all you just have to do is to set 2 pins. That’s it, since the others just go in their proper places instantly. You’re able to set up your bow sight correctly.

This is also the bow sight that comes in handy when the lighting conditions aren’t exactly ideal. The fiber optics for the pins are extremely bright and they glow in the dark. Thus, even in low light conditions you won’t have any trouble.

There’s a free rheostat light as well, so you really do get your money’s worth. This may not be as terrific as the rest of the bow sight quality, but it does suffice and it works well enough. It’s up to you to adjust the brightness on the rheostat light to suit your needs, so you can determine for yourself how the bow sight functions.


  1. You have the dual-axis adjustment system that lets you aim for (and hit) targets that are farther away
  2. It’s very usable in the dark, especially with the rheostat light that works well enough in low light conditions
  3. This particular 5-pin setup gives you all the adjustments you need to hot your targets consistently
  4. This is extremely durable, and it won’t show the usual signs of wear and tear regardless of how often you use it
  5. Pin adjustment doesn’t take any effort at all, which ensures that you have the accuracy you want


  1. The rheostat is free and that’s good, but it is merely serviceable and not quite as superb as the rest of the bow sight components

At this price point, it’s surprising just how many benefits you get from this bow sight. You can get superb accuracy at any distance after just adjusting 2 pins. You can make micro adjustments for windage and elevation without the need for any tools. You’re also able to maintain the visibility you need even in low light conditions, with the super-bright fiber optic pins and the free rheostat light. All in all, you get your money’s worth and more.

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Garmin Xero A1i

Like other types of technology, bow sights evolve and become better over the years. The Garmin Xero A1i is one example of a trailblazing bow sight, as it’s the first ever of its kind. It’s a laser range finder and targeting display system for bows, like some others. But it’s the first to be able to measure the distance to the target while compensating for the angle, and it gives you the exact LED pin for that particular shot. This even works for those awkward “in between” distances, unlike rounded off distances such as 40 yards. The laser range finder simply calculates which particular LED pin you need to use in your shot.

The LED pins adjust brightness automatically to your current light conditions and lets you see your target without being blocked by physical pins. The nice thing about these pins for the Xero A1i is that you have an option to use either green or red LEDs to suit your needs or preferences.

You can even set the range pin stack up or down, which means you won’t have to recalibrate the whole stack. You just need to reset the mechanical adjustments so they match the reset pin stack. You’ll understand how helpful this is when you wish to have your 20-30-40 pins set in the housing for one hunting style but you also want to reach optimal range for other styles of hunting.

This sight also allows for very little movement, and that’s often important when you’re hunting and you need to be quiet and stealthy. You can set the button trigger in the handiest location for your particular grip and a single finger can then quietly trigger the laser range finder. That gives you your exact distance and the specific pin you need to use.


  1. This digital bow sight automatically measures the distance to your target, while also compensating for the angle
  2. You get to know the LED pin to use for any distance
  3. The use of LED pins won’t block your view of the target, and you can pick either red or green LEDs
  4. You can do customized pin configurations for multiple hunting styles
  5. You only need a single finger for the button trigger to let you work it quietly for hunting


  1. This thing is darn expensive, as its features are truly state of the art
  2. With the price, it would have been nice to get the needed lithium AAA batteries as freebies

There’s also a Laser Locate feature that works if you have a compatible Garmin GPS device. This feature uses GPS to tell you exactly where the target was when you took your range or your shot.

You will need to buy your own 2 lithium batteries for this. Those are fortunately not very expensive and they can last for a whole year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a bow sight?

A bow sight is a device on the bow that helps you to aim your arrow correctly. It’s much like the bead on the end of a rifle barrel that indicates where your arrow is pointed. This sight is mounted on the riser of the bow.

Are there different types of bow sights?

Yes, there are several variants. You have the fixed pin sights, which can have 3 to 9 pin sights for various ranges. Each pin is for a particular distance to your target. Then you have the multi-pin adjustable sights, with just 2 to 5 pins which you can use for quick draws. These pins can then be adjusted so you can aim for targets that are farther away. Nowadays, you can also opt for digital sights, which don’t use pins at all. This instead provides you with a laser dot, which you may be familiar with if you watch movies with guns mounted with laser sights.

What is “sighting in”?

This is a process that’s like the “dialing in” process with guns and rifles. In this process, you adjust the sight so you can hit your target consistently. Often, you shoot at least 5 arrows and use the sight to hit a target at a known distance each time.

How do I fit and adjust my sight to the bow?

Setting up the sights nowadays are usually very easy, because they all come with their own manuals. Not to mention, they all have a much more flexible mount to help them be set up. As for adjusting them, they should always come with their own tools to help adjust them whenever you need. Some can even fit the tool on the sight, for on-spot adjustments.

Does using a sight make me more accurate with a bow?

Technically, sights just make it easier for you to shoot more precisely at a more consistent rate. To be good at using a bow, you need to have tons of practice to make you efficient at using them

Can I use sights if I am left-handed?

In our case, we have made sure to mention whether or not the bows are usable by both hands or not! We know there is a big confusion for many people to know whether or not they can use a certain sight. Do check the article to be sure if they can. In general however, most sights have the option to be converted.

Final words

We hope our article has helped you come to a decision in what the best bow sight for you is. You can definitely go for more than one, because they all have a different experience in terms their applications. However, we will recommend the Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight and Field Logic IQ Bowsights Micro 3, 5 or 7 Pin Compound Bow Archery Sight with Retina Lock Technology – Left and Right Hand the most, as they’re the best for us.

However, no matter which sight you choose, we hope we have helped you come to the conclusion!

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