Best Commercial Espresso Machine: 6 Comparisons for you! (2021)

Everyday life now, runs so fast and everyone seems to have no time to stop. In such a restless motion of life, coffee is what allows everyone to run on throughout their day. So, if you are running a coffee shop (no matter how small or big), you need to know the best commercial espresso machine for you and your customers.

We will be looking through a few espresso machines (aforementioned in the list above), and we hope to serve you with one that best fits your business.

What you need to know before buying one:

Do be careful, as this is a decision to be made with caution. You need to be sure how big your shop(s) is and an estimate on how many cups you’ll be serving per day. On that basis, you’ll also need a handle on your budget, because you do not want to overspend as much as you want to avoid undercutting. Quality and quantity will be best understood by you, the supplier. You also need to be have habit of cleaning your machines as making coffee is a messy business for your machine. There’s also the additional cost of buying coffee grounds, milk, water, etc, to ensure you have all the ingredients. So, the main factors are:

  1. Budget: There are very expensive machines, and then there are the very cheap ones. What budget should you have for your machine? Well, it mostly depends on what kind of a business you are running. If you have customers left, right and center; make sure to cash out on one or multiple machines, whereas a small business can make do with a couple of the less expensive ones, as they will be worked less. So, no compromise on quantity or quality.
  2. Maintenance: Having a nice machine make your coffee for you at an accelerated rate is great, however all the dirty is still going on within the machine itself. There’s a bean hopper grinding up all the coffee beans (some use pods). You also have the milk and water containers, along with the insides of the machine itself. All of these processes take a lot out of your machine and you want to make sure you are treating it right. So, it is essential to always clean it (preferably at the end of the day).
  3. Cost of ingredients: Speaking of the machines having different containers for the ingredients, you will need to factor in how much you spend on them as well!
  4. Knowing the ins and outs of your machine: Different machines have different functions embedded into their mechanisms, and you would do well to have them all understood. Not just you, anyone who operates the machine should know all the functions, in order to attain optimal function!

6 Best Commercial Espresso Machines:

Now that we have gone through what you need to know to buy an espresso machine, we have compiled a list for you below. This consists of the best machines we have researched through. Let’s look into them!

  1. Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine
  2. DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker, Stainless, Metal
  3. Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker, Silver
  4. La Pavoni Commercial Volumetric Espresso Machine (Black)
  5. Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine
  6. La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola 8-Cup Lever Style Espresso Machine, Chrome

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

Our first, and best product up for show here is manufactured by Breville and it’s a work of art. For only $515.00, you get a sleek stainless steel espresso machine, that can work to make you some wonderful coffee.

As for what it has, it comes with a 15 bar Italian pump, and a thermo coil system for heating (1600W). It also comes with a purge function for better espresso extraction. On top of the machine is a bean hopper which can contain ½ lb worth of coffee beans, and 2L of water.


  1. Is not too expensive, and can be afforded by smaller shops while producing high quality coffee which is better for business.
  2. Purge function allows for the system to adjust itself and extract the espresso at the perfect temperature, for better coffee.
  3. It is made out of stainless steel which is much easier to clean and will leave it looking great after long usage, which is indicated by the machine itself.
  4. Has a drip tray, which is easily accessible and removable.
  5. Includes an espresso pressure gauge, in case you’re ever wondering if the machine is overworked.
  6. You can adjust the size and amount of how much you grind the beans.
  7. The 2L water tank has a removable water filter, ensuring you to keep great quality.


  1. Customers have reviewed the machine to be hard to adjust and attain the perfect settings.
  2. Some reviews have also said that changing the beans within the machine completely ruins the setting and would require you a lot more work to fix it.

The machine has some wonderful features and perks along with them, that can allow you to make them optimal for a business you are running. One, two or however many you think you need to run at an efficient rate, we suggest you get these!

Now, the cons mentioned do pose a big issue, however with mass production there is bound to be problems here and there, not to mention, if you are running a shop you will have different machines set for various settings to provide your customers!

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DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker, Stainless, Metal

Second on our list, we have an espresso machine manufactured by DeLonghi. Another sleek machine made with stainless steel comes with it’s own patented mechanisms. One of which would be the dual filter holder. One is the Sempre Crema Filter and the other is the E.S.E or Easy Serving Espresso, both with their individual requirements of coffee grounds to help make you the perfect blend. Not to mention, it also involves an easy and seperate way to control both your water and steam pressure, to ensure you get proper flavors.


  1. Made in order to ensure years of service.
  2. Multiple of these in your shop can allow you to make both espresso and cappuccino at their best.
  3. Two different filters can allow you to use your preferred ground coffee or pods to produce the coffee.
  4. Water tank is larger than other versions with a capacity 44 oz.
  5. Includes a stand-by/energy saving mode.


  1. It will require you to use a water filter to ensure optimal brewing.
  2. Certain customers have reviewed their machine to start malfunctioning within a month’s usage.

In terms of price, this is a good investment at $179.99, especially if you are a small business looking to brew some delicious coffee to keep bringing customers in. However, there will be issues with mass production and you should be sure to be wary about these.

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Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker, Silver

Here for the third item we have, it’s a machine manufactured by Mr. Coffee. Yes, with that name, you would assume they know what they’re doing right? Made just for the sole purpose of giving you great coffee. For just $139.77, you get a compact machine that is available in 3 different colours (red, white and silver). It’s a semi-automatic machine, which means you or your barista will only be doing minimal work and can let the machine do the work for you. Apart from espressos, you can also make cappuccinos and lattes. Just like the first and second item we’ve reviewed, this also comes with a 15 bar pump system.

What makes this less work than others and why should you look into this machine per se?


  1. 15 bar pump system allows you to extract a great amount of flavor for your coffee.
  2. Milk frother is automatic, and with a few instructions will take over for you.
  3. You can save time on the selection due to the one-touch panel feature.
  4. The water and milk containers can be easily accessed and removed for cleaning and filling up.
  5. Comes with instruction manual to attain optimal settings.


  1. You would need to ensure your baristas have proper knowledge on the workings of the machine or else any wrong clicks could mess up the whole setting.
  2. You would need to buy a separate attachment to be able to use pods, which it does not come with in the US.
  3. Customer reviews have stated they’ve noticed a wooden screw to break off and fall into the coffee sometimes.

The flaws marking this product in a negative sense can all be worked around except for the last one. However, this is not an issue in every product, meaning it could be in only a few machines.

So, if you’re running a small and busy coffee shop, this seems like a great and efficient way for you to get your coffee to your customers.

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La Pavoni Commercial Volumetric Espresso Machine (Black)

Now, on our list next we have a product manufactured by La Pavoni, and yes we know what this is a huge contraption! With the sheer size it is, it also carries a huge price tag of $8200. Now, the scale of this machine and its price tag only refers to the idea that it should only be maintained if you have a huge store selling coffee in the hundreds everyday.

If you are on that list (congratulations!), this machine should be great for you as it contains a 27L boiler with 1 hot water tap. With multiple stations for multiple cups you can get out a lot of coffee with this to ensure fluidity in your shop and coffee!


  1. With a huge price tag you’re sure to attain a product of high value, especially from La Pavoni who have multiple items on the market and one more on this list itself!
  2. It has sleek features of handles around the machine to ensure you can move it around easily.
  3. You can adjust dosing of the machine with its digitally enhanced features involving microprocessors.
  4. Has a button to program hot water along with a very small but effective jet!
  5. Each group has a heat exchanger and injector.


  1. No reviews on the market to ensure it’s reliability in usage.
  2. Is very expensive even for many large vendors to be keen on buying it.

Our job here is to review items, and while that may be hard to do without any third parties to lean on for reliability, we assume this product will be a worthy investment due to it’s sheer size and capability for production.

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Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine

Next on our list is an espresso machine manufactured by Gaggia. It comes in with a rather expensive price at $1649.00 (nowhere near our third one though). However, we have the luxury of also referring to the customer’s reviews of the item to further place our trust in the product.

One feature that sets this machine apart from others is the fact that it produces espresso without the use of steam but is quite as effective. The dispenser for the machine can be adjusted for you to place any cups or glasses that range up to 6 ½ inches.


  1. The adjustable dispenser allows you to be more efficient in your business as you can easily place any cups or glasses.
  2. You can store up to 600 milligrams of milk.
  3. The ceramic burr grinder comes with a bean hopper installed within it and a double lid mechanism to keep the aroma within the mechanism.
  4. Machine can be programmed to produce coffee from 7-10 cups.
  5. Has a pre-brewing system that allows you to obtain maximum flavor retention.
  6. Coffee grounds can be placed in a storage that is easily accessible at the front of the machine.


  1. Certain customer reviews have mentioned the product being flimsy in certain parts causing leaks.
  2. Customers have also indicated that the bean hopper and water tank are too small to operate at an optimal level, when you take the scale of the machine into account.
  3. Other reviews have mentioned the drinks made are sometimes lukewarm at best even on the maximum temperature setting.
  4. The biggest issue stated by customers as well, was that the drip tray was very small considering the size of the machine and required cleaning almost everyday.

This machine sounds great on paper, however looking at numerous complaints in various areas of the machine, this falls under a poor marking and could be a risky buy for you. These cons are not based on opinion, rather experiences customers have had with their own machines.

However, many have also left very positive comments which could justify the fact that some bad products were made in mass production.

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La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola 8-Cup Lever Style Espresso Machine, Chrome

As promised, we have our second product on show from La Pavoni. This one costs $899.35 and is a lot more compact than any product we have seen. With it’s small dimensions, it is ideal for using at home, but also for usage at any local coffee shops, due to the quality you get from it.

Made entirely of steel with a nice chrome finish and it’s small dimensions it looks great, and is easy to clean! It comes with some tools such as measuring ladle, cappuccino attachment and more, it also includes an instructional video for teaching yourself or anyone else to handle it with care and for optimal coffee production!


  1. Is cheaper ($899.35) than a lot of other machines with great quality.
  2. Can be relied on for durability due to it’s sturdy build.
  3. Maintains and records pressure internally with built-in thermostats.
  4. Removable water tank has a 20 oz capacity.


  1. Some users reviewed that after a few uses, the machine was faulty and did not pressurize properly to produce quality coffee.
  2. Some also mentioned that it was packaged poorly and was wet, inside the package.

The cons on this product can be attributed towards the fact that there will always be a few faulty products, however you do not have to overlook them if you do not want to! Do keep in mind however, the tons of positive remarks on it that give it so many pros.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the machine worth the price?

Now, this a very difficult question to answer in general. However, when you are buying an espresso machine, if they have a very very high price, you should consider what it offers in that case. If you run a small store, you can usually find one within $200, that will suit you nicely.

Can I use coffee pods with the machine?

Usually your machine will have instructions on whether or not they have that capability. Some are not, whereas others can come with an attachment to make it possible. Some of them just lack the capability.

Final Words

Now, we know coffee machines have a very limited amount of features that can distinguish them. Especially when you are looking to buy them for your commercial needs, you need to have only a few priorities mainly. A couple being: budget and the scale of the machine for optimal coffee production. In this case we would recommend the Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine.

However, if you choose to opt for any other machine, we hope we have helped you reach that conclusion for the best coffee to hit the spot for you!

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