10 Best Filter for 75 Gallon Tank (2021 Reviews & Guide)

Having a large aquarium of 75 gallons gives you a higher chance to make a different decision on the type of activity you would wish to handle. Although many people prefer smaller tanks of maybe 10-gallon tanks so that they can easily manage or they can afford. What do you think? Having a 75-gallon tank is the best decision for effective filtration. 

Selecting the best filter for 75 gallon tank can be tough if you don’t know the things to check. We have researched the market extensively to provide you with great filters that are suitable for 75 gallon tanks. Continue reading to find more details.

How Many GPH Does A 75-Gallon Tank Need?

In order to identify the GPH required for your tank, you must always know the size of a pump required, for instance, a good pump should have a flow rate of 5GPH gallons per hour for every gallon of water. Understanding the meaning of GPH will give you an easy time of calculating the desired amount required by a 75-gallon tank. 

In order to get exact flow rate, the pump must be under normal conditions. For a 75 gallon of water; more so freshwater, you are supposed to use a pump that has a flow rate of a minimum of 375 GPH gallons per hour. This is different from saltwater that will require a pump of a flow rate of 488 GPH. As you have realized, salty water entails a higher rate of GPH than freshwater. This is mainly because of maintenance and care.

Best Filter for 75 Gallon Tank Comparison Chart

Product NameBrandWeightDimensionPrice
MarineLand Penguin 350 BIO-Wheel Power FilterMarineLand3.53 pounds15.2 x 6.1 x 8 inches
Polar Aurora Free Media 3-Stage External Aquarium FilterPolar Aurora-10 x 10 x 16 inches
Aqueon Amonia Remover for QuietFlow LED PRO Filter 20/75Aqueon0.8 pounds4 x 1 x 7.2 inches
Penn Plax Cascade Canister Aquarium FilterPenn Plax12 pounds17 x 11.5 x 10 inches
Seachem | Tidal Power FiltersSeachem3 pounds15 x 6 x 15 inches
Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO Aquarium Power FiltersAqueon3.8 pounds13 x 7 x 8.5 inches
Fluval External FilterFluval10 pounds7.6 x 14.5 x 17.8 inches
Polar Aurora Free Media 3-Stage External Aquarium FilterPolar Aurora-10 x 10 x 16 inches
EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter with MediaEheim4.49 pounds8 x 6.3 x 14 inches

The following are recommended filters that you can buy for your 75 gallon tank. The filters we selected provide excellent filtration to provide your aquarium habitats with a healthy environment. Check their reviews below so that you can determine which one is right for you.

This is a small power filter, but it has quite good performance. It comes with a handful of amazing features that will make you like it. The MarineLand Penguin bio-wheel filter is ideal for 50 to 75 gallons of fish tanks. This filter operates with a water flow rate of 350 GPH. I mean, that’s more incredible than your expectations. For example for the 50-gallon aquarium, it will filter 7 times the capacity of the tank.

What I like

The affordability of the MarineLand Penguin bio-wheel power filter is beyond limits. Once you see its features and look at the price, you will be amazed. It even makes you even feel like getting two of them. Unfortunately, I only have a single aquarium.  This filter works perfectly with your budget.

What I don’t like

This power filter will only fail you in terms of producing loud noise during operation. The fish themselves are not comfortable with the noise. If filter operating sounds disappoints you, consider getting tips on how to minimize the noise. Maybe in that way, this power filter will be better.

  • This power filter is ideal for up to 75 gallons aquarium
  • You can use the filter on both freshwater and saltwater fish tanks
  • Its three filtration stages ensure that the water is safe and clean
  • Installing the filter is one easy task
  • Its bio wheels get damaged easily
  • The intake require often cleaning

This is a canister type of filter fit for 75 gallons of an aquarium. Besides, filtering off all toxic substances, this canister filter minimizes algae growth to zero levels. This filter operates outside the aquarium due to its size and design. You don’t have to worry about durability. The filter promises a long lifespan due to the incorporation of sturdy construction and high-quality material. To achieve the best filtration levels, this power filter is a good catch. The polar aurora 3-stage aquarium filter can filter 265 gallons of aquarium water for every hour.

What I like

These filter’s come with additional filtration media trays. That’s not even good news. The best part is that you can use the area to test other media kinds. The filter media will not lose its quality whatsoever. Polar aurora 3-stage external aquarium filter is quite a catch, right?

What I don’t like

If you have a turtle in your aquarium, maybe it will a bad idea of choosing this external filter. Although it works well with a fish aquarium, it is just not for all aquatic animals aquarium. It is disappointing how it can’t filter turtle aquarium perfectly. It’s is perfect but not for everybody.

  • The filter is simple to operate and maintain
  • It is a self-primping external aquarium filter
  • Its construction is sturdy ensuring high durability
  • This filter is ideal for newbies due to easy installation
  • Polar aurora filter minimizes algae growth
  • Cleaning the filter can be a bit complex
  • It is noisy during operation

This product is an ammonia reducer in the form of pads. It is ideal for the Aqueon QuietFlow LED pro filter. You should note that we are not dealing with the filter itself rather the filter pads. If you are looking for the best filter pad for your Aqueon QuietFlow LED pro filter, I guess today is your day. Perfect design, quality, and performance. What more could you ask for in a filter pad? Replacing these pads in the filter is very straightforward due to the pre-cut feature.

What I like

Changing filter media is not for everyone. Sometimes it is just boring. You can say goodbye to this feeling because these filter pads are easy to change. They come with a pre-cut feature to help you slide the pad easily. Can that be boring? I bet not, it’s too easy and fast.

What I don’t like

If you are purchasing this filter pads, you should confirm the filter size. In case you get the wrong size, you will have to start cutting the pads. Confirm if the size will fit perfectly in the filter. However, the wrong sizes still work. Confirmation is better to reduce the cutting task.

  • The filter pads reduce all ammonia in aquarium water
  • It is ideal for any Aqueon QuietFlow LED pro filter
  • The product's packages come with four filter pads
  • It is straightforward and fast to install the pads
  • The filter pads confine debris and food remain particles
  • The filter pads are relatively expensive

Making every day a holiday for your fish and turtles is easy. Just get a Penn Plax cascade canister aquarium filter for them. The pets will have the most conducive environment. The outer part of the filter is made of plastic material. However, don’t see this as a drawback. It is sturdy enough to accommodate rough handling. When it comes to standing, the filter has a perfect base that allows it to stay in place.

What I like

This filter is just incredible. I mean advantage on top of another. Easy installation, check, affordability, check. The best side of it is that you can simply customize it. The filter provides space for customization in every component it features. From the extra big media baskets to the 360 degrees flow valves you can get simple customization.

What I don’t like

When cleaning, you need to clean each part of the filter. However, this filter limits you from cleaning some parts since they are sealed. Therefore, you will not remove all the dirt from all parts of the filter. This is mostly the case with the motor.

  • The aquarium filter has a noise-free operation
  • It is perfect for extremely large aquarium size
  • You can easily customize this filter’s parts
  • This aquarium filter allows simple setting up and maintenance
  • It comes with an adjustable water flow rate
  • Its power consumption is high
  • Priming becomes difficult immediately after cleaning

If you are searching for a power filter that will take less space in your fish tank, I guess you should stop searching. Do you know why? We brought the perfect filter for you right at your doorstep. Are you ready to know what more it can do for you? Well sit back and continue reading. The Seachem tidal power filter is ideal if you have a 75-gallon fish tank. It is powerful enough to give your aquarium a perfect filtration.

What I like

Knowing the exact time when to clean a filter can be difficult. The best thing about the Seachem tidal power filter 75 is that it will alert you when the cleaning time arrives. The filter features blue floater valves that make the identification of cleaning time easier.

What I don’t like

An aquarium should make your work easier. With this filter, it seems like a bundle of work will just be added to you. Do you know why? Well maintaining it is such a hefty task. The filter requires frequent maintenance for it to maintain its performance. I mean, who wants this?

  • You can adjust the flow rate depending on the fish type
  • It easily alerts you when it is cleaning time with the help of blue floater valves
  • It has a 3 stage filtration system
  • The filter operates with less noise
  • You can rely on the durability of this filter
  • Media baskets clog up easily

This power filter cleans your tank in the following stages of filtration: mechanical, chemical and biological, ensuring the water is clear, clean and healthy.it has a special pad for filtration to give you the best cleaning results.

What I like

This is a filter that reduces the effect of flowing of water by using the flow control method to make sure the impellers are not affected.it is offered in models with varying flow rates to enable you to choose the filter with the flow rate meet your needs

The filter is noise-free since the design of its internal pump is so as to dampen noise. It is also set up with ease takes less than 10 minutes and cleans up your tank quite fast.

What I don’t like

Should your impeller get harmed, this filter will produce poor results. If grease or dirt adds up in your impeller, it stops moving the water to the filter chamber. This makes the shaft heat up very fast and since its axis is plastic, it may get disfigured

  • Proper control of the flow of water- this ensures that dirt or other effluence do not bring harm to the motor nor the impeller
  • Simple installation- this is one of its main advantages. It is easily installed in not more than 10 minutes.
  • It has a big filtration capacity which is suitable for the filtration process which happens in stages.
  • The special filter pads of this power filter may be quite costly

This filter cleans your 75-gallon tank in a filtering system divided into three stages. These are mechanical, chemical and biological. The first stage, the mechanical stage, removes both large and small debris using 2 form absorbers of huge capacities.in order to ensure your water remains fresh, the chemical and biological stages remove ammonia impurities. It has a high flow rate of 1450 LPH.

What I like

Has a lot and very helpful additional features which make it stand out.it has several filtration baskets which come with the necessities for the chemical, biological and mechanical stages. It has valves which allow for easy connection of the hoses.

The filter also provides better filtration. This is because it has an upgraded filtration technology that works in three stages to give you clean and clear water.

What I don’t like

This is a nice filter but many users complain about poor design. There are also several cases of leaks, which is not quite impressive.

  • Ease of installation- the filter is easy to set up and also easy to disintegrate during maintenance
  • No noise –you will operate quietly since the filter has an impeller which dampens sound
  • Versatility- it can be used for both fresh and salt water.
  • The impellers are not harmed by grease and dirt since the intake strainer is clog proof
  • Due to its upgraded features and high filtration technology, it may seem quite costly

This is a canister filter which before packing by the manufacturer has to be tested that water does not leak. Its flow rate is 264 GPH. Its hose has 3/4″ size and the pump has 18W power. Water is processed in 3stages to remove all nitrates and ammonia impurities. Its spray bar can be adjusted thus you can point it at any point of your 75-gallon tank. You can change the quantity of media in your tray and use your desired media.

What I like

It has a high-pressure pump so the water is pumped at high pressure. This enables the water to move through the media in the tray effortlessly. These pumps can also get water from filters below the gravel. Another great thing is that you do not have to do siphoning manually when cleaning your tank since this pump is also self-priming.

What I don’t like

The filter is great but I would not recommend it for turtles. You still need to clean the tank and buy media severally.

  • Its design is stylish giving it a touch of attractiveness.
  • It is User-friendly- setting up this filter is easy. Its maintenance is also easy. It takes little time when cleaning up this power canister.
  • No noise- it produces little noise when operating thus giving you quiet time.
  • Flexibility – it enables you to change the media on the tray you wish to use to filter your 75-gallon tank. Its spray bar to is adjustable enabling you to direct it to any point of the tank.
  • Durability – the canister filter is designed so as to serve you for long; its components are strong and long-lasting
  • Parts of the filter at the points of intake can be removed.

This filter uses a filtration process that is mainly biological and mechanical whereby water circulates constantly with oxygen being supplied simultaneously. It is sealed off a silicon ring that is elastic so that it can be opened and closed safely during the cleaning process. This seal prevents any leakage.it comes with accessories such as filter sponges, spray bar and inlet pipe. The filter sponge makes the process easier.

What I like

This canister filter is easy to set up. They are round and quite simple to use by just following the instructions on the manual. You can even make replacement pads by yourself or purchase them at a cheap price.

What I don’t like

Pads of these canister filters are clogged with grease and dirt quite first due to their fine texture. This clogging restricts the flow of water leading to the whole filter becoming ineffective.

  • No leakage- the elastic silicone ring provides reliable sealing of the filter.
  • Provision of useful accessories- it comes with filter media and valves.
  • This canister has a specially designed chamber that allows for water to circulate properly and be supplied with oxygen. This oxygen is important for the aqua life in your tank.
  • This canister filter requires to be siphoned manually as a result of them not being self-priming.
  • Parts of the filter, the filter pads, for example, require frequent replacement.

Things to Consider

Getting a power filter for your 75 gallons aquarium is very easy. There is a handful of the in the market today. All the models are good. The problem comes in when you want to determine which the best is. Now that you know your aquarium size, focus on the 75-gallon filters and consider the following. 


Most people don’t like the sound that most filters make during operation. If the sound bothers you, look for a noise-free power filter. Canister filters are much quieter than the HOB filters. However, you can still get less noisy HOB models. If you need to know which model is quieter there is a trick for that. If you see a filter with sound-dampening characteristics, just for it without a second thought. Don’t let a power filter disturb your sleep with annoying noises. Trust me, the fish will also not like it.

Filtration media

Different power filter models utilize different filtration media. For a 75 gallon aquarium, you need to go for the best filtration media. The filtration media should be in a position to filter ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, and also get rid of waste and debris. Each filtration stage has its filtration media. Therefore look into all the filtration stages a filter uses and determine the best filtration media in each stage. 

Ease of setting up and maintenance

If you are a beginner, mainly focus on ease of setting up the filter. I know you don’t want the hassle of finding an expert to do it for you. A good power filter should not have a complex installation process. The HOB filters, for example, are among the easiest to install. Also, consider maintenance. If a filter requires regular cleaning and maintenance, run as far as possible from it.  A filter that needs too much maintenance gives you extra work. This should not happen if you get the best filter.


Some people are budget sensitive while others can invest in any amount to get a quality product. Are you are the kind who values a great investment, there are a ton of expensive and high-quality filters. However, expensive doesn’t always mean that a product is a quality, some are just overrated. For the budget sensitive individuals, you will not be left behind. Some filters are affordable and still high performing. Therefore do not let the price scare you. Mainly focus on the features. Some expensive filters are not worth their price.


The brand of the filter also matters. You can’t trust any filter that you find in the market. If you don’t get the filter from a legit supplier, you will be disappointed. Some brands are not popular but make filters with similar designs with reputable brands. They do this just for confusion. The features and performance are different. Get your filter from legit suppliers and check out the brand label. The most reputable power filter brands include; Penn Plax, aqua clear, Seachem, polar aurora, Aqueon, and a few other brands. For the product we have reviewed, you can trust the brands. They are among the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does a 75-gallon filter tank work with any type of fish species?

A: It depends, but most filers work best with betta fish. Although some might prefer to either use salt or freshwater. But remember some species cannot withstand powerful filters since it might end up killing them

Q: How big should my tank be to keep large species of fish?

A: The bigger the tank, the more you enjoy seeing your species grow. Since those fish can grow so big and plenty of room or space is required, the list size of a tank I would recommend is 75 filter gallon tank. But if you can, buy a 125gallon tank that will be the best. It will give your species enough room for movement.

Q: Can I interfere with the fish if I add water right from the top of the tank?

A: It is very risky for you to do that. This is because you can kill the younger species that are still growing. Therefore, the best thing you can do it; position a tap that will enable easy flow of water to the tank. Ensure you do not add chemicals like chlorine to the water since they might kill the species.

Q: Do I need a filter?

A: Of course yes! They are very much important in order to remove dirt, waste products and even ammonia from the water. If you don’t use the filter, then you are a very high risk of killing the fish. Ensure that the filter system you purchase matches the size of the tank available. This will give you ample time while cleaning and maintenance of the tank as well. 

The water might have some decaying food especially the remains of the feeds, also a species might have died. Having a filter system will enable you to realize such problems early in advance before affecting others. Ensure every time why handling your aquarium, you have the filter with you. Let its environment be clean at all times.

Final Words

The kind of filter that you buy for your tank matters a lot. This is because the aquatic life entirely depend on it. While there are different sizes of tanks, the filters also come in different sizes. It is essential to buy a quality filter that is suitable for the tank you have. For those with 75 gallon tanks, the above are some of the best filter for 75 gallon tanks that you can consider buying.

These filters provide an effective filtration system which offers that fish and other aquarium habitants with a healthy and clean place to live. We have also provided you with some effective tips that you should consider when buying a filter 75 gallon tank. I hope with all this information, it will be easier for you to make the right selection.

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