10 Best Filter for Goldfish Tank (2021 Reviews and Guide)

If you have goldfish, then you need to ensure that you have the right filter. As you know, goldfish produce toxins through waste and their respiration system. All these accumulate in the fish tank, and if you don’t remove them, this can be dangerous for the fish. So, what is the best filter for goldfish? What factors should you have in mind when buying filter for goldfish?

To answer these questions and many more details, we have given you a comprehensive guide and reviews. We have provided you with quality filters that ensure the water in the aquarium is healthy and free from harmful chemicals. In the review, we have fully highlighted all the advantages and disadvantages of using a specific filter from another. Make a step ahead and look at the guideline.

Selecting a quality filter for your goldfish can be hard because there are many models out there. We have given you top picks of quality and dependable filters that are safe for goldfish. Check their detailed reviews and guide below.

When it comes to matters about quality and efficiency, aqua clear is the best. It’s a versatile hang on back filter that is very affordable and ready in the market.  The HOB filter is available in up to five models ranging between 10 to 110 gallons. The model ensures superior control of the flow rate for most of the aquarium sizes. 

Aqua clear provides approximately six-time volume than the standard models. For gentle water flow, bright aqua hangs on the back is the best choice.  The re-filtration system present in the devices allows for water flow control. The patented system is also responsible for effective filtration of the water. Once the flow water rate is controlled up to 50% of the total amount of water in the chamber, it’s processed several times.

What I like

The high filtration volume of the filter keeps the HOB filter in the first position as compared to its competitors.  Also, the reliability of the clear aqua filter is the other fantastic feature of the high screen. The filter is suitable for both small and large aquariums and tanks. Activated carbon and the cycle Gaud are essential for biological filtration. Biological filtration it’s responsible for the removal of toxic chemicals

What I don’t like

Although the clear aqua filter it’s mighty, it’s annoying how it manages its power outages. Unlike the standard HOB filter, aqua bright doesn’t put into consideration the power outages. Despite that its energy saver machine, the filter can quickly burn out. Also, its design it’s not so catching as compared to the regular models

The ability of the machine to provide superior chemical, biological, and mechanical filtration gives the filter an additional advantage. The presence of beneficial bacteria is ideal in the reduction of toxic nitrate and ammonia. Also, in the first stage of filtration, all the debris and carriages are well filtered. Aqua apparent hang on the back filter is a simple device that is quick and easy to install.

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  • Contains a re-filtration system to offer compact contact time
  • It’s easy to install the device, thus suitable for beginners.
  • Comes in different sizes thus suits most of the tanks and aquariums
  • Equipped with activated carbon as well as Aqua-Clear foam
  • It’s easy to customize the water filtration system
  • Aqua-clear filter omits the power outage
  • It’s not hot water friendly
  • It requires a lot of cleaning for maximum filtration as the filter gets dirty quickly

Seachem hangs on back filter is excellent for a 55-gallon tank. The unique feature of this fantastic filter machine is the ventilation slot. The additional slots present in the outflow and lid ensure plenty of air exchange.  

The surface skimmer is also present, which it’s not a common feature among most ordinary filters in the current market. The skimmer is essential in trapping floating debris such as algae, fish oil, and other contaminants. It ensures crystal clear water is available throughout the tank.

What I like

The self-cleaning impeller makes the filter the best choice in the market. On top of that, it features an adjustable flow that helps you to control the flow rate of the water. Adjustable flow encourages gentle water flow reducing water noise. The tidal power filters work so decently to ensure all debris and other floating material are fully captured.

What I don’t like

Even though the machine is a bit quiet, the more significant part of the device is in the water. The immersed part may depreciate quickly as compared to the upper part. It’s also discouraging that the filter basket blocks up immediately, thus requires regular rinsing.

When purchasing any filter, the filtration and purification capacity guards you in determining the best filter. The device features Tidal power filters that ensure quality and clean water is available for the goldfish. Also, it features other unique features like dual water intake, adjustable flow, and self-priming pump, among others.  Lastly, its dark color will suit most of the aquarium tank, creating an eye-catching site.

  • The seachem filter is excellent for fresh and saltwater
  • Equipped with adjustable telescoping intake pipe, flow rate regulator
  • The removable basket makes cleaning easy and efficiency
  • Features an automatic maintenance alert system
  • The filter produces less noise as compared
  • The filter's a bit slower than its competitors
  • They hang on the back is not ideal for large aquariums

It’s not easy to come across a saltwater filter in the market. However, here comes one of the few models in the model. Fluval C power filter is ideal for both saltwater and fresh. The machine is available in different sizes, thus suiting most of the aquarium’s tanks. On top of that, its veer powerful as it can filter up to 264 gallons per hour.  

To ensure quality water, the kit features up to 5 filtration stages. The stages are: 1chemical, 2mechnical, and two biological thus, you are guaranteed a top purification process. The natural steps are ideal for efficient and fast nitrification. They help to ensure free ammonia and nitrate. The activated carbon filter is responsible for the removal of unwanted discoloration, odor, and impurities.

What I like

The functional capacity of the filtration system is so encouraging. The five stages filtration system provides a clear and non-toxic aquarium for your goldfish. Also, the re-filtration system ensures the water is purified several times before reaching the tank. The other fantastic feature of the machine is the presence of the cleaning indicator. The indicator helps to ensure the foam remains clean throughout for maximum filtration.

What I don’t like

It’s so disappointing how the mechanical filtrations system clogs quickly. The filters require being rinsed regularly, making it time costly. The main reason for the mechanical filter to clog is due to the presence of tricking water into the C node.

The presence of C nodes that are made of high-quality complex pore system ensures plenty of space for the beneficial bacteria. The beneficiation bacterial enhance and thrive the reduction of toxic chemicals. Also, the star shape of the filter creates a high filtration surface area and biological power. The filters encourage a healthy aquarium environment as compared to the traditional filters.

  • Designed with cleaning indicator for easy monitoring of the foam
  • Suitable for providing a stress-free environment
  • It’s easy to customize the filtration system
  • Can filter up to 264gallons per hour
  • Equipped with five stages of filtration for maximum filtration
  • Unlike other similar models, Fluval is a bit noisy
  • The filter is expensive

Marineland is the best hang on back filter for goldfish. On top of being of high-quality, its affordable and sturdy.   Canister lid is well fitted to ensure a tight water seal, which is not a common feature among the traditional models. Also, the top part is easy to remove for quick access to the media basket. 

The removable lid allows easy cleaning of the filter. The fully polished pads polish the water, thus removes all the fine debris. Besides, the filter is ideal for both saltwater and freshwater.  In involves several filtrations stages, including mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration. For a self-priming startup, the Marine Land filter features a quality quick prime button.

What I like

The stylish design of the filter gives the machine an additional benefit. The sophisticated design makes the filter fit different tank models, including the rounded tanks. Also, the flat bottom provides maximum stability. Also, it features canister lids that are removable for quick cleaning. The black carbon is essential for the removal of discoloration, odor as well as water impurities.

What I don’t like

Although the motor is potent, it’s a bit noisy. The reason is that the device is completed closed. On top of that, the Marine-land filter lack ventilation slots are necessary to air circulation. Its filters are so costly and require a lot of cleaning as well as maintenance.

The quick-release valve is present to ensure the next block shut down of the filter. The valve ensures no direct contact of the water with the motor housing. Marineland is available in four sizes; therefore, it suits all water aquariums. It’s suitable for aquariums ranging between 30 gallons to 100 gallons.

  • Features a removable canister lid to ensure a watertight seal
  • The removable cover allows easy cleaning of the filter
  • Equipped with polishing filter pads
  • Designed with ceramic rings that creates a large surface area
  • Marine-Land features bio-filter balls
  • The filter foam pads capture debris and dirty
  • The device is expensive
  • It’s noisy and requires a lot of power

When it comes to the best filter for goldfish, Marine-land has no competitor. The machine is affordable but of high quality. In addition to that, the devices provide three stages of filtration that allows crystal clear water. The mechanical filtration is responsible for the removal of debris and other floating purities.  

The filter features convenient Rite size cartridges that come ready to use. The filter is easy to install as no complicated tools are needed for assembling.  The chemically ensure the entire odor, discoloration is well captured. The revolutionary BIO-well is present for biological filtration. BIO-wheel is well known for the removal of toxic nitrate and ammonia.

What I like

The BIO wheels are so amazing and work effectively. Also, the equipped cartridges in the hang on the back filter are impeccable.  The great thing with this HOB filter is the ability to work on both fresh and saltwater. The machine features a certified water circulation of 350GPH, thus suitable for all aquariums of 70 gallons.  It’s likable how the MarineLand filter works to ensure clean and non-harmful water is available for your aquarium.

What I don’t like

Despite that, the filter works so excellent on fresh and marine water; it’s not the ideal choice for goldfish. However, it works well with other aquatics animals like the mudfish, betta fish, among others. The main reason why it’s not ideal for goldfish is that water quality reduces with time

The two-piece vented covers are so crucial for convenient filter cartridge access. The covers ensure that the filters operate quietly without much noise. When it comes to water circulation, Marine-Land is the best. It features an adjustable mid-level intake that is present in the intake tube to improve water flow. In general, the device provides a superior and effective filtration stage.

  • The filter is perfect for aquarium up to 70 gallons
  • Marine-Land HOB filter is reliable and compelling
  • The installation process is straightforward and quick
  • Equipped with water circulation attribute
  • Features two-piece vented covers for easy cartridge access and quiet operation
  • Its cartridge is so expensive to replace
  • Not suitable for rounded tanks

When it comes to the quality and performance of HOB filters, Penn Plax is the best manufacturers. Therefore this been one of its amazing filters; it’s certified to be of high-quality. The filter is intellect for marine-water and freshwater. The cascade features three media baskets that work at a rate of 265GPH. Penn Plax is useful for aquarium of up to 100 gallons. 

The cascade canister features a valve that can rotate 360 degrees. The lid allows for easy maneuvering in the tightest aquarium cabinets.   Removable flow valve allows easy maintenance while still the intake, outlet, and hoses are attached to the aquarium.

What I like

It features a combination of media for effective and efficient purification. A floss pad is essential for trapping all loose material and fish waste. Besides, it features an excellent course sponge that provides adequate surface area for encouraging beneficial bacteria growth. The bacteria are intellect for the removal of toxic ammonia and nitrate. By so doing, your aquatic goldfish gets clean and healthy water.

What I don’t like

Despite that the machine is sturdy and durable, it has several dislikes. Once the filter operates for an extended period, it’s noisy. It’s so disappointing to have such kind of a machine near your home. In addition to that, some of the models allow plenty of water dodges through the filter cartridge. Therefore, it causes some people to dislike their operational nature.

The three large media baskets are customizable, thus meeting the need of all aquarists.  Therefore if you wish to get a desirable and manageable filter, Penn Plax is the best choice.  On top of that, the machine is easy to install and use this great for beginners. Unlike most of the regular filter, Penn Plax features long handles for easy carrying and handling.

  • It features a combination of media for perfect filtration
  • It’s easy to regulate the water flow onto the tank
  • The HOB features a large-capacity media basket
  • Equipped with a push-button primer thus creating a smooth prime of water
  • It’s ideal for both freshwater and saltwater
  • The machine is a bit expensive
  • It requires a thorough cleaning of the filter for maximum filtration

When it comes to quality, KIKARI manufacturer is well known for making quality products. Therefore, Bacto surge been one of its amazing filters; you are guaranteed its class. First of all, the filter is easy to install, as no special tools are necessary. In addition to that, they are suitable for both beginners and professionals, thus ideal for everyone. 

Hakari Surge foam is easy to clean as compared to other models in the current market. It’s an air-driven sponge filter that provides superior and fantastic filtrations techniques. It involves biological as well as mechanical filtration of the water. The mechanical filtration is responsible for the removal of particles and fish waste. The Hakari surge foam is a world-class HOB filter that suits most of the aquatic animals like the goldfish and betta fish

What I like

The cost of the filter gives the HOB additional advantages as compared to its serves. On top of that, the filter is easy to manage as compared to the regular filters in the market. Hikari Bacto surges its lightweight, thus, suits most of the water tanks in your aquarium site. It’s compact and 

Slim design allows for easy and effective storage and handling of the filter.

What I don’t like

Although the Hikari Bactro surge filter is lightweight, it’s suitable for a large aquarium. Due to its nature, it can only be useful for small aquatics. On top of that, the sponge filter attribute makes the level of filtration a bit low. The sponge filter can easily tear when compared to other standard filters.  Lastly, the device lacks the adjustable flow rate; thus, no full control of the water flow to the tank, thus producing a lot of noise.

The filter features a highly porous sponge with a large surface area. The urge area and microscopic pores are essential for the growth of aerobic bacteria. Aerobic bacteria are intellect in the aquarium filtration, especially in the reduction of harmful chemicals and toxic substances. Therefore when you are looking for the best high-quality filter for your goldfish, consider the Hikari surge Foam filter.

  • Its intellect for all tanks of different shapes and models
  • The filter is of high quality and more reliable
  • Suitable for most of the aquatic animals
  • It's straightforward to operate the filter
  • Features a highly porous sponge for maximum filtration
  • The filter's not durable unlike the standard filter
  • Expensive to replace the highly porous sponge
  • Not suitable for large aquatic sites

Are you in the look of the best HOB filter for goldfish? If yes, then here comes one of the excellent models. The machine is an energy saver as compared to its competitors. First of all, the filter is perfect for all saltwater and freshwater. It features a series of filtration stages for healthy and crystal clear water. The Fluval filter is intellect for both small and large aquariums of up to 100 gallons. 

Fluval extended filters have a high water flow rate of about 1450 LPH, which is not a standard feature with most of the filters. Unlike the regular filters, Fluval is a sound free machine. It has a sound dampening impeller construction that gives the device a quiet operation. The Fluval canister features extra features like multiple filtration baskets, patented Aqua stop valve, and rim connection assemblies.

What I like

The fact that the Fluval extended filter features a dual-layer foam screen gives the device an additional benefit. On top of that, clog proof is also present, which helps to improve its performance. Also, the material used in the construction of its water-resistant for durability. Also, the filter features a slim and compact design that makes the filter fit most of the tanks.

What I don’t like

Despite that the machine is of high quality, it has such negative features. First of all, the drip loop needs to be arranged by the user to avoid water from dripping into the plug or receptacle.  This makes it’s a challenge to the new users; therefore, its so disappointing to have such kind of a feature.

The unique and superior base design of the Fluval 406 canister filter is capable of holding up to 50percent extra water from the round canister filter. The cleaning path provides an excellent water flow rate as compared to the rounded canister of the same size. The fantastic cleaning path allows for high contact with the filtration media, which is not the case with most of the ordinary filters.

  • Fluval filter features multi-stages of filtration
  • It’s ideal for both fresh and saltwater
  • Perfect for aquarium of up to 100 gallons
  • Equipped with a high flow rate of 1450LPH
  • Features a sound dampening impeller design
  • It's designed with a dual-layer foam screen
  • Its requires the drip loop to be arranged by the user
  • It’s expensive to maintain the filter

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Penn Plax cascade 600 is among the few high-quality saltwater and freshwater filters in the market. It’s a fully submersible aquarium filter with a powerful motor. The high quality and stylish aquarium filters are capable of delivering up to 175 gallons per hour. With this fantastic and superior filter, you will provide crystal clear and healthy water to your fish. 

Penn Plax cascade 600 is ideal for aquarium from 20 to 50 gallons. The filter features a pump head that has adjustable as well as directional water flow. This type of filter is suitable for providing better filtration than traditional models

What I like

The fact that the filter machine provides a spray bar option makes the filter choice for most people. Spray bar option allows the user to distribute the water helping aerate your tank evenly.  On top of that, the machine is zero noisy, which is not the case with most of the typical models.

What I don’t like

Even though the filter is ideal for both saltwater and freshwater, it’s not durable. The material used in construction it’s not worthy of withstanding the harsh conditions in the marine water.

The internal sponge is essential for optimizing the colonization of beneficial bacteria.  Aerobic bacterial it’s very crucial in water filtration and purification process.  Penn Plax filter provides several filtration states like mechanical, chemical, and biological. The activated carbon cartridge is excellent for the reduction of toxic chemicals harmful substances. The biological filtration is responsible for the removal of discoloration, odor, and other pollutants.

  • It operates quietly when not clogged up
  • It's ideal for saltwater and freshwater
  • Features adjustable water flow rate
  • Provides a maximum aquarium filtration
  • Equipped with the internal sponge for beneficial aerobic bacterial
  • It’s a bit expensive to replace the filters
  • Some of the small models lack the biological filtration.

Here comes another significant and fantastic filter for goldfish. If you are looking for a durable and quality saltwater filter, then Penn Plax premium under gravel filter is the best choice. The machine is easy to install as no complicated tools are necessary to assemble.  

In addition, it features adjustable lift tubes as well as air stones. For quality and premium purified water, Penn Plax is the best in the current market. This filter system is essential for keeping your tank looking crystal clear.

What I like

The filt A- the cartridge is responsible for providing efficient chemical filtration. On top of that, the cartridges are easy to replace, which is not the case with other brands. Lastly, the clear free filter plates lock effectively and protect the gravels from failing under the filter plates.

What I don’t like

It’s so discouraging that the cartridge requires replacement after every 6 to 8 weeks. This makes it more expensive and difficult to maintain the round in the right condition. The premium filter system is not ideal for a large aquarium.

  • Provides a powerful chemical and biological filtration
  • It’s easy to install and operate
  • The filter system is available in different sizes.
  • Features a jumbo one lift tube
  • Equipped with a tilt A- carb cartridge
  • The plates are securely locked together
  • It’s expensive to maintain the cartridge
  • The cartridge requires replacement every 6 to 8 weeks.

Things to Consider

Before you buy a filter for goldfish, keep these important factors into consideration. They will help you end up with a quality model that suits your needs.

The shape of the tank

The model of your container is one of the crucial factors that determine the type of filter system to buy. The size of the containers it’s not a crucial factor alone, but also the shape of the container matters a lot. Every filter system is designed to sustain tank shapes. Therefore it’s ideal to consider the shape of your container. 

However, most of the HOB filters are suitable for most of the containers. But the majority of the HOB filters work well with the rectangle or square container. That’s doesn’t mean the circular tanks are not intellect for goldfish. 

So, when purchasing any filter system, ensure that you get the right model according to the shape of the tank.

Size of the tank

We have looked at the shape of the tank, let now focus on the size. The size of the tank is the crucial factor to put into consideration when purchasing filters. Most of the HOB filters do well on a small tank.  But different models and brands come in different sizes that will suit various sizes of tanks. Most of the aquarium filters are suitable for tanks of about 100 gallons. 

The size of your fish tank should be your guide when making an order of any aquarium filter. Failure to consider the size of the tank, automatically you will end up getting the wrong filter system. The corrupt filter system will result in improper filtration, thus leading to unhealthy and clean water for the fish. 

Filtration stages and filter media

The primary purpose of the filter system is to ensure maximum filtration and purification. Therefore, when making an order of filter system, make sure you put into consideration the filtration stages. Most of the machine features up to 3 levels of filtration. The conventional filtration methods are mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. The mechanical filtration is essential for the removal of unnecessary material floating on the water.

The biological filtration is responsible for the removal of toxic substances, harmful chemicals, odor, and other contaminants. On the side of filter media, the common ones are single cartridge located at the top part of the chamber. The other media is like a porous sponge with activated carbon. The media filter affects the overall performance of the filter system. 

Water flow rate

This is another essential factor to consider when purchasing any filter system. The best filter system should feature an adjustable water flow rate. Others contain directional and flow rates controls, which it’s a useful feature. The flow rate affects the amount produced by the motor. A high flow rate is likely to provide a high level of filtration. But also you in to have in mind that a high flow rate is not ideal for small goldfish and other aquatic animals. Therefore it’s on your side to determine the right system that will suit your goldfish.

Saltwater or freshwater 

Not all filter systems are suitable for seawater or marine water. The majority of them are ideal for freshwater as not most are not able to handle the saltwater conditions. You need to keep in mind that marine water or saltwater requires a lot of maintenance as compared to freshwater. In addition, saltwater filter systems are more expensive than the freshwater system. Despite that HOB filters are not so keen to withstand high levels of salt in the saltwater, few models can function effectively. But the best thing with most of the HOB filter system is that they are perfect for all fish kinds.

Amount of noise 

Two factors will determine the amount of noise produced. One it’s the level of flow rate. Most of the time, filters with high flow rates are associated with a high amount of noise. The other factor is the type of motor used in the filter system. However, it’s not easy to find a free noise machine. It’s so annoying to have a noisy machine around your compound and especially during the time. Also, a lot of noise in the aquarium tank leads to a lot of stress to the fish. Even if most of the filter system produces a lot of noise, the one with motor fully submerged in the water is likely to produce less noise.

Do Goldfish Need A Filter?

Yes, you should always ensure they are plenty of filters in your goldfish tank.  

Goldfish and also other aquatic animals eat a lot of food, thus producing a lot of waste. The high level of waste pollutes the aquarium water. However, with the filter, the mechanical filtration stage can remove all the trash. On top of that, the biological and chemical filtrations are responsible for the reduction of harmful chemicals and toxic substances.

Types of aquarium filter for a goldfish?

There are different types of gold fish filters that you can find on the market. It is important to understand these types to help you get the right one that meets your needs. These amazing gold fish filters include the following:

Power filters

They are among the standard and best aquarium filters for goldfish. Power filters can perform both chemical and mechanical filtration. It’s also able to deliver on biological filtration after linking to the bio wheel.

Canister filter

Canisters are the best filter for goldfish that are available in the current market. They suit both small and large fish tanks. The bio-filtration can be easily boosted by linking to the bio wheel. The worse thing with canisters filter is that they are hard to maintain and require a lot of care.

Sponge filter

This is another fantastic category of aquarium filters for goldfish. They are also capable of doing biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration. They rapidly get blocks with large and small debris. It’s the best filter for aquariums with fry due to their sponge nature.

Fluidized bed filters

The next category of filters is the fluidized bed filters. It’s the handy biological filters available in the market. It mostly uses the sand as the first media for filtration. It’s suitable for all types of waters and different aquarium sizes.

Trickle or Dry/wet filters

This filter type performs water exposure to the surrounding air by letting the aquarium water trickle on the media. The media features plastic balls, floss, or just strands. Trickle filters quickly get block but with the use of pre-automatic filtration, slightly reducing the blocking rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is the best HOB filter system?

A: It’s not easy to provide a straight forward answer to such kind of question. The main reason is that we have several factors that can determine the best model. Some of the factors we have thoroughly discussed and included cost, size, and shape of the tank, flow rate, maintenance cost, and stages of filtration. Once the model features all those factors, then it’s classified as a high-quality product. 

Q: Which is the best site to place the filter system?

A: As well, all know that filters are so lightweight; thus, it’s easy to handle and place them in the tank. It’s much recommended to place the filter system at the edge of the container.  But the shape of the tub will also determine the best place to site the filter. 

Q: What’s the cost of a filter system? 

A: Its quality and specification determine the cost of a particular system. Also, you need to keep in mind that the value of the filter may not directly assess the performance of the filter. We have some quality filters in the market that are so cheap.

Q: How long can a filter last before replacing?

A: Most of the filters last for ten weeks before replacing them. However, the duration will be determined by the quality and type of the filter used. Also, the state of the water results in the period the filter can last without been replaced.

Final Verdict

Every choice that you make has its negative and positive impacts. Therefore it’s ideal for getting a product that its advantages outweigh the disadvantages. If you are looking for the best filter for goldfish, then the above ones are the best choice. They are fully equipped with all the necessary features and specifications of a good filter. Filters are so crucial in the removal of toxic substances, harmful chemicals, odor, and other pollutants. Get one of the above filters for the goldfish tank, and you will never regret such a decision.

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