10 Best Filter For Shrimp Tanks Reviewed in 2021

To the lovers of shrimp, you are aware of how confusing and challenging it’s to keep them.  However, with the best filter for shrimp tanks system, things are so straightforward. Providing clean water to your shrimp is the critical thing you can ever do to ensure healthy shrimps. Shrimps are so sensitive when it comes to water conditions as compared to fish in a fish tank. 

In this review, we have significantly provided detailed guidance on how you can get the best quality filter. All the filters are affordable and feature at least three filtration stages. For more details have a look at the comparison table for a quick glance.

Best Filters for Shrimp Tank Comparison Chart

Product NameBrandSizeWeightPrice
Aqua Clear - Fish Tank FilterAqua-clear50 gallons1.69 pounds
MarineLand PenguinMarine-land70 gallons2 pounds
Uxcell XINYOU 380 Aquarium fish tank biochemical sponge filterUxcell70 gallons10.4 ounces
Whisper In-Tank Filter with BioScrubber for AquariumsTetra10 gallons1.5 pound
Powkoo Sponge FilterPowkoo30 gallons2.9 ounces
Fluval External FilterFluval100 gallons10 pounds
Penn Plax Aquarium Cascade Canister FilterPenn Plax100gallons12pounds
Aqualexs Aquarium Filter Guard for Shrimp and FishAqualex55 gallons1 ounce
Marina Power FilterMarina10 gallons1.2 pounds
Fluval C Power FilterFluval70 gallons3.3 pounds

Here are the best filters that are great for shrimp tanks in the current market. they are ideal for aquarium of between 10 to 100 gallons. These are unique and high-quality filters that are affordable and ready on the market.

Aqua clear is high quality and reliable filter for a shrimp tank. The re-filtration system is present to ensure superior contact time between the water and filter. Maximum contact time with the filter media helps to increase filtration efficiency.  The superior energy-efficient air pump is essential in lowering the operational cost. 

When it comes to the installation process, it involves straightforward steps that don’t need skills. Filtration capacity is up to seven times as compared to similar models in the market. Aqua clear features a sturdy and heavy construction material to increase its durability. Most of the time a delicate aquatic fish tank requires gentle water flow, therefore the re-filtration allows easy control. The re-filtration system makes it effective to control the water flow rate without compromising its efficiency.

Due to the porous structure of the foam, it’s essential in the biological filtration as it provides adequate surface area for beneficial bacteria.

What I like

The activated carbon filter inserts feature up to 100% premium and high-quality research grade carbon. Research grade carbon is intellect in providing a large surface area for the absorption of undesirable contaminants. On the top part of the system, aqua-clear BioMax filters insert are present.  They contain Biomax ceramic rings that feature a complex pore construction to allow the bacteria to thrive. The best thing with the Aqua-clear filter system is that it comes in various sizes thus you have the option of choosing the best size for your shrimp tank.

What I don’t like

Even though the machine is of high quality, it’s a bit noisy. After a long period of operation, the motor begins to produce an annoying sound that may alter the normal routine of your fish. Unlike the standard models, this Aqua clear system has some negativity when it comes to water flow. The re-filtration system doesn’t work as effectively as its support to be.

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Cycle Guard multi-filtration stages provide optimal chemical, mechanical and biological filtration. A healthy aquarium needs beneficial bacteria that are ideal in the purification process. These are harmless and invisible beneficial bacteria that are ideal in the removal of harmful nitrate and ammonia. The beneficial bacterium does well in the presence of the cartridge filtration system. So, the cartridge system is an import component in the device thus need to care and maintain. Aqua foam/poly inset is essential in the removal of debris and ensuring optimal water distribution patterns.

  • Features a water flow rate adjustment
  • Allows a long contact time of the water and filter for maximum filtration
  • Designed with a powerful energy-efficient air pump reducing operational cost
  • It’s easy to install and use the system
  • Aqua clear system is available in various sizes.
  • The small models of the system have some challenges in water flow
  • Has a low vibrating sound after a long operation

It features a certified water flow rate of up to 350GPD thus perfect for aquarium of 70 gallons and below. For maximum purification, MarineLand penguin uses two Rite size filter cartridge. Marineland water filter system provides three-stage filtration processes to ensure crystal clear aquarium. The mechanical filtration is essential for screening out debris and dirt and utilizes fully the patented ribbed back. 

Chemical filtration is great when it comes to the removal of toxic substances. The patented BIO wheel eliminates harmful nitrate and ammonia. On top of that, it supports the growth of beneficial bacteria that is ideal for biological filtration. BIO wheel features an adequate surface area of more than 50% of the traditional ones. It’s a power filter with up to 150gallons of water per hour.

The operation of the system is so encouraging when compared to other models. The Marineland system features two-piece vented covers that are essential for easy carrying. Also, the vented pieces are ideal in ensuring the system works effectively. The intake tube has an ad adjustable mid-level intake that is great in increasing the water flow.

What I like

BIO wheel present in the system it’s a great feature in any tank filter system.  Each filter comes with a convenient penguin rite size cartridge. The cartridges are easy to use as no special skills are necessary. The high filtration capability makes the system the best choice for shrimp tanks. Its features make the system the ideal choice for freshwater and saltwater. 

Marineland features a sturdy construction thus a guarantee of a lifetime warranty system. The machine is less noise and it does not vibrate like the old versioned machines. The flat bottom nature of the system makes it suit most of the shrimp tank designs including the rounded ones.

What I don’t like

The machine lacks ventilated slots that are critical when it comes to the filter system. Ventilation slot ensures proper air circulation within the system components thus improving the overall performance of the system. The other thing is that Marineland doesn’t have an adjustable flow rate.  The constant water flow may not be suitable for delicate and small fish for their fish tank and health.

The BIO wheel is easy to install and use, making them the best choice for both beginners and professionals. This significant and amazing filter is available in various sizes and models in the market. The water filter is affordable and readily in the current market.

  • Features a compact design as well as a durable housing
  • The mechanical and chemical filters cartridges are easy to clean and replace
  • It's a novice-friendly system
  • Marineland systems are intellect for salt and freshwater
  • It's affordable and of high quality
  • An intake is necessary due to lack of flow rate controller
  • The water flow rate isn’t adjustable

Installing the sponge filter into your system isn’t a brainer and no special tools are necessary for the assembling.  The airline needs to be installed into the unit to ensure aeration and filtration. This is a compact designed sponge filter that suits most of the filter units. 

The sponge filter has a thoughtful design to provide both biological and mechanical filtration. The porous sponge nature helps to remove all tinny debris and dirt from the aquarium water.  The surface area is adequate to provide a space for the growth of the beneficial bacteria. Aerobic bacteria also colonize the sponge filter to ensure the nitrogen cycle is effective.

What I like

Uxcell XINYOU XY 380 sponge filter is easy to clean as you only need to squeeze on the tank water. Its sponge nature makes the filter the best choice in the current market. Also, the sponge filter provides both biological and mechanical filtration. These filter cans remove the presence of harmful ammonia and nitrate.  The XY 380 sponge filter is available in different sizes thus you can choose the ideal size for your system.

What I don’t like

The cleaning process requires the sponge to be detached from the tank wall which might be a bit difficult. The sponge filter requires thorough cleaning and rinsing for optimum filtration. This sponge it’s not as durable as its competitors. It’s also expensive to replace the sponge and requires a lot of care and maintenance. The porous easily gets blocked thus need frequent cleaning.

The best feature of the high-quality sponge filter is that it doesn’t capture fish fry. This attribute makes the sponge filter the ideal choice for shrimp tanks.  Its sleek appearance makes the filter great for a variety of aquatic animals. The bubbles produced are so tinny and the filter runs out silently without much vibration. First, you can decide to use the sponge filter as a pre-filtration unit or as a breading filter.  The sponge works well when used as a second filter as it can trap small and invisible debris.

  • The additional source of air helps in the aeration
  • It has a high capability of filtration
  • Provides both mechanical and biological filtration
  • Ideal for most of the filter system
  • Its tube doesn’t provide a room for adjustment
  • The sponge is small thus not ideal for large aquariums

The whisper filter system is suitable for small aquarium up to 10gallons. This attribute makes the filter ideal for home-based aquatics. For maximum filtration, whisper uses medium Bio-bag filter cartridge.  Cleaning it’s extremely easy as the lower part of the system is removable. Removable bottom makes it easy to change the cartridge filters. It’s perfect for terrariums as well as aquariums. Whisper in tank is a convenient and quiet filter that is available in the market. The water filter system for an aquarium is affordable but of high quality. They do well when mounted inside the aquarium than when hanged from the outside. The motor is usually underwater therefore you are guaranteed a quiet and vibration-free system.

What I like

The ability of the filter to be positioned in different sites gives it an additional benefit. However, the filter does well when fixed inside the shrimp tank than outside the aquarium. Its efficient filtration system, enable it to cover plenty of areas, therefore, maximizing the purification capability.

What I don’t like

Even though the filter system is effective and provides maximum filtration, it’s not durable. The material used in construction is not sturdy like its competitor ones. Besides, their cartridges are a bit difficult t care and maintain as compared to the standard ones. They require a lot of cleaning to ensure they last longer.

They feature adjusts easily to low or high water levels due to the mounting suction cups.  The filter includes an on-pre assembled whisper Bio bag cartridge. It is capable of providing up to three filtration methods: mechanical, biological and chemical. The mechanical filtration is essential for the removal of debris, floating fish oil, waste, and other contaminants. The chemical filtration method is ideal for the reduction of toxic ammonia and nitrite. Apart from being the best choice for shrimp tanks, it’s great for turtle tanks. The filter it’s ideal for the marine and freshwater which is not a common factor with most of the filter in the market.

  • The system is extremely noise-free
  • The removable bottom section makes it easy to clean
  • The filter cartridge is easily accessible
  • It's less cheap to purchase
  • Provides ammonia and nitrate-free water
  • It’s not great for large aquariums
  • Does not includes a lid

Another in our list, we have more sponge filters, and the Powkoss sponge aquarium filter is ideal for providing both biological and mechanical filtration. Mechanical filtration ensures debris and dirt free aquarium for your aquatic animals. The sponge filter is also capable of cleaning shrimp tank water without dismissing or trapping the small fish. The air-powered sponge filter is ideal in most of the fish tank due to its compact and stylish design. If you need a quiet spongy filter, powkoo is the best choice you can make. 

Powkoo filter is perfect for freshwater as well as saltwater.  Its multi 10-layer ribbing shape sponge appearance helps in the purification process. Two layers of sponge mean the adequate surface area is available for beneficial bacteria to colonize.  Beneficial bacteria are essential when it comes to biological filtration. It helps in keeping your aquarium water tank crystal-free and non-toxic.

What I like

Food grade material used in the construction makes the system healthy and safe for fish. The nozzles are adjustable meaning you can direct the water flow in any direction. Adjustable water flow ensures gentle water flow for small and delicate fish. Its adjustable vertical tubes fit most of the shrimp tank height. Also, the arms can be poisoned anywhere in the shrimp tank. The sponge filters are easy to assemble as you need to simply install the airline tube and air pump into your system.

What I don’t like

The cleaning process of the sponge filters is a bit disappointing and time-consuming.  First of all, you need to carefully reattach from the unit and sock gently in treated water. Once you clean the filter with untreated water you increase the chances of losing the beneficial bacteria.

All the parts of the spongy filter are detachable making it easy to clean. Detachable parts mean it’s easy to care and maintenance as well as replace the filters. You only need to squeeze the sponge filter in tank water for effective cleaning. It’s advisable to avoid using tap water when cleaning the filters. The sponge filter requires to be cleaned every month for efficiency filtration and to ensure they last longer. It fits fish or shrimp tanks of 10 to 30 gallons and comes accompanied by two suction of basket/cup.  Its sponge nature makes easy to trap both small and large water particles.

  • Presence of two sponges reduces cases of clogging
  • An additional source of air assist in the aeration process with the help of the air pump
  • Equipped with adjustable nozzles, and arms
  • Provides both mechanical and biological filtration
  • It’s easy to install the sponge filter
  • It’s too huge thus require a lot of space
  • The suction cup easily detaches themselves if not properly mounted
  • Requires treated water for cleaning and rinsing

The Fluval external filter system is ideal for aquariums of 100gallons. It’s a canister filter which features a high water flow rate of up to 1450LPH (383 US GPH). Fluval filter system features multi-filtration stages for maximum filtration. This system is ideal for healthy saltwater and freshwater which is not the case with related models. It’s a sound dampening machine that ensures less noise while operating.  

The Fluval external filter creates an eco-friendly environment for the fish. The 406 canister filter features a square stylish design that can hold up to 50% more water than the rounded canister filter. Square shape allows better water flow through the high complex cleaning path. The path increases the contact time of the water and filter media.

What I like

Each stage of filtration is separate for maximum filtration and minimal care and maintenance. It uses the entire canister to increase filtration and purification efficiency. The mechanical stage is responsible for the removal of large debris and other floating contaminants. The vertical twin foam filter is great in absorbing small debris and ensuring clogging free operation. The independent biological and chemical filtration allows a mess-free and non-toxic aquarium. High-quality cover and precise engineered bearing are great for reducing impeller vibration and noise respectively.

What I don’t like

Due to its unique and quality components, the system is much expensive. The cartridge filters require thorough cleaning for maximum filtration. Besides that, filters need replacement after a short period. The other negativity of the Fluval external filter, they lack an output flow detector.  The Fluval filter that needs to be mounted externally may be a challenge in case you with the shrimp tank to be close to the wall.

The dual-layer foam and clog prove intake strainers are essential in preventing water from dripping on to the plug or receptacle. Besides, the system has a patented aqua stop valve and dual filtration baskets. Fluval external filter is great in providing enhanced filtration and functionality performance to create healthy and clean water. The system features a securely and quick locks motor housing with superior fibers for durability. The best thing with this Fluval filter device is that it starts up automatically without the need for manual siphoning.

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  • Equipped with advanced motor technology thus efficient and powerful
  • Provides biological, mechanical and chemical filtration
  • Its operates quietly as it uses sound dampener
  • Designed with a powerful water flow rate
  • Ideal for both fresh and saltwater
  • Much expensive than similar models
  • Lack of an output height detector
  • They can only be mounted externally

It uses canister filters which are less costly as compared to other types of filter media. Penn Plax cascade filter system provides up to 265GPD flow rate. The system is intellect for aquarium of 100 gallons thus great for large and small tanks. The flow valve present in the cascade line can rotate up to 360 degrees. The flow valve allows easy and quick maneuvering including tightest aquarium cabinets. 

Extra-large and durable media baskets make easy to customize their media needs. With few presses, you can easily prime the premium push-button primer. For easy full customization, the system includes a tubing directional spout. Besides, the system comes with other accessories like spray bar, filter medium for easy start-up.

The filter media used in this stage are of high quality and provide large surfaces are for healthy beneficial bacteria. Biological filtration is responsible for the removal of nitrate and ammonia thus allowing your shrimp tank to thrive

What I like

Penn Plax Cascade canister filter is the best filter for fresh and saltwater. They feature up to three baskets of large capacity that allows aquarists to easily customize. The ability of the Penn Plax to uses combination media for filtration it’s another great advantage. Course sponge is perfect for providing abundant surface areas for the growth of beneficial bacteria. The machine features a stylish and flat bottom for stability with a long power cable.

What I don’t like

Its unique canister filter requires a lot of maintenance to enhance their efficiency. Care and maintenance may be costly as the filter requires replacement after a short period. As the motor it’s not submerged in the water, it operates while producing noise. 

The system is capable of delivering up to three unique methods of filtration. Mechanical filtration is usually the first stage and involves items like filter foams and floss to strain the water. As the water passes through the filtering system, debris and other similar contaminants are captured.  However, the filter requires regular cleaning to reduce cases of clogging which are common among filters. Biological filtration is accomplished by the use of the nitrogen cycle.

  • Filter media is present free
  • It utilizes four locking clamps with a motor-head
  • Feature course sponge filter for abundant surface area
  • Suitable for marine and freshwater
  • Delivers powerful mechanical, biological and chemical filtration
  • Produces some noise after long operation
  • Expensive to replace the canister filter.

Selecting the best filter guard it’s a bit tricky. However, Aqualexs is the best filter guard you can aim getting in 2020. It features sturdy and high-quality construction for durability.  Aqualexs filter guard has a diameter of 22mm which fits an intake of 16 to 18mm. unlike ordinary filters, it prevents baby shrimps and fish from sucking into the filter guard inflow. The tiny holes make the filter great for sites with small and large fish or shrimps.  Stainless steel mesh design makes the filter suitable for fresh and saltwater.

What I like

The sturdy stainless steel construction mesh makes the filter corrosion-free. The high filtration capability of the filter is the other positive factor of the filter. Nevertheless, apart from being of premium quality, the filter it’s affordable.  You can dip the screen in hot water for two seconds for cleaning. The ability of the filter to work on saltwater or marine water it’s another great feature of the filter.

What I don’t like

The filter is not the best filter choice for large aquariums. Although the filter is ideal for salt, lack of proper care and maintenance of the mesh may lead to corrosion. Once the stainless steel mesh is destroyed, you can’t replace it. You have to purchase the entire filter to replace it.

  • Features a stainless steel construction
  • Ideal for marine water
  • Provides high level for mechanical filtration
  • Capable of preventing baby fish or shrimps from been sucked
  • Designed with an average diameter of 22mm
  • Not suitable for large aquariums
  • You can’t replace the stainless steel mesh

Marina power filter is among the few models in the market that use power media filters. The system is quite slim and you can’t afford to miss it in your shrimp tank. Marina power filter is easy to install as no complicated tools are necessary for assembling.  It is the best filter choice for aquarium up to 15 gallons. Marina filter features three filter cartridge located indifferently to increase filtration efficiency.  

One Bio clear and two Bio-carb filters makes filtration effective and helps in providing crystal-free water.  For biological filtration, the marina includes ceremitek. Biological filtration is necessary for the reduction of toxic ammonia and nitrate.

What I like

The air pump is fully submerged in the water thus it operates quietly. The installation process is straightforward as the instruction booklet provides a detailed and clear step by step instruction. I really like the slim and compact design of the marina filter. Stylish design makes it easy to place the filter into the shrimp tank without much struggle. It’s so encouraging how the system works in saltwater as compared to similar brands. Lastly, marina power filter it’s durable and reliable in terms of operations

What I don’t like

Some people find a challenge in settling the filter at the bottom of the shrimp tank. As the system is fully submerged in water, it lacks well-ventilated slots. This meaning the level of chemical biological filtration it’s low. Marina power filter is not good for large aquariums as it can suit tanks up to 15gallons.

  • Marina power filter is silent and efficient
  • Features a variety of components for filter media
  • Equipped with adjustable water flow
  • Designed with self-priming
  • Includes a sponge pre-filter
  • Marina power filter does not come with media thus you have to purchase one
  • Lacks ventilation slots

Unlike other filter systems, the Fluval C power system features five filtration stages. It is perfect for aquariums between 40 to 70 gallons. Its powerful nature allows it to filter 264gallons per hour. Fluval C power is great for providing a maximum surface area in all the five stages filtration. Fluval filter features two mechanical stages: the poly and foam pad. 

Mechanical filtration determines how effective the biological and chemical filtration will be.  The porous foam in the mechanical filtration helps in capturing the large particles while the other dense polyester traps fine debris.  Activated carbons are present for the biological filtration process. They contain 10% high-quality grade carbon for a large amount of surface area.

What I like

Fluval C power filter provides eco-friendly for the shrimp thus ensuring the fish are stress-free.  The C node provides abundant surface and features a complex pore system that is essential for beneficial bacteria.  Its star shape is intellect for offering large filtration surface and improving the biological filtration. The additional hydraulic circuit is responsible for managing the biological filtration.

What I don’t like

The material used in the construction it’s not of high quality. It can easily break in case of poor handling. The Fluval C power filter it is expensive to buy and maintain its quality cartridge filters. Due to its compact design, cleaning might be a bit challenging.

  • Great for mechanical, chemical and biological filtration
  • It’s easy to assemble the system
  • Features a slim and compact design
  • Equipped with a powerful motor
  • Provides stress-free environment
  • Some of the models don't fit two-piece impeller design
  • The bio-media basket it’s too huge

Things to Consider

Selecting the best high quality and amazing filter for shrimp it’s difficult. However, we have several factors that can help you in getting the best filter. Most of the water that we ruin to our shrimps contains chemicals, heavy metals, and pathogens. The market has plenty of models of filters for shrimps from various brands employing unique technologies. At the same time, we have also fake and poor quality ones still in the market. 

The following are the thing that you need to put into consideration while purchasing a filter for a shrimp tank.

Filtration stages

The main reason to have a filter for shrimp is to get rid of pollutants that are present in the tap water. The water you put into the shrimp tank contains a harmful chemical that may affect the health of your fish. Biological impurities like viruses’ bacteria and microorganisms alter the health of your fish. A quality filter should have at least 3 stages of filtration: mechanical, biological and chemical.

Mechanical filtration helps in the removal of floating substances like fish oil, waste, debris heavy metals and so on. On the other hand, chemical filtration features activated carbon that helps in the reduction of harmful chemicals. Biological filtration uses beneficial bacteria that are essential in minimizing ammonia and nitrate.

So ensure that you keenly check the number of contaminants a certain filter can remove. Some filters can remove up to 60contaminants while others can only remove 40.

Filtration rate

The majority of the people don’t much care about the filtration rate of a certain machine. However, a wise buyer pays great attention when it comes to filtration rate. The filtration rate is the total amount of water a filter can filter per day. If the amount of water your shrimp consumers per day overweigh the maximum gallons a certain filter can produce, the filter it’s ideal for your shrimp tank.

Each filter system differs in terms of the filtration rate. It’s also good to get a filter that exceeds or meets your fish usage gallons. But, you need to keep in mind that the filter with high filtration rate is usually more expensive and difficult to manage. Find out the total amount of water you shrimp consumers then select the idea filter type.

Quality of water

The filter machine should not just remove contaminants but should improve the water quality. A good filter should provide safe and healthy aquarium water for your fish. The quality screen should maintain the recommended PH and remove odor as well as discoloration. The ideal filter should retain the natural minerals present in the water. 

Different brands in the market employ different levels of technology to ensure they meet the need of their customer. Some models have the tendency of just eliminating the floating material only.  Other filters everything including essential minerals in the body of fish.

Installation and operational cost

Your budget has a direct significant influence on the model and type of filter to purchase. The cost of the filter results from the filtration stages and how efficient the system works. If the filter features a re-mineralization cartridge, automatically it will be costly.

When purchasing filter ensures you get the one that is easy to install has less maintenance cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is the best filter for a shrimp tank?

A: It’s not easy to provide a straight forward answer, however, we have several quality filters in the market. The Aqua Clear filter it’s mostly said to be the best filter due to its efficiency. But, that not the only quality system you can get.

Q: How often should I replace the filters?

A: The duration depends on the quality and types of filter used. Canister filters and power filters are well known for being durable as compared to other filter media. They can last for six months without replacement.

Q. Which is the best safety and quality filter to use in a shrimp tank?

A. We have several quality and popular filter media that you can choose. The common ones are the sponge filter, canister filter, hand on the back (HOB filter media), and so on. Once you keep the filter clean, it can last for a long period from the sponge to the HOB filter media.

Q: What’s the cost of a quality filter system?

A: Quality and specification determine the cost of a particular system. Also, you need to keep in mind that the value of the filter may not directly determine the performance of the filter. We have some quality filters in the market that are so cheap.

Final Verdict

The filter system is absolutely critical for keeping the shrimp tank clean and free from contaminants. Providing clean water for the fish plays a significant role in the health of aquatic animals. If you need your fish to live a healthy life, typically you need to have a quality filter, and it also doesn’t hurt to have an air pump to optimize the system. Also keep an eye on the type of filter media, for some sponge might be the best filter, whereas for others, HOB (hang on back) filter media might be the choice. So, make sure you make the best choice whether it’s a sponge or HOB (hang on back) filter. After considering your needs, aquarium size and budget, you should be able to come up with the best filter model from the one discussed. From the less expensive to more expensive filters, there must one that will suit you and increase the water quality as well.

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