7 Best Floating Aquarium Plants (2021 Reviews & Guide)

Floating Aquarium plants look best and beautiful in any tank. You can attach the plants to the base of the tank for it to work and grow ideally. Moreover, these plants come in various sizes and shapes, and you can choose what you prefer.

However, some of the aquarium plants have safe the plant floats above the reservoir. Therefore, since there are various types of an aquarium in the market, we have prepared this article to help you choose the best floating aquarium plants.

It is one of the aquatic plants that come with a unique shape. Besides, it is effortless to take good care of the plant as it does not feature deep roots, unlike other plants. It is suitable to grow while indoors to ensure that it becomes perfect. Additionally, each plant comes with about 5-6 leaves.

What I like

It grows faster and can quickly propagate to foam mats. Additionally, when it grows fast, it can quickly help prevent excessive light from damaging the rest of the plant. It is one of the best ways this type of plant can help fight the damage caused by light.

What I don’t like

The plant tends to discolor the color of its leaves when it comes in contact with high lightning. Therefore it restricts people from buying the plant, especially in areas with high lighting.

  • It is suitable as an exotic or lesser floater
  • The plant is pretty small thus easy for trimming
  • Comes with beautiful tiny flowers
  • It does well in humid aquatic environments
  • It can grow fast under the right conditions
  • It only thrives under proper lighting set-up
  • It needs regular trimming due to its excess growth

It another excellent floating plant that you can consider for your aquarium as it comes with twelve spangles.

Additionally, each of the spangles consists of about six leaves. With this plant, you need to add supplements to the tank water to stop the growth of algae on the plant. Besides, one of its main advantages is that it does not require a water substrate.

What I like

It is a type of a healthy plant that can perfectly deal with a wide range of water conditions. Besides, it is an excellent cover for betta and serves an excellent meal for herbivores and omnivores.

What I don’t like

With this type of floating plant, you will need to get a special aquarium light that is compatible with its growth. Therefore, that means you will probably stretch your pockets to purchase the light.

  • It a solid type of plant
  • It can withstand a variety of different temperatures in the aquarium environment
  • The plant has features that can harness algae growth
  • It provides too much cover thus the best option for beta aquarium
  • The plant does not need substrate
  • It tends to need specialized treatment when used indoors
  • The plant is suitable in aquariums that can correctly maintain low light

If you intend to find a beautiful aquatic plant with long roots and big leaves, then you can consider Amazon Frogbit. Besides, growing this type of plant requires some technical tasks. For instance, if you encounter difficulties with the roots stalling out of the tank, then you can consider binding them to one side of the tank. It can be achieved by making sure that the plant can grow effectively towards the tank’s filter.

What I like

It can block a significant amount of light, thus enhancing the effective growth of the plant. Additionally, since it can withstand substantial temperature conditions, the plant becomes easy to grow and nurture.

What I don’t like

It is suitable in dull environments; thus it might not be the best type of plant if you want to consider fish that prefer lighter biotopes. Therefore, it is not suitable for growth in any kind of environment.

  • The plant has large leaves and long roots
  • It grows pretty easily
  • The plant does well in a dim lightning environment
  • It can perfectly withstand various water conditions
  • It gives a dense shade cover
  • At times it requires harnessing to prevent it from growing towards one side of the tank
  • Its long roots can at times get tangled in the tank's filter

It is one of the most robust aquarium plants that survive in areas that quickly destroy algae. It has two modes of growing it; you can choose to float it in water or plant it. It is also a great choice as a hiding place for most tank fish.

What I like

The best fact about this plant is that it grows perfectly anywhere; thus, you can consider a variety of planting options.

What I don’t like

Even though this floating plant is great, it also has some drawbacks that might make you reconsider it. For instance, there comes a time when the plant sheds needles, which can be a threat to the animals in the aquarium. Besides, in high light, the plant might become less alluring.

  • It is a robust plant thus can survive in a variety of environments
  • The plant effectively curbs the growth of algae
  • It is a great hiding space for small fish
  • The plant can either float or be planted
  • It is suitable for beginners
  • The plant tends to drop its pick leaves
  • The plant can lose its color under very lit environmental conditions

It is a great plant to add to your aquarium as it facilitates its growth perfectly. Additionally, the plant does not depend on the substrate; thus, it floats.

What I like

The plant offers a reasonable rate of growth; thus, it can be an adequate match to fit in a tank that can contain a capacity of about ten gallons. Moreover, you can use an added fertilizer while growing the plant, which removes nitrates keeping the water healthy for the fish.

What I don’t like

If you grow it in a smaller tank, it sprouts; thus, you will have to keep checking the growth of the plant to ensure that it does not crowd. Besides, if it does, it will end up blocking the movement of fish in the aquarium.

  • The plant perfectly maintains the levels of oxygen
  • It features an excellent rate of growth
  • It can reduce nitrates available in water
  • The plant does not require substrates to grow
  • It is ideal for growth in both large and small tanks
  • It tends not to require frequent care
  • The plant gives risks of being easily affected by snails

It is a type of aquarium plant that is similar to Amazon Frogbit as it features long leaves and long roots. During its growth, you find that its rosette grows outside, making the plant unsuitable for small tanks.

What I like

The plant’s ecosystem is vast; thus, it can easily enhance the oxygen available in the water that would work well for the fish. Moreover, it helps lessen the amount of light that gets into the tank, thus ideal for fish that dwell in less light.

What I don’t like

The plant tends to fade the leaves frequently; thus you have to clean the aquarium regularly. It helps you get rid of the dead leaves and the ones that yellow to ensure that it does not damage the fish in the tank.

  • It gives a decorative and beautiful touch in large aquariums
  • The plant has long roots that drop down to the base of the tank
  • It grows so fast and provides a beautiful shade
  • It is easy to dispose of the plants excessive material
  • The plant has huge leaves
  • The size of the leaves makes the plant not suitable for small aquariums
  • It is not ideal for the type of fish that needs more light
  • It requires regular care to help remove dead leaves from the aquarium

It is something that you should not miss out on when it comes to types of aquarium plants. The package comes with plants that might just be enough for a 10-gallon tank. Additionally, it grows at an excellent rate, which means that you don’t need to purchase too much.

When you grow the plant in low light, it tends to bring about a darker color, and it gives a denser look when in high lightning conditions. Another significant aspect of this plant is that it is compatible with all kinds of fish that you prefer. Moreover, with the excellent ecosystem, the plant makes water fresh and healthy.

What I like

The plant can grow well in both high and low light, which means you don’t need to worry about the amount of light in the environment.

What I don’t like

It might not be the best plant for everyone, especially the beginners, as it comes at an extra cost.

  • The plant does not die easily
  • It is compatible with a variety of fish
  • The plant offers less maintenance
  • It can withstand various lightning conditions
  • It is fluffy and spots to touch
  • The plant grows fast, and therefore it needs frequent harnessing
  • Its growth tends to be hindered by warm water

It is a beautiful plant that uses currents in your aquarium that makes it look gorgeous. It is one of the most natural plants one can consider if they want to achieve quick and easy planting. The plant does not require extensive lightning when it comes to its growth.

Additionally, you will like how the plant overgrows and needs less maintenance. In general, I can term it as pone of the aquatic plants that won’t give you hectic time in their growth.

What I like

The plants hold up well at the top, thus provides a pleasant shade for the aquarium fish. It also offers a suitable habitat for the fish; therefore, they can grow up well without difficulties.

What I don’t like

It is available in only tiny plants of about 5 inches long, and thus if you are looking for large plants, then this is not the perfect plant to consider.

  • It is easy to plant and maintain
  • The plant provides a place for little fish to hide
  • It is suitable for multiple aquariums
  • It is small in size thus comes with small leaves
  • The plant can perfectly withstand various lightning conditions
  • It tends to be expensive for its price

If you are not sure of which aquatic plant to consider, then you should try this out. It is a package that comes with multiple types of plants at an affordable rate. For instance, the kit consists of 12 amazon frogbit, 12 water spangles, and 12 water lettuce.

However, it might be difficult to ship the plants to various destinations as the plants may rot in extreme temperatures. Additionally, the plants do well in moderate temperature conditions, and it is advisable not to keep them outside. Besides, having multiple choices can help you decide which plan works best for the aquarium.

What I like

All the plants individually have a reasonable growth rate, so it is advisable not to put the plants in a small tank. You will have to use a more abundant reservoir for them to create a great natural ecosystem.

What I don’t like

Since the plants come at a high price, it might tend to be a bit expensive for the customers.

  • The plant is suitable for growth in moderate temperatures
  • It has a good growth rate
  • The plant is excellent for the small and medium type of fish
  • It can entirely remove nitrates in the water
  • It does well in both small and big tanks
  • It tends to harbor snail infections
  • The plant is expensive as compared to other plants

It is mostly known as a small plant that grows on small lakes in some weeks. Additionally, it can also be perfect in aquariums, and you only need to move closer to it when you need it, as it is hard to dispose of it.

What I like

It is the right choice for fish as it can serve as food, and you can easily make the plant to give cover to the fish as a top layer in water. Besides, it is relatively easy to maintain as it needs less maintenance.

What I don’t like

It shades off its leaves, and you will need to remove the leaves from the tank regularly.

  • It is suitable for tanks that require less lightening
  • The plant acts as a great option to harbor baby fish
  • It can do well in various types of tanks
  • The plant offers less maintenance and requires less care
  • It also works like food for beta fish
  • It can be a delicate plant to dispose of
  • The level of light and temperature needs to be controlled frequently

Buying Guide

Before you purchase any aquarium floating plant, you need to consider some of the essential tips to make sure that you make the right choices. Besides, due to a large number of aquatic plants in the market, it might become confusing on which one you should select for your aquarium. Therefore, we have prepared you this buying guide that will help shape your decision making.

Consider ease of maintenance

Just like anything else, every plant will need support to ensure that it grows well and correctly. Besides, by considering the rate at which some of the plants grow, you will need to do a regular checkup to ensure that they are growing in the right direction.

Besides, it is not suitable for you to invest in a plant that needs regular checkups. What if you not there all the time? What happens if you leave them alone for some time? Therefore, it is good to choose an option that needs less maintenance. Additionally, consider buying plants that grow at a moderate rate top achieve better results.

Check out the rate of growth of plants

It is a significant factor to determine as some of the floating aquatic plants tend to grow so fast over time. Besides, that should not be the case with these kinds of plants. It should be a factor that you need to note to get the right plant for your aquarium.

Moreover, you will need to get the right plants depending on the size of your tank. Even though growing these types of plants might be so beneficial to the aquarium, then you will need to do a great watch on its rate of growth to ensure that they don’t crowd in the tank. It is advisable to go for plants that have a medium growth.

Consider the size of the aquarium

The essential factor you have to note is the size of the aquarium. You can never buy large plants if you have a small tank and vice versa. For instance, if you intend to use a 40-gallon capacity tank, then you will have to consider buying small plants for the aquarium. Therefore, it is essential to take into consideration the capacity of the container to buy plants that will thrive well. Similarly, you will have to purchase a tank that has enough space for your fish to move freely in the aquarium. It is undoubtedly a good idea to choose the perfect size of the tank for your plant species.

Consider lightning

It is another essential factor that needs too much consideration. For instance, if you intend to buy floating plants, you should know that since they grow too fast, they might end up blocking the amount of light from reaching the bottom of the tank.

Besides, you need to make sure that there is an ample light that reaches the bottom of the tank. Therefore when purchasing aquatic plants, you should go for ones that allow some of the amounts of light into the tank.

Watch out for the type of fish

It is good to put in mind the kind of fish that you own since different types of fish live in various ecosystems. Additionally, if you understand the type of fish, then you will be able to choose the best aquatic plants for your fish. Additionally, the type of plants you want for your fish will determine how well they grow. For example, if your small habitat fish, they will need space, and they mostly do well in plants that have long roots.

Benefits of Floating Plants in Aquarium

There are a large number of floating plants for your aquarium, and choosing the best depends on your preferences. It is good to go to an aquarium plant that best meets your requirements to ensure that you satisfy your needs. Besides, you might end up asking the benefits of floating plants in the aquarium? Well, this guide will give you insights on the importance of these kinds of plants:

Prevent, Protect and filter

Floating plants in freshwater aquariums act to ensure that they help get rid of the water in the tank to help the fish have a clean environment. Besides, in case any bacteria are developing on the plant, it uses it as a filter that can perfectly handle the biological and chemical filtration.

Additionally, a filtration system is essential, and it helps the plant get rid of chemicals that can be of harm to the fish. Moreover, floating plants offer excellent protection to the fish as it safeguards them from diseases. Besides, its leaves provide the right place for the fish to hide. 

Acts like a source of food

These floating plants are essential to the growth of fish as it is an alternative source of food. With the presence of the plants in the aquarium, the fish can’t starve to death. Besides, the source of food will be that one food substance that you always supply them. Therefore, with the presence of floating plants, the fish will have something else to consider in their nutrition. Consequently, you might end up having a great and significant type of fish in your aquarium.

It creates shades

It is essential to ensure that your aquarium plants have a perfect shade, which will provide enough shade preventing the light from reaching the fish. Besides, making an ideal shade for the fish is a huge task to take up. However, floating plants come in handy as they grow, and during their growth, they bring out a perfect shade in your aquarium.


Since they are plants, they can act as an air circulation system, which ensures that the aquarium is well aerated. Additionally, their ecosystem provides that there is enough oxygen the water all the time. Similarly, it works as nature, as it ensures that air circulation is well controlled with the help of these floating water plants. Additionally, when the oxygen is regulated, the fish in the aquarium can perfectly breathe.


Q: What type of environment do I need to get for my aquarium?

A: Since there are various types of floating plants in the market, you should note that every plant is suitable in a different environment. The one you choose ultimately should be compatible with the kind of environment so that it thrives well. Even though most of the plants tend to do well in medium-sized situations, it is good to do significant research so that you don’t end up buying a wrong plant. Besides, if you have no idea about the environment suitable for the plant, you can ask the professionals. 

Q: What should I consider when buying an aquarium?

A: There are various types of floaters in the market, and choosing the best can be difficult. Therefore, you will need to do excellent research so that you get an idea of the various types of floating plants in the market. Additionally, if you add any plant in your aquarium, it is essential to consider several factors that will shape your decision making. Therefore after careful thought on the factors that we included in our buyer’s list, then you will be in a high position to purchase a great plant.


Well, above are the best ten floating aquatic plants that outstand in the market and have a high review from the customers. It is obvious to have issues with the plants, and a significant factor to consider is the temperature and environment in which the plants can thrive well.

Therefore, you need to so careful when you order the plants. Besides, you should note that plants require light and water, so it’s essential that you don’t leave them packed for too long after your purchase. Also, plants are the best ecosystem for fish and always make sure that you get the right one. I hope this guide is helpful!

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