10 Best Nano Aquariums in 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

If you have a great interest in the beauty of marine life, then I am pretty sure you will agree with me that there is no better way than using an aquarium to achieve this in your home, office, bedroom, backyard, etc. Every person desires to acquire a product that is worth your time, effort, and money. Before getting a Nano aquarium, there are a few factors to consider about the aquarium tank. I have come up with a list of some of the best Nano aquarium tanks in the market. With these recommended aquariums, you get to find out the great fascination of small-scale fish keeping.

What is a Nano Aquarium Tank?

A Nano aquarium tank is a small aquarium tank just like its name Nano meaning small. In instances where there is a limitation on space, you do not need to stress yourself out since there is an available solution. The Nano aquarium is best suited for anyone who requires an aquarium tank but lacks enough space. It perfectly fits small spaces. In general, the Nano tank has an estimation of a capacity of ten gallons approximately. 

Nano aquariums have a variety of ways to put up from shrimp only aquariums to amazing Nano reef aquariums and just some simple freshwater setup. For beginners, it is an excellent aquarium for a small quantity of fish. For more experienced fishkeepers use of a Nano tank can prove to be quite challenging, but it helps in adding to your creativity.


Best Nano Aquariums Reviews

We researched and tested different nano aquariums to help you choose the best. Check full reviews of our top 10 picks.

The Hagen HG fluval Flex Aquarium is uniquely curved at the front giving it an attractive modern design that helps in the blending in with the marine beauty. To add to its attractive features, it has an infrared remote, which allows you to control the different LED colors and its effects.

Its LED lights also help out when it comes to the growth of plants for your aquatic plants and enhancing the fish color. You have to find this tank attractive with some of the outward features I have just stated.

What I like

It has an excellent 3-stage filtration system that consists of oversized mechanical (foam), chemical (carbon), and biological (bio max). This filtration system helps in providing fresh water for your fish and plants. Its filtration layout is in two multi-stage chambers that always make sure your aquarium is perfectly clean. It also has a top cover opening that makes it easy to feed your fish.

What I don’t like

Although it has a great lighting system that gives it an excellent interior touch, it does not come with a heater. You have to buy the heater separately as it is not part of the kit. It would be great to have the assurance that your fish are living in favorable warm enough conditions.

It has a 360-degree gooseneck that is adjustable and does not rust. There are also 60 degrees and 180-degree optical lenses.

  • The pump is not noisy.
  • It comes with a filter.
  • It has a secure top cover opening.
  • It has a 24-hour light timer that is programmable.
  • It has an excellent filtration system.
  • It is only for freshwater use.

It is available in both three gallons and five-gallon capacity holding tanks. The aquarium kit comes with a smooth design made of clear canopy glass and well-rounded corners, which enhances its viewing sight for an uninterrupted view. It has an easy to slide opening made of glass canopy making the feeding of your fish and cleaning the tank a lot easier. 

It has two filtration types that constitute the chemical filtration and the biological filtration, which keeps out contaminants from the water. It has a three-stage filtration system that keeps your fish safe and the water free from toxins. It also comes with a Rite-Site Z filter cartridge and Marineland Bio-Foam.

What I like

For easy access, it has a fantastic LED rail light that is hinged and moves out of your way quickly. This rail light shines the LED light on the tank making your tank attractively illuminated. On top of this, the LED rail light has a daylight setting feature giving you a white light effect. 

There is the moonlight setting that gives you a soft, beautiful blue beam giving it a night touch on your aquarium. With these different settings, you can have an outcome of an appealing illuminated beam look.

What I don’t like

The tank’s back chamber is a little bit cramped out. Thus denying the tank the chance to have a more powerful pump in instances where you require to bring in a new pump.

The filter pump system is neatly tucked away at the back of the tank, keeping it out of sight. Considering that it is silent, you hardly notice its presence, giving a better and quiet aquarium tank.

  • It has a tremendous exclusive modern design.
  • It has both daylight and moonlight settings.
  • It provides a clear view.
  • It has a three-stage filtration system.
  • The back chamber is cramped.
  • Low light brings about algae development.

This aquarium kit easily pulls off a modern look since its make is that of an etched glass that has aluminum trim. There is a built-in compartment making it look nicely-kept and clean. It has enough space allowance to put the heater and keep it concealed. It is best suited for use as a freshwater aquarium tank, but you can also use it as a saltwater reef.

What I like

The LED light is stunning with 37 different LED light options what else do you need to bring your aquarium to life. With these lights illuminated on your fish or plant species, it makes it admirable and gives your home, office, or room a spectacular feel. For a night-time mood, it has a blue evening illumination that is often said to be calming and very much soothing.

What I don’t like

The lid is not of a tremendous long-lasting material, but instead, it is of a less durable plastic material. The most significant disadvantage is not even the use of plastic; it is the fact that it does not last long. Giving you the responsibility of having to replace the lid now and then to keep your fish enclosed.

  • It has an adjustable flow filter.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It has adequate space for the heater.
  • It has separate compartments for the pump and the filter.
  • Great lighting system
  • The lid is of plastic material.
  • It does not come with a heater.

This tank gives a panoramic view with its top cover being solid. You can only get a glimpse of the inside from its sides that have smooth rounded edges. For feeding and cleaning hits top has a top flip canopy that is easily flipped back and held back to give access to the tank. It contains an output nozzle that ensures there is directional flow control in and out of the aquarium.

What I like

It has a 106 GPH pump that is adjustable and also can be submerged in the aquarium. Its filtration system comes in three. The mechanical, which is a sponge filter detritus, and a free-floating matter. The chemical has carbon bags that are activated to remove terrible smells and dissolved organics. Lastly, the biological that contains bio balls and also ceramic rings giving the best environment for bacteria fish tanks.

What I don’t like

For this aquarium tank, the acrylic scratches fast and very easily. It is of inferior quality acrylic, which is a waste of resources, and you have to replace it.

  • It is quiet.
  • It has a sound filtration system.
  • Easy to flip top.
  • It has a good lighting system for daylight use.
  • Poor quality acrylic.

Just like its name suggests, the aquarium kit has a crescent-like shape curved out at the front to give you an amazing unobstructed view. It is the best for keeping one goldfish are at most three community tropical fish species. 

With this small aquarium tank, it is best advised for beginners in this field since it cannot even hold plenty of fish. The seamless tank offers a fantastic view of the underwater aquatic life environment. You can easily fit it in your small space and start your fish-keeping hobby journey.

What I like

It has energy-saving LED lights that light up your tank and give it an attractive outlook. The bright white energy-saving LED lights are well hidden in the black cover that is low profile. It also comes with a mechanical filter that pulls water from the tank. It then pushes the water through the filter cartridge, and there the two-sided thick mesh catches the dirt and waste. It helps in keeping your tank clean and provides a conducive living environment for your goldfish or your community tropical fish.

What I don’t like

It does not come with a heater, which is essential, depending on which fish you decide to keep. A heater is best for use when you are keeping the community tropical fish.

  • Good lighting system.
  • The mechanical filter is efficient.
  • Best to use for beginners.
  • It has a great viewing area.
  • It has too strong a current for betta fish.

This aquarium suits the needs of saltwater and freshwater hobbyists making it an all-inclusive tank. A tank that offers both saltwater and freshwater is worth getting. You are open to option on whatever will satisfy your aquatic scenery needs. The tank has a variety of different sizes that also vary in the number of gallons it can hold. 

There are the 40-gallon size and the 29-gallon size. It is made of curved glass corners giving you a fantastic view from different angles. It has a hinged top for easy access when feeding the fish or cleaning out your tank. It has an integrated wet and dry built-in filtration system with dual intakes. One is at the top and is for scheming and the other one at the bottom for intense circulation.

What I like

It comes with a compact fluorescent LED lighting system. The integrated all day all night timer comes with three individualistic channels that are bright white, sparkling blue, and LED color enhancers that give a breathtaking sight. It has four switches at the top on one is for 10000k daylight, another for the actinic blue, and the other for the moonlight LED. It has an automatic 60-minute moonlight effect and 30-minute daylight effect functions.

What I don’t like

The bottom seal tends to give out if not replaced occasionally quickly. It is commonly related to the weight factor of the tank when the seal grows weak and eventually breaks.

  • Easy to set up.
  • Its lid locks perfectly without struggles.
  • It has a fantastic look.
  • The lights have an automatic digital timer.
  • The filter has an adjustable flow rate.
  • It has a loud fan.
  • It has a weak bottom seal.

It has a curved out front in the form of a crescent shape giving a great view. It comes with a well-hidden filtration system tucked at the back of the tank, enhancing the view you get.

What I like

It has a three-stage filtration system that ensures your water is perfectly clean. It has the mechanical, biological, and chemical system that makes up the three-stage filtration system.

What I don’t like

The lid made of plastic material is of poor quality, but at least it is a perfect fit for the tank and has on opening. From my point of view, I would much more appreciate a thick glass lid material that gives a more extended serving period.

  • Great filtration system.
  • It has a three-way switch for the LED lights.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • The opening on the lid is too tiny.

It has actual glass rounded corners that are of thick high quality glass. For the lid, every edge of it is beveled, giving it a secure feel from easy breakage, and it is tight-fitting. For this tank’s lighting system, you can set up a timer. Once you connect it to a power source, it gives you a lighting system with three different modes, it has a daytime mode, nighttime mode, and finally, the off mode. It also has the swivel mount that helps you put the light up when you are working on it.

What I like

It comes with a base that prevents the tank from breaking. When you directly place the glass on a surface, the bottom might not be on level ground, but with a base, there is full support. Also, setting the tank directly on the table could stress your tank due to its weight and causes it to crack. The base absorbs all imperfections and the tank’s weight keeping your aquarium safe.

What I don’t like

It proves difficult to clean out your tank or even feed your fish since it does not have an opening. The tight-fitting cover ensures there is no extra space available for your hands to go in.

  • It has a swivel mount.
  • The lid is fitting, ensuring your fish stay in the tank.
  • It has rounded tank corners.
  • It comes with built-in filtration.
  • It is an all-in-one 5-gallon aquarium.
  • The night-time mode brings about algae growth.
  • It has a noisy pump.

It has a glass top that allows you to fill water up and still get a fantastic viewing angle. It has an excellent pre-filter, but it needs replacement on wearing out. The filter system has three stages, the mechanical for foam, the chemical for carbon, and the biological has bio max. They have halogen bulbs that are sealed up at the front to keep them moisture-free.

What I like

It has a great LED strip that you can place on top of the glass lid. It comes with twenty-seven LED lights, with three of them being blue to enhance moonlight effects and eighteen of them being white to give a daytime touch. This LED light has three settings the on/off setting, the daytime setting, and the deep blue nighttime background.

What I don’t like

The narrow opening at the top makes it complicated for you to get your cleaning of the tank done. When you require to put in new fish, the space for getting it through is also a bit difficult to achieve.

  • Easy to maintain.
  • It gives a beautiful panoramic view from a 360-degree angle of view.
  • It has a powerful three-stage filtration system.
  • It comes with an overhead ventilation grill that keeps it moisture free.
  • It has a narrow opening.

It has an etched glass with an aluminum trim to it, and this makes the tank scratch-resistant acrylic plastic. It has an impressive look due to its fantastic design with the corners. The filter and heater get well hidden from the viewer’s eye at the back of the tank. 

Its LED light has a power of 8 watts that ensures your plants stay alive, although it is not strong enough to help them grow. The lid has an opening that allows you to feed your fish quickly. Its lighting consists of 38 distinct LED lights that are at the top of the tank to provide excellent illumination.

What I like

It has a durable filter pump that has an excellent filter rate of 40 gallons per hour. With the tank having a 2.6 gallons capacity, its filter rate is twenty times more powerful flow rate. It ensures that your aquarium tank is clean and bacteria-free for most of the time, even without cleaning it out.

What I don’t like

Its base seems to pop out and does not provide high stability. If the bottom were a bit smaller to fit correctly, it would serve its purpose as it should. Anyway, you can cut out a yoga mat and use it as a base that will fit your dimensions.

  • The pump is quiet.
  • The lid is easy to slip off during cleaning.
  • It has a great view without any obstructions.
  • It has high quality glass material.
  • It has an excellent filtration system.
  • It does not come with a heater.

Buying Guide

Before getting yourself an aquarium tank, there are always a few factors you should consider. It does not matter whether you have experience in the fish keeping field or are just a newbie; you have preferences that require satisfaction. Here are a few things to think through and look at before getting a Nano aquarium tank.

Easy to Maintain

Most Nano aquariums give a better look in areas with small spaces, so there is no need to get a tank that will take up most of your time and resources. Cleaning out your tank should be a fast process since the tank is small in size, and the filtration should be great to ease the cleaning job. The tank should not have plenty of pumps that are required to ensure sufficient water circulation. Few useful pumps should get the work done. When it comes to ease of maintenance, its aim is ensuring you do not tire taking responsibility for your fish and plants.

Amount of Space Available

Though the Nano aquarium is suitable for small spaces, the tank sizes vary. Some might occupy a lot more space than you had imagined it would take. Therefore you require to be aware of the dimensions that are an exact fit and match to the area available. Since they don’t take up much space, it is easy to find a place that is suitable for it anywhere you find it appealing.

Type of Fish You are Thinking of Keeping

Nano aquariums are suitable for small fish because of their small sizes. You cannot keep large fish in a tiny tank. It will limit the space that the fish can use to move around. Each tank has recommendations on the type of fish that is most suitable for it. Go through different reviews and people’s comments to get to know the best tank for your choice of fish.

The amount you are willing to spend

Most of the time, our budget limits us on the products we would like to own. In instances where you are limited on money but feel the need to get a Nano aquarium, just go to the different sites that quote prices and get a tank that fits your budget. Luckily, most Nano aquariums are not all that expensive. If you need to go all extravagant on buying your tank, you are open to a wide range of excellent Nano aquarium tanks.

What Fish Are Good for Nano Tanks?

From what we reviewed, depending on the size of the aquarium, it is evident about the fish type to keep. The Nano tanks do not offer much space therefore you are limited to keeping small fish. Each tank has the best species of fish for it considering different attributes like the filtration system, the pump, size, etc. when you are using freshwater in your tank you also have a long list of fish species to choose from, there is;

  • Chili Rasbora
  • Green Neon Tetra
  • Scarlet Badis
  • Sparkling Gourami
  • Betta fish
  • Shrimp
  • Bumblebee Goby

For saltwater there is;

  • Banded Possum Wrasse
  • Neon Blue Goby
  • Firefish
  • Panamic Barnacle Blenny
  • Pygmy Coral Croucher Goby

That is just a shortlist of the many available choices.

The internet has a wide range of recommendations that will help you out when choosing the best tank for your fish.

How To Setup a Nano Tank

Most Nano tanks are easy to set up even for beginners. You are only required to follow the given steps. These are the steps you should follow to ensure your set up is perfect.

Step One- Get the best location or site for your tank.

Always choose a leveled surface to avoid the issue of lack of balance for your tank. The place chosen to place the tank should be away from sunlight or any heat sources to prevent warming the water to uncomfortable degrees for the fish. The light might also cause algae growth in the tanks. It should also be away from doors since they are noisy during opening and closing or even banging, which may cause a crack on the tank. It should also be near a power source to connect the plugs if required to light up the tank.

Step Two-Clean out your tank before filling it with water

It is always advisable that for a brand new tank you should clean it before use. You can do this by wiping it even with a dry cloth. It ensures that any dust that was there during packaging is gone. For a used tank you are expected to clean it, and it is a recommendation to use warm water and vinegar if need be.

Step Three- Choose Accessories For Your Tank

The type of fish you keep will profoundly affect the decorations you use. You may also face a limitation by space, so choose your décor wisely. There will be need of at most an inch of a substrate that you place in your tank. Your gravel or sand decorations can be put considering the type of fish you have.

Step Four-Put In Your Equipment

You can now place your lighting LED systems, your heater, and the filter. For illumination, it entirely depends on the coloration you prefer to use on your Nano tank. Heaters do not come with most of the Nano tanks; therefore, it is not such a necessity unless your place is not as warm. For the filter, it is excellent for the circulation and is very necessary for every aquarium tank. For saltwater, you also require the powerhead and the protein skimmer to remove organic matter from the water.

Step Five-Prepare to fill up the Tank with Water

You require non-chloral water to fill up the tank or reverse osmosis water. It depends on whether you have saltwater or freshwater. In the instance of setting up a Nano reef tank, you should add some salt to it. You should have a hydrometer to read the salt concentration levels in the water.

Step Six-Fill Up The Tank With Water

You can now fill your tank up with water. To avoid interfering with the substrate at the bottom, place a bowl in the tank and pour water into it.

Step Seven-Cycling

Just before you give your fish a new habitat, you have to ensure that there is a complete nitrogen cycle. It helps bacteria that is beneficial to build up and help in converting ammonia and nitrites. The ammonia and nitrites are deadly to the fish if they get into contact. It will take a month or so to accomplish, and you have to keep checking the ammonia levels every two days until it gets to 0.

Step Eight-You Can Now Add the Fish

By now, you have known the best type of fish for that specific Nano tank. You can now let your fish into their new home after ensuring that the cycle process is complete.

Equipment for Nano Aquarium Tanks

Be it a freshwater setup or saltwater setup, here is the material every Nano aquarium tank requires;

The Filter

Due to the small size of the tank, pollutants are more likely to build up quickly in the tank. The filter ensures your water is clean and keeps out any harmful bacteria for your fish. The filter also helps in controlling the water flow inside and out of the tank. For filtration systems, most of them are inbuilt, and because of the small space of the tank, they are usually at the back. For exceptional filtration, three necessary stages are the chemical, biological, and mechanical steps.

Lighting System

Most Nano aquarium tanks come with an inbuilt lighting system with LED lights. Some offer a wide range of LED colors to decorate your tank magnificently. The lighting system is also essential for plants as it helps in plant growth. The lighting system may also affect your fish and plants, depending on the illumination used since it can support the growth of algae. With a good lighting system, your fish appear brighter, and it gives enough light to be able to trace out your fish in the aquarium.

A Heater

A heater is not much of a necessity, but it is advisable to have. If your home is warm enough every day, there is no reason to get a heater for the tank. Some heaters can be adjusted to different temperatures to keep your water under controlled warmth. If you have the community tropical fish, you require a heater to keep the water’s temperature a bit constant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is the most trusted Nano tank Aquarium Brands

A: It is human nature to want the best of everything available, so it is not any different when it comes to Nano aquarium tanks. If you are getting your Nano aquarium tank online or going to buy it yourself, you need to be sure of the brand you are getting. Do not be naïve and settle for anything that is of less quality. Some of the best brands are those that I have mentioned in this review. Thre is;

  • Marineland
  • Fluval
  • Coralife
  • Tetra brand 
  • Hagen 

Those are my top of the list go for brands that I highly recommend.

Q: How Do You Set up a Nano Tank Aquarium

A: Nano aquariums often come pieced together, and they are usually fully equipped. It makes your setting up process way more comfortable than you even as a beginner, expect it to be. I have also provided you with the steps to follow when setting up the tank. If you follow those steps, you are sure of an excellent outcome for your tank.

Q: How Are You Supposed To Care for the Tank and Clean it?

A: The tank needs cleaning out very often, maybe weekly, but it is highly recommended owing to its size and limited space. Cleaning is also made easier by the excellent filtration system depending on the type of tank you choose. For care, remember to feed your fish and get rid of remains continually. Always make sure you check up on the fish and the plants every day, and also the water temperature should always be conducive. Remember to also clean out the water by ten to twenty percent in the tank frequently since it gets impure and replace it with clean, freshwater. It should be done every two to three days a week. Put in mind that you have to check that there is no pollution in your aquarium. The nitrogen cycle should be regulated, which gets rid of organic compounds that are dissolved and always restore valuable beneficial minerals.

Q: Does it come With a Warranty, and if so, what is the Warranty? 

A: For warranties, this entirely depends on the company you are getting your tank. Before purchasing the tank, ask whether they offer a warranty. If you do not find a warranty, you should contact customer care to get it sorted out. Always read the product description to see the type of warranty that supports it.


Reading through this article, I know you have understood a lot about Nano aquarium tanks and their features. Even the best tanks have their cons, but for each tank, I have reviewed the pros outweigh the cons, and I would urge you to get a Nano aquarium tank. If you are new at this, do not be afraid to explore and try out new ideas, and if you have experience in the fish keeping industry, I am sure you agree with me that these tanks are worth it. You won’t regret having to get yourself the Nano aquarium tank. It is a great option, especially for limited spaces.

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