5 Choices for the Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes for you! (2021)

Sports are now at the forefront of everything in the world! From businesses investing, to people spending endless hours every week watching their favorite games, they have consumed our lives and brought together the masses to enjoy different games.

Among these sports, basketball is one of the biggest in the world right now, and we are here to help you choose the best outdoor basketball shoes for you. If you’re looking to join in on the fun and play the game instead of just watching, then you’ve come to the right place! After some meticulous searching, we have come up with a list for you!

However, this article will delve into the best outdoor basketball shoes, and trust us; they do differ from indoor shoes! When you’re playing indoors, you have a nice polished surface to run on and a nice controlled environment. Whereas, outside the ground will not be smooth and more often than not it’s going to be concrete.

5 Best Basketball Shoes for you:

  1. Nike Lebron Soldier XI Mens Basketball Shoes
  2. Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi
  3. adidas Men’s D Rose 773 Iii
  4. adidas Men’s Pro Spark 2018 Basketball Shoe
  5. adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce 2018 Basketball Shoe

Now that we have listed the 5 best outdoor basketball shoes for you, do make sure to go through what each pair provides. You need to ensure you get the optimal performance based on the perks they provide you with. So, let’s delve into this list!

Nike Lebron Soldier XI Mens Basketball Shoes

First on the list, we have a pair of shoes from Nike. Now, we all know and love Nike for the great quality products they make. From making personalized jerseys to shoes, they feature all star players from the sport on their product. This particular pair of shoes features none other than LeBron James!

One of the greatest of the sport, and they have got it. Now, let’s talk about why the shoe itself is so good. It’s one of the more innovative styles of shoes, which are now laceless, and are still as good a fit just without the hassle of having to tie them. This is done by the new support system they implemented to help keep your feet strapped into the shoes.


  1. Is laceless, and alleviates the hassle of tying your shoes.
  2. Has a support system implemented to ensure the shoes are still as tight as they would be with laces.
  3. Has four hook straps.
  4. Made with lightweight mesh on top.
  5. Has air cushioning and multi-surface traction to ensure they are as comfortable as ever!


  1. It’s a little tough to put on at first, some customers reviewed.

Once you get used to the feel of the shoe, they will fit you great and feel wonderful while playing no matter where you are. From the protection they provide, to how sleek and different they look; you’ll always want them with you for playing some ball!

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Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi

Next pair of shoes we have is also manufactured by Nike, and unlike the first pair, they are not laceless and do not have the name of a huge star attached to them. However, they do serve the purpose of basketball shoes very well!

This pair of shoes are also synthetic, and have a rubber sole. Fortunately, this has the feature of holes at the front of the shoes, to allow more space for your toes. This pair also has a Nike air unit to provide some help against impacts, upon landing and such. The shoe also has a mesh layer, that allows your feet to fit in very comfortably.


  1. Synthetic shoes, will have good durability.
  2. Is asymmetrical, and has a rubber sole for comfortability.
  3. Has a Nike air unit, to provide help against impacts.
  4. Fits great due to the mesh layer.


  1. Some customers complained having no cushioning in their shoes.

The con provided is a very big issue, however during mass production, some pairs do get messed up and comparing to how many positive reviews the shoes have gotten, we’d say they are a great buy!

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adidas Men’s D Rose 773 Iii

Our next product is manufactured by Adidas, and just like their competitor they’ve got a big name on their products too; Derrick Rose! Might not be known to everyone around the world, but for an avid fan of basketball; a mesmerizing player. So, what does this featured pair have to make this list?

Well, its 100% leather making it very durable, and comes with a rubber sole for comfortability. The shoes also have great support and are very lightweight. Not to mention, they have great balance so that you can properly make those jumpshots!

As if it wasn’t secure enough, the shoes also have non-marking rubber with varying thickness. Also to style it up, Adidas put the chrome lace jewel as their own personal detail.


  1. Very durable due to being made 100% of leather.
  2. Is built to be lightweight, stable and comfortable with a lot of breathing space for your feet.
  3. Has a chrome lace jewel, as their own personal touch.


  1. Some customers reviewed the shoes to have poor traction, cushion and durability.

We say this a lot, but in mass production some products are bound to have flaws! However, among the other people that bought it, most seem to say it was a great pair of shoes. And this pair of shoes comes with its unique perks and big featured name!

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adidas Men’s Pro Spark 2018 Basketball Shoe

And we have another one by Adidas, and this one also very sleek and made just for the sport! So, what does this pair have to offer in terms of the last one and the rest? Unlike that pair, this one is textile and synthetic instead of leather. However it also has a rubber sole, and is made in order to have more room for your feet, more so due to the textile portion. Regardless, it also has increased stitching and an overlay on the toes which is synthetic to make it more long lasting!

Like the last pair, it also has a rubber outsole which is non-marking. However, contrary to that pair it also has a cloudfoam midsole, along with more cushioning for impacts. Don’t forget the added webbing inside to give it that sleek definition.


  1. Is a durable pair, and is different than the others as it is synthetic and also textile.
  2. Has rubber sole, a midsole and an outer sole all to increase comfort and durability.
  3. Also has better durability and comfortability due to the textile portion and the extra stitching within the shoes.
  4. Has a padded heel as well to provide more comfort.
  5. Has a nice internal webbing to make it more defined and sleek.


  1. Some say that the shoes aren’t as tight around the ankles as they ought to be.
  2. Some customers also reviewed their shoes to have lost all traction within a few days of using them.

The cons again, are seemingly happening not as much and can be contributed to mass production, but the rest of the reviews suggest the shoes were great and lived up to the sale! And if you don’t want to go just by hearsay, then just by looking at the shoe’s features, you can see it’s got a lot to offer!

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adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce 2018 Basketball Shoe

We have another pair here made by Adidas, and these are also designed to be played for basketball. So, how is this pair different? They are made of textile. They have both a rubber sole and a rubber outsole for proper durability, but unlike the last pair, do not have the midsole, and aren’t synthetic.

However, they do have an upper layer of mesh that are heat-pressed and have fibers coated with TPU. These provide support and make the shoes lightweight by being stretched out. The shoes have a cable lacing system along and have a Geofit construction that allows for them to fit well with your feet.


  1. Made of textile and have a well constructed layer of mesh to provide good durability.
  2. Has a rubber sole and a rubber outsole for comfort.
  3. The mesh layer also makes the shoes lightweight.
  4. Has good padding to make the shoes comfortable with cushioning.
  5. Cable system has webbing eyelets, to make them more comfortable and geofit construction allows for them to fit your feet easily.


  1. Does not have a midsole like the Adidas Pro Spark.
  2. Some customers have reviewed their shoes to have fallen apart within a month.

The pair we’ve shown does have an advantage on this pair with their midsole, but they both have problems in certain products being faulty. However, this pair of shoes have definitely lived up to the sales pitch for many people who have gotten them!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which size should I get the shoes in?

This is one of the harder things to be sure of when buying shoes online. However, if you take a look next to the pictures of the shoes, they have a percentage next to them of how often the shoe size matches to the customer’s needs. If it is a high percentage, you can be sure of your shoes most likely matching your needs. However, do make sure to ask in the query section just to be sure!

Can I return the shoes if they don’t fit?

Most companies do allow you to return your shoes. However, you should always let the company know if they do otherwise.

What’s the difference in synthetic shoes and leather shoes?

Synthetic shoes are more flexible. However, if you compare them with leather shoes, they have less durability. If you are looking for very long term shoes, then leather would be the way to go! However, synthetic would be much more comfortable from the get-go!

Final Words:

We hope you’ve found our article to be useful and found a pair of shoes to your liking. We definitely recommend Nike Lebron Soldier XI Mens Basketball Shoes, the most but if you have any other personal preferences feel free to go with your gut! Now go and make those shots and jump to new heights!

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