10 Best Plants for Betta Fish Tanks (Top Picks)

If you own betta fish or are thinking of getting some, you should know that they need plants. Betta fish flourish in environments with plants. Also, the plants refresh the tank’s look, and they also give the fish somewhere to play, hide, and relax. You can get the best plants for betta fish tanks to resemble a natural ecosystem, keeping your fish healthy and happy. Here we will help you find the best fish plants that, whether plastic or natural, that will help restore oxygen and help your fish get healthier and live longer.


Should you get live or fake plants?

This decision will depend on your specifications. Both plants are suitable for your fish and your tank. As I said, the choice will depend on you. Live plants make your tank easier to maintain and provides real fresh air for your bettas. On the other hand, fake plants are a lot easier to maintain when compared to live plants. We will get into this later. You should know, however, that this is one of the most important things to consider for you and your fish.

Best Plants for Betta Fish Tanks Reviews

To help you pick the right plants, we have provided reviews of recommended 10 plants for betta fish tanks that you can consider buying this year.

The Blue Spotted betta plant is a realistic-looking plastic plant. It is suitable for any type of fishbowl or tank. It provides excellent enjoyment and allows you to relax, watching your fish enjoy themselves. You can place it anywhere, making it fun for your fish to play and hide in the plant.

What I like

One of the features that caught my attention to the plant is how realistic it looks. It is also great with all the fish. They can have a lot of fun playing with them. Another attractive feature that I noticed was that you could position it anywhere. It has a resin weighted rock base. This allows you to keep it securely in place, whether it is in the front, middle, or rear of the tank or bowl. You can also mix it up with a Fire & Ice Betta plant or an Elephant Leaf Betta plant for enrichment and decoration.

What I don’t like

One of the things that I did not like about the plant is that it can lose its color. When this happens, it is necessary to remove the plant out to avoid any damage to the fish.

Make sure you rinse the plant with fresh running water once you remove it from its package. You should also inspect the plant and toss it away if any part is loose or damaged. Remove the plant from your aquarium immediately if you notice any color transfer.

  • Realistic looking leaves and roots
  • Can be placed anywhere in the tank
  • Has a resin weighted rock base to secure the plant
  • Gives both you and your fish great enjoyment
  • Can be combined with other plants to enrich the tank’s setting
  • May lose color

Betta balls, also known as Marimo balls, are no doubt something you have heard about more than once. They are famous because you can use them for more than just adorning your fish tank. These plants are all-natural, and they help generate oxygen for your bettas. They also keep the bettas entertained and prevent them from swimming around in an empty tank.

What I like

Where can I start with this product? First of all, it is a natural plant, which means that the bettas will have clean air at all times and they make a perfect mate for your fish. Another thing that is desirable about the balls is that they are easy to maintain. You only have to change the water occasionally, and they will refresh themselves.

One other thing to note is that the balls have been taken through a 3 step control process. It is done to ensure that they are free from common contaminants. These processes are done to ensure that they won’t harm your fish.

What I don’t like

The downside to the balls is that they might shed. I noticed some mossy residue a few days after I put them in. They also turned the water brown despite washing.

  • Versatility
  • Provide oxygen and remove nutrients for healthier water
  • Require little maintenance
  • They make for beautiful aquarium decorations
  • Provide a playing ground for your fish
  • They might shed color or turn the water brown
  • The balls might not react well with some bettas

Hello to natural, real plants. These plants have one benefit over fake plants. This is because they can convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. They can also absorb nutrients from water leaving the water clean and healthy. They are also grown in a lab and are sterilized from things like disease, snails, algae, and pests, so they don’t affect the fish in the tank.

What I like

Better shelf life. You can’t ask for more than this when it comes to buying plants. This is made possible by a sterile gel that allows it to be fresh for a week in their cups. They are also manufactured in a lab, grown with a special gel that ensures they don’t get algae, pests, or diseases. One other likable feature that I would like to point out is how the plants provide a healthy surrounding for your fish by producing oxygen and removing wasteful nitrates from the water.

What I don’t like

Take comfort, the things I disliked the most didn’t have to do with the plant itself. It is healthy and beautiful. I also have an issue with thor customer service. The other thing is that the package doesn’t arrive as advertised but I could make-do.

  • Free from algae, snail, and pests
  • Has a long shelf-life, can last for up to a week
  • Provide a healthy environment for fish
  • Creates a beautiful setting for the fish
  • Easy to take care of
  • The package falls short of its advertisement
  • Poor customer service

Aquarium plants need to be beautiful, and the Aquatic Arts Java Moss doesn’t disappoint. The first thing you see when you look at this plant is how beautiful it is; although it is moss and not an actual plant, it serves the same purpose. It makes it appealing to the look at and gives the fish enough space to move around in and play with.

What I like

Java Moss is one of the simplest growing moss, and I would be remiss if I don’t mention how beautiful it is. The moss removes pollutants found in water, making it easy for you since you won’t have to change the water regularly. They also remove bad smell in the tank for better fish health.  It also doesn’t need any special lighting; it just needs freshwater.

What I don’t like

So, I had a couple of problems with the moss. It arrived perfectly, but after some time it started turning white. No matter what treatment I gave the mucus-like substance never went away, and it started suffocating my fish. I had to buy a whole new bunch, and it had no problems. The other thing is that it came with some snails, although this was easy to remove.

  • Beautiful
  • Leaves the fish tank clean
  • Easy to grow
  • Removes bad smell and pollutants from the water
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Can come with snails
  • Might produce a white, mucus-like substance that doesn’t go away.

The Amazon Frogbit is a tricky plant to take care of. This is because it is a floating column feeder. I say tricky because you cannot get any water on top of the plant as it might cause it to rot. It also requires a lot of light for it to grow well.

What I like

This plant is one of the best for betta fish. It gives the fish a lot of cover and gives them a lot of space to explore. The plant also helps to reduce algae growth, making it easy when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. This plant is also great for larger fish tanks, especially a 10-gallon tank or more. This is because it grows quickly once you get it, up to 20 inches. The plant is also grown without any fertilizer or carbon dioxide. It also absorbs excessive nutrients for proper fish health and a cleaner environment.

What I don’t like

What I disliked was the amount of care this plant needs. It can get annoying when it comes to cleaning the tank, especially when you need to keep water off the top to avoid rotting. The frogbit also requires a lot of light, especially from a dedicated light source.

  • The plant provides a lot of cover for fish
  • Gives the fish lots of space to play and move around in
  • Reduces algae growth
  • Gives you a safe and clean environment for the fish
  • Doesn’t have any carbon dioxide or fertilizers
  • Needs a lot of cleaning and maintenance

Who doesn’t need a grass-like plant for their aquarium? Not only does it look beautiful, but it also looks more natural than anything else. Your bettas will enjoy this grass; get enough exercise and lots of fresh and clean air. These plants convert harmful carbon dioxide to clean oxygen and absorb toxic nutrients from fish waste found in water.

What I like

Most of us are against lab-grown products, but this isn’t the case for me. The plants are sterilized, making them free from agents like algae, snails, and pests. Another thing is the fact that the plants are so quick to adapt to the new environment. They also make it easy for your fish to make the transition to the new plant so you won’t have to worry about it.

What I don’t like

The plants were beautiful once planted, no complaints there. The one downside was how little the amount was. The package arrived with only a few blades of grass. Sure, they did grow into a more plentiful plant, but it took a while to get there. They could work to increase the amount supplied in one cup.

  • Easy to maintain as it doesn’t need constant supervision
  • Very green and healthy, making for a beautiful appearance
  • Excellent packaging to ensure healthiness and freshness even during transportation
  • Has special gel that ensures it is free from algae, pests, and snails
  • Comes ready to plant, just rinse and plant
  • It takes a long time before they start growing
  • Some may arrive with snails

Hooray for the live plants. This is yet another live plant that you can use to adorn your aquarium with. And of course, your bettas will enjoy this plant. There is also an offer that is too good to pass up; buy two get one free. So you get three plants for the value of two. It does not require any carbon dioxide making it easy for you to plant them without worrying.

What I like

The first thing on my list will, of course, be the offer; buy 2 get 1 free, who can pass that up? Something else that stood out is the extreme care they take when packaging and transporting the plant. You can either choose ‘HEAT’ or ‘ICE’ depending on where you stay and the environmental conditions of your place. You also get a seven-day guarantee. The guarantee allows you to be refunded or get a replacement if the plants die within the first seven days.

What I don’t like

The plants arrived shorter than I expected. They were also fewer, but they grew out eventually. I just wish that they add more plants during shipping.

  • Buy 2 get 1 free offer
  • 7-day guarantee; refund or replacement if they die in 7 days
  • Great care when shipping, so they arrive in great care
  • You can get the plants delivered to you according to your environmental conditions
  • They make for a beautiful and healthy environment
  • They came fewer and shorter than expected

If you are a beginner, do not fear. This plant is engineered in a way that even you can use it. It is not complicated and easy to use. These plants are suitable for freshwater aquariums. They make for a natural environment for your tank and provide a serene setting for both you and your fish.

What I like

These plants are sourced from different exotic and rare plant species, like java fern, moss, anubias, and many more. They are made ready to use. You drop them into the tank, and since they already come tied to driftwood, you will not have to worry about tying up the plant when putting them in the water. 

The plants also provide useful nutrients like cellulose and tannins. These nutrients improve the fish’s digestion. The plants also undergo scrutiny and are professionally inspected and packed for any weather condition so that they are delivered to you fresh and healthy.

What I don’t like

I disliked the fact that some of the plants may arrive with snail. The plants are inspected, but a few errant snails might escape their notice. I had to rinse it more than once, even after placing them in the aquarium to remove the snails.

  • Comes readily tied on driftwood so you won’t have to tie it up
  • Provide useful nutrients which improve the fish's digestion
  • Provide a natural-looking environment
  • You get high-quality plants
  • Good customer service
  • There might be a few errant snails once received
  • Can take a long time for them to grow

This is also another beginner-friendly plant. What this means is that it is easy to plant and needs light and easy maintenance for them to grow correctly. The plant also grows fast, so it only takes a few days for it to spread. It is great for smaller fish because it can float, giving them a place to hide. You can also anchor the plant in the substrate.

What I like

These plants are suitable for any kind of freshwater aquarium; they are made specifically for aquariums. They will create a natural habitat for the fish in your aquarium. They also help your fish by giving them a natural habitat and a place for them to hide, making them entertained. One other attractive feature is that you can separate and plant the Hornwort according to your specifications because they come in 5 stems that can be easily separated.

What I don’t like

The plants might come with a few snails. They can be easily removed by thorough rinsing. You need to make sure you don’t remove them in a place where they can invade your house, like a toilet. The plants also need regular trimming, which is a downer, but with enough dedication, it won’t bother you as much.

  • Gives fish a natural habitat for them to hide
  • Presents a natural-looking environment
  • Can be separated and planted according to your liking
  • Versatile; they can float or anchored to the base
  • They grow and distribute quickly
  • The plants may arrive with snails
  • Need a lot of maintenance especially trimming

We are back with the Marimo brand, which is how you know they provide high-quality products. These Betta balls are low maintenance and easy to care for. They grow on their own and make great toys for your fish to play with.

What I like

These balls have it all. They are bright and add vibrant color and character to your environment. On top of that, they have health benefits for your bettas. The balls can adapt quickly to any situation and are snail-proof. We all know how frustrating it can be trying to find something that can anchor plants to the base. With the betta balls, that is not a problem. You can easily get them to sink by squeezing them before putting them in the tank, and they will automatically sink.

What I don’t like

This came as a shock to me. Once I placed the balls in the tank, they flourished, at first. After that, they started to lose color and produced an oily substance. They turned white, so I had to remove them. There is a silver lining because they were replaced, but that was such a disappointment.

  • Require low maintenance
  • Easy to sink
  • Adds a splash of color and character to the fish tank
  • They can quickly adapt to a new environment
  • Are snail-proof
  • The balls can leach and discolor

How to Choose Plants for Betta Fish

Before you select the right plants for betta fish, there are several essential things that you need to consider. Here are some tips that will help you pick the best.

Type of lighting

Plants need light for them to grow. They also need light for photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide to energy. Different plants need different amounts of light and different exposure times. If you keep your tank away from a window or during the winter where there is only a measured amount of light, you might want to change from natural light to an LED light to give the plants the light you need. You should look for a type of plant that will fit where your tank is located to control the amount, intensity, and duration of light supplied to it.

Growth rate

Since plants are different, they will also have different growth rates. You might want to choose fast-growing plants if you are going to put in the time to take care of the plants. You can, however, decide to get plants that grow slower if you don’t want to spend a lot of time pruning. Slow growing plants are also excellent if you have a well-established aquarium. For whichever plant you choose, make sure they get adequate lighting and nutrients for growth.

Are they column feeders or root feeders?

This might be a confusing subject, but to make it shorter, I will try to explain it a bit. Column feeders take in nutrients through rhizomes from the water in the tank. They need to sit above the substrate level at the bottom of the tank so that the rhizomes have no blockage, and there is enough flow.

On the other hand, root feeders are the typical plants; they take nutrients through their roots. They get the nutrients available in the substrate’s interstitial water. They anchor themselves to the substrate, and you will need to limit the substrate to give the roots enough space for them to grow and reach further.

What to Consider When Choosing Fake Plants

Fake plants do not interfere with the tank’s environment, and they don’t need a lot of care. They aren’t affected by things like lighting, mode of feeding, or growth rates. Here are some things to consider if you go for fake plants

Type of material

You have to know your fish’s sensitivity before you choose the material. You want to get a material that won’t hurt the fish. Some of the plastic materials leach chemicals that might be toxic to some types of fish. Look for plants made from silk or some other textiles since they are non-toxic.

Location of the plant

You get a choice of decoration when you choose fake plants. Some of the plants have suction cups. These allow you to place them on the walls. Other plants have anchors at the base. These plants sit in the substrate at the tank’s bottom. You get to choose the location since you want to bother about the light intensity and duration. This will help you position the plants according to your specifications and the fish’s playing area.

One of the benefits of having fake plants is that you can do whatever you want with them. You can mix and match different plants and plant styles since they don’t depend on nutrients or lighting or water temperature. They also won’t interfere with the other plant’s pH. This gives you a lot to consider when choosing how to decorate your tank. You have to consider the fish, however, to make sure they have enough space to move around in and that they will not be affected by the chemicals and the type of material that the plants are made from.

Do Betta Fish Require Plants?

Betta fish are adorable creatures; let’s just get that out of the way. That being said, they do not require plants, but they love them. Here are a couple of reasons why:

  • They provide hiding places making the fish feel safe and secure
  • They make the tank’s atmosphere feel natural, which makes the fish feel at home. They also provide shade and relief from the sun for the bettas.
  • They keep the bettas entertained. The fish enjoy swimming through the plants, and it gives them plenty of places to explore.
  • Some, the live ones, create a healthy environment for the fish. They remove harmful nitrates and generate oxygen for the fish.
  • Live plants also can act as a source of food for the fish; they can provide useful nitrates that can be used by the fish to boost their health.

These, and many more, are some of the reasons you should ensure that your bettas have plants in the tank. The plants you choose can either be real or fake, but they will be helpful for your fish to have around.

Which Plants are Safe for Betta Fish?

Both plants can be suitable for your fish; it doesn’t matter whether they are real or artificial. You will need to make sure that the plants are non-toxic and do not require high maintenance.

One of the plants that you can use for your fish is the java fern. It does not need a lot of maintenance since it can survive on its own. It survives best when you anchor it to a piece of driftwood.

Another great plant is anacharis. It is great for beginners. This is because it is easy to take care of. A beginner will not have to do much; just give it the minimal care, and the plants will survive. It can also remove ammonia and add oxygen, making the water cleaner and healthier.

You can also use moss balls, like the Marimo balls and the Betta balls. The moss can, first of all, be used for different uses, not just decorating your fish tank. The moss balls do not need a lot of maintenance. You put them in the water tank, and they distribute on their own.

When it comes to fake/artificial plants, you need to be aware of is chemicals. Make sure the plants don’t have any harmful chemicals that will harm your betta’s skin. Their skin is sensitive, so it does not need chemicals that will react adversely with them.

You also need to ensure that the plants do not leach or discolor. Make sure you remove a plant immediately when you notice any leaching from the plants, whether real or fake. This might release some chemicals that can harm your bettas. Always be careful when choosing plants for your bettas and consider their health.

Why Are Live Plants Better Than Fake Plants?

This is a point that causes major discussions with people fighting for both sides. Live plants are better than fake ones because they make maintenance easier. On the other hand, fake plants require even less maintenance even though they cannot clean their environment like live plants. Here are some pros and cons of both plants

Live Plants

  • They convert harmful carbon dioxide during the day; leading to the breakdown of ammonia to nitrates
  • Real plants also promote the growth of good bacteria. The bacteria live on the plants. The more bacteria there is, the quicker the ammonia breakdown
  • Live plants do not encourage the growth of algae. The plants reduce harmful bacteria, which in turn do not provide nitrates for the algae to grow on.
  • They also mimic the natural environment of bettas. This makes the bettas feel more at home and allows them to relax in a stress-free environment.
  • They need a lot of maintenance since they are always growing. You will need to trim the plants regularly so that your bettas have enough room to move around.
  • Live plants also need a lot more care than fake plants do.
  • The plants add more decaying matter into the tank, which can lead to some parts of the plant to fall off, causing bacteria growth.

Fake Plants

  • The obvious benefit is that they require almost no maintenance at all
  • These plants will always look nice since they won’t decay
  • Artificial plants do not require specific lighting or warmth. They do not need particular circumstances
  • The plants are easy to clean, all they need is a good scrubbing
  • Plastic plants can have rough or sharp edges that can cut you fish
  • They might make your bettas feel uneasy in their environment

Both these plants have benefits and downsides, and it is going to be up to you to decide what kind of plant you want. The choice is up to you. You need to consider your fish’s needs too to see what they are more comfortable with. Make sure you choose a plant that will benefit both you and your fish. It should be easy to clean and maintain and one that does not harm you, the environment, or the fish. This way, you will both get the best quality out of the plant and be able to enjoy it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I use; fake or live plants?

A: As mentioned before, the choice you make will depend on you entirely. You just need to choose the plant that is more convenient for you and your fish. It should also be a plant that you can take care of it easily.

Q: How can I make my moss balls multiply?

A: Moss balls grow on their own. They grow about half an inch a year. You can break the mothballs into smaller pieces. Each of these pieces will then grow on their own and will eventually fill the tank.

Q: What kind of lighting do I need for my plants?

A: Different plants have different light needs. Some plants need high-intensity light, while others need low intensity. The distance also differs. Make sure to read the instruction before placing the plant to ensure that it gets the amount and intensity of light needed.


Buying plants for your fish is one of the most satisfying things you can do. You will enjoy the appearance because they are so beautiful. They also make your fish feel at home since the environment mimics their natural habitat. The plants give them shade, they provide useful nutrients, and gives them more space to move around in. 

The plants to use in your aquarium or fish tank can be real or fake according to your liking. You can also place them anywhere as long as the fish have enough space to move in. Get yourself and your bettas a plant and enjoy all the benefits that come along with it. It is a choice you will not regret.

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