10 Best Plants for Betta Fish – Live & Fake Betta Plants in 2021

Are you looking for the best way to enhance the aquatic environment in your fish tank? If so, then you are in the right place. This guide provides you with reviews of some of the best plants for Betta fish on the market. As if that is not enough source of guidance, it goes ahead to help you understand some of the things to consider when choosing aquatic plants for your aquarium. You need a plant that will not only provide maximum comfort for your aquatic pets but also add beauty to the aquarium.

What exactly is Aquatic Plant for Betta?

These are plants planted or placed in the aquarium to help make the environment more real and natural for the fish to thrive in. they are either natural plants or man-made. Each of these types has its advantages and disadvantages that you need to weigh and benchmark before you settle on the right type or model to buy.

Some are made and grown with top technologies to make them better for your fish. Most natural plants are the best for Betta fish, especially since they provide nutrients that improve the health of the fish besides giving the environment in your aquarium a more natural look. They also absorb toxic substances and help clean the aquarium water, making the environment more conducive.

Do Bettas like real plants?

Of course, they do. Betta loves natural plants better. They also love the artificial ones too. It is advisable for you to shop for the best quality natural plant, especially those that help remove toxins from the water and clean it. Some also help improve digestion in fish.

Best Plants for Betta Fish Comparison Chart

Product NameBrandLive / ArtificialFloating / SinkingPrice
12 Amazon FrogbitAmazonLiveFloating
Luffy Betta BallsLuffyLiveSinking
Greenpro Live Aquarium PlantsGreenproLiveFloating
Greenpro Anubias, Java Fern, MossGreenproLiveSinking
Marina Betta Pink Orchid Aquarium Plastic PlantMarinaArtificial (Plastic)Sinking
Greenpro Dwarf Hairgrass Live Aquarium PlantsGreenproLiveSinking
Marina Naturals Foreground Silk PlantMarinaArtificial (Silk)Sinking
Marina Ecoscaper Hydrocotyle Silk Plant PlantMarinaArtificial (Silk)Sinking
biOrb Easy Plant SetsbiOrbArtificialSinking
Blue Ribbon Vibran-Sea Flowering Cluster AssortmentBlue RibbonArtificialSinking

From this list, you can always find at least a set of plants that would suit your unique aquarium design. Whether it is your taste in good things or desperation for the right aquatic plant that drives your choice, these reviews will help. Check it out.

These are easy live plants that you can pick for your fish. They are freshwater plants that are easy to take care of. You can depend on them to improve the interior of your aquarium and give your fish a nice place to live and play. They are super attractive and welcoming both to those looking at the aquarium and the fish in it.

What I like

They come enough to cover a 4 x 4 area so that almost the entire surface looks green and pond-like. These plants are easy to maintain, and there is no need for substrate and carbon dioxide supplementation. Besides the leaves, the roots are beautiful and swing attractively in water to make the entire plant even more attractive.

What I don’t like

This plant has just one color that may look like a cliché. Unlike some plants that contain an assortment of different colors, this one has just a single color. You may have to use it alongside other plants that have a different color to make the aquarium look more attractive. Also, some leaves may die when the plant is still adjusting to a new tank.

  • Plants are lush and vigorous
  • Adapts well to a normal aquatic environment
  • The plant is elegant
  • Removes toxic substances from the tank
  • Easy to maintain and care for
  • Roots seem to be very fragile

If you are looking for a natural plant that will also improve the quality of everything in your betta’s tank, try this out. These are natural toys for betta fish, and for a good reason. These plants are big and beautiful and look like green balls.

What I like

They are decorative and make a room look lovelier. It also keeps betta entertained. They work as toys for the fish. As you will realize, your betta will seem happier and more active with these balls in the aquatic tank. They like to play around the plants. Besides, it gives your tank a more natural look. The balls are also very easy to clean. You just need to squeeze them.

What I don’t like

Fake marimo balls do exist. This can be a challenge for those who may not know how to differentiate between a fake and a genuine. They can also be delicate if they fall down before you put them in the tank water.

  • They are very green and attractive
  • Gives your tank a natural look
  • Entertains Betta and the fish love them
  • Brings in a lot of health benefit in the tank
  • Pond snails cannot survive near them
  • They can scare Betta fish at first before they get used to it

These are live aquatic plants produced by the latest technologies. When you look at them, you realize that they have been produced with a high degree of expertise. They look really healthy and would not require so much care from you. They will take good care of your Betta fish. These are very unique aquatic plants that also boast premium quality.

What I like

Thanks to its thick leaves and dark green color, this plant will give your aquarium a natural aquatic-environment look. Produced by the latest technology, this aquatic plant is a survivor. Besides being suitable for Betta, it is also a great plant for crayfish, shrimp, and turtle. It will not be destroyed by pest, snail, algae or disease. In fact, it helps keep away some of these destructive disease-causing elements and maintains healthy water and environment for the fish to thrive.

What I don’t like

Judging it by its cost, you would expect more from it. Also, without a proper understanding of how it works and how to take care of it, you would find it very tricky to handle. If you do it wrong, you can endanger it.

  • Looks healthy and survives easily
  • Colorful and beautiful
  • The leaves provide fish with shade
  • Cleans the aquarium and keeps off destructive elements
  • Gives you little stress to maintain
  • It is slightly over-priced

Another great looking aquatic plant from Greenpro. A combination of exotic and rare species, these plants are of superior quality. You need some of these for your aquarium if you want to keep your fish entertained and well taken care of. They help create the right environment for different kinds of fish to live in.

What I like

They can provide nutrients such as lignin, tannins, and cellulose, which aid digestion in fish. Also, they come looking healthy and maintains that condition for a long time. They seem to be so suited for aquatic tanks since they seem to perform very well in such an environment. It is protected and protects the tank’s inhabitants against diseases and pests. This means it cannot be destroyed by diseases, snails, algae and other pests.

What I don’t like

It is not as large as what is in the pictures. So if you are waiting for something as large as the ones you see in the pictures, you are more likely to be disappointed. Also, this plant will not suit larger tanks. You can use it for small tanks but for larger tanks, it looks so odd.

  • Enhances the environment of your tank
  • Provide nutrients that enhance digestion in fish
  • Grown using new technology and facilities
  • Easily adapts to its new environment
  • Contains several live aquatic plants
  • Does not fit well in larger tanks

You can have an aquatic plant that is not natural but still does an excellent job for your aquarium. You can use a plastic alternative that has been produced with a high degree of innovation and thoughtfulness.

What I like

For instance, this plastic plant has lifelike colors that never fail. The colors never fade too. They are always glowing and making the aquarium appealing to the eye. Also, this plant is safe for your Betta fish. There is nothing about it that can compromise the health or well-being of your fish. The pink color also helps break the norm of green leaves in the aquarium.

What I don’t like

This plastic plant is not as soft as it should be, considering the fact that fish play around it. Also, it is not enough to avoid strong light. You have to find an alternative way to keep it in the bottom, otherwise, it keeps floating no matter how much you try ad required.

  • Features a natural look even though it is plastic
  • Beautiful coloration to the tank
  • Easy to care for
  • Lasts a long time before wearing out
  • Safe for aquarium inhabitants
  • Detaches from the bottom where it should stay and floats instead

These plants from Greenpro are produced with top technology and that gives them an upper hand in serving different types of aquatic environments. All you will be seeing is a beautiful plant that makes your aquarium attractive.

What I like

They serve as great carpet plants and there are so much about them to love. They cover the aquarium’s floor pretty well. It works as a great source of food too. These plants provide nutrients for the fish. Unlike the flower-like plants that are the most common, this type is unique and makes the floor looks uniformly green, giving it a beautiful natural appearance. Fish seem to be very relaxed and excited around the plants judging by the way they show interest.

What I don’t like

Some pieces are buoyant and are very difficult to keep down on the aquarium’s floor. Since they are meant to settle on and cover the floor of the tank, the floating ones become a trouble for you. It leaves you trying to figure out how to keep them sinking.

  • Each cup can be divided into different portions
  • Adopts well with every aquarium condition
  • Improves the aesthetics of the tank
  • Grown with the best technology
  • The best quality you can expect
  • Some float instead of sinking

Another amazing aquatic plant from Marina. It boasts a natural-like look that any aquarium owner and inhabitants will love. There is so much to love in this aquatic plant. These plants have enjoyed positive reviews from those who have tried them out. Some say that they helped improve the health of their Betta fish after they introduced them into their aquarium.

What I like

These plants are easy to plant in the aquarium. Also, you do not need much to keep it healthy in the aquarium. If you need a plant that would also help keep your aquarium cleaners, you should give this a try. It rarely disappoints with various kinds of aquatic animals.

What I don’t like

Some seem very delicate, especially if you do not know how to handle them. The leaves are very soft, and even though this can be an advantage to the fish since it is not injurious, it is also the reason why the fins tear it easily. Considering that it has some cost tied to it, it would be a waste of money if it tears into half so easily.

  • The leaves are soft and safe for the fish
  • The translucent green look is elegant
  • Suited for a variety of unique aquatic environments
  • Less stressful to put in the aquarium
  • Loved by different kinds of fish
  • Leaves may tear up easily

You will probably love this aquatic plant from the reputable Marina from the first instance you set your eyes on it. It is as attractive as you would expect an innovatively produced aquatic plant to look like in this generation. Basically, these are true-to-life plants that would easily blend in your aquarium just like you and your fish would love it too.

What I like

They will add beauty to your aquarium too, giving it a more attractive look. They also provide fish with a fun and colorful environment, making them feel at ease. They attract the fish and the aquatic animals seem to hang around them a lot. I also like the fact that maintaining and tending to it is a breeze.

What I don’t like

They are beautiful but disappointing that they are not real plants. You can also realize that some of its parts are really rough. The rough parts can cause injuries on delicate fish which is not worth the risk if you come to think about it.

  • Excellent decoration for aquatic environments
  • Natural-looking
  • Attractive structure
  • Colors do not fade
  • Undulate with currents
  • Some level of roughness has been reported

This is a very colorful silk plant designed with the highest degree of innovation. They may look pretty simple but they are very attractive. You can depend on them to keep your aquatic safe and relaxed for what it is worth.

What I like

Coming to think of it, this plant improves the quality of the aquatic environment. Based on the variety of colors that it spots, this plant will make your aquarium look livelier. The shape of the leaves is also very attractive. These plants seem to match many other plants and can be put in the aquarium alongside other plants, natural or not.

What I don’t like

This can be injurious to the fish in the long run since there are some rough and stiff parts. There are so many excellent things about this aquatic plants but it seems overpriced for this quality. You would love it but you would feel better if its price was lower than it actually is.

  • Compatible with both freshwater and saltwater
  • Ideal for fish with delicate fins
  • Variety of color options
  • Easy to handle
  • They are beautiful
  • Some roughness on the leaves

This is a truly lovely plant for aquariums. It looks like something that fish would love even before you actually try it out to find that out for sure. These plants are of excellent quality. Even before you dip them into the aquarium, you can still see the top quality in every part including the leaves.

What I like

They add color to the tank and give it a more satisfying look. You cannot miss the beauty when you walk in a room with a tank that has them. It makes you want to get closer to view the tank, which is one of the importance of a fish tank. It has soft leaves that would not do harm to your lovely aquatic pets. This also makes it more suitable for delicate fish. Its full and bushy floral clusters make it unique and more attractive.

What I don’t like

Some of these plants come with plastic bits on it that fall off and can be very inconveniencing and disappointing especially if you had high hopes before you see it. Also, if you have a smaller tank, they would be too tall for it. They look great in a taller tank though.

  • The colorization has been done nicely
  • Made by skilled personnel
  • A variety of attractive colors
  • Provide enough cover for fish that would like to hide
  • Thick and bushy
  • Some have disappointing plastic parts that fall off

Things to Consider

Do you need the best aquatic plants for your Betta? Well, you need to be extra choosy when it comes to these plants. Considering the love that you have for your fish and then to the aquarium, you need a plant that can keep the fish happy and entertained while also adding beauty to your aquarium. Here are some of the most important factors to consider if you want to find the best aquatic plant to serve the intended purpose.

Visual Appeal

Most of these plants are visually appealing anyway. However, their beauty varies a lot. You can choose based on aesthetics. You can choose the most beautiful and be blind to other factors or consider other important factors alongside it.


The size of the tank or the aquarium and the water plant matters greatly. If the capacity of the tank is only a small surface area, it means you should minimize the plants you will put in the water. Large and broad plants take up more space in the tank. For a not so deep fish tank, look for aquatic floating plants that have shallow roots. Many fish species enjoy a large space so consider getting floating plants as a result of big fish tanks.


Maintenance costs are very vital before you do any purchase on aquatic plants. The two varieties of aquatic plants; live and fake aquatic plants, have different ways of maintaining. The fake aquatic plant is easy to maintain since they are put in the tank and forgotten about. They are ideal for busy schedules people. The live plants are cumbersome because they need a lot of attention like trimming off overgrown plants, lighting, adding fertilizer among others. The live plants are very time-consuming.


In a normal environment, there is competition for survival. Well if you are going to put aquatic plants of various species in the tank, be careful not to let the tank turn to be a competition ground such that one species of plant is going to outdo the other. The plants will end up dying. Some fish have a liking for vegetation so you can find them browsing on aquatic plants. You should, therefore, choose plants that are not edible or make sure the type of fish does not eat plant materials.


The appropriate lighting system will help in boosting the water content of the fish tank. LED lights are the most advisable since they produce just enough light needed in the aquarium, not so intense light. You should avoid the bulbs that emit high temperatures as they will interfere with the plants and fish. Remember to check out for an energy-saving property in a bulb before buying it for the aquatic plants.

The soil

Some soil nature does not favor the growth of aquatic plants. Such is like sandy soil. Many aquatic plants don’t thrive in sandy soil, the anchorage is weak and growth is hindered greatly. But if the bed of the aquarium contains finer gravel, it is good for the growth of several aquatic plants. It blends well with fertilizer when the need arises. The large gravel particles are not good for the plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are live plants good for Betta fish?

A: There are lots of reasons why your Betta tank should not lack some live plants in it, but the most basic ones include how many live plants look really nice in the aquatic tanks. They add to the serenity of your aquarium.

Q: Can plants serve as partial filters?

A: Yea they can. Live plants can do a great job of absorbing the unwanted chemicals in water, hence acting as a purifier.

Final Verdict

Whether you choose a natural plant of an artificial one, what matters the most is your witty selection. You need to analyze and understand the kind of aquarium you have, the inhabitants, and the design of the interior. These qualities are supposed to help you find the right plants for the aquarium. Most importantly, choose the best plants for betta fish and you will have found what is best for almost any aquatic animal.

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