10 Best Protein Skimmer for 200 Gallon Tank in 2021 (Ultimate Reviews)

If you have a 200 gallon tank, you understand the importance of having a quality protein skimmer. This is an essential aquarium equipment that maintains table water parameters in the tank. This eventually provides you with a healthy place for your fish. But how do you pick the best protein skimmer for 200 gallon tank? What are some of the things that you should put in mind when buying?

We made this detailed reviews and guide to provide you with top recommended protein skimmers. We also provide you with buying tips to ensure that you pick the right product. Go through these reviews so that you can have the right information and make a wise purchase decision.

Best Protein Skimmer for 200 Gallon Tank Comparison Chart

Product NameBrandWeightDimensionPrice
NYOS Quantum 160 Protein SkimmerNyos11.6 pounds-
Tunze USA 9410.000 Doc SkimmersTunze5.4 pounds9.8 x 7 x 16.3 inches
Hydor Performer Universal Recirculating Protein SkimmerHydor10.29 pounds12.6 x 8.1 x 22.4 inches
AquaC EV-180 Protein SkimmerKitoo14.7 pounds24 x 12 x 12 inches
Reef Octopus Classic Protein SkimmerReef Octopus15 pounds20 x 24 x 14 inches
Coralife Super Protein SkimmerCoralife8.35 pounds3.9 x 3.9 x 7.9 inches
IceCap K2-160 Protein SkimmerIceCap13.8 pounds-
Bubble Magus BM-Curve 7 Protein SkimmerBubble Magus0.16 ounces28 x 10 x 12 inches
Red Sea Fish Pharm ARE50203 C-Skim 1800 Advanced Protein SkimmerRed Sea Fish Pharm Ltd.1 pounds15 x 11 x 21 inches
CoralVue Technology BH-2000 Octopus with External 2000 PumpCoral Vue Technology0.32 ounces-

The NYOS Quantum is built to offer extreme performance on your tank. It is quiet and has a smooth operation. The skimmer is designed to consume very little power and give a great output by keeping the water clean. The high performance of the skimmer is attributed to its high amount of air combination and air-water mixture. It is easy to maintain a steady performance with very easy and simple settings. 

They include individual water plus air quantity supply adjustments that enable you to fine-tune the skimmer for your tank system. Performance of the skimmer will depend on the level of submersion, bioload as well as other factors. The ability to control how much air and water is pulled into the skimmer aids in yielding maximum cleaning results.

It has a hybrid wheel that produces fine micro- bubbles and also made with light materials that reduce the rotating mass. This makes it save on energy consumed.

What I like

It has a smooth and extremely quiet operation that is even not easy to notice. A very easy to maintain skimmer that has very easy settings for anyone to handle with no difficulties. A strong skimmer to support your 200 gallons tank effectively. It provides a consistent level of performance all through. It has an innovative input technique.

What I don’t like

The NYOS Quantum requires regular maintenance and cleaning for its effectiveness. Failure to clean the skimmer will lead to it halting its operations or low-quality cleaning.

  • Offers great and impressive cleaning results on your tank
  • It has a very quiet exceptional performance that is not easy to notice
  • It is designed to consume very little power
  • Has an innovative input design that is easy to fix
  • They have silicone made silencer feet for maximum quietness
  • The skimmers require regular cleaning and maintenance
  • They could easily break when mishandled

The Tunze USA Doc skimmer is one of the best skimmers for the 200-gallon tank. The Tunze Doc skimmer requires very little power for it to run effectively. It uses 12- 15 watts of power. If you can compare the performance of the Tunze Doc and other large skimmers that consume twice the power, it will surprise you to find that the performance is almost the same. 

You do not require to set anything. It is extremely silent during its performance as well as easy to operate. It has nylon mesh that provides some biological action on the water. This helps in ensuring that unwanted nutrients and the nitrates are removed. The filter could be replaced with other filtration media like carbon. It has a stable base that ensures effective use. The base helps in reducing the velocity of the water in the lower zones of the skimmer. The mixing chamber that has flow distributers binds for an especially high amount of organic material.

What I like

This enables the water levels to adapt to the level of the skimmer as requires for the effective production of wetter foam that will give maximum results. The removable post- filter located at the outlet of the skimmer allows perfect mechanical filtration. Nipple for ozone connection and improves the skimming process and removes any yellow matter in aquarium water.

What I don’t like

It requires to be maintained regularly for it to perform effectively at all times.

  • A large cup that contains the foam reactor and is easily removable
  • A booster ring that permits a fine adjustment of the power
  • It can adapt to water levels inside the skimmer
  • A removable post-filter at the outlet for perfect mechanical filtration
  • Requires continuous and continuous cleaning

The Hydor performer requires very little power for it to run effectively. It has a noise-free operation that makes it hard to notice. The Hydor Performer has an adjustable flow return for max versatility while skimming the water. Inclusive of a collection cup drainage system together with foam pumps. 

It has an elegant and easy use with little instructions on how. It is built with a high precision CNC physical integrated parts. Quality is highly considered. The protein skimmer is made using high-quality materials which makes its performance legit. 

The skimmer has a versatile application in marine and reef aquariums. It comes packed with a venture silencer. It comes along with a new formula of lubricating the foam pump for an excellent performance. The skimmer is easy to assemble the parts from when the product is shipped to a well-functioning protein skimmer.

What I like

The performer protein skimmer guarantees its users a super-efficient foaming and water circulation. It aids in removing the particulate matter. The super- amazing drainage system regulates the level of water in the chamber effectively without changing the amount of water that is being circulated and treated in its chambers. The range comes with an efficient air regulating system that is responsible for controlling air input and allows the user to adjust the skimmer to specific personal needs for favorable results

What I don’t like

The Hydor Performer requires to be cleaned more often to ensure its performance is always at the peak.

  • It consumes very little energy and gives perfect skimming results
  • It has a noise-free operation that makes it hard to notice
  • Has an adjustable flow return for max versatility while skimming the water
  • The Hydor is built using high-quality materials for durability
  • versatile application in marine and reef aquariums
  • Requires frequent cleaning and maintenance for it to be perfect in its performance

The AquaC EV-180 Protein Skimmer does not use the commonly known venturi silencer or air pumps instead, they use patented “spray induction system”. The protein skimmers have greater efficiency. The mechanism allows it to draw in a lot of air, much more than the other top protein skimmers. It also portrays a compact designed reaction chamber that perfectly removes waste in the water. 

This skimmer has a flexible design for internal and external applications for efficiency. It has an addition of a ball valve for efficient airflow control that allows the user to adjust the output of the skimmer. The EV is remarkably silent during its operation. This is attributed to the fact that the spray injection system does not produce sucking noise that is produced by Beckett and venturi protein skimmers. 

It has the John Guest ‘speedfit’ fitting that is only found on these skimmers. It has a collection cup with a twist – lock which makes it much more secure to fit it and does not require screws to be fit. 

What I like

This is an amazing best protein skimmer you’ll come across. Everything about it is amazing. It has the most silent operation ever. I like its mechanism, use of patented “spray induction system”. The protein skimmers have a greater efficiency compared to other 200 gallons protein skimmers. It portrays a compact designed reaction chamber that perfectly removes waste in the water. 

It has a flexible design for internal and external applications for efficiency which makes it a great choice for you. The spray injection system does not produce sucking noise that is produced by Beckett and venturi protein skimmers. Increased in size to accommodate extra foam skimmers and wider reaction towers.

What I don’t like

As many good products the AquaC EV-180 Protein Skimmer is will require maintenance more often.

  • It has a very quiet operation because of the spray injection mechanism
  • Ball valve for efficient airflow control that allows the user to adjust the output of the skimmer
  • It perfectly removes proteins from the water
  • Increased contact time for enhanced protein removal
  • Requires often cleaning for perfect performance

The Reef octopus is an in-sump protein skimmer for your aquarium. It is capable of filtering up to 265 gallons of aquarium capacity. It is constructed using high-quality acrylic that enables easy dismantling while cleaning it. Enhanced foam formation. This is made so by its unique shape, wine glass shape which concentrates the organic foam. It has a Reef Octopus Aqua trance 3000s pinwheel pump that ensures a perfect combination of air and water for maximum waste removal. 

Disassembling the skimmer is very easy to ensure that cleaning and maintenance are easy. It has skimmer pumps that come together with the protein skimmer to increase the efficiency of the skimmer. It is also easy to maintain this protein skimmer. The cup with the drain is easily removable for effective cleaning. It has a high-performance venturi air injection system. This system enhances air circulation within the skimmer’s chambers.

What I like

The Aquatrance pumps are great pumps that are designed specifically for the protein skimmers. They ensure a perfect combination of air and water for maximum waste removal. They are easy to maintain as well as have a quiet operation. The construction of the Reef Octopus Classic Protein Skimmer uses hand –made acrylic that ensures the durability of the protein skimmer. It is easy to remove the cup with the drain mechanism that makes it easy to clean. A trusted tool by professional aquarists as well as hobbyists.

What I don’t like

Since all the piping work occurs at the bottom on the outside of the skimmer if the joints are not tight it will drip. The plastic material used will break if handled inappropriately.

  • Has a high cleaning and skimming capability
  • The hand- made acrylic that ensures the durability of the protein skimmer
  • It is easy to maintain the protein skimmer as well as maintain it
  • Has an enhanced foam formation made so by its unique wine glass shape
  • Wrong fitted joints will cause dripping at the bottom
  • The plastic material used will break if mishandled

It has a great performing foam fractionator that is designed with a patented needle- wheel impeller for effective skimming. It includes an easy to twist collecting cup as well as a Bubble production diffuser. This amazing schemer has an exemplary performance when it comes to removing organic particles from the tank before they diffuse into the water. 

It has dual injection inlets that increase the bubble and water contact time. The bubble production unit helps in preventing the flow of micro- bubbles down the main aquarium. It can be used with both in a sump and a hang on the mounting bracket. Cleaning the Protein Skimmer is easy. You just have to unscrew the skimmer easily and clean it in a few minutes and get it back to work in full force.

What I like

The Coralife Super Protein Skimmers are designed in different sizes to suit different sizes of the tanks. The mixture formed allows the needle wheel to divide fine bubbles into a dense froth. I like the high- quality acrylic construction that offers effortless cleaning. It has a great performing foam fractionator that is designed with a patented needle- wheel impeller for effective skimming. The easy to twist collecting cup is easy to remove for easy cleaning and secure fitting.

What I don’t like

One of the greatest drawbacks is that when it is mounted on the back it may vibrate and produce some noise. Another drawback is that when the water level is not maintained it may overflow.

  • It will start working in full force just after a few minutes of installation
  • Operates in a quiet and conducive environment when installing properly
  • The easiest to assemble even for the amateurs
  • Comes with a great pump and has amazing bubble production for efficiency
  • Produces noise when fixed on the back
  • If the water levels are not maintained it may end up overflowing.

The Icecap offers a high level of purely refined filtration for salty water aquariums of up to 200 gallons. The Skimmer is built to surpass many problems that other existing skimmers have. It has a light bioload to ensure the effectiveness of the protein skimmer. The Icecap protein skimmer has an in-sump installation only. 

It is crafted from PVC material and high-quality acrylic that ensures the durability of the protein skimmer. All the parts used in constructing the marine protein skimmer are highly refined to provide a great performance of the skimmer. It has a great performance foam fractionating column to ensure max results. The body has a shape of a beer bottle that gives a higher rate of stability of the water and air as they mix towards the transition chamber.

What I like

Has a splash-free circulation in the sump. It also has a unique performing reaction chamber that offers multi-stage diffusion of water and increases contact time between the water and the air for enhanced skimming. It has an impressive and compact footprint that makes it ideal for extremely tight sump applications. To disassemble the protein skimmer it only takes a short time and it is very easy.

What I don’t like

The fact that the Icecap K2-160 protein skimmer offers only the in- sump installation and it requires to be frequently cleaned.

  • Has a remarkable and impressive performance
  • Easy to dis-assemble the protein skimmer for easy cleaning
  • Has a quiet operation when functioning normally
  • Has a splash-free circulation in the sump
  • The pipeless output offers fine-tuning of the skimmer
  • Provides only the in-sump installation
  • Requires frequent cleaning for exemplary results

Bubble Magus is practical and extremely efficient. They offer very innovative features that have reliable pumps that skim proteins effectively. It has a needle wheel pump alongside a venturi intake that produces the required amount of air bubbles. The bubble plate reduces the turbulence that occurs in the reaction chamber. It has an innovative curvaceous skimmer body that allows smooth rising of the foam into the collection cup. 

The Bubble Magus is extremely silent. This is made so by an air silencer that dampens the noise. An easy to remove quick-release collection cup for easy cleaning and maintenance. The skimmer body is easily cleanable. It has a collection cup drain that reduces the frequency of the maintenance. It has an amazing and compact footprint that allows easy installation of the protein skimmer.

What I like

The SPI 1000 needle wheel pump has a venturi intake that produces air bubbles. It keeps the pressure and oxygen level at correct levels to offer the aqua animals a habitable environment. An addition to the pump is the bubble plate that helps in reducing the turbulence in the reaction chamber. Most importantly the collection cup is easily removable and has a fair size and a curved skimmer body for carrying out the cleaning process.

What I don’t like

Sometimes the Bubble Magus BM-Curve 7 protein skimmer tends to have some hitches while operating on and off. The Air inlet is too close to the lid and makes it gets easily clogged.

  • It is well designed and has an easy installation mechanism
  • Has a beautiful aesthetic look and design
  • It has a great performing pump that could be replaced
  • One of the best protein skimmers with a great performance
  • It is easy to clean as well as maintain the skimmer
  • Has a quiet operation
  • The air inlet is close to the lid and it causes clogging
  • Tends to work off and on

The C-Skim is designed to be installed in or next to the sump offering two installation options for you to choose from. Unlike other protein skimmers, the C-Skim can be powered by the aquarium main flow pump or the 400gph pump (separate). It is constructed with a dedicated closed-loop aspiration pump that provides over 200 gallons of air per hour. 

This creates a 3- to -1 water-to-air ratio for maximum cleaning and skimming of the aquarium water. It has a compact square-shaped footprint stand that maximizes the sump space. All its controls are in one place which makes the task of setting up plus maintaining the protein skimmer a walk in the park. The height of the foam is well regulated using an integrated adjustment lever together with a patented window.

What I like

The 3- position lever on the same position allows you to effectively lower the water levels for maintenance. It does not require you to dismantle the pump for you to maintain the water levels. It makes it easier to maintain the C-Skim protein skimmer. The skimmer has great efficiency to ensure peak performance at all times. As an addition to the so-far amazing features, it has built-in drain plug fitting means you do not have to remove the collection cup.

What I don’t like

It may vibrate and end up producing some noise which makes it a drawback of the C-Skim especially when powered.

  • C-Skim is one of the easiest to maintain advanced protein skimmer
  • Has a dedicated closed-loop aspiration pump that produces 200 gallons of air per hour
  • Provides the required 3-1 ratio of water and air respectively
  • Great performance and uniquely efficient
  • When powered by the pump it may end up producing some noisy vibrations
  • If mishandled it could break

Coralvue BH-2000 Octopus protein skimmer has a bounty of features that give it a highly advantageous operation compared to other protein skimmers. It is built using high-quality acrylic material to enhance the durability of the skimmer. 

The low profile body ensures the stability of the skimmer during its performance. It has an amazing super- legit cleaning and skimming capabilities that gives 99% of protein-free water. It also enhances the amount of oxygen dissolved in the aquarium water making your aquarium even more habitable. It provides a quite performance since it has an air silencer and a sound dampening mechanism.

What I like

I like the way the pump is the mount. It is mounted beneath the skimmer’s body to minimize the amount of heat exchanged to the tank. The under installation reduces the amount of space required to keep your protein skimmer. As an addition to the great pump performance, it is easily removable to allow easy and stress-free cleaning as well as maintenance process. It has a solid construction. 

Made using high-quality acrylic to ensure your skimmer lasts long and gives you a service that surpasses your money. The power pump operates using very little energy. Higher water intake is consistent. It has a higher air drawing ability compared to other protein skimmers. Fortunately enough when the power goes off abruptly the water does not flood your room but rather the flow shuts down.

What I don’t like

Unlike other versions of protein skimmers that are easy to dismantle, clean and maintain, with the Coralvue octopus it is challenging and time-consuming. The skimmer is quite noisy while running.

  • Reduced heat exchange, made so by the under the skimmer pump installation
  • Built using high-quality acrylic material for durability
  • High performance and gives a high degree level of cleaning
  • Ensures high levels of dissolved oxygen in the water
  • Not easily cleanable
  • The skimmer is quite noisy

Buying Guide

What do you need to know while considering purchasing a protein skimmer? The need to clean your aquarium water is very essential. That is why you need a good protein skimmer that is durable for a long term service. Below are some of the factors to consider while choosing the protein skimmer.                       

The setup process

Depending on the size of your aquarium it will determine the type of skimmer to use. There are both complex and simple protein skimmers. The installation process is different depending on the skimmer. Complex skimmers require more time to set up while simple skimmers take a shorter time to set up. Another determining factor to time consumed to set up is your level of skills. Amateurs will tend to make more time compared to the intermediates and the Gurus. To save on time you could use video tutorials on YouTube. 

The pump

Great results require great tools. For effective skimming of your aquarium water, you need a powerful skimmer pump that will maintain a steady flow of water to and from the aquarium protein skimmer. The pump has to be robust to maintain a proper water flow as required for effective skimming.  It is important to know the rate of water per hour the pump will pump. You need to know that a very powerful pump will not be suitable for small protein skimmers as well as aquariums. The excess water will not have enough contact time for waste removal.  

Size of the Protein Skimmer

Choose the correct size of the protein skimmer that suits your aquarium. The space required to set the skimmer to determine the size of a protein skimmer to purchase. The compact-sized skimmers are ideal solutions to your aquarium waste-free conditions. If your space is large enough you could opt bigger protein skimmers. If your aquarium has a capacity of 200 gallons then a 220 – 250 gallons protein skimmer will be ideal. 

Amount and Size of air bubbles produced

For clean and waste-free aquarium water the size of air bubbles produced is very vital. The smaller the size of the air bubbles the more efficient the task is carried and vice versa. So it is advisable that before you decide on what to purchase check the volume and size of air bubbles produced. Very tiny air bubbles won’t get the job done efficiently thus the same troubles of waste will remain to stress you. Get yourself middle-sized air bubbles that will sort you out, giving you amazing results that you are looking for. 

Size of the aquarium

The size of the aquarium is an important factor to consider. The brand manufactures of protein skimmers manufacture the skimmers in different sizes to suit the varying sizes of the aquariums. A large capacity aquarium requires an evenly sizeable protein skimmer for effective results. Not unless you have an idea of increasing the size of your aquarium don’t buy a large aquarium skimmer it will be illogic. If you have a 50 gallons capacity aquarium buy a 100 gallons skimmer. This helps improve the contact time for impressive results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of having a protein skimmer?

A: Protein skimmers extract all the organic substances present in the water. They also help in maintaining a low nitrate level in the aquarium water. This ensures a healthy habitat especially for corals in less concentrated water. The protein skimmers aid greatly in increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in the aquarium water. This promotes the thriving of healthy aqua life. They help in reducing biological toxins that are produced by algae or the inverters. Maintenance of a PH equilibrium by preventing acidic reaction that may occur due to carbon dioxide buildup. In the aquarium. The Hob protein skimmer will work perfectly in oily surfaced that enhances light penetration for the growth of aquarium plants.

Q: How do you set up a protein skimmer?

A: For the amateurs who have no skills in installing the protein skimmers the time you take to set up will be easy. Complex skimmers require more time to set up while simple skimmers take a shorter time to set up. Another determining factor to time consumed to set up is your level of skills. But how do you ensure you set it up correctly even with the least skills in installing? All you need to do is follow the given instructions keenly. In addition to that, you can watch online video tutorials for the easy setup process. In case the two don’t work you could consult aquarists close to you. 

Q: How do you take care of a protein skimmer?

A: The aquarium protein skimmer will often get dirty daily due to the waste it has to remove from the water daily. This calls for regular cleaning of the skimmer. Cleaning and maintenance vary according to the type of skimmer you have. Large skimmers will require you to spend more time cleaning it compared to the smaller protein skimmers.

Final Words

A simple filtration mechanism is not enough to clean perfectly your aquarium water. Daily, the aqua animals produce organic waste that needs to be eliminated for a healthy living for the aqua animals. This leads to the need for the use of advanced equipment to ensure clean water at all times. The best protein skimmers ensure exemplary clean water as well as make your aquarium visibility crystal clear. They also ensure that all the plants and animals living in the aquarium have a conducive environment for the best thrive. With the correct protein skimmer, you aqua environment in your house is at its best, for the effective healthy growth of aqua plants and animals.

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