10 Best Reverse Osmosis System for Home [Reviews & Guide 2021]

RO system for home offers the best method to ensure you have clean and safe water for your household. Reverse osmosis system is very effective as compared to other water filtration methods. RO systems are capable of reducing the number of contaminants in the water up to 95-99.9%. In the review, we focused on the best reverse osmosis system for your home in 2020.

The comprehensive guide provides all the crucial information you may need to get the right RO system. We have fully explained in detail how each RO system differs from the rest and advantage and disadvantage of each product.


Best Reverse Osmosis System For Home Reviews

The below RO systems are the best in the current market. These are unique and high-quality reverse osmosis that is affordable. For more information, check the review below and you will like their quality.

Home Master TMAFC provides full contact of up to seven unique stages of purification, filtration, and enhancement. It’s capable of removing up to 99% of chlorine, chemicals, chlorine, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and other present pollutants. The system can reduce the level of ammonia, nitrate, and dissolved solids and so on. All of the Home Master TMAFC artesian full filter systems use a superior catalytic carbon filtration media. Carbon is suitable for treating persistent chemicals and other harmful substances.

What I like​

Home master artesian under-sink filter systems last longer when compared to similar brands.  The old fashioned filter system requires heavy tools and brute force to replace the sealed canister filter. Home master, it’s unique and it’s easy to change the filters as no complicated tools are necessary.

What I don’t like

Even though the filters are replaceable, they don’t last too long. They require a frequent replacement of about one year of use or every 2000 gallons. The high rate changes make it expensive to maintain the master filter system.

The home master filter system uses a high quality modular located in a single unit. The filter housing, as well as the entire filter, is disposable. Therefore, the annual filters change up quickly and efficiently. They are essential in the reduction of microorganisms and other bio-film build-ups. It helps in the reduction of leakage cases which is common in most traditional filter systems.

  • Easy to change the filters
  • Features a modular filter design
  • Provides a clean, great-tasting water
  • Capable of removing toxic chemicals and other contaminants
  • Includes a non- electric permeate pump to improve the system working capability
  • The home master filter it’s a bit expensive
  • It requires a lot of care while handling

Home Master TMAFC ERP it’s a product of Home master manufacture. Therefore you are guaranteed of its high-quality.  It features an improved RO system to ensure maximum water filtration. Home master TMFC ERP innovative design is capable of solving most of the popular problems related to the ordinary RO system. Like other home master system, the TMAFC ERP artesian full contact features seven filtration stages for highly pure water. The system can remove up to 98% of toxic chemicals including chlorine.

What I like

Home master’s filters are easy to change or clean. The painless and quick filter replacement requires no wrenches which are common with other models. Also, the system is suitable for providing pure, great-tasting mineral water and features a reliable design. The advantage of the machine is that it has a faster flow rate. The system is capable of producing up to 75gallons of clean water within a day. It’s also responsible for removing bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms present in the raw water

What I don’t like

The cost of the machine it’s too high and requires a lot of maintenance. Home Master TMAFC Artesian full contact does not have a stable base therefore its stability it’s too low. Also, its white color it’s a bit challenging to clean thus requires thorough cleaning.

It adds extra miners for great taste as well as improving the purification process.  The patented full contact technology is responsible for adding magnesium and calcium minerals twice during the filtration activity. Home Master TMAFC RRP device has a built-in non-electric permeate pump. Permeate pump ensures no water wastage up to 80% and maximizes water production up to 50%.

  • Includes extra minerals for great taste
  • Features a built-in electric permeate pump
  • Ideal for reducing water wastage
  • Suitable for providing clean and pure water
  • Equipped with an improved RO system
  • It’s discouraging how slow the pump works
  • Home master filter system TMAFC ERP is heavy as compared to other filters

The filtration system uses osmosis filtration technology to provide clean and pure drinking water. It has a filtration and purification accuracy of 0.000 um thus capable of removing most of the pollutants. Water-drop RO reverse osmosis filtration system can effectively filter fluoride, chlorine, limescale and heavy materials. The device is essential for home use as it can remove TDS in your tap water.  In just a few minutes, the Ro system can be installed without much struggle. The filters are also easy to change which is not the case with other filter systems.

What I like

The carbon block filters use high activated carbon granules that are made using natural coconut shell.  The coconut shell attribute helps to return all the essential minerals into the water at the same time improving the water taste. Last but not the least, the compact design makes the filter system the best choice for any room either small or large.

What I don’t like

Due to its size, most of the people don’t prefer the water filter system for commercial use.  The water-drop RO system is only able to filter 400 gallons per day. The system can take 12 seconds to filter a single cup making it a bit slow.

The water-drop reverse filtration system is an innovative water purification system that has all its components located in a single unit. The compact and slim design makes the machine easy to handle and store in your small apartment. It has a composite filter as well as a classic tankless design.  The present three filters provide up to seven stages of filtration. Carbon blocks and pre-sediments work the same as that of three filters combined.

  • Features a tank-less design
  • Equipped with power and long-lasting RO system
  • It can save up to 300% of water wastage
  • It’s easy and quick to install the system into your home
  • Water-drop Ro system provides a superior performance
  • The water filter it’s not ideal for commercial use
  • It a bit slow as compared to other models

Express water alkaline filter system it’s a high performing filter system available in the market.  It comes with up to 20% more oxygen than the normal water filter system. The antioxidant present helps to reduce the cost of purchasing an extra one. Improved level of technology is present in the alkaline water filter to increase the level of water purification.  

The active mineral technology is responsible for the addition of potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Express water alkaline it’s ideal for providing clean and chemical-free water for your body.

What I don’t like

Even the fact that the machine is very powerful and easy to connect, it has some negativity. The water filter system has its component designed alone making it not the best choice for small apartments. On top of that, the system features a lot of components that are difficult to handle or transport.

The ability to remove up to 99.9% of lead, fluoride and chlorine present helps to ensure high taste water for human consumption. All the filters work together to ensure healthy and safe water is present throughout. You can easily understand the design of the system thus easy to install and no extra cost is necessary for assembling.

  • Has a high level of oxygen than the ordinary systems
  • Features active mineral technology for calcium, potassium and magnesium addition
  • Suitable for providing chlorine a fluoride-free water
  • It’s easy to assemble
  • Equipped with a stable base for stability
  • Lacks a compact and slim design
  • It's a bit expensive due to the high-performance rate.

Home Master TMHP hydro perfection water filter system is one of the great systems that you can aim for purchasing in 2020. It has an effective ratio of up to 1:1 with a permeate pump as well as a UV light.  The permeate pump helps in maximizing the water flow rate while minimizing water waste production. TMHP hydro-perfection reverse osmosis filter system features a powerful RO system. The innovative design of the system solves most of the popular challenges among ordinary machines.

What I like

The addition iron pre-filter is capable of preventing the RO membrane and the UV filter ensures no microorganism can survive in the water. For high water pressure, home master TMPH hydro-perfection is the best. The filters are easy to change and maintain.

What I don’t like

The home master TMPH hydro-perfection system is too heavy to handle as compared to other models. Its huge design makes it a dislike for most of the homeowners. Besides, the machine requires a lot of power thus increasing the electricity bills.

  • Has a faster water flow rate
  • Includes a non-electric pump for improving system efficiency
  • Features a UV light for healthy water
  • It’s easy to change the filters
  • Provides a clean and great tasting water
  • The water filter system is expensive to purchase
  • It’s too huge to handle

I-spring RCC 7AK is high quality and powerful machine.  It is ideal for healthier, safe and clean water for human use.  The under sink mounted filters, as well as the water softeners, are essential for the removal of lead, metals and other contaminates. It’s capable of reducing the presence of lead, iron, chlorine, fluoride calcium, sodium, and others up to 99%. The water filtered by the I-spring is intellect for a baby which is not the case with other water filter systems.

What I like

It had both the 5 micron CTO and GAC filters that help the loose carbon to capture large debris and remove microorganisms. The small sediments left, the CTO carbon block filter id responsible for trapping.  Therefore, the RO membrane and CTO filters work to their maximum efficiency and can last for a long period. This water filter system is a leak-free system thus guaranteed water waste reduction.

What I don’t like

Most of the people state that expensive products are usually the best. In case that happens to be correct, then it means this system it’s of poor quality. However, no proof of how the machine effective it is. When it comes to the installation process, the system requires a lot of keenness to reduce cases of leaking.

  • The machine is extremely cheap
  • It's a leak-free system
  • Reinforced transparent housing for easy monitoring
  • Features fine micro, layered protection
  • Premium and sturdy construction material for durability
  • Not suitable for commercial use
  • It’s a bit challenging to assemble its components

75 GPD 6 stages of filtration help in the removal of up to 99% of present bacterial, organics, cysts, chemicals and viruses. The APEC top tier alkaline filter system features a high-pressure water system. Its sturdy and heavy construction material guarantees a safe and long-lasting water filter system. The system is essential for PH enhancement thus providing safe and healthy water. Besides that, you will enjoy ultra pure water with added magnesium and calcium for great and alkalinity taste.

What I like

The advanced coconut shell carbon filters are non- toxic natural ingredients that help in the removal of residual taste from the water tank. The 6 stages of filtration and purification are essential for providing healthy and safe water.  The stages are made using premium caliber components for long-lasting.

What I don’t like

The water filter system it’s challenging when it comes to the installation process. For effective assembling, the user needs to keenly follow the instruction in the instruction booklet. Failure to that, the system may not effectively work as recommended.

  • Features premium long-lasting filter
  • Removes up to 99.9% chlorine present in the water
  • Design with supreme quality material
  • Equipped with secure APEC carbon blocks
  • It has advanced coconut shell carbon filters
  • It's slow when it comes to its operation
  • Requires a lot of power
  • slot

Enjoy ultimate and supreme clean and safe water from this water filter system. APEC water system RO 90 is responsible for ensuring great tasting water in your home. It helps in reducing the cost of purchasing costly bottled water which is not purely treated. APEC RO -90 certified filters are the most durable and quality product in the industry. Tested and certified to be able to remove up to 99% of pollutant substances. It’s able to trap and remove harmful lead, heavy metal, arsenic and other contaminants in the water. 

What I like

The premium, top-notch JG quickly connects fittings for easy and secure leak seal. Double carbon present in the system ensures maximum possible chemical and chlorine removal. It’s capable of providing superb taste and water purity which is not common in most models. The ability of the QC process to fully eliminate small debris gives the system an additional benefit.

What I don’t like

It’s so annoying about how the system works. Even though it operates quietly, after a long period of operation it’s a bit noisy. The huge and disorganized design of the water filters system makes it does not suit small apartments.

  • Provides a large surface area for removal of tiny contaminants
  • Features a simple and organized RO-90
  • Tested and fully certified by WQA to be able to remove chlorine, odor, etc
  • Suitable for providing ultimate fresh and clean drinking water
  • Equipped with Super capacity filters
  • Freeform leakage thus water saver system
  • The system is noisy after a long operation
  • Carbon block filter is expensive to replace

Brondell circle reverse osmosis water filter system is the ideal system for filtering drinking water.  The system features water-saving smart technology. This improved technology reduces backpressure thus making the circle more efficient than the regular models. The RO system is an energy and time-saving drinking water filter system. 

This is a high –quality and elegant chrome home faucet that is cheap and easy to maintain.  Brondell circle reverse osmosis system utilizes the four unique separate filters to remove any harmful substance present in the water.

What I like

Its compact and slim design makes the filter system the best choice for home use. The black color of the housing will suit all home décor. The filter system automatically flushes the RO membrane, to increase its life span.

What I don’t like

The filter system is not much ideal in the removal of chlorine, lead, iron, and other related contaminants.  Also, is not intellect for commercial use due to its small size. Lastly, it’s so discouraging that the machine is too slow although it’s tinny.

  • Features a rapid refill rate
  • It includes an LED indicator for easy monitoring
  • Equipped with four unique stages of filtration
  • Has a compact design thus a space-saver system
  • Designed with a smart valve to eliminate backpressure
  • It is so small for large homes
  • The filters are not easy to clean

This express water filter system features solid BPA free material construction.  The sturdy construction gives the water filter system a long life span. It is suitable for provides safe and clear water free from contaminants. The five stages are so critical in the filtration process.  All the scale, dirt, sand, sediments and other pollutants are fully filtered at the first stage. Activated carbon blocks CTO features pure natural coconut carbon construction. On top of that, they have a 5 um nominal micron rating.

What I like

Its sturdy and free BPA material makes it an ideal feature of the drinking filter system. Its installation process is easy as compared to a similar product.  The high performance of the Express water reverse osmosis is the other advantage. The machine is capable of providing crystal and toxic-free water.

What I don’t like

The tank-less design lacked by the water filter system makes it not suitable for a small room. Most of the customers don’t like how the components are organized. Also, the system requires the filter replacement to be done after one year.

  • Provides a large surface area for removal of tiny contaminants
  • Great for commercial use
  • Features a sturdy and quality construction material
  • Provides chlorine, lead an f other pollutants free water
  • It’s more powerful than similar models
  • The machine is expensive to purchase and maintain
  • It’s so huge thus not ideal for small kitchens

Things to Consider

Selecting the ideal reverse osmosis system for the home might be a bit tricky. However, we have several factors that can help you in coming up with the best water filter system of your choice.

Water pressure

A quality reverse osmosis system should have at least a pressure of 40PSI. any machine with pressure below that, it might not be ideal for home use. it may force you to increase the pressure of the waterline which might not be the right idea. Some systems come equipped with booster pumps while others come without.


The best type of reverse osmosis system should be able to fit under the sink. Note that most of the systems require a lot of space due to many components. Its intellect to ensure that your’re cabinet has adequate space. A limited amount of space in the kitchen or any room may not suit the right type of reverse osmosis.

Water usage

Most of the reverse osmosis systems consume a lot of water.  The water raw water is usually more than the one drained by the system for use. Water usage it’s a factor as most people lack adequate water and thus no option for water wastage. 

 Filter Maintenance 

To ensure that the carbon filters work as they used to be when you purchased, they require regular maintenance. The RO system may be a bit challenging to maintain, however, for effective filtration, you need to keep them safe. A reverse osmosis system contains more than one filter.

Water source

Despite the factor that reverse osmosis systems are capable of filtering, they usually have a limit. It’s a good idea to be aware of the source of water to ensure that you get the right filters. Some filters are more powerful than others in terms of filtration and filtration.

What is Reverse Osmosis and How does it work?

Reverse osmosis (RO) is one of the most popular, effective and economical methods for removing impurities from water. It is a special kind of filtration that features a semi-permeable, and a thin membrane equipped with small pores. Ro is mostly used in providing purified drinking water in companies, homes, industrial boilers, food and beverage processing companies. Reverse osmosis has been in the market since the 1960s and has been a recognized and respected technology.

How the RO works

Reverse osmosis a filter applies an external pressure on the raw water making it penetrate through a semi-permeable membrane. Reverse osmosis works by reversing the principle of osmosis. The raw water id forced to flow through the RO membrane from a low salt concentration to a high salt concentration. The level of pressure applied to the water mostly depends on the source of the water. If the water source its more pollutant, high pressure is necessary to push the water through the membrane. As the water passes through the reverse osmosis membrane 95 to 99% of the contaminants are captured. The blocked materials are then directed into the reject stream.

The filtered water is demineralized and desalinated by the semi-permeable membrane. Most of the instruction manual refers to it as permeate water as it’s not yet fully filtered. While the water stream presents with the contaminants it’s typically called the reject.  During the filtration process, the water stream with contaminants doesn’t pass through the RO membrane.

As the water stream passes through the semi-permeable membrane, only the water molecules give the chance to flow.  The contaminants and other dissolved salts are trapped and blocked. To avoid the conjunction of the waste, they are discharged with a fresh stream of water. The water waste mostly is directed to the main drain. Another machine re-sends the water stream back to the source. The majority of the reverse osmosis system recycles the water to reduce water wastage.  

What Are The Benefits Of Reverse Osmosis?

Improves taste

Reverse osmosis water filter system is suitable for improving the taste of the water.  The RO water is more preferred than tap water. The reason is that RO water is free from lead, nitrate, traces and other contaminants. RO systems are ideal when it comes to removing odor and other pollutants that alter the taste of water.

Simple maintenance

Reverses osmosis systems are easy to maintain and requires less care as compared to other models of filtration. Most of the parts used in the system are cheap and readily available in the current market. Besides, most of the parts are removable that allowing easy access for cleaning.

Removes impurities

RO water filter systems are well known for the ability to remove toxic chemicals and other pollutants. The RO membrane is essential for the removal of heavy metals, dissolved solids, and similar contaminants. They are also responsible for removing other pollutants like fluoride, lead, iron bacteria, pharmaceutical, and others. A carbon filter is essential for the reduction of chloramines and chlorine. 

Saves money

With an RO system in your home, reduces the cost of purchasing bottled water. On top of that, it helps in canceling your water delivery duties. Reverse osmosis systems provide clean and safe water than bottled water. Also, the RO system consumes less power as compared to other methods of water filtration.  

How to Install Reverse Osmosis for Your Home

The RO water filter system reviewed above have the same installation process. Not just the one, but most of the RO system usually follows the same steps. As most people like connecting the system themselves, here are simple steps you can follow.

  1. Coldwater disconnection – remove the cold water pipe from the wall to the faucet.
  2. Fix the T connector – reverse osmosis system includes a T connector as well as a push-fit connector. Although, sometimes push-fit connector comes when fully attached to the system.
  3. Connect the waste hose – when connecting the waste pipe, you need to drill an extra hole in the waste hose. Ensure that you perfectly drill the hole to reduce cases of leaking. Make the hole in the horizontal part of the pipe. This helps to minimize the amount of noise produced while the machine flushes the waste.
  4. Fix the filter – it’s also advisable to be keen while mounting the filter. The ideal site to mount the filter is on the sides of the cabinet.  To change and clean the filter ensure it’s not permanently fixed. Ensure they are adequate space for replacement and maintenance.
  5. Assemble the main water tank – the water tank should install before fixing the water pipes. The ideal place to keep the water tank is at the base of the cupboard or sink. Make sure the tank is stable.
  6. Connect the water pipes – connect the water pipe from the water tank. Ensure that the water can freely flow without much pressure.
  7. Reconnect any loose pipe- make sure that the pipes are perfectly connected to the tank
  8. Plug the filter system in an electric outlet – in case your RO lack UV filter, then no need for this step. Ensure the power cord is perfectly connected to the socket for security purposes.
  9. Connect the water – turn the water tap on and keenly monitor any leakage. In case of a leakage, turn the water source and to remedy the leakage. The best material to use for remedying is the Teflon tape. Repeat the process until no more leakage. 
  10. Fill the water tank and empty – this is usually the last step. It’s an important step as it helps to ensure that the pipes and other components are thoroughly cleaned.

Care and Maintenance of a Reverse Osmosis System

The level of maintenance depends on the quality and type of the reverse osmosis system you have. The water source and level of water contaminants also helps in determining the maintenance process.

  • Most of the filters used in the RO system require replacement after 6 months. Some machines like Home master ULTRA ERP can last for one year which is not the case with most of the filters. 
  • The pre-membrane filter for effective filtration have to be replaced after every 6 to 12 months
  • Ro membrane can last for a long period as compared to the pre-membrane. It can last for two to three years although some can last up to four years. But for effective filtration ensures you change the filter after 2 years.

The filter in the system is the main component that determines the level of filtration. The initial filter that comes with the RO system can last for a long period. For easy monitoring of the filter, several systems feature transparent housing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long cans the RO system last?

A: Despite that you perform regular maintenance to the filter, the system can last forever. However, ensure that you get the right quality reverse osmosis system if you need to have a lifetime warranty filter.

Q: What the difference between an RO and a distiller?

A: No much difference as the results it’s the same. But they differ in terms of filtration and purification process. An RO system is more improved when it comes to the removal of toxic chemicals and debris.power filters, under-gravel filters, and internal filters.

Q. What contaminants does RO remove?

A. It’s capable of removing a variety of pollutants. First RO features different filters that are responsible for the removal of contaminants.  In general, the RO system can remove all harmful chemicals and materials. They include chlorine, fluorine, odor, metals and dissolved solids.

Final Verdict

The review has covered a wide range of reverse osmosis systems that are ready in the market. To have an RO in your home it’s a great advantage for your family.  RO systems are ideal for providing clean and safe water for the entire household. The above RO system uses advanced technology to increase their efficiency.

Reverse osmosis system is easy to install as no complicated tools and steps are necessary. They can remove impurities up to 99.9% of the total contaminants. Despite their amazing cost, RO is durable and of high quality.

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