10 Best Rimless Aquariums to choose in 2021 (Reviews & Guide)

If you are a fish keeper with a passion for the beauty of aquatic plants and aquatic animals, you should consider having a rimless aquarium tank. Having a chance to see the marine species alive gives you a different kind of buzz, a lively one I should say. Choosing the best rimless aquarium tank made from either glass or acrylic, from the large variety of aquariums may prove to be a hurdle. That is why I wrote this article to help ease your work when it comes to reviewing and get an aquarium tank worth your money and time.

Keeping an aquarium is considered a hobby to a large population of the world but only for small private aquariums. There are large aquariums kept for the sake of the public to show different fish species and sometimes aquatic plants. Keeping an aquarium comes with the responsibility of caring about food, water, and other essentials. Therefore you always have to make sure your marine species are living in a place with conditions that match its natural habitat

What Is A Rimless Aquarium Tank?

The rimless aquarium tanks are, in most cases, top priority choices for Nano reef tanks. They allow viewers to have enough space to view even for a small aquarium. The glasses made in most of the rimless aquariums are more transparent with high purity. It just looks incredible, and 

I am sure most of you guys will fall in love with the aesthetic appeal, which is so attractive to the eyes. The rimless aquariums also get referred to as traditional aquariums. Hobbyists around the around sphere are precise on their aquarium style select with at list fifty to seventy percent of the marketplace taking to go for a rimless aquarium.

Manufacturing approaches to get rimless aquariums were not typical. However, a planted fish tank custodian called Takashi Amano began using them to achieve his endless vision, and his dream got known to the world. Takashi wanted to fulfill his dream of worthy aquacades. Soon enough, the reef hobbyists realized the variance and stated an interest in obtaining the rimless tanks. 

Moreover, the water in the aquarium is clear enough without the black edge of plastics, and this allows one to view the top easily. You can only know the water lacks clarity when the water line disturbs the view. Things get more expensive when one decides to go for two hundred and forty gallons of rimless aquariums. They will need thicker glass to maintain the water.

I have enlisted my list of best aquarium tanks and their product brands above. Here are some of the reasons that caught my eye about the stated products. Just a review of details on the aquariums to help you identify the tank you would most probably like to get.

The first feature I noticed with this tank is its outstanding frameless bent design providing a unique viewing experience for you. It can be suitable for keeping in your home, office, hostel, just any place that requires a beautiful additional touch to it.  

It includes 10 LED light fixtures and CIF4 Cascade Internal Filter that is UL-approved. To make the kit set up easy for you as the user, it has a hinge-style plastic lid. The tank uses a 3-piece construction that has subtle rounded front corners.

What I like

The internal cascade filter is enclosed in the tank and is very quiet, which makes it comfortable to place in noise-free zones. The screen also keeps the water in the fish tank clean and healthy with filtration. The glass is also very thick and clear, which is a combination rare to find.

What I don’t like

The plastic lid which gets held on with plastic hinges, I do not consider plastic the most favorable material to use. The LED light is also not bright enough for the many aquatic plants for those of us who love the sight of aquatic plants in our fish tanks.

The tank, which is a 10-gallon tank measure 125/8 inches for height and 113/4 inches for the width and length, is 173/4 inches, which Best Rimless Aquariumsmakes it suitable to hold a wide variety of aquatic fish species.

  • High clarity glass.
  • It is durable because of the thick glass.
  • The filter keeps the fish tank clean.
  • Easy to set-up.
  • Hinge-style plastic lid.

The Landen tank is a fish tank that provides you with an attractive, stylish small aquarium in your home. It is well known for its thin and clear glass that is high quality and has some iron content. It also comes with a black nano-foam leveling mat. Another exciting feature that the Landon 45P 9.6 Gallon has is its thin silicon seams. 

Due to its low iron content, the tank has a 90% transparency. The transparency gives it a perfect feature for observation of aquatic species and for displaying the lively tank designs. The thin silicon seams are the best since it removes the need or necessity for occasional trimming.

What I like

The glass clarity is one of the things that will please any aquatic life lover. It is smooth, rimless obviously, and has excellent construction, especially with the thin silicon seams. The tank light transparency is also an added advantage I am enjoying.

What I don’t like

It does not come as a full set. You, therefore, have to get the rest of the set-up separately.

The tank dimensions are 17.7 inches length by 10.6 inches width by 11.8 inches height with the low iron glass being 5mm thick.

  • Clear glass.
  • Iron content is low.
  • The tank has thin silicon seams.
  • Other components do not accompany them.

Looking for a lavish new home for your aquatic fish, then this is the go-to tank. It has an incredible 5-gallon glass desktop features with rounded corners and a mounting outline. With a unique 3 stage filtration system, it keeps the water clean. An adjustable flow filter pump accompanies the filtration system.

The LED lighting system shows off the tank in bright white and blue LED lights. White LEDs produce a glimmering light, which makes it look like a natural underwater effect of the sun. The blue LEDs create a moonlight radiance causing this sight a beauty to behold. It has a three-way switch, which alternates between off, blue-only, and white and blue settings. It has a sliding glass canopy for ease when it comes to feeding and checking the water.

What I like

The bright glass awning and the rounded corners on the tank which gives you a chance to view your fish from any angle and it still looks perfect. The LED lights can switch between one another and have a significant effect at any time of the day.

What I don’t like

It does not include any background features to give it an attractive look; instead, it has a black panel that hides the filter.

The tank dimensions are 17.05 inches long by 11.81 wide by 11.62 high and weigh 16.0 pounds.

  • It has a sleek design.
  • It provides daylight and moonlight lighting.
  • Great filtration system.
  • LED are too bright
  • Complaints of bad design

When it comes to a tank worth your precious money, I recommend you put into consideration the Landen 60P 17.1 Gallon tank. It is one amongst the few high quality tanks you can get that is worthwhile. Just like the Landen 45p 9.6 Gallon tank, this tank has a low iron content making it very clear. You can easily see your fish pets or aquatic plants in the tank without strain. It has a 91% clear diamante glass with minimal residual green color. 

An expert craftsman expertly makes it. It comes with a black nanofoam leveling mat. Something great about the aquarium also is its high standard job on the silicone rimming.

What I like

The glass used to make this aquarium is thick, and it makes it durable and secure. In general, the aquarium is of high quality and hefty duty.

What I don’t like

Conventional lids do not fit in with this tank.

Dimensions are 23.6 inches long by 11.8 inches wide by 14.2 inches high with a glass of thickness 6mm.

  • Low-iron content.
  • It is of high quality.
  • It has an attractive design.
  • Difficult to set up.
  • It has no lid.

At an affordable price, you can acquire a tank worth the quality you require and a bonus of an attractive aquarium. It has its top side open without a cover. It also has silicone seams in the bottom and along its edges. The aquarium tank is said to be a cube due to its equal dimensions. 

The aquarium has a unique feature that is its evenly distributed weight at its bottom pane. It has some foam along the tank’s bottom part, which acts as a cushion for its base. It is what makes the weight evenly distributed at the bottom. The aquarium does not have many details and is said to be standard.

What I like

It is not such a complicated aquarium tank since it has simple standard features. The glass is clear for great observation of your fish.

What I don’t like

It is open at the top. It has no LED light to give it an attractive look. It is too dull for a creative person’s liking.

This aquarium measures 12 inches on all three sides, making it a cube.

  • It is inexpensive.
  • It has a transparent quality glass.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • It has no leaks.
  • It is small in size, so it cannot accommodate the significant number of fish.

If you desire to have an aquarium tank, but you get limited by space factor in your office or home, then get yourself the Mr. Aqua Mini Bookshelf tank. Due to its small size compared to other aquariums, it can only hold 3 gallons of water. Some of its features are its light strip aluminum LED that has a power of 13.9 watt that fits nicely. It also has a filter that works efficiently, and it is not noisy. It makes it fit for use, especially in your office, since it does not disrupt you with an irritating noise. 

The LED light gets made in a way that doesn’t interfere with the sight of the aquarium. The LED light is efficiently bright enough to provide the necessary amount of lighting in the tank. It has a great mini-tank touch for those who do not require a large capacity aquarium.

What I like

The aquarium tank does not take up too much space. I can place it on my desk or my bedside table comfortably. The filter is not noisy, and for me, this adds to the fantastic features of the aquarium. It has a great compact design make, and its mini-tank touch is unique.

What I don’t like

It cannot accommodate plenty of fish or any aquatic plants due to its small size. You are also limited to the type of fish you can keep since the large fish cannot fit in the tank.

Dimentions are; 12 inches long by 4.3 inches wide by 6.3 inches high and 3/8 inched for the LED.

  • Efficient for small fish keeping.
  • Great ultrathin LED.
  • Perfect for areas with limited space.
  • It is expensive for its size.

Just like other aquarium tanks, it comes with clear transparent glass, but its glass gets made with 91% clear laminated glass. The clear glass has close to little or no residual green color making it highly transparent. Its edges measured to 45 degrees, and they put it together using high quality German silicon designed only for aquarium construction. It also comes with a crucial component, which is the nano-foam leveling mat that is black. 

It is excellent when it comes to reducing water evaporation in the tank and also keeping the fish at bay, and hence they are safe. The 45 o angle precision on the mitered edges provide additional space in the aquarium. The area helps in giving a view-enhancing the beauty of the aquatic species in the tank from any point of view. 

What I like

The glass is clear and highly transparent. It alters other tanks design with the 45o mitered edges. These mitered edges give it a great balance ratio or golden ratio.

What I don’t like

It is smaller in size compared to other aquarium tanks making a bit more complicated to use if you are used to the giant aquarium.

Specified dimensions are 12.2 inches long by 7.48 inches wide by 7.48 inches high and hold 2.9 gallons f water.

  • It provides a clear view.
  • It has a lot of extra space due to its golden ration angle.
  • It reduces water evaporation.
  • Small in size for those of us who prefer larger tanks.

Just like its name suggests, I recommend it to be great for any desktop office setting. It has a 3 stage easily replaceable filter cartridge or, in other words, three-stage filtration for mechanical, chemical, and biological safety. It has a high pump flow also of 76gph, which is one feature that makes it unique. 

The aquarium tank also comes with a 10 watt LED light that has touch control for light brightness and color blending. It has a flat panel glass that makes it suitable to place on your desktop. There is also the low-iron curved glass feature making it distinctive and has a raised pedestal base.

What I like

The LED light comes with smart touch control and two-channel- white color and blue color, and I wanted the dimmer in my case. There is also the raised pedestal base that offers it an admirable great height when placed on your countertop or desktop.

What I don’t like

In my opinion, I prefer a tank with a shorter height that does not seem to overshadow items near it.

  • It has a dimmable 2 LED light channel.
  • Removable filter cartridges.
  • The curved glass is truly a bonus.
  • It is small in size.

It comes in 3 different types depending on the amount of water it holds. That is the 2.7-gallon tank, the 5-gallon tank, and finally the 10-gallon tank. Due to its small size, the aquarium is suitable for small limited spaces. It features a glass that is uniquely curved at the front and frameless that is 1/8 inches thick. It comes with a hang-on cascade 20 GPH power filter and a 2-inch quick-net fishnet. It includes a thermal temperature full range of the digital thermometer. 

The aquarium kit is ideal for both grownups and children, so if to you and your family, the aquatic life is a scene to behold, I highly recommended this aquarium. The radius of the tank provides a tremendous unique viewing experience, which is UL-consented.

What I like

The tank comes with every component you require apart from your décor. The thermometer is a digital thermal thermometer. It is easy to set up and to learn how to use it, mainly for beginners.

What I don’t like

I would have enjoyed it if the tank came with a LED light to lighten it up.

  • It comes with a thermometer.
  • It is an excellent option for a beginner kit.
  • The rounded corners provide it with a great look
  • The tank does not come with a light.
  • The filter produces a current too strong for the Betta.

Crystal aquariums are rimless and have ultra-low-iron glass giving you a great view of your species. It has 45-degree angle precise cut edges that do not have visible glue joints since it gets bonded using high quality clear silicone glue. It comes with a 3 in 1 aquarium set with a concealed built-in rear filter.

It has a 92% transparency due to the clear glass and the invisible glue joints. It also comes with a quiet pump, which is great since I do not require any background noise, with 87 GPH power. There is also the mechanical sponge filter, the bottom plug, and the directional jet nozzle. The tank comes in different precise sizes depending on the gallons of water it can hold. The only difference between the tanks is the tank dimensions; otherwise, everything else is quite the same.

What I like

It has a quiet pump, which is top of my list since I will enjoy my silence while admiring its beauty. It has invisible glue joints that do not disrupt my view of my fish. There is also the directional flow that is adjustable. It comes with a built-in mat at the bottom part.

What I don’t like

The tank’s setup provides a lot of flow that is too much for planted aquatic plants. It has no LED lighting, which makes your aquarium more attractive.

  • It has a built-in rear filter.
  • It has a 3 phase filtration system.
  • It has a directional flow that is easy to adjust.
  • It does not have an LED lighting system.

Buying Guide

Before you buy a rimless aquarium, there are some important things that you should know. Make sure you go through the following tips to help you make the right choice.


Your pocket heavily influences the type of aquarium tank or kit you would like to own. The amount of money you have puts a restriction on your budget, and you can also have enough money, but you are willing to spend less amount. There is no need to put a dent in your pocket while you can buy a tank that is worthwhile with just the right amount of money. 

Remember that expensive does not always mean excellent quality, and cheap does not mean poor quality.  Go out of your way and do some research and look at aquarium tank prices and quality and get the best for yourself at an affordable price. 

Aquarium Tank Size

The tank size varies according to different factors. It can depend on the number of aquatic species you have. If you have many inhabitants, it is quite apparent you need to get yourself a large aquarium tank. Also, the larger the aquarium, the more conducive the environment for your fish. 

In larger aquariums, it is difficult for toxins to build up compared to smaller containers. If you are a first-timer, you should also avoid small tanks since they are a bit too difficult to maintain. If possible, get yourself a 20-gallon tank or one larger than that to make your work all the easier since a large tank is more error-forgiving.


How much space do you have in your house or office for your new aquarium project? You might find yourself purchasing a large tank for a small desktop or bedside space just because you can afford it, and this will be a waste of resources on your part. 

Always think about where you’ll have to place the aquarium and whether it will be strategically positioned and accessible from all sides. If you need a large tank and you get limited by space, you can get one in a different shape may be curved, round, square, or rectangular.  Ample space for an aquarium is efficient in ensuring high maintenance and enough amount of lighting.

Location of the Aquarium Tank

The tank should be in a tactical position where you can have a great view and easily maintain the tank. The tank should also have access to enough lighting and not too much or too little. Do not place the aquarium near a place that receives sunlight because this can warm up the water temperatures and make it uncomfortable for your fish. It should also be far from radiators and fireplaces to avoid heating up. 

The aquarium tank should be next to a reliable electrical outlet source and water source. The water source is to help in regularly changing the water in the tank. The aquarium should be on a leveled ground to keep it from falling, and this also helps in ensuring the tank is well filled.

Type of Fish

It is another buying guide you need to consider. An aquarium tank with attractive colorful fish is one fantastic addition to any home or office. If you are a fan of many species of fish in one aquarium or one species or maybe want more aquatic inhabitants, you should review the best tank for use. You should also consider whether you are choosing a big fish or small fish. It will influence how big or small or tall; the aquarium tank will be. Type of fish is a crucial concern you should always consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is the Difference Between Rimless and Regular Aquarium?

A: From my research and according to the review I have written, you can notice that rimless tanks get made from very thick glass. They are also high-profile quality silicone, which provides weight support. The aquariums get built with high quality glass that is also highly transparent for a great view. The glass contains low iron content.

Q: Which Aquarium Brands are the Most Trusted?

A: There is a great number of aquarium tanks in the industry, and it is often easy to choose the wrong brand for your suitability. Here are a few brands you can look at and ease your work in searching for an excellent quality brand.

  • Penn Plax
  • Marine Land
  • Lifegard Aquatics
  • Landen

Just to mention a few of the top go-to brands that I would recommend for any aquarium tank lover.

Q: Does the Tank Come With a Warranty?

A: When it comes to warranties, I’ll be honest with you, and this depends on the manufacturer and the offer they have to provide. Warranties vary from the different companies and might not be similar in any mannerism. Before you get your tank, always check and carefully go through the warranty, and if not given, you have a right to ask the manufacturer.


Considering that you are currently scrolling through this page, I am quite sure you are a fish enthusiast, or you are planning on keeping fish as a beginner. Each one of us has their own differently acquired taste on the aquarium tank you would like to keep. Having given you a brief review of my few favorite products, I am hoping it proves useful to you. 

Many people prefer this tank over others due to its enhancing beauty and provide excellent accommodation for your aquatic species. If you own a rimless tank, I do not think you can even consider getting a rimmed one again. If you have not gotten yourself a rimless tank, you should know you must be missing out on quite a lot. I hope my review will be useful and help you get great options for your preferences.

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