10 Best Salt Free Water Softeners (Reviews & Guide 2021)

Is your water bill slowly increasing? Does your hair scalp and skin feel dry? Are your clothes appearing grey? Do you find stains in your sinks and bathtubs or do your pipes need regular repairs? Well, if one of these cases explain your situation, you need to get a home water filtering system. Water filters work to provide pure and quality water for all your appliances. They filter out chlorine and help in descaling your water. They are the solution to reducing flow rates and clogged appliances and plumbing fixtures. We have detailed reviews of the best salt free water softeners that you can buy this year.

There are so many benefits that you will get when you have a salt free water softener. To help you get the right model on the market today, go through our comprehensive reviews and guide before you buy. We have covered quality filters that will meet your water filtration requirements.

This is an affordable alternative for water filtration at homes or any other place. This helps avoid the use of salt which could be damaging. For watering your whole house, whether it is for cooking, bathing or drinking, this water filter is great. 

Is 34 GPM flow rate maintains a comfortable and uninterrupted water flow in your whole house. Its filtration provides healthy water for better tasting food, moisturized skin and healthy hair. It does not create a slippery feel on the water since it doesn’t use salt when softening water.

What I like

This water filter comes with various benefits. It is amazing that I will always enjoy clean and pure water with it. It brings a revolution in the kitchen since it plays a major role in providing delicious and healthy meals. I also like that it is mild on the skin. Filtered water from the pelican water systems cannot damage my skin. It facilitates a moisturized skin and is the remedy to unmanageable hair and scalp. 

I was also impressed with its 34 GPM flow rate. This filtration system is perfect for filtering water in the whole house. The fact that it doesn’t soften water with salt is great. Scales will not form on the pipe system as a result. It also doesn’t consume electricity. Its top-quality build is also eye-catching. With that, it provides the best performance whilst requiring no maintenance.

What I don’t like

The downside of this product is that it doesn’t facilitate purification of well water. It cannot filter through bacteria and viruses.

  • It is an affordable alternative for whole house water filtering system.
  • It has a 34gpm flow rate for the effective flow of water in the whole house.
  • It is a natural softener hence doesn't use any salts.
  • It provides pure water for all-round domestic usage.
  • It does not require electric consumption hence is energy efficient.
  • It lacks UV filtration for well water.

The Aquasana whole house water system is another one of the best filtering systems. It comes with both a descaler and a water filter. Like the previous one, the aquasana water filtration system fits a whole house. It provides healthy water to your kitchen, sinks and showers. 

This filtration system removes up to 97% of chlorine in water plus other contaminants. Get rid of industrial solvents, mercury and lead with the aquasana filter. This water filter system has different styles, some of which feature UV filtering. This will protect your water against viruses and bacteria.

What I like

I am generally impressed with the utmost filtering performance of the aquasana filter system. It is designed to provide the best contaminant reduction with its carbon and KDF build. It gets rid of chlorine, pesticides, mercury, lead and chloramine contaminants. It is also very cost-efficient. As compared to other filters you’ll get clean and purified water for half the cost.

Another likeable aspect is its durability. The aquasana filter system lasts up to 10 years while giving its best performance. I also like that it is very easy to maintain. To keep up its efficient running you just have to replace its pre and post-filters after 3 months of usage. Its featuring of UV filtration proves a great deal on its liking. With the UV filter, mostly used in wells, the safety of your water from bacteria and viruses is provided.

What I don’t like

It has a very underpowered flow rate to supply water to a large room.

  • It removes up to 97% of chlorine and other contaminants in the water.
  • It is cost-efficient as compared to the other water filters. It uses twice as less.
  • Has a UV filtration which destroys the bacteria and viruses in the water.
  • It is built with carbon and KDF for best contaminant reduction
  • It also works as a descaler and reduction of scale deposits.
  • Its 7gpm flow rate can only suit small houses.

Aquios water filter system is a great choice of full house water softening and purification. It does not use salt in its purification. This ensures that it does not corrode or form sediments. This water filter works great on water hardness up to 22 gpg. 

The aquios water filter ensures that chlorine is removed while magnesium calcium and other materials that exist in hard water don’t stick on your pipes. This will ensure that you and your family get healthy water for consumption. It runs a 12 GPM water softening and filtration system.

What I like

There are a lot of things I like about this water filter. First, it has a 12 GPM flow rate which facilitates the movement of water to all usage spots. It also does not have a reducing flow rate. As time goes, provided it is maintained, its performance is progressive. Using it is also very simple since it does not require any electrical appliance or programming. I also love its sleek design. The Aquois water filter is built ensuring there is no pressure loss or decrease in flow rate. 

Another feature that hit me was its Siliphos technology. With this technology, scale deposits in the pipes will be gradually reduced. It has an O-ring seal which provides pressure relief. I also liked his corrosion resistance. This water filter provides a protective cover which prevents corrosion on contact with rust-causing mineral salts or acids. Another aspect that makes it outstanding is its chlorine removal. It uses a coconut carbon filtration (5 microns) to remove chlorine odour and taste.

What I don’t like

This item weighs only a mere 7.5 pounds. It is only capable of water purification in small homesteads. It also can’t feature well water purification.

  • It runs a 12gpm water flow rate for efficient flow in all your house parts.
  • This system filters down to 5 microns removing chlorine odour and taste.
  • Has a protective cover which provides against corrosion and rusting.
  • It comes with an O-ring seal which provides pressure relief.
  • It is built compactly ensuring there is no pressure loss or decreased flow rates.
  • It doesn't require any maintenance or set up.
  • It is designed for smaller houses only.
  • It cannot purify water from a well.

For enhancing the quality of your domestic water, you should get this electronic water softener. Again, this water softener does not use salt or any other chemicals. This ensures that there is no scale buildup inside the pipes so they don’t get worn down. By stopping the formation of scale segments and breaking down the existing ones, it provides a smooth water flow in the system. It is the cheapest way to boost the quality of your water. It softens hard water without removing its minerals making it usable for all domestic purposes.

What I like

I like many aspects of this water softener. First, it is very reliable. It is built with the highest quality materials. This is to ensure that its system works efficiently at all times. Another thing is about its versatility. This system naturally works to remove impurities and descale on both hot and cold water. It provides 100% pure water so you don’t have to worry about dry hair or itchy skin at all. 

It is also small in size thus easy to maintain and install. Besides the product, I also like the manufacturers’ involvement. They have set up a map showing the types of water in different places. This helps a buyer to make the right choice on the water softening system he/she needs. It also provides efficiency for my electronic appliances and ensures their durability. This is because it softens hard water effectively hence there is no scaling on the appliances.

What I don’t like

With its electric powering, it cannot be installed outside. This is because it will be far away from a power source.

  • It provides 100% pure water getting rid of dry hair and itchy skin.
  • It softens water without requiring the inclusion of salts.
  • Softens hard water effectively hence there's no scaling on the appliances.
  • Manufacturers have provided a map showing the type of water in all areas and the systems suitable.
  • It is versatile. I can use it to descale on both hot and cold water.
  • It cannot be installed outside.

This magnetic water conditioner from Magnasoft is very reliable. It works as a water softener and descaler. It is very easy to control this equipment with its digital controller on its valve. This water conditioner model is a resin tank riser tube. It is designed to fit small homes. The Magnasoft water conditioner removes various chemicals in water including chlorine, herbicides, chloramine and other harmful substances. 

Clear all your hard water problems with this water conditioner. It prevents scaling, corrosion and clogging of pipes. It has powerful magnetic bowling which removes any ounces of scale causing water contamination. It also comes with a detailed guide showing all the necessary installation instructions. This makes it easy for literally anyone to install. You could also have plumbers installing it for you on a busy schedule.

What I like

I like its efficiency. This item has been relied upon by various subjects for residential and industrial use. This is because of its magnetic water conditioning which works well on both cold and hot water. I also love its purification. It does not leave the taste of chlorine nor its odour in water. I was also impressed with its resulting performance. With water filtered from this conditioner, soap lathers easily. It also saves on the cost incurred from wear and tear.

What I don’t like

Though its performance is great, it cannot be relied on to fit bigger homes.

  • It has a powerful and very efficient magnetic descaling.
  • Its magnetic water conditioning works well on both hard and cold water.
  • It is maintenance-free so I get to save on the costs generated by wear and tear.
  • It features a detailed guide showing all the necessary installation instructions.
  • It is a descaler and water filter designed for a small house.
  • This water filter system can only fit small houses.

This is a heavy-duty water conditioner well suit for the whole house water filtration. It features are pressure relief component enabling a quick and easy change of filters. This descaler reduces the occurrence of sediments such as rust, scale, silt, dirt among other impurities.

Getting the LiquaGen descaler is the ideal way of preventing scale formation in your home without using chemicals. This will greatly enhance the durability of your home appliances that use water. This water conditioner does not require electricity and doesn’t leak water.

What I like

I like the comprehensive scale prevention solutions by the LiquaGen water conditioner. It greatly reduces the formation of scale and any other sediments. It also comes featured with a UV disinfection purifier. This is essential for well water. It ensures that the water you use is free from iron and chlorine components. It saves us from dry hair and skin caused by chlorine instances in water. 

It is constructed with KDF and catalytic carbon for a steady performance through its lifetime. It has a 15 GPM water flow rate. This provides enough power to supply the water to all parts in a home. It is built strongly so you can also set it aside without the worry of it wearing out.

What I don’t like

The LiquaGen saltfree descaler is only limited for use in small homesteads. It doesn’t provide a high flow rate.

  • It has a KDF and Catalytic carbon build providing a sturdy performance.
  • It has a UV disinfection purifier which clears lead, bacteria and viruses in well water.
  • It also has comprehensive prevention treatments for hard water.
  • It enhances the durability of home appliances and water heaters with it's escaping capability.
  • A 15 GPM flow rate ensuring water supply to all parts of the house.
  • Its pressure relief component which enables a quick and simple change of filters.
  • It is limited to small residential rooms.

Aquios Jumbo full House water softener is designed to provide powerful water filtration and water softening without using salt components. Its products produce a significant reduction in the instances of chlorine and other impurities in the water. It also works against scale buildup on the water pipes and appliances.

It is built in a compact design and requires absolutely no maintenance. It is environmentally friendly and fit for full house water supply.

What I like

There are various features in in the Aquios Jumbo that impresses me. One of them is it salt-free water softening. This water softener treats hard water without using any chemicals or salt. It is also built with UV resistant plastic. This means that you can easily install it outside without any pressure that it might wear out. 

It is also interesting that it conditions, filters and descales water without losing pressure. This all-in-one feature makes it a very efficient product. It also doesn’t need any maintenance and programming. It is an environmentally friendly option for water softening. I also like that it entirely removed the smell and taste of chlorine in the water. It also enhances the durability and maintenance of your appliances. This is because it does not cause scaling on them.

What I don’t like

This water softener doesn’t necessarily remove all traces of chlorine.

  • It provides powerful water filtration and softening without using salts or chemicals.
  • Its none scaling capability ensures the durability of your appliances and water heating.
  • Very efficient. It conditions, filters and descales without losing any pressure.
  • It is built with UV resistant plastic so I can install it outside without fear of wearing out
  • It has a Siliphos technology which performs effective water softening.
  • It doesn't clear out all the chlorine deposits.

This home water softening system is basically designed to ensure it inhibits scaling and to rid off the existing hard water scale. The Nuvo H2O is NSF and FDA approved so they are fit for use at homes. This software system is ideal for homes with small residence (4 people). It extends the durability of the home appliances, pipes and water heaters. This is as a result of the scaling and water softening. It is a natural softener and very eco-friendly.

What I like

The most thrilling feature about this water softener is its revolutionary technology based on chelation. By making the calcium and magnesium ions soluble, hard water cannot form. This provides soft, healthy and mineral full water for use at home. It is suitable for bathing, drinking, cooking washing and watering plants. It produces clean utensils and soap foams easily while washing. It also moisturizes your skin. With no resulting hard water, home appliances plumbing fixtures and water heaters are made durable. This is because there won’t be scaling on their ports. 

I also love its packaging. It comes with all the accessories required for its installation. These include a mounting bracket and backplate, housing wrench and screw. It also comes with a manual which speeds up its installation. It doesn’t use electricity hence power efficient. It is small and compact so it easily fits anywhere. It is also environmental friendly since it doesn’t use any chemicals or salt. Its efficiency is also enhanced. It does not leak water.

What I don’t like

The Nuvo H2O isn’t approved for use in closed-loop recirculation systems. This is because it can oxidise forming blue-tinged water for some time.

  • Has a revolutionary technology based in chelation which performs its water softening.
  • It is small and compact. This makes it simple to fit it anywhere and still works great.
  • It is environmentally friendly since it neither uses chemicals nor salts for water softening.
  • This product does not use electricity hence it saves a lot of consumption costs.
  • The Nuvo water filter system is NSF and FDA approved so they are legible for use with persons.
  • It oxidises in closed-loop recirculation systems.
  • The cartridge needs to be replaced after every 20000 gallons.

The pelican salt-free water softener is a natural water softening item for the whole house. It includes a mounting sediment filter which performs the water filtering. It does not use electricity and gets rid of any salt in your domestic water. It is a compact and tight system and there are no leaks. This ensures that there is no wastage of water.

It reduces the chance of occurrence of hard water by 99.6% to provide pure water for home consumption. It is designed to fit up to 3 bathrooms. This water software is certified by NSF. It has a stainless steel exterior resistant to rust staying and oxidation.

What I like

This water softener is very easy to install. It is also built compactly ensuring that there is no wastage of water due to leaks. It is energy-saving since it does not require electricity to run. I like the filtering system of this product. It filters particles down to 5 microns in the water. This ensures that pure water is delivered into your home. 

It also naturally prevents the formation of hard water. This ensures that the flow of water is consistent throughout your home. This is because there will be no clogging of plumbing fixtures. Besides that, it also enhances the durability of your pipes and water heaters. This is all because no scales will be formed on the appliances.

This water softening system comes without the necessary equipment to install it. It also features an installation diagram on its manual to help in setting it up. This software provides pure and quality water for all-round usage in a home. Its 10 GPM flow rate ensures movement of water to all parts of the house.

What I don’t like

The Pelican’s sediment filter wears out ultimately fast. This item also doesn’t remove rust in water.

  • It provides a 99.6% chance of softening hard water and provides pure water for domestic consumption.
  • It is packaged with all the necessary accessories to factor its installation.
  • It runs a 10 GPM flow rate which ensures water reaches all ports in the respective home.
  • It includes a mounting sediment filter which generates pure clean water.
  • This product comes with a stainless steel exterior free of rusting, staining and oxidation.
  • It doesn't remove rust from water.

The OneFlow water filtration system uses a technology invented by the WateReuse Research Foundation to carry out scale prevention. It is known as Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC). This technology is generally based on the trial of options to ion exchange softening. It was founded in 2013. This system works by drawing and changing mineral ions causing water hardness into harmless and dormant microscopic crystals bound in the water and passed to drip.

It comes with a cartridge which inhibits scale formation and lasts up to 250 000gallons. This means that you’ll require a replacement after about 3 years. The cartridge works together with a 20-micron filtration block. It is easy to install and does not require any electrical outlet. It is certified by WQA and NFS for lead-free output.

What I like

This water filtration system provides clean and clear water for domestic use. Unlike the other systems, this product uses TAC technology to carry out descaling. It is very effective in this. By reducing the scale formation on the water, it enhances the life of domestic appliances. Water heaters and pipes become more efficient since they don’t clog. It is fitted with a compact cartridge to prevent scaling. This cartridge is capable of lasting up to 250 000 gallons. 

Besides that, it does not require maintenance. It is very cost-efficient since you don’t have to purchase salt bags or pay for electrical consumption. It is very simple to install and start running. It comes with a pressure relief valve to sustain its compactness.

What I don’t like

This product does not have a UV filter hence cannot use well water. It also requires a valve to limit the pressure when it exceeds 70psi.

  • Has a large cartridge capable of lasting up to 250 000 gallons.
  • It saves in money used on salt bags and electrical consumption.
  • It uses Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) in water softening.
  • Has a compact cartridge facilitating descaling.
  • It does not require maintenance for up to 3years.
  • It cannot exceed 70 psi without a pressure limiting valve.

Buying Guide

When looking to buy water filtering and softening systems, there are a number of factors to be considered.

Your Budget

The size of your pockets should always be put in mind. The best water filters are not necessarily costly ones. There are a lot of amazing affordable water filters with efficient performance. Do not get worried about not being able to afford the most expensive items. Cheaper water softeners work well provided you maintain them well.


No matter the price of the water softening system the output of the product must always be great. Performance is evaluated in terms of hardness and iron removal, little or no salt usage, grain capacity and flow rate. A water softener that uses little or no salt in filtration is an ideal option. Also, if it has high water hardness removal, iron removal, grain capacity and flow rates, you should pick it. Performance is directly related to value. Provided the water filter has an amazing performance, it is of great value. Always opt for this type of water filters.

Water Sources

There are two common sources of water for filtration. These are wells and tanks. Tank water is normally provided by the municipal. For these sources, normal domestic ion-exchange water filters are convenient. However, it’s not the same case if the source is a well. Wells are privately owned. Their water contains viruses and bacteria. They also contain lead deposits. If your water source is a well, you will need a water softener with UV filtration. This will ensure that all the lead bacteria and viruses in the water are cleared.

Maintenance and Longevity

Water softening systems comes with cartridges. Each cartridge has a scale prevention capacity after which they need to be replaced. Things capacities range from 20000 gallons to a million gallons determined by the quality and power of your water filtering systems. Systems with less powerful cartridges require regular maintenance. Even though they will work better after maintenance, they are still bound to a short lifespan. If you wish to have a long-lasting water softening system, I recommend the much powerful ones. Select the ones that have up to 1 million gallons of water softening capability. Though it requires you to dig deeper into your pockets, you will be sure of over 10 years of ideal water softening.

Flow Rate

In large homes, usually with large residential capacities, water filtration systems should have powerful water flowing rates. This is to facilitate the efficient movement of water to all parts of the home. For smaller homes, with about 2 residents or with a few appliances, a 10gpm flow rate would be enough. You should opt for the softening system that best suits your domestic usage. Industries require large-scale water filtering. Electronic water softeners and other systems with high flowing rates are suitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do water filtration systems last?

A: Water filtration systems last a long while. Only the cartridges have a limited lifespan. The lifespan of the filtration system depends on its size. Larger filtration systems generally have a longer life span as compared to the smaller ones. The cartridge’s lifespan depends on its usage frequencies. Some of them require replacement after 20000 gallons. Others (large ones) have enhanced builds for up to 1 million gallons.

Q: What is the purpose of using a water filter system?

A: We filter water to enhance its purity. Filtered water generally provides better tasting foods, cleaner utensils and clothes. Apart from this, they remove lead contamination in water. This makes it suitable for drinking. It also provides chlorine-free water. Chlorine has damaging effects such as dry hair and scalp, itchy skin and bad odor. Filtering water element chlorine in it. This ensures the user has moisturized skin, healthy hair and that water doesn’t have the chlorine odor.

Q: How do whole house filtration systems work?

A: They work by eliminating contaminants in your domestic water. They are connected to the house’s water lines. In there, they actually work like water softeners removing instances of hard water and prevent scaling of your appliances.

Final Words

Water interesting systems are ideal for households and industries. They fit in any place. It doesn’t matter whether they are small or huge. If you’re looking to get the cleanest, purest and top quality water, invest in these water filtering systems. They are affordable products which provide ace performances in water filtration and softening. They are also very easy to install and require little or no maintenance.

It is clear that selecting the best water filter for your home is not easy. With the help of manufacturers and other customers, I have been able to review some of the best water filtering systems. With this guide, you will be able to choose the right water softener, conditioner or filter for your desired use.

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