10 Best Tool Backpacks for you to choose in 2021!

With how hectic construction workplaces have become, the opportunities to become more efficient should always be taken. Hence, to help you make sure you have a better experience with your tools and storing them; we’re going to be looking at the best tool backpacks for you.

Now, what really is the point of having backpacks for your tools? We already have tool boxes being used for decades now, and they seem to do the job just fine. They may have worked out till now, however, using backpacks for your tools will allow to enhance the quality of your work drastically. 

Tool boxes are usually really large and are left on the ground for you to move back and forth from to get your tools. However, if you are using a tool backpack, you’ll always be able to carry it with you and find whatever tools you’ll need. This becomes especially helpful, if you’re going up ladders and you need an assortment of tools with you. Gathering your tools from your toolbox over and over each time you need something new can make a brief job become lengthy.

Safety and efficiency are the key factors that having tool backpacks over toolboxes can give you. So, we highly recommend you look through this list, and have a gander at the backpacks we have compiled for you!

10 Best Tool Backpacks:

We have listed a 7 of the best tool backpacks for you! We have meticulously researched through the amazon pages, and thought these provide great features and will allow you to safely carry your tools to the workplace. And let’s not forget you will be able to efficiently assort your tools and get them whenever you need!

Backpack, Electrician Tool Bag, Tradesman Pro Organizer, 39 Pockets and Molded Base Klein Tools 55421BP-14

Our first tool backpack on show, is manufactured by Klein Tools. Coming in at only $89.97, this is a relatively cheap backpack, given the quality it is produced at! This backpack comes with a weave so strong, you can be sure it’ll be durable for a long period of time, no matter what working conditions you are in! Along with that; it contains 39 pockets inside, to help you carry your tools with ample room. 

It also contains a front pocket with a molded front to ensure safety for your items, such as glasses or phones etc. Not only that, but the base of the backpack is also molded, allowing it to be easily kept on any surface! 


  1. Is relatively cheap at $89.97.
  2. Has 39 pockets inside the bag, to provide sufficient space for your tools.
  3. The inside of the bag is coloured orange, to help you easily spot your tools.
  4. The front pocket, and the base of the bag is molded; to ensure your bag and it’s contents are safe.


  1. Some customers have mentioned the zippers to be a bit faulty.

If you unfortunately wind up with a backpack with faulty zippers; fear not as they are easily replaceable. However, the quality of the bag is premium regardless, and will help you get your work done in any environment!

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Rugged Tools Worksite Tool Backpack – 68 Pockets & Utility Organizers Including Laptop Sleeve – Heavy Duty Jobsite Tool Bag Perfect Storage & Organizer for a Contractor, Electrician, Plumber, HVAC

Our second product on show is a backpack manufactured by Rugged Tools. This one is slightly cheaper than the first backpack at $79.99. This backpack is also very durable due to the heavy duty polyester construction on it, and the double stitching on it. 

Unlike the other backpack, this also comes with a laptop sleeve along with 30 tool pockets and more space for other utilities. To make this backpack more comfortable, it is padded all around, and even has a sternum strap to help balance out the weight. And just for extra utility, it also has a USB port installed in it, to keep your electronics charged on long work days!


  1. Is cheaper than the first backpack, at $79.99.
  2. Has heavy duty polyester construction to make it durable.
  3. Is padded and has a sternum strap to help alleviate pressure on you.
  4. Has a USB charging port for your electronics. 
  5. Has a sleeve for your laptop, 30 tool pockets,4 zippered pockets, 29 utilities for organizing, 2 pockets on the side, a measuring tape clip and a utility strap.


  1. Some customers have reviewed the bag to lean a little forward.

The bag may tip a little forward, but with a little change in your dispersal of tools in the backpack, you can help keep it balanced. Overall this backpack and the first one are our two most recommended backpacks for the workplace!

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Backpack Tool Bag, 48 Pockets for Hand Tools, Great Electrician Heavy Duty Tool Backpack Klein Tools 55485

Our next backpack is also another one made by Klein Tools, however this one’s price is much steeper at $178.13. Like the other Klein Tools backpack, this one also includes the heavy duty construction of ballistic weave material, and has a molded front pocket and base. Thus, this backpack is sure to be very durable in any condition.

In terms of carrying tools, it has a total of 48 pockets in the backpack. Also, it can be carried as a caddy with the carrying handles and a D-ring it comes with. The backpack also comes with lower straps that are padded along with the shoulder straps, allowing it to be more comfortable to carry along with helping to distribute the weight of the backpack. 


  1. Has 48 total pockets to help keep all your tools organized.
  2. Has a caddy to help carry your backpack around, which is also removable.
  3. Is made of ballistic weave material, along with a molded base and front pocket for durability and safety.
  4. Has an orange interior that helps you spot your tools easily.
  5. Has a large interior space.


  1. Is expensive compared to the others at $178.13.

This backpack is a bit more expensive than the other ones, however it does have its perks that the other backpacks lack. So, if you have some extra budget to spend, we highly recommend this backpack as well.

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CLC Custom Leathertcraft 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack, 44 Pockets, Padded Back Support

Our fourth product is manufactured by Custom Leathercraft and is cheaper than the rest of the backpacks, at $69.95. This backpack comes with two different compartments, one for tools and parts and the other for a cordless drill and its battery. It comes with 41 different pockets inside and 7 on the outside to help organize all your tools.

It also comes with padded shoulder straps for comfortability, along with an adjustable chest strap. It also comes with dual handles that allow it to be carried easily in any environment for any job. 


  1. Cheaper than the other backpacks at $69.95.
  2. Has 41 pockets on the inside and 7 on the outside to help organize your tools.
  3. Has dual handles on the outside to help carry your backpack.
  4. Has padded shoulder straps and an adjustable chest strap.


  1. Some customers reviewed not having properly sized pockets for their really small tools.
  2. Some customers had bags which had straps that came off after a few months.

The backpack comes with two large compartments, and many tool pockets so with a little rearranging, all tools can be placed in the bag. As for the weak straps, that happens once in thousands of backpacks. Even the customer mentioning this review, mentioned this was their second backpack as the first one performed very well!

So, we can definitely say that this backpack will perform great for you.

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DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack Bag, 57-Pockets

Our next product is manufactured by DeWalt, and comes in at $86.95. Unlike the rest of the backpacks, this has a very unique feature of an LED light inside the backpack. This helps you illuminate the inside of your backpack in dim lit areas, to help find your tools. As for storing tools, this backpack comes with 57 pockets, with 48 tool pockets inside and 9 on the outside. 

It comes with the large pads on the back for comfort, and some padded handles to help carry it. It also has adjustable shoulder straps. To avoid wear and tear, the base of the backpack is padded. 


  1. Has an LED light inside the backpack, to help find your tools in the dark.
  2. Has a padded base to help avoid wear and tear.
  3. Has 48 pockets inside and 9 pockets on the outside.
  4. Comes with padded carrying handles, adjustable shoulder straps and large pads to provide comfort for the back.


  1. Some customers say that the zippers on the backpack were weak.

As with another backpack we saw, weak zippers is just a factor with some backpacks, and regardless of the fact, if they come off they can be easily replaced. The quality of the backpack and the features it provides and we can definitely recommend it for you!

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CLC Custom Leathercraft L255 Tech Gear 53 Pocket Lighted Back Pack

Our next product is also made by Custom Leathercraft, and this one comes in at $84.95. This backpack also comes with an LED light to help identify your tools easily. For storage, this comes with 53 tool pockets and is designed with dual compartments to make it easy. 

For durability it comes with a base with padded feet, along with padded shoulder and sternum straps. It also has padding on the back to provide comfort when using it.


  1. Has an LED light to help find your tools.
  2. Contains 53 tool pockets; with 28 tool pockets, 14 accessory pockets and 11 multi-use pockets. 
  3. Has a dual compartment system to help make the storage easy.
  4. Has padded base, with padded shoulder and sternum straps, with padding on the back.


  1. Some customers reviewed the bag having problems keeping up straight.

Despite having trouble balancing the bag, you can definitely align your tools in a way to ensure that it does stay up. Regardless of that con however, this backpack comes with great perks and is very durable. Definitely one to get!

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DEWALT DGC530 USB Charging Tool Backpack

Our last backpack we’re going to be looking at is also manufactured by DeWalt, and costs $64.95. This backpack has a feature of allowing you to charge all of your tools while you’re on the go. With 23 pockets for your tools, you can charge all these tools. 20 of these pockets are inside the bag and 3 on the outside. 

The feature of being able to charge your tools is great, and can allow you to charge two tools at the same time. However, you can also carry a phone, table and camera while charging. Apart from the charging feature, it also has a base with padding to help against abrasions. It also has large pads on the back to provide some comfort. 


  1. Is comparatively cheap at $64.95.
  2. Has 23 pockets for tools, and can charge your tools inside the backpack.
  3. Has a padded base and back to provide comfort and increase durability.
  4. Can carry a phone, tablet and camera along with the tools.


  1. Some customers reviewed their backpacks had weak zippers.

If you do have problems with zippers, we’ve faced this with other backpacks as well and you can easily replace the zippers. However, it’s also not very likely for most backpacks to have that problem, so you should be fine!

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Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Backpack

How many tools do you have to fit inside a backpack? If you’re a tradesman who uses tools a lot, then you need to take a look at this Tradesman Pro Backpack from Klein Tools. It’s made especially for you. Yet it’s also great for you if you’re just a budding hobbyist, as you will have a bag that can likely accommodate your growing collection of tools.

With this, you have a backpack that measures 20 by 14.5 by 7.25 inches, and 39 pockets and 3 compartments to fit your tools in. It’s not too big at all, so it’s easy enough to tote around but you still have ample space. On the outside you have a front zipper pocket where you can put in some loose parts and smaller tools. These are pockets that work best for things like Loctite or pens, which you may need to access quickly and frequently. Then you also have a molded hard pocket that’s ideal for your safety glasses. This also has a handy and hardy gear loop on the side of the pack where you can hook in a rather bulky piece of equipment. Right next to that, you have a pocket for your water bottle.

Take a look inside, and you may notice the eye-catching orange color for the interior. This isn’t just for aesthetics. It’s for you to see and identify your tools more easily. That’s easier done with the orange background for contrast, compared to having the usual black background.

Because this bag is taller than your usual backpacks, you have enough space for your inside pockets to accommodate especially long screwdrivers. The majority of the pockets are for basic hand tools, which makes sense. But you have several pockets here for more unusual tools, including pockets sizable enough that can deal even with a tool as big as a rubber mallet. There’s some space in the main compartment for some other tools, and you can probably fit in an 18V cordless drill here. That’s doable, though it can make it a bit more difficult to take out your other tools from the other pockets inside.

This comes with a fully molded bottom which protects the backpack from wet or overly hard elements if you have to put it on the ground. This molded base is both durable and water-resistant. It won’t get easily damaged by rough floor surfaces. In addition, this bottom lets you stand the bag upright, though it’s still a good idea to set it down on the floor right next to a wall or a table.

The whole backpack is actually both durable and water-resistant, and not just the tough molded base. That’s because the fabric incorporates a 1680d ballistic weave. Then you add the double-stitching applied to the points of the bag that’s more likely to get a lot of stress, and you end up with a bag that’s designed to work for a very long while.

This is easy enough to carry around, despite the feeling you may have that it’s somewhat top-heavy. It has comfy enough handles, and you have extra padding for the shoulder straps.

Any other issues? Well, the zippers aren’t bad but they’re hardly excellent. These zippers are made of plastic, and they may not last as long as the rest of the bag.


  1. This is slim and compact, which makes it quite easy to tote around for a long while
  2. The entire bag is durable and tough overall, with good resistance against stress and moisture
  3. The base is also very tough, and it’s able to let the bag stand upright
  4. The hard, molded front pocket is especially nice, as you won’t have to worry about damaging your safety glasses if you bump your backpack
  5. Plenty of pockets
  6. Nice orange interior for better tool visibility


  1. The plastic zippers aren’t all that exceptional, and they may not be as tough as the rest of the bag
  2. There aren’t a lot of space for your bulkier items
  3. This thing is a bit heavy at about 6 pounds, so hopefully you’re not toting too many heavy tools in your backpack
  4. The weight distribution doesn’t seem perfectly even, as it may be a bit heavier at the top

Overall, this is an excellent backpack all around when you have lots of hand tools to bring along on a job. That shouldn’t be surprising with the Klein Tools brand, which has been around as a family-run company since 1857. They’ve been making tools for the last 6 generations, and in the more than 160 years they’ve been operating and have certainly learned to produce a backpack that can handle all their tools as well.

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Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac LT

If you read the instruction manuals on many of the tool backpacks available, you may notice that some of them expressly tell you not to put in your laptops inside these things. Don’t put in your tablets and smartphones inside either. That’s because the weight of your tools can have a rather detrimental effect on your laptop, and you might end up with a damaged LCD screen.

The thing is that lots of us these days tend to bring our laptop along for many jobs. A laptop is now regarded as just like any other tool for research. So, what can you do to make it easier for you to bring your laptop and your tools?

Veto Pro Pac solves this problem for you, because this particular Tech Pac LT backpack model comes with a back bay designed for your laptop. It can also accommodate your tablet, along with and other folders and other business accessories you may need to bring with you.

Of course, it has lots of other compartments for your other tools too. All in all, this backpack gives you up to 27 distinct pockets of different sizes on the inside and outside. You get 4 storage platforms with 2 storage bays. Aside from the back bay for your laptop, there’s also the front bay for your actual tools plus other tool storage options on the sides. Then you have pockets for cables and other accessories, plus 2 large and 4 small D-rings. You even have a mounted tape clip holder on the outside made of stainless steel.

What you need to understand here is how tough this little backpack is. It may not be that large, since it only has 27 pockets instead of 39 or more compartments. It’s still 19 inches high, 14 inches long, and 8.5 inches wide. It’s a bit heavy, however, at 7.4 pounds even when empty.

This thing weighs a lot because of the high quality of the materials. The base is weatherproof due to the use of molded polypropylene. The same goes for the fabric for the body and tool pocket, as they’re made from tough and dense nylon. The D-rings are made from powder-coated steel, you have marine-grade rivets, and even the hook to hang the backpack up is made of aluminum. The zippers may be plastic, but it’s made for heavy duty. Finally, you have industrial-strength double nylon stitching. All these add up to a tough backpack, which explains why the warranty is for 5 long years.

It’s quite comfortable to wear as well. The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable, and the back is ergonomic and padded nicely as well. The thermoformed EVA on the back also contributes to the structural stability of the backpack, even as it also cushions the weight. The grip is also molded ergonomically.


  1. The design of the tool compartments spread out the weight nicely and evenly
  2. There’s a compartment specifically made for your 15-inch laptop
  3. It uses lots of high-quality materials along with industrial-grade double stitching
  4. The base is waterproof, and it offers a stable platform that doesn’t easily tip over
  5. It’s very comfy to use, with the even weight distribution and generous padding
  6. You can bring this on a plane as a carry on
  7. The rigid handle is great if you just want to carry it like a regular bag
  8. You have a 5-year warranty
  9. It actually looks cool


  1. This is the LT version, so you don’t have as many pockets and compartments compared to the bigger models
  2. It may not be practical to use if you wish to tote around an 18V drill
  3. It’s surprisingly heavy even when empty

This is basically for someone who carries around a basic set of tools to go along with a laptop. Now you won’t have to bring along 2 bags when you have tools and a laptop. A single backpack will do just fine when you have the Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac LT for everything.

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Rugged Tools Tradesman Tool Backpack

This is surprisingly quite affordable at less than $60, though with its quality you may want to hurry up a bit if you want to buy it. Rugged Tools might just raise prices, when their supply doesn’t meet the demand. That’s basic economics.

It also makes a lot of sense to go with the Tradesman Tool Backpack from Rugged Tools if you don’t really have all that many tools to tote around. You save a lot of money with this model, plus it’s not all that big. It measures just 18 inches high, 12.5 inches wide, and 8 inches deep. It even weighs less than 4 pounds when it’s empty.

This has 28 pockets overall, so make sure you don’t have too many tools to bring along on a job. These include 25 pockets to secure your tools, along with 2 other pockets on the outside for other stuff you might want to access more easily. There’s also a somewhat bigger pocket inside that should be able to accommodate your tablet or important papers.

The outside color scheme is orange and black, and that’s to match the predominant color scheme inside the backpack. The orange color makes for a nice contrasting background for your tools so you can identify them easily. The pocket flaps are outlined in black so you can open these flaps more easily.

This is a tough little backpack, featuring a semi-hard shell case to go with the molded bottom. This hard bottom protects your tools from the wet or hard floor when you drop the bag to the floor, and it’s also designed to keep your backpack standing when you let it rest on the floor. It won’t matter if you’re outdoors and you have rainwater or snow on your work surface. This backpack even remains standing even when you open it to get your tools.

It’s also made from heavy duty 1680-denier polyester, making the whole thing weatherproof and quite durable. The pockets and zippers are all reinforced as well.

Despite the apparent toughness of the backpack, it’s not really all that hard to carry around. Granted, the handle is fabric and not molded plastic, so after a while it can get tough for your hands if you carry this by hand for long. But then this is a backpack after all, so you may as well carry it as one. The shoulder straps are nicely padded, and the back offers padding and lumbar support. There’s also a sternum strap to help distribute the weight more evenly and to help you maintain your balance.


  1. Enough pockets for basic set of tools
  2. Compact backpack that doesn’t weigh much
  3. Lots of padding in shoulder straps and at the back
  4. Molded base protects from wet floors and also lets the backpack remain standing even when open
  5. Tough build that should last a long while and even the zippers aren’t a liability
  6. Orange interior with black outlines for pocket flaps lets you find and get your tools quickly
  7. The orange exterior also makes it easier to find in a room and it doesn’t really look like a tools backpack
  8. No metal parts on the outside that can damage your car


  1. Not really for large number of tools
  2. It doesn’t fit in too many large tools either
  3. The handle is made from fabric and not molded ergonomic plastic
  4. Too few exterior pockets, and it’s tedious to open frequently for tools that you use more often

This is basically for pros and hobbyists that use a compact set of tools for various jobs. It’s great for such professionals as cable technicians, garage door repairmen, refrigerator servicemen, and electricians using basic tools. This can stand for years of use, even for people so abusive to their backpacks that they drag them on the ground. The Rugged Tools Tradesman Tool Backpack is definitely rugged, though it’s a pleasure to carry and open on the floor.

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Buyers’ Guide

Exactly how do you pick the best tool backpack for your needs? It’s not just a matter of price and how much you can afford. It’s also not true that the most expensive backpacks are necessarily the best for you. You have to consider the following factors to pick the most ideal backpack to house your tools:

Can It Accommodate Your Tools?

More specifically, you need to determine if the bag is big enough to carry all the tools you need, and that you have enough compartments for each of your tools. You need a bigger backpack if you have more tools, or if your tools are generally bigger than usual. Obviously, a smaller backpack is enough if you don’t have too many tools to bring with you, and a small backpack will both be cheaper and easier to tote around.

You also have to check out the compartments. You’ll need pockets and loops for your tools. Some backpacks have pockets with covers, which is often a requirement for workers like carpenters who need these pockets for their nails, screws, nuts, and bolts.

How Durable Is It?

You should check out a fair sample of the customer reviews for the tools backpack you want to buy, as many of these reviews can be updated to report any wear and tear that occurs too soon after the purchase. Even our reviews are only report first impressions for the most part, but customers tend to offer long-term assessments regarding the durability of the material.

Still, you should check out the overall construction quality and build of the tools backpack. It’s especially important to note the materials used to make the backpack. Often, the tougher backpacks are made out of denim, canvas, or polyester. You may also want to look for rubberized or hard mold bases. The back of the backpack should be reinforced, the pockets shouldn’t be flimsy, and the seams should be double-stitched,

Is It Comfortable to Wear?

Obviously, you’ll want your backpack to be as comfortable to wear as possible, especially if you have a large set of tools and you need to carry around the backpack all day. Some of these backpacks can be truly uncomfortable, and that can lead to bad backs and posture issues. On the other hand, other backpacks are so comfy that you may even forget you’re wearing a backpack at all.

The first thing you need to check out is the level of padding on the backpack. To prevent any strain to your lower, the backpack should have some sort of lumbar support. The design of the backpack should also ensure that the weight of your tools is evenly distributed, since it’s much more uncomfortable to lug around a backpack with uneven weight distribution.

You may also want to get a backpack with a hip strap and a sternum strap. These straps can make sure your backpack is secured to your body, and that’s one less concern to worry about. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes a tools backpack different from a regular backpack?

The main difference is that the inside of the tools backpack has lots of different pockets and compartments for individual tools. In regular backpacks, you generally just have a large compartment where everything is stored together. With the tools backpack, the compartments make sure that these tools don’t bump into one another, they stay in place, and you get even distribution for the weight of the tools.

Is it really that important to use a backpack for tools? Why not use a bag instead?

The problems with a bag are quite many if you just use a regular one for your tools. You don’t have all your hands free when you’re moving about, which can be a problem when you’re climbing up or down ladders. You also have the whole weight centered on just one side of your body when you lift a bag with a single hand. Inside, the tools can become disorganized, and they can bump into each other to cause damage to your tools. Lots of these backpack tools are also water-resistant, which can prevent corrosion as well. 

Is the backpack water resistant?

Most backpacks we’ve reviewed here are water resistant, as you’ll need to be using them in rough conditions. So, if you need one that requires water resistance, make sure it says it on the bag. If not, always ask questions!

What material is the backpack made of?

This is a very important thing to know, as the material of the backpack will ensure the durability of the backpack. Some are made of ballistic weaves, while others different material. So, always be careful in knowing which material your preferred backpack is made of!

Does the backpack have warranty?

Most backpacks come with a warranty, and it’s preferred you get one with a warranty. This is because in case your backpack does have problems, you will want them changed as they’re meant to be used for years. 

Are there particular types of tools backpacks?

These tools backpacks can be classified into two general types. One is the utility backpack, which does have a few compartments for commonly used tools. However, this type of backpack only has these compartments as an additional feature, and there’s still a main compartment for other types of gear such as hiking equipment. The second type of tools backpack are the heavy-duty models, as these are heavily compartmentalized and they’re designed to last a very long time. They’re usually made of tougher material than just cloth.

Are there any special rules for taking care of these tool backpacks?

There are several rules of thumb you need to keep in mind to make sure that your tool backpack lasts for a ling while. Foremost of these rules is about keeping to the stated weight limit of the backpack. You should also make sure your tools are secure in their compartments before you move around town with the backpack.

What about cleaning the backpack?

You shouldn’t put your backpack in the washing machine, and don’t use strong detergents either. You can instead just soak it in warm soapy water while you use brush with soft bristles to remove any visible dirt. You can then rinse the backpack under the tap. Hang it up to dry outside, though you shouldn’t keep it under the hot sun for too long. It’s better to just air dry it in the shade, as the sunlight can end up weakening the backpack fabrics. 

Final Words

We hope our list has helped you find what type of backpack you want, and which works best for you! In our opinion, the Backpack, Electrician Tool Bag, Tradesman Pro Organizer, 39 Pockets and Molded Base Klein Tools 55421BP-14 and Rugged Tools Worksite Tool Backpack – 68 Pockets & Utility Organizers Including Laptop Sleeve – Heavy Duty Jobsite Tool Bag Perfect Storage & Organizer for a Contractor, Electrician, Plumber, HVAC are the two best tool backpacks you can get!

So, hopefully you have great backpack to help you assort your tools and allow you to efficiently get your work done!

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