10 Best UV Sterilizer For Aquarium 2021 (Ultimate Reviews & Guide)

Do you value the aquatic animals and plants in your aquarium? I mean, which aquarium owner doesn’t love his/her adorable pets and plants? That is why every aquarium owner must get the best UV sterilizer for the aquarium. Trust me you will see a drastic positive change in the growth of your fish and plants. 

Having clean aquarium water is great for your fish and aquatic plants. You can only achieve this by having a UV sterilizer in your fish tank. There are a dozen of models accessible in the market today. Therefore, you can never go wrong with one of the models.

What Is A Uv Sterilizer For Aquarium?

Are you wondering what a UV sterilizer for aquarium is? Well, you are in the right place. We are here to clear all the doubts in your mind. In case you have heard of aquarium filtration equipment, you are not too far from understanding this product. 

A UV sterilizer for aquarium is one of the aquarium filtration gadgets. Just as its name suggests, this device utilizes UV light to make aquarium water clean and safe for fish. In what way does this gadget make aquarium water clean and safe for your plants and fish? Well, let’s get to that now.

Aquariums are prone to have harmful pathogens and bacteria. This filtration gadget has a bulb that radiates UV light. The light is capable of ruining bacteria’s DNA. In that way, bacteria will either die or they will not be in a position of reproducing anymore. Bacteria only survive in an aquarium for a short time. 

That means that even the sterilized ones will eventually die without leaving any traces of reproduced bacteria. Say goodbye to any and pathogen and algae outbreak! The best thing is that UV light does not cause any harm to your fish. That makes it favorable rather than using the chemical fish tank filtration techniques.

Best UV Sterilizer For Aquarium Comparison Chart

Product NameBrandWeightDimensionsWattagePrice
AA Aquarium Green Killing Machine Internal UV SterilizerAA Aquarium1 pound16 x 10 x 14 inches9W
Jebao 36W Aquarium Koi Fish Pond UV Light SterilizerJebao7 pounds20 x 13 x 4 inches36W
SunSun JUP-01 9W UV SterilizerSunSun2 pounds4 x 4 x 12 inches9W
Coralife Turbo-Twist UV SterilizersCoralife5.6 pounds16 x 9.2 x 3.2 inches18W
AquaUltraviolet Advantage 2000+ Inline 3/4" Barb - 15 Watt Aquarium UV SterilizerAqua ultraviolet1 pound1 x 1 x 1 inches15W
Sun 13W UV SterilizerSunSun2.7 pounds3 x 2. 5 x 13. 5 inches13W
GRECH CBG-800 5W UV SterilizerGrech3.6 pounds9.5 x 6.8 x 7.5 inches5W
Brother123shop 9W SterilizerBrother 123shop-3.25 x 3 x 12 inches9W
Innovative Marine Auqa Shield Ultraviolet LightInnovative marine14.4 ounces-9W
rOXIN 7W 11W Submersible Algae Bloom Clean LightrOXIN7.2 ounces10.2 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches11W

An aquarium sterilizer is an essential item that you need to install. Since there are many products on the market, it can be tough to pick the right one. We have reviewed top 10 model that you can consider buying this year. Compare their aspects so that you can choose the most suitable sterilizer.

Are you looking for a UV sterilizer that’s great for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums? Well, look no further. We brought the exact product you need right at your doorstep. The AA aquarium green killing machine works in a disinfecting wavelength at 254 nm. The sterilizer features a water pump that is suitable for a 50-gallons aquarium. It comes with a powerhead to enhance the simplicity of use and versatility. You can also submerge the sterilizer of the aquarium water.

What I like

If you are afraid that installation might be complex with this gadget, you have to let free your fear. The product allows the user to have quick and straightforward installation. There is no need for external plumbing. What’s more interesting is that it comes with suction containers to ensure that the installation is more effective.

What I don’t like

The construction of a UV sterilizer counts when it comes to durability. This gadget does not comply with that. The manufacturer uses cheap and low quality to make the sterilizer. With that, you will find that it will not last for long. Comparing that with its price, it may not be worth the cost

  • It contains a LED signal to alerts when it’s bulb replacement time
  • Installing the gadget is simple
  • The sterilizer comes with all useful accessories
  • Perfect for both fresh and saltwater tanks
  • Great design for maximum UV-water contact
  • It is relatively expensive
  • Low quality plastic material

It doesn’t matter whether you have a pond or aquarium, this product will work perfectly for you. It will get rid of all viruses, algae, and bacteria in your fish pond and aquarium. The gadget is the only technique for ensuring that your aquatic plants and fish don’t only survive but also thrive in a great way. The capacity of this sterilizer will shock you. It operates perfectly in 8,000 gallons of ponds. Now imagine it in your aquarium. I mean, it will work wonders.

What I like

The versatility of this UV sterilizer makes it outstanding. Its capacity is big enough to handle filtration in a pond or aquarium. As if that is not enough, the device allows in horizontal and vertical positions. No one can resist a product with such versatility.

What I don’t like

The gadget’s UV light needs to penetrate through every inch of the water capacity. This product might not be perfect for unfiltered aquarium water. The waste, food remains and debris tends to block the UV rays from penetrating through perfectly. Therefore, the elimination of bacteria might not be effective in unfiltered water case.

  • It is ideal for both fish pond and aquariums
  • You can position it horizontally or vertically
  • Its power cord is long enough to reach a big distance
  • The sterilizer eliminates harmful organisms in a short time
  • Easy to install and clean
  • It requires regular cleaning
  • The sterilizer’s lamp may not last for long
  • houses.

With this UV sterilizer for aquarium, you will never go out of your budget. This is simply because you will get it at an affordable price. You may purchase it because of its affordability but later realize that you like its performance more. This device will work perfectly for both floating algae and any bacteria and harmful organisms in your aquarium water. Most users find its design appealing that’s why they are compelled to buy it. Don’t worry since you will get every accessory you need for perfect filtration.

What I like

Using some UV sterilizer model in unfiltered water might not work perfectly. For this model, you can use it on filtered or unfiltered water. It comes with sponges as pre-filter media. The sponges will trap all waste, debris, or food remains in the water. Therefore the UV rays will have not blockage as they try to eliminate bacteria.

What I don’t like

UV sterilizer’s performance is very great. However, it takes a much longer time to get these results. For most aquarium owners, they need a product that will give them immediate results. This model might not work perfectly for them.

  • The package includes a sponge for pre-filtering
  • You can use the product right from the box
  • It comes to users at an affordable price
  • The UV sterilizer is suitable for small fish tanks
  • It comes with an in-built pump
  • The sterilizer is less ideal for large capacity aquariums
  • Bulbs need regular replacement

You will get a handful of incredible features from this UV sterilizer. The coralife turbo-twist UV sterilizers work perfectly for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums. The product is available in three sizes, 3X for 125-gallons aquarium, 6X for 250-gallons aquarium, and 12X for 500-gallons aquarium. Setting up the device is very straightforward. All you need to do is mount it at the side edge of the aquarium. You don’t need an expert to mount the sterilizer for you. Just Do It Yourself!

What I like

One of the great things about this UV sterilizer model is turbo-twist technology. It may seem like a decoration design but it is more than that. The technology increases the exposure of the UV light to the water. It does this by ensuring that the water flow is in a way that the light reaches every inch of the water surface.

What I don’t like

The UV sterilizer does not include a pump in the package. It is not that the product will not require a pump in the operation. A pump is a must-have for this product. I mean, this will bring the additional cost for purchasing the pump separately.

  • The sterilizer ensures maximum UV exposure to the water
  • It will last for a long time
  • This UV sterilizer is ideal for larger aquariums
  • Its 18 watts bulb is highly powerful
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Loose bulb attachment in the socket
  • You need to purchase a pump separately

For aquariums that are not too small nor too big, this is a great fit for you. By that, we mean that if your aquarium is around 75 gallons, get this UV sterilizer. The aqua ultraviolet advantage 2000+ UV sterilizer will work incredibly with a water flow rate of 240 GPH. It removes all microorganisms, bacteria, and algae in aquarium water. That leaves the water safe for any Aquarium fish and plants.

What I like

I like that the installation of this UV sterilizer is rather simple. Do you want to know what makes it easy? The sterilizer comes with barb-output and input. This feature is the secret behind ease in setting up the gadget. Its flexibility is also impeccable. You are not limited in terms of placement. You can position the gadget wherever you feel like in the aquarium.

What I don’t like

Different aquarium owners have different aquarium filter models. The limitation of this UV sterilizer is that you might not use it in any aquarium model. If you have a hang on back aquarium filter, it might fit you best. However, if you don’t have such an aquarium model you might be forced to look elsewhere.

  • The sterilizer is suitable for small aquariums
  • It allows easy and fast installation
  • The gadget has a strong UV light that eliminates all bacteria
  • This UV sterilizer has a sturdy construction
  • It does not alert when in operation

In case your aquarium has a capacity of 75 to 150 gallons, this is the best sterilizer for you. Trust me, you can never go wrong with the SunSun brand’s products. This UV sterilizer model is proof of that. Get it and see its magical performance. Don’t forget to thank us later. It is a much larger model that measures 13.5 * 2 * 2.5 inches, height, width, and length respectively. Once you install the gadget, you are set to see changes in the fish and plant growth.

What I like

The sun 13w UV sterilizer is a great product. From its easy installation to its relatively cheap price. As long as your aquarium fits in the range capacity 75 to 150 gallons, I don’t see a reason for you not getting it. You can also adjust the flow rate using a nozzle. This is unheard of most UV sterilizer models.

What I don’t like

Durability is the main issue when it comes to this product. I mean, there are a few limitations that one can handle, but this durability is out of the user’s control. Everything is great but the construction is not strong enough. It can break down in a short period.

  • The sterilizer features a nozzle for adjusting the flow rate
  • It comes with suction cups for easy placement
  • This gadget is ideal for up to 150 gallons aquarium
  • The 13 watts emits powerful UV light
  • This sterilizer comes inclusive of a pump
  • It has a weak construction

For the aquarium owners who want an external sterilizer, we have one for you. The sterilizer has great features that work together in ensuring that all bacteria and algae are wiped off. You have to know that some bacteria affect negatively the growth of fish ad algae plants in aquariums. That is why you need a powerful filter like the Grech CBG-800 5W UV sterilizer.

What I like

What do you think of a combination of UV light and bio media to filter aquarium water? Incredible, right? The great fact is that you get all these unique combinations at a cheaper price. To add on the features, the product has a surface skimmer. That will ensure that the upper water layer is clean for gas circulation.

What I don’t like

The product comes with carbon filters. However, the filters will not last for long. The package includes low-quality carbon filters. That means that you will have to incur an extra cost. You need to purchase other quality filter media separately

  • The product comes at a cheaper price
  • Installation of the gadget is nothing hard
  • It is ideal for both salt and freshwater fish tanks
  • You can easily adjust the flow rate
  • Involves both mechanical and biochemical filtration
  • Low-quality carbon filter media
  • It only fits small aquariums

If you are not using the brother 123shop 9W sterilizer yet, you are missing out on a lot. You will see its great performance, a short while after you purchase it. You don’t need to use the chemical filters when you have this UV sterilizer model with you. You can use this gadget to your 75-gallons aquarium. No one likes his/her aquarium water is greenish. Do you need to clear the greenish aquarium water? Well, the best option here is to use this sterilizer.

What I like

UV sterilizers also need maintenance and cleaning. The best fact about this model is its ease of maintenance and cleaning. You don’t need additional items to clean the sterilizer. Just use what you have and you are good to go. You fish will always be happy in lean and clear water.

What I don’t like

The product fails in providing clear and detailed instructions. This might be very disappointing especially for the newbies in using UV sterilizers. Therefore, some users may find it less suitable. With no clear instructions implies that installing it might be a complex task. Maybe when the instruction is well indicated, it can be a great option.

  • The sterilizer is perfect for 75-gallons fish tanks
  • It comes with a 9W UV light bulb
  • The gadget includes an 8 watts pump
  • This sterilizer is capable of filtering with a flow rate of 211 GPH
  • The sterilizer’s instructions are not clear
  • It tends to get rid of functional bacteria

Getting the perfect UV sterilizer for your aquarium is not always an easy task. You have to match the features, quality, performance and the price of that particular UV sterilizer model. Well, it already seems hard just stating it that way. Now the real selection task becomes harder than the statement. The innovative marine auqa shield ultraviolet light is our miracle worker. You will get great features, high-quality, great performance for a great price. This product will provide all these to you. Isn’t it quite a catch?

What I like

Maintenance of any aquarium filter is worth considering. For this UV sterilizer, you get the best out of it. A sterilizer that does not require too much maintenance is a great one. This is what you get when you purchase this product. Simple maintenance and cleaning. Again installing it is one straightforward and fast task.

What I don’t like

This UV sterilizer has its limitations. Besides having a great feature that for a second might be worth its high price, it is not ideal for all aquariums. In case you have a big aquarium, you need to look for other models. It is only ideal for small ones.

  • It includes a sponge for pre-filtering
  • Changing the cartridges is easy
  • It works perfectly on small aquariums
  • The UV sterilizer requires less maintenance
  • Its installation is straightforward
  • It is relatively expensive
  • The UV sterilizer has low wattage.

What comes into your mind when you hear that a UV sterilizer is submersible? Well, easy installation is the great characteristic behind any submersible UV sterilizer. All you need do with such a gadget is to position it inside the aquarium, connect it to the pump, plug in a power source, and it is set to start the operation. This specific model is one that allows easy installation. It will only take you a few minutes and the gadget will be ready for operation.

What I like

The immediate performance and versatility of this UV sterilizer are incredible. In a few hours, say 12 hours, you will notice that green water will be clear. Therefore, you don’t have to keep waiting to get these amazing results. Also, the gadget is perfect for not only aquariums but also swimming pools, fish ponds, and also dog house.

What I don’t like

The issue comes in the durability of the UV sterilizer. It will only last for a short period. As short as a week. This is a great disappointment. However, it does not mean that the entire UV sterilizer breaks down. Sometimes you just need to replace the bulb

  • It is a versatile UV sterilizer
  • The UV sterilizer takes a few hours to show the results
  • Its installation is a simple task
  • The power cord is long enough to reach a bigger distance
  • This device is great for both fresh and saltwater aquariums
  • The bulb does not last for long

Buying Guide

Due to the variety of UV sterilizer models available in the market, you need to gather information about their features. This will help you select the best. To make the research easier for you, we have prepared a buying guide. After reading it, you will go to the market confidently the model that best fits you.

Aquarium size

When you want to get a UV sterilizer for your aquarium, the capacity of the aquarium matters a lot. How compatible is the sterilizer with your aquarium size? A large aquarium will require a more powerful sterilizer than a small one. The wattage of the sterilizer will always determine its power. Go for higher wattage in case you have a large aquarium. However, you can get a sterilizer with a higher wattage but fits perfectly for your small aquarium. Go for that. Higher wattage sterilizer takes a short time to filter the aquarium.

UV sterilizer Type

You will get two types of UV sterilizers in the market; submersible and non-submersible. The submersible models require no external plumbing for installation. The come with a powerhead that allows you to plug to a power source and it’s all ready for operation. For the non-submersible ones, you need to set them up outside the aquarium. Some may need plumbing but others don’t require plumbing. If you want a model that is easy to install, the submersible is the best. Non-submersible will not take space inside the aquarium but are very complex to install.


The diameter of the UV sterilizer will affect the exposure of the UV light. To make sure that the sterilizer eliminates all the bacteria in aquarium water, enough dwell time is required. The dwell time or the exposure is the water-UV light contact time. A UV sterilizer with a bigger diameter will enable the water to stay for longer since it has a long way to return the flow. This means that the time that the UV light is exposed to the water will be longer. For smaller diameter, the water will just flow and return in a short time.


This is one great characteristic that you can’t just assume. In case you don’t consider the power, you will get a gadget that does not clean up the aquarium water perfectly. The sterilizer’s bulb has a great role when it comes to the overall power of the UV sterilizer. The bulb is the core of the gadget. Do you know why? Everything that is required to filter the water comes from the bulb. Therefore the weaker the bulb, the weaker the UV light. The weaker UV light doesn’t have enough power to deal with bacteria and microorganisms.

Advantages of UV Sterilizer In Aquarium

Having a UV sterilizer in your aquarium comes with a bundle of advantages. Although some come with their limitation, trust me it’s not something that will cause harm to your fish or plants. All you need to do is get the best and you will experience the best performance from it.

Clean and clear water

Does your aquarium have green water? Sometimes green aquarium water is not impressive. Not great to look at and at the same time, it is not a great environment for fish. Most aquarium owners always wonder how to get rid of the green water. One advantage that comes with the UV sterilizer is that it will make the green water clean and clear. 

The green water condition may occur due to algae growth. The UV light in the sterilizer is capable of dealing with the algae outbreak leaving the water clear and safe for fish. With clean and clear water, you will have a nice view of your fish and plants. As if that is not enough, the fish will enjoy staying in a clean environment.

Eliminate algae growth

As an aquarium owner, you might have experienced an algae outbreak in one way or another. If you have never, trust me, it is not appealing at all. The problem now comes in when you try getting rid of the algae growth. Some aquarium owners invest in a lot of products without getting any positive results. The secret behind algae elimination relies on a UV sterilizer. 

Some filters just eliminate the algae for that moment. After a short period, you will find that the algae growth will return. This cannot always be the solution. Why don’t you chose to eliminate them once and for all? A UV sterilizer sterilizes the production of algae once and for all. 

Gets rid of harmful organisms

Harmful Microorganisms in water can be a tough thing to eliminate. However, this is not an issue with a UV sterilizer in your aquarium. As an aquarium owner, you know that aquarium water has both beneficial and harmful bacteria. The UV sterilizer operates to get rid of the harmful bacteria. 

Besides, it can also eliminate viruses and pathogens that hinder the fish and plants proper growth. With just a single product, you will be able to get rid of more than one harmful substance in your aquarium water. Most UV sterilizers ensure that the functional bacteria still stay intact to help in the fish and plant growth.

It is safe for fish

There are many ways and products you can use to filter your aquarium water. You can opt to use chemicals or bio media. Why then choose the UV sterilizer method? Well if you don’t know, let us tell you more about it. Most aquarium owners use chemical filtration techniques with doubts that they may their aquatic animals and plants. One advantage of the UV sterilizer that makes it stand-out, is that it is 100% safe for fish. The rays can penetrate the thinner membrane of the fish but go no further. That will cause no harm to your fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the perfect duration to run the UV sterilizer?

A: Different aquariums need different UV sterilizer running duration. The power of the UV sterilizer, size of your aquarium and the level of algae or bacteria accumulation will affect the duration. For the large aquarium, highly accumulated algae and bacteria, and weaker UV sterilizers you need to run the device for a long time. However, wait until you see that the water is clear.

Q: Does a UV sterilizer need cleaning?

A: Yes. Just like any other filtration device, you need to clean your UV sterilizer. This will be the only way in case you want the UV light to have perfect transmit to the water. Remember that waste and debris can accumulate in your aquarium causing a blockage of UV light in the sterilizer. Therefore, clean it often to avoid that.

Q: Is a UV sterilizer safe for fish and plants?

A: Yes. You can never be surer about using a filter device like with a UV sterilizer. The device is 100% safe for your aquatic fish and plants. Remember that it involves no chemicals or harmful rays during operation. The UV light is not harmful to the fish at all. The main purpose of the UV sterilizer is to make the water safe for fish and plants.

Final Words

Having an aquarium in your own home can be the most attractive thing. However, maintaining the aquatic plants and animals in the aquarium will not always come easily. To keep the water clean and safe, you need a UV sterilizer. The best thing about this gadget, you will never have to worry about the fish’s and plant’s safety.

You will get a lot of models with improved features in the markets. We hope that the reviews have helped you in determining the best model for your aquarium. We believe that all 10 products are among the best. You will enjoy the performance of any that you will choose.

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