10 Best Water Softener Shower Heads (Reviews & Guide 2021)

When it comes to selecting the best water softener shower heads, some people find it challenging. The reason remains that we have a lot of fake and shoddy quality units in the market. However, you have to worry no more as we have come up with the best shower heads that you the best experience. We have thoroughly discussed the best models that are of high quality and durable. 

In the review, we have provided the difference between each product from the other. The contrast makes it easy for you to make the right opinion.  The water softeners are suitable for both hard and soft water. They are essential for the purification of harmful chemicals as well as a massive particle of metal and other organic substances. For more information, take a step ahead and go through the review.

Best Water Softener Shower Head Comparison Chart

Product NameBrandWeightDimensionPrice
PureAction Water Softener Shower HeadReaction1.05 pounds9*5*3 inches
Barclay's Water Softener Shower HeadBarclay’s2.88 ounces3*3*4 inches
Luxsego Ionic Shower Head with Replacement Hose and HolderLuxesego11.2 ounces9.4*3*3 inches
Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower HeadCulligan1.45 pounds4.8*8.5*12.2 inches
AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head Set 15 Stage Shower FilterAquaHome2.4 pounds11.4*5.9*3.9 inches
Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter SystemAquasana2.3 pounds8.3*7.2*3.2 inches
SparkPod Shower Filter Head - Filtered Shower HeadSparkPod1.5 pounds9.5*6.3*3.8 inches
Dewifier Shower Water Softener - Shower Head FilterDewifier14.4 ounces5.2*3.7*3.6 inches
PureAction Shower Head Filter for Hard WaterPureAction12.3 ounces5*5*2.5 inches
ZenFresh Detachable High Pressure Handheld Shower HeadZenfresh10.4 ounces10.5*4.1*3.2 inches


Best Water Softener Shower Head Reviews

Our experts recommend the following quality water softener shower heads. They remove harmful impurities in the shower system so you can enjoy filtered water when taking showers. Check out full reviews of these top models.

Do you have any water softener shower head in your home? If not, then pure action is the best choice.  The pure action showerhead provides many benefits as compared to similar types in the market.

Pure action filtered shower head filters up to 99.9% amount of metals, sediments, and other dissolved substances in hard water. Besides, the pure action shower head is essential for revitalizing your body. The head is suitable for maximizing the level of PH and assists in reducing hair loss, itchy skin, eczema, and dry scalp.

What I like

It is fantastic to describe how this high-quality works effectively and efficiently. When it comes to its durability, we can’t afford to negotiate in that. The tool features a heavy-duty and solid construction. The leakage freeness makes the shower head be ranked among the best models. The stainless steel makes the head safe and secure for use as its free form corrosion.

What I don’t like

Despite that, the showerhead features high-quality construction; the ABS plastic may break if carelessly handled.

Unlike the majority of the shower heads, pure action removes all chloramines as well as chloride. Also, the filtered head significantly minimizes the level of fluoride.

  • The showerhead can fit any shower arm
  • Made of stainless steel for durability
  • Pure action showerhead works well for dyed hair and blonde
  • Suitable for increasing PH for revitalizing the body
  • It is capable of removing dissolved substances, heavy metals, and sediments.
  • The head is a bit heavy due to the heavy stainless construction
  • Pure action head requires a lot of care while fixing to the shower arm

When it comes to purchasing shower heads, Barclay’s is a perfect choice. To remove any dissolved solid or just particle, it’s simple. You only need to get Barclay’s showerhead. The head is capable of removing any chlorine and other sediments present in the water. Barclays shower head is essential for both soft and hard water. In addition to that, the head is perfect for removing odor and adding beneficial minerals.

What I like

The installation process is straightforward as compared to other similar models. Not just that, but the showerhead meets the EPA water sense certification standard. Also, the filter removes up to 80 -90% of chloride and other sediments. Another fantastic feature of this filter is the ability to remove the dissolved chemicals.

What I don’t like

Due to its unique and modern specifications, it can last for a period of 8 to 10 months. However, the filter is replaceable, which not the case with ordinary shower heads is. When it comes to cleaning, it requires frequent cleaning due to its shiny appearance.

Barclay’s shower head is also ideal for minimizing the risk of asthma as well as inhibiting viruses. The high quality and sturdy head they rejuvenate and soften the skin. If you are looking for is less chemical and segment in your water, then this is the right choice. The water head shower is also perfect for increasing water pressure.

  • The filter meets the EPA water sense certification standard
  • It’s energy sever shower head
  • The head is capable of reducing dissolved chemicals
  • Features a sponge for sediment removal
  • The head is suitable for removing odor
  • Requires frequent cleaning and a lot of care while handing
  • It’s a bit expensive due to its unique and standard features

Luxsego comes with a detachable hose and holder. For the best shower experience, try this classic and great shower head. The unit is affordable and features a sturdy construction. The tool is essential for both fresh and hard water. The harmful ion mineral stone and infrared mineral stones make a dual system. The double filter system is ideal for absorbing dangerous substances.

Also, the dual filter system is suitable for minimizing chlorine in the water. The machine makes your hair and skin softer and smoother. Lexus features a water-saving design with high water pressure.

What I like

The overall size of the showerhead makes it fit in most of the standard hoses. Unlike other normal heads, the less ego doesn’t require any unique tool for installation.  The two filter system makes it more unique and classic from the rest. Besides that, the transparent filter makes it easy to clean up and easy to monitor the level of the mineral stones

What I don’t like

Despite that, the showerhead features a high-quality construction; the transparent part can easily break if not well taken care of. Even if the head is easy to clean up, it requires frequent cleaning due to its appearance.

Micro nozzle technology makes the nozzle denser and smaller, thus increasing the water flow. Lexsego features three different spray setting i.e., Jetting, rainfall, and massage.

  • Suitable in low water pressure RV
  • It features along with spraying hose for easy angle changing
  • The powerful different spraying allows you to clean everywhere
  • The various models make the shower head suitable for everyone
  • The lexsego is a bit expensive
  • It requires a lot of maintenance for a perfect result

While purchasing any machine, it’s advisable to ensure that it’s fully certified. For that reason, the Culligan WSH C 125 it’s a fully certified and texted shower head by NSF. Despite its high qualification, the excellent water softener head suits on most of the standard arms. Unlike the majority of showerheads, the Culligan requires no tool for installation.  The shower prevents any passage of bacterial or harmful chemicals in the water.

What I like

The softener water shower head is easy to install. In addition to that, the head features water resistance and rustproof construction. The excellent construction makes the shower head ideal for hard water. In terms of the body healthy, the shower makes skin and hair cleaner and softer. Culligan showerhead provides refreshing and comfortable spraying by minimizing the harsh substances.

What I don’t like

In case of too dirty water, it may end up blocking the tiny holes.  The Culligan showerhead mostly suits shower arm of about ½”. The specification ends up limiting the size of the arm the showerhead can fit.

The high-quality and fantastic showerhead provides a premium experience. For classic comfort, it provides up to 5 unique spray settings. Besides, the anti-clog rubber nozzle is of high-quality, thus reducing replacement cost. It meets the recommended standard of 2.0gallon maximum per minute and below.

  • The showerhead is easy to be install
  • The NSF certifies Culligan water softener
  • Features 5 unique spraying setting thus suiting your mood
  • Suitable for providing healthy and clean water
  • Capable of reducing scale buildup and chlorine
  • The shower can only adapt to the standard shower arm of 1/2"
  • Features tinny holes

AquaHome shower head is among the few health care shower system. The water softener system provides a luxury and premium experience. AquaHome system is suitable for both children and adults. The top-rated system features superior metal free form corrosion. In addition to that, the showerhead features an internal filter cartridge composed of vitamin E+C. When I come to its design, we can’t afford to negotiate on that due to its latest model.

What I like

Filtering materials makes the AquaHome softener system the best choice.  Calcium sulfite activated carbon, and alkaline ceramic balls are essential for the overall body revitalizing. Also, the filtering materials promote effective and quality water purification. The installation process is straightforward, as no special tools are necessary.

What I don’t like

AquaHome water softener shower head features a shiny and stylish appearance. However, the shiny body becomes a challenge when it comes to cleaning.  The showerhead requires a lot of cleaning to ensure that the head is healthy for man use.

Water purification is the other fantastic function of this premium and classic filter. The AquaHome shower head is suitable for reducing the quantity of chlorine, rust, and heavy metals. Also, it helps the infiltration of dissolved substances and other sediments. When it comes to revitalizing the body, AquaHome has no competitor.

  • Effort free connection thus easy installation
  • AquaHome features a sturdy and durable construction
  • It ensures effective water purification
  • The ability to reduce chlorine and other water sediments
  • Composed of premium and spacious metal
  • The water softener head is not suitable for dirty water
  • It takes a lot of time to clean the filter before use

Aquasana Deluxe filter system is a top-ranked shower head that is worth your money. When it comes to human benefits, it’s the priority to have. Aquasana system is essential for reducing harmful substances, thus encouraging a more moisturized skin.

It’s not just that, but also ideal for healthy shiny skin as well as a less presence of chlorine in the stream.  Natural coconut shell carbon is also a presence. The shell helps in promoting less lead, chlorine, and iron.

What I like

Aquasana is a cost-efficient filtration machine as compared to a similar design in the market. In addition to that, it’s a long-lasting water shower filter system. The system can last for an extended period while keeping your water fresh for 6 months. It involves simple installation steps for filter replacement.

What I don’t like

Despite that the water softener system features sturdy construction, the head requires frequent replacement. For effective performance, the filter needs to be replaced after 6 months.

The presence of copper and zinc is ideal for enhancing the water PH balance. For maximum water pressure and filtration, aquasana is the best preference. Aquasana softener system features a unique water flow design construction. The stylish design is an intellect for preventing clogging, thus increasing the contact time.

  • Aquasana system keeps the stream free from chlorine
  • It’s essential for shinny and softy hair
  • Features a natural coconut shell carbon filters
  • It’s critical for improving air quality to enhance the PH
  • Easy to maintain, replace and install new parts
  • For maximum results, the screen requires to be replaced after six months
  • Aquasana features a tinny nozzle holes

Are you looking for the best water filter shower head? If yes, then Sparkpod is the priority. Sparkpad is intellect for both children and adults. The system is ideal for reducing toxins in the body. You can use the showerhead for brittle nails, curly hair, and dry skin healing. Sparkpod dramatically minimizes cancer-causing substances for silky, toxic to enhance healthy hair.

Sparkpod also features several spray settings as you can effortlessly twist the head. The adjustable showerhead allows for a luxury and tranquil rain setting. When it comes to the construction material, it features a rustproof ABS material.

What I like

The stylish and adjustable shower head gives this amazing water softener a top rank.  The luxury and premium head makes it easy to twist the head to suit your favorite spray setting. Another fantastic feature of this classic is the corrosion-free ABS material. Twelve stages of filtration is a great idea that ensures that the user gets a chloride and fluoride-free steam.

What I don’t like

Even if this showerhead features some tremendous and premium specification, the showerhead doesn’t last long. Sparkpod shower head requires to be replaced after a period of 3 to 4 months, which is not the case with most of the conventional systems.

Unlike other types of showerheads, the sparkpod involves 12 stages of filtration.  Therefore you are guaranteed to get fluoride chlorine and odorless stream. The 12 scenes feature a natural material that has no side effects on the body.

  • Sparkpod has a series of 12 filtration stages
  • The showerhead is essential for healthy hair growth
  • The system is intellect for revitalizing skin
  • It’s responsible for ensuring healthy nails
  • Provides safe and clean stream water for your family
  • The showerhead is not transparent thus delicate in monitoring the natural filter material
  • Due to its premium specification, the showerhead is a bit expensive

For effective and efficient shower water softener, Dewifier is the first decision you can make. Unlike most of the showerheads, Dewifier is suitable for both hard and soft water. Dewifier is essential for reducing chlorine, fluoride, and other dissolved chemicals.

The softener is intellect for filtering both cold and hot water. This premium water softener provides several benefits to the body. First of all, it’s great for enhancing skin and promoting healthy hair.

The Dewifier is ultimate for water softening and purification that uses the latest technology. Therefore, while using this model of the showerhead, you are 100% guaranteed of a safe stream.

What I like

The ceramic balls give this amazing water softener an extra benefit from the rest. Ceramic balls are crucial in removing the chloride in hot and cold water. Also, the granulated activated coconut carbon helps in reducing the presence of THMS. It’s also great for removing organic and non-organic impurities and materials.

What I don’t like

While using this kind of water softener, it may end up slowing down the water pressure.  Slow water pressure may result from improper maintenance.

  • Dewiefier provides a functional filtering capacity
  • Suitable for preventing dry skin
  • Dewifier is ideal for minimizing blemishes
  • It’s great when it comes to avoiding wrinkles
  • Dewifier is intellect for diminishing acne breakout
  • Can result to slow water pressure if not well taken care off

PureAction is among the few premium healthier showers in the current market. The showerheads are composed of high-quality and classic metal. The metal ensures that no leakage and its corrosion-free.

Also, this premium metal is lightweight, has an inline filter cartridge that has vitamin C beads. Not just that, but the material used in construction is durable for durability. A pure action water softener helps in the reduction of heavy metals, chloride, fluoride, and other segments.

What I like

The easy connection process makes this shower head the choice for most people. You can install it to any standard wall mount, rainfall, fixed shower and rain shower in a minute. When it comes to performance, we can’t afford to negotiate on that. This fantastic showerhead works effectively with most of the standard shower arm.

What I don’t like

Due to the premium material used in construction, the showerhead is a bit heavy.  This makes it a challenge for the children and older adults to handle.

  • PureAction provides excellent longevity
  • It’s very efficient in terms of removing harmful substances
  • Easy installation as compared to the ordinary models
  • It dramatically reduces the level of chloride and fluoride
  • Provides good water pressure and purification
  • It provides poor quality control
  • The PureAction is a bit heavy thus not suitable for young children

If you are looking for the best high quality and durable showerhead, Zenfresh is the best. Zenfresh is a removable high-pressure shower head that is lightweight. Its convenient lightweight makes it suitable for young children and the elderly. 

Zenfresh has the capability of purifying the water and rejuvenating your body. This machine uses the latest laser technology, thus minimizing the amount of water used. Besides, this zen fresh detachable showerhead provides a luxurious spa experience.

What I like

The three different layers designed with minerals spheres, gently reduce any impurity.  The clean chloride and fluoride-free water encourages dry skin and leads to an imbalance in the oil grade. The easy installation process makes this shower head the best choice for your family.

What I don’t like

Zenfresh features a clear head that makes it easy to monitor the state of the mineralized filters. However, this transparent material can break if not well takes care of. This makes it a challenge for some people to handle it.

  • Designed with a premium material
  • Less expensive as compared to other models
  • Provides a high water pressure
  • It’s a water-saving softener
  • It’s easy to install and replace the showerhead
  • It provides a poor quality control if not well taken care of due to the material used for construction

Things to Consider

We have included some buying tips to help you find out which is the right water softener shower head. So, before you buy the right product, make sure that you consider these tips.

The material used for construction

Different type of water softener shower head comes in different materials. Most of the common elements are plastic or metal.  A plastic unit seems less cheap as compared to the metal unit. However, this it’s not a guarantee that they are of high quality. But you need to keep in mind that after some years, the plastic unit may crack, thus leaking.

Most of the shower heads designed with metal are corrosion-proof.   Nevertheless, the quality of the material, the more you will pay for it.

The adjustability of the showerhead

While selecting the showerhead, ensuring that it will fit the current shower arm in your home.  The main reason is that some showerheads fit some specified shower arm. Also, other need to be mounted in a certain way, making it a challenge to install and replace.  The adjustable shower heads are ranked as the best choice as compared to the fixed units. 

Water pressure

Each showerhead has its water pressure capability. Several factors determine water pressure, thus be keen when selecting a shower unit.  The unit you are going to purchase should not alter the normal water pressure. Some of the modern shower head units interfere with the water pressure of the shower arm.

Weight of the shower unit

The weight of the group may not directly matter, but sometimes it’s always advisable to put into consideration. Some showerheads feature a massive unit that makes it a challenge for the older people and children to handle. The weight of the unit results from the type of material used in construction. However, your targeted product should be given the priority.  In case you find that your shower head you wished to purchase is massive then, you can go for that.

Water purification ability

Purification ability is the first gender for getting a showerhead.  All water softeners can remove impurities, but some filters have a better capability to do so. We have a few units that can prevent bacteria and viruses from penetrating. However, the majority of the units only reduce the level of chloride and chloride.  While other only filter metals, chemical substances and soften the water. The overall performance of the units depends on the unit’s specifications and cartridge capacity.

Number of cartridges

Every showerhead comes with different numbers of the cartridge. But some manufacturers provide an extra cartridge in the package. This gives the unit an advantage since you have a spare in the store.

The life span of the cartridge

The lifespan for a unit depends on the manufacturer. It’s always advisable to choose the cartridge that will suit your needs.  A minimum cartridge should filter up at least 10000 gallons of the water. 

How Do You Tell That You Need A Hard Water Filter?

For you to tell you that you need a hard water filter, it means that you have noticed some signs of hardness. First of all, what do we mean by hard water?  Hard water is the one that contains dissolved components and chemicals of magnesium, calcium among other minerals. Any water that contains more than 7 grains per gallon in terms of calcium carbonate then its hard water. The level of hardness of water is expressed in terms of milligrams per liter or part per million.

Hard water has a lot of negative impacts on the human body.  Although calcium has several benefits to the body, it has side effects.  Hard water may result in damage to water pipes as well as appliances. Most of the homes with hard water face challenges of limescale buildup inside pipes and similar pipes. Also, it results in skin irritation due to a high level of HP balance and other minerals. Some of the skin problems include clogged pores, dryness of skin, itchiness, and acne. 

Once you notice these signs, then you need to have a hard water filter.

  1. Presence of clogged pores in the showerhead and other appliances
  2. Rapid water flow over time which means that they are a buildup of impurities in the pipe
  3. Presence of mineral residue in electric appliances
  4. Damage that may result in leakage to different appliances
  5. Rough textures laundry as well as quick fading of cloths
  6. Frequent plumbing due to limescale

Do Water Softener Shower Heads Work Well?

It’s not easy to provide a straight forward answer to such kind of a question. The reason is that it will depend on the type of showerhead you have. If you have a high –quality shower head unit, then it will automatically work effectively. 

And how can you determine that you have the best unit? Some of the factors that you need to consider before purchasing the unit will result in the quality of the unit if you are using soft water then no need to use a water softener. Most of the showerhead is useful when using hard water.

Hard water contains a lot of contaminations and impurities that may alter your skin and body functionality.  Most of the shower heads work well, but you need to keep in mind not all. If the unit can reduce the level of PH balance, then the unit it’s okay. High PH balance level leads to skin irritation and also a dryness to your skin. 

Showerheads work well when it comes to softening hard water. Hard water is responsible for drying your hair and makes it brittle. Also, hard water ruins your shower experience as cause the soap to form scum instead of lather. A water shower head is crucial in every home as it helps in removing the harmful chemical from the water. Not just that, but it’s also responsible for providing a luxurious spraying experience.

Advantages of using a softener shower head 

1. Makes the water softer

Most of the water that we use in our daily life is usually hard. We all know the disadvantages of using hard water while taking our shower. Consuming of hard water will lead to skin dryness and weaken your hair. Water softener shower heads filters soften the water making it healthier and suitable for human use. Using filtered water will improve your hair as well as the skin.

2. Prevents bacteria and viruses

Despite that not all the shower heads can prevent bacteria and viruses, some have the capability. A quality shower head will block the majority of the bacteria as well as infections.  Also, the showerhead can act as a site for bacterial breeding. This might be possible as the unit its warm and moist most of the time. 

Therefore using a shower head filter will automatically kill all viruses and bacteria. This will help to ensure that your family consumes fresh and clean water free from chemicals. But before purchasing any unit, ensure that it’s capable of kill bacteria and viruses.  

3. Reduction of harmful chemicals

A certain chemical can enter into the water, thus causing the same side effect tom your body. Therefore it’s advisable to get a shower end unit.  Some substances like herbicides, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides are common in the hard water as well as in the soft water. Some of these chemicals are harmful to the human body. However, not all the shower heads can kill or preventing chemicals. Choose the recommended shower head for a luxurious experience.

4. Safe for children

Most of the shower heads are suitable for children to use. As we know that children are so susceptible to developing inhalation of chlorine vapor as compared to adults. But to ensure that the type of shower unit you are buying is safe, consider getting a lightweight unit. The presence of chlorine in the water increases the chances of developing asthma to children. Another common disease caused by chlorine and fluoride to children is the allergy.

5. Reduces the level of chlorine and fluoride

Despite that, different types of showerheads have different abilities; most of them can minimize the level of chlorine. As we all know that chlorine has been mostly used in treating water for a decade.  The chlorine itself has several negative impacts on the human body. For that reason, you need a water softener shower head. The presence of chlorine and fluoride in the water may lead to unhealthy and weak skin and hair. In addition, once the chlorine dries on the surface of the skin or hair can lead to skin infections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can you take before replacing the filter?

A: No stipulated time that you can decide when to change the filter to a new one. Once you open the head of the shower and notice some dark particles, then you are supposed to change the filter.  Usually, a high-quality filter should last for a minimum of 4 months before replacing it. But if you only use the bathroom alone, then it can last for 6 months or even 8. Also, the duration will be determined by the type of showerhead. A household with more than two users, the filter should be changed after 16 weeks. This helps to increase the efficiency of the filter. Lastly, it’s always advisable to check your screen frequently.

Q: Does a water softener filter help to dry hair and scalp?

A: YES, partially, it will assist. Filtered shower water ensures that the hardness of the water is left behind. This helps to ensure that your hair and scalp are not directly exposed to chemicals and other contaminants. Also, the concentration of chloride and fluoride will be dramatically reduced. Therefore you will end up having soft and healthy hair and scalp.

Q: Can showerhead trap copper and other metal substances?

A: Yes, but it will depend on the type of showerhead unit used.  The water filter traps all impurities, including copper, aluminum, and other dissolved chemicals. But some shower units can’t remove all the dirt.

Q. Can the water filter alter the water pressure?

A: NO. It’s not easy for the filter to reduce the flow of the water. However, it’s recommended to get the best shower end as we have some fake ones that can alter the water pressure. But a standard filter can’t interfere with the water pressure.

Final Verdict

Every choice that you make has a positive and negative impact. For that reason, you need to be keen while selecting the type of water softener shower head. The above units are affordable but of high quality.  You should think of getting a high-quality unit that will suit your needs. As a homeowner, you need to keep your family safe and secure.

But you can do that by ensuring that you get the best unit. The above units are suitable for reducing the amount of chlorine as well as fluoride. The filter is also essential for ensuring that the stream is free from harmful chemicals and other organic substances. Get one of the above showerheads, and you will never regret such kind of a decision.

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