10 Best Protein Skimmer for 200 Gallon Tank in 2021 (Ultimate Reviews)

Best Protein Skimmer for 200 Gallon Tank

If you have a 200 gallon tank, you understand the importance of having a quality protein skimmer. This is an essential aquarium equipment that maintains table water parameters in the tank. This eventually provides you with a healthy place for your fish. But how do you pick the best protein skimmer for 200 gallon tank? … Read more

6 Best Protein Skimmer For 300 Gallon Tank (Reviewed and Rated in 2021)

Maintaining proper hygiene for a 300 gallon aquarium can be very challenging especially when it comes to removing fish excretory and food waste. To solve such problems, you will need to invest in the best protein skimmer for 300 gallon tank. A protein skimmer is very essential when it comes to maintaining fish tanks especially … Read more

10 Best Heater for 5 Gallon Betta Tanks (2021 Reviews & Guide)

Best-Heater for 5 Gallon Betta Tank

A large number of fish species require warm water to survive so if your fish tank water is too cool, you will probably need an aquarium heater. There are five main types of aquarium heater; submersible, immersible, substrate, in-line and filter. This guide presents to you 10 of the most loved aquarium heaters you can … Read more

10 Best Aquarium Canister Filters (2021 Reviews & Guide)

Best Aquarium Canister Filters

Many people love aquatic pets and animals. This makes it a great idea to have aquariums in your houses. Aqua animals require a nice environment for them to survive and thrive well. One way to ensure that the fish have healthy living conditions is to use filters. Filtration is very vital for a healthy aquarium. … Read more

10 Best Aquarium Water Conditioner (Reviewed and Rated in 2021)

Best Aquarium Water Conditioner

Wouldn’t you want to see your fish happy and stress-free? Well, you will need the best aquarium water conditioner to help you with that. Tap water contains chemicals which are added by public officials to make water safe for human consumption. However, these chemicals are very dangerous to fish and they cannot survive in an … Read more

10 Best Aquarium Controller & Monitoring System (2021 Reviews)

best aquarium controller and monitoring system

Keeping an eye on everything that goes on inside your aquarium is nearly impossible. That is why every aquarium owner needs the best aquarium controller and monitoring system. These devices help to control and monitor all the major conditions in the aquarium. From the pH, salinity, water motion today water temperature. Finding the best depending … Read more

8 Best Aquarium Chillers in 2021 (Reviews & Guide)

Best Aquarium Chillers

Mostly your Aquarium inhabitants will be fish. Fish are cold-blooded and you need to ensure that temperatures of your aquarium are favorable for the fish. For this reason, since you can’t control the temperatures of the surrounding you need a chiller to control the temperatures of the aquarium.  For anyone new to aquariums will wonder … Read more

Best Filter for Red Eared Slider Tank – Our top 7 choices!

best filter for red eared slider tank

The red-eared slider turtle is one of the most popular turtles in the world. It has appeared in numerous renowned publications such as Palmer and Braswell (1995) and Carmichael and Williams (1991). This animal is docile and allures many due to its characteristic of requiring less and adapting faster to new habitats. If you’re looking … Read more

10 Best Filter For 10 Gallon Fish Tank in 2021 (Reviews and Comparison)

Best Filter For 10 Gallon Fish Tank

Keeping fish as pets is relaxing and calming. After a stressful day, you can unwind as you watch the beautiful and colorful creatures in your aquarium. Every fish owner knows that the life of the fish and other aquarium inhabitants entirely depend on the filter. Therefore, you need to get the best filter for 10 … Read more

10 Best Filter For 5 Gallon Fish Tank – (2021 Review & Guide)

Best Filter For 5 Gallon Fish Tank

Fish lovers know how outstanding a fish is and how challenging it is to rear. However, with the best filter for 5 gallon fish tank, it’s a straightforward process. That is why we have provided you with top reviews of quality filters that are suitable for 5 gallon fish tanks. Because finding the best filter … Read more

8 Best Bio Media for Canister Filter in 2021 – Guide and Review

Finding the best bio media for canister filter can be a challenge. There are many models on the market to choose from which can be pretty confusing. As an aquarium owner, you know that biological filtration is important because it reduces the levels of nitrates and ammonia in the water. Additionally, having the right bio-media … Read more

Zoo Med Nano 10 External Canister Filter

Zoo Med Nano 10 External Canister Filter

Review of Zoo Med Nano 10 External Canister Filter Summary of the Product The Zoo Med nano 10 external canister filter is inarguably one of the best filtration systems for aquatic tanks that are up to 10 gallons in capacity. It is a 3-stage external aquarium filter uses mechanical, biological and chemical filtration and is … Read more

Fluval External Fish Tank Filter Review

Review of the Fluval External Canister Fish Tank Filter Summary of the Fluval 406 external filter: Fluval external filter is an efficient external canister filter that features a unique design. The canister filter doesn’t require regular maintenance, and it works faster and better than other filters in its category. Filtration is easy and smooth, thanks … Read more

Marineland Magniflow Canister Filter Review

MarineLand Magniflow Canister Filter

Review of Marineland Magniflow Canister Filter: External Canister Filter Summary of the Product : The Marineland Magniflow Canister Filter is a fast and powerful filtration canister system that is pocket-friendly. Its simple design can operate large aquariums due to its high-performance canister filter. This filter can accommodate three media stages, which include mechanical, chemical, biological. … Read more

Tetra Whisper Power Filter Review

Review of Tetra Whisper Power Filter: External Canister Filter Summary of the Product : Tetra is one of the most recognized brand in the aquarium industry. The company provides quality fish food, filters, and other aquarium equipment. In their series of aquarium filters, the Tetra Whisper Power Filter is one of the top products that … Read more