Eheim Classic External Canister Filter Review

Eheim Classic External Canister Filter Review

Review of Eheim Classic External Canister Filter: External Canister Filter

4.5 Stars
4 Stars
Ease of Use:
4.5 Stars
4.5 Stars
The Eheim 2215 is made to last a long time with its durable construction and long-lasting components.Since this is an old model, it doesn’t have a lot of advanced features that make newer filters convenient to use.The design and engineering of the Eheim 2215 are straightforward so it’s easy to use.Rated as a mid-range pick, this product is deemed by many as a reasonably-priced option.
  • Quiet performance
  • Time-tested reliability
  • Fantastic price
  • Durable components and construction
  • Customizable filtration system
  • Easy to set up
  • Foolproof priming
  • Impressive overall engineering
  • Energy efficient
  • Budget-friendly upkeep
  • Instruction manual can be improved
  • Not self-priming
  • No filter trays so cleanups can be a bit of a challenge
  • Some find the water flow to be quite slow

Some might think that the Eheim Classic External Canister Filter is a bit old-fashioned but as great quality never goes out of style, it still proves to be a popular pick among many. This product has already proved itself over the years, so if you’re after a reliable option, make sure to check it out.

Lots of filters today are very impressive with their automated and advanced functionalities. However, there are also very basic and simple ones that get the job done well without a fuss. They can be better options to some as they’re easier to maintain and are more practical. 

One good example of this is the Eheim Classic External Canister Filter. Also known as the Eheim 2215, this product is true to its name in many ways. It’s a classic in terms of its longevity in the market and its design is also deemed as a classic example of a good canister filter configuration. 

As this product has been around for 20 years already, you can count on its time-tested reliable features and performance. The fact that it’s still around and with the same features says a lot about its dependable efficiency and quality.

Who Should Get the Eheim Classic External Canister Filter

Due to its old-school design, the Eheim 2215 may not exactly appeal to everyone. It lacks the advanced features that lots of aquarists today look for in a good filter. However, it’s proven to work well which makes it popular until today, 20 years after its initial release, so there’s a very good chance that it can and will still meet everyone’s needs.

The only real drawback, really, is in the priming. So if you want something that’s fuss-free to prime, this might not be the perfect pick for you. However, if you don’t mind performing a traditional task that comes with caring for aquatic pets, then the Eheim 2215 can still be a solid pick for you.

If you’re after great quality and performance as well as easy customization, you shouldn’t hesitate to look into this filter, however.

What’s in the Box

Here are the items you can expect to get when you purchase the Eheim 2215:

  • Main unit
  • Instruction manual
  • 2 pieces of hoses
  • Suction cups
  • Filter media
  • Spray bar
  • Inlet pipe
  • Valves

Feature Overview

How exactly does the Eheim 2215 work? Let’s take a closer look at its features to help you better understand how this product gets the job done.

92-Gallon Capacity, 164 GPH

Suitable for tanks that can hold up to 92 gallons, this item is suitable for relatively big tanks. It has a rating of 164 GPH which some might find to be a slow water flow but hear us out first. Despite this rating, lots of people are still satisfied with the filter’s performance as it manages to keep aquariums clean. To be on the safe side, however, it can be better to only use it for 50 to 70-gallon tanks to ensure ample water flow speed. 

Customizable 3-Stage Filtration

A quick look at this item and you can quickly tell that it has an uncomplicated filtration process. It’s just a matter of placing the included media inside the canister and that’s pretty much it. It comes with the EHEIM Mech & Substrat Pro for its media which are composed of these items:

  • Ceramic rings to be placed at the bottom of the canister to trap in larger particles.
  • A blue sponge that goes on top of the blocking filter.
  • Bio balls for effective biological filtration.
  • White filter pad to hold the bio balls in place.
  • Black carbon pad for odor neutralizing.

With the open design of the Eheim 2215, you can also choose to configure the filtration process according to your needs and preferences. You can swap out some of the media included in the box for something else if you like other filter media better.

Water Flow Connectors with Valves

These components do the brunt of the work as they deliver the water to and from the filter. They’re very easy to connect to the canister and you don’t have to bother about differentiating them as they’re pretty much the same. 

What makes them notable are their own shut-off valves that help simplify the cleaning and priming processes. With their help, you don’t have to worry about making a mess when cleaning or priming the tank filter.

How to Use the Eheim Classic External Canister Filter

One of the weaknesses of the Eheim 2215 is its instruction manual. It’s not exactly user-friendly, so you might need a hand in setting up your unit. To help you with that, here’s one of the easiest to follow tutorials in putting this product together:

It’s a bit long-winded but it’s very demonstrative and will walk you through the steps in the proper assembly of this tank filter.

As for cleanups, you can follow this tutorial:

Alternative Options

If you’re not sure yet about the Eheim Classic External Canister Filter but you like its offerings, here are other similar options that might also be great picks for you:

Final Verdict

If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on about the Eheim Classic External Canister Filter, it’s the fact that it lives up to its name. Its traditional design might not give you the fancy innovative features others can offer, but its performance more than makes up for it. So if you’re after something that you can be sure will meet your expectations, give this item a chance.

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