Fluval FX6 Canister Filter Review

Review of Fluval FX6 Canister Filter: External Canister Filter

The Fluval FX6 is a high-performance canister filter that works great in large tanks and can turn over 925 gallons per hour. That means it can turn over a 60-gallon tank 15 times per hour.

When you are setting up a canister filter for the first time and trying to determine what size to get, you have to think about all the things that affect the performance of the filter.

You can’t just rely on what the label says. And that’s why we have made this Fluval FX6 canister filter review, to let you know exactly how this filter performs.

Rock-solid Construction: The Fluval FX6 canister filter is tough as a nail that will easily serve you for years to come.

Compact Yet Powerful: Even though it has a small body, the multi-stage filter can easily pump out 3500 liters of water.

Smart Technology: To monitor and optimize pump performance, the Fluval FX6 features advanced microchip technology.

Self-Start Feature: Just plug it in, and the filter will start on its own.

  • It’s a highly reliable filter
  • Power motor
  • Multi-stage filter
  • Quiet as a mouse
  • It’s so powerful that it can suck up fish
  • Somewhat heavy
  • Water will leak when you disconnect the filter from the hose
  • Expensive


If you are tired of using low-quality canister filters or you are frustrated with fussy parts and finicky fittings and looking for an upgrade and get the best canister filter for your aquarium, the Fluval FX6 is the one to buy.

It features a powerful motor, self-starting function, continuous monitoring of filter performance, and many more which provide a means for you to run your aquarium smoothly. Read the full review to find out more about this product.

The Fluval FX6 is a silent canister filter that fits easily into most standard aquarium cabinets. You will love the subtle intake and uptake tubing, and overall, it gives your aquarium a more natural look.

If you can spend some extra bucks, the Fluval FX6 is probably the best canister filter you can get at that price point. It has superior cleaning ability and is very easy to use. If it should go down, Fluval FX6 has a vast range of repair parts.

Who Is This for?

If you are looking for an easy way to add media from your existing filters, you are looking at the right product. You will find the maintenance of the Fluval FX6 to be far less than ordinary canister filters.

From its ease of use to its extreme efficiency, it’s a great choice for any larger household aquarium. This is a durable product, and the brand Fluval is known for good customer support, so you won’t have any problem with after-sales service.

It is highly recommended for anyone that are keeping overstocked aquariums such as African cichlid tanks or any other fish in your tank that causes chaos and lots of debris.

What’s Included

Out of the box, you will get the filter, obviously. The unit comes with three huge media trays that are very durable. You will also get the intake and outtake pipe, which are somewhat short, but you can buy longer ones.

In addition, you will find the power cord and pump unit in a separate box that also includes rubber feet, suction cups, two bio-foam inserts, two media packs, three media baskets, a carbon filter pad, one drain cap and utility valve, and a purge valve hosing.

Overview of the Features

Let’s have a look at what features this canister filter has to offer.

Smart Pump Technology

First of all, let’s talk about its built-in electronic controller, aka the smart pump technology. This controller continuously monitors the pump, its output force, and the impeller speed.

To keep the filtration system at its maximum efficiency at all times, this system automatically pauses the machine when air builds up inside the system. It will release the trapped air once every 12 hours.

400-Gallon Capacity

This filter has a high capacity that makes it stand out among all the other aquarium filtration system. That doesn’t mean that it can handle tanks with a capacity of 400 gallons.

While it does lack circulation rate and the fact that it takes about 45 minutes to circulate a tank of 400 gallons capacity thoroughly, it makes up for that lack of circulation rate with a powerful, high-performance pump.


The canister itself is surprisingly small despite having a high-capacity filtration system. The whole unit will fit neatly under most aquarium cabinets as it is only 21-inches tall.

Connectors and Valves

For ease of use and easy maintenance, this filter comes with a pair of AquaStop valves and click-fit connectors that you can use to fit all the components of the FX6’s together. 

This is a highly appreciated design of the system as the connectors simplify the whole process of joining the valves by simply pushing them down onto the filter housing. You will hear a clicking sound that will let you know that the seals are water and airtight.

You can turn AquaStop valves 90-degrees to stop the water flow through the outflow and intake tubing. This allows you to purge the filter easily.

This will also save a lot of maintenance time because you can easily disconnect the tubing and won’t have to worry about water leaking out.

Purge Valve

The valve is located at the base of the canister. When the intake and output lines are closed, you can open this valve to remove any water that is left in the filtration system.

Media Baskets

The most important component of the Fluval FX6 is its media baskets. It has three of them, which can be quickly removed via the simple T-handle release. You can access the filter media on each of them as they are separated.

They are stacked on top of one another, and the whole system is designed in a way that makes it very easy and fast to change media and maintain them. You can also customize the filter media to your liking.

The stock media is good for most aquariums, but if you want more, try some other filter media or ask the pros and see what they are using to make their tanks clear.

Instant Priming System

This machine will start on its own once you set this one up. It will first fill the canister with water, and then it will start pumping. To evacuate air from the system; the machine will pause the pump for 2 minutes.

After that, the pump will start filtering your tank. Long gone are the days where you had to figure out manual siphoning. This is a plug-n-play filter, and honestly, this should be a standard feature among all other canister filters out there.

How to Install

The setup is very simple and easy to install. You won’t have any problems or frustrations when putting it together. As soon as you open the package, it comes with a very clear instruction manual. So, I don’t think I’ve to point out the steps here.


There are two similar models;the FX5 and the FX6. If the prices are close, just go with the FX6. For the money, there isn’t really any alternative.


You will see the results of this filter after running it only for a few days. The water clarity will improve drastically with a steady water flow as well, and you will really feel like you have made a good investment. You will see a noticeable improvement from your previous setup.

I hope you enjoyed this review on the Fluval FX6. For household aquariums that are up to 400 gallons, this one is a beast of a filter.

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