Hydor Professional External Canister Filter Review

Hydor Professional External Canister Filter Review

Ease of Use
( 5 stars)
(5 stars)
(4.5 stars)
Value for Money
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This canister filter is easy to use, install and maintainIt boasts innovative features, some of which enhances its performance and lifeMaintaining this filter is a breeze. It is also easy to open up for maintenanceIt is a great value for the money no doubt
  • Easy to install even for newbies
  • Comes with safety lock system
  • Boasts a powerful flow rate
  • Easy priming system
  • Expandable spray bar
  • Comes with all needed filtration media
  • Does not have many replacement parts

Summary of the Product :

This is one of the best new filters on the market, featuring several innovative features, some of which are new to the industry. The filter also features high-quality construction with durable components and parts. It is easy to set up and boasts an impressive flow rate and capacity. It operates with low noise, hence supports a peaceful and quiet environment. Also, cleaning it is a breeze. Generally, the Hydor Professional External Canister Filter is a high performing product that offers maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Having a highly efficient filter installed in your plumbing system can benefit you in lots of ways. You should be more selective with these filters these days since more and more new models are being introduced, making it more complex to select the right one for each unique filtration need. Making the right selection is not easy anymore. This guide presents to you one of the newest yet most trusted filter models on the market today.

Through this Hydor Professional External Canister Filter review, you can learn more about it as your potential future favorite external canister filter. In a nutshell, it combines excellent innovative characteristics and performance to deliver both efficient and effective filtration.

Who is this product for?

This filter can be used to serve various purposes. Aquarium owners would be privileged to have this model installed to serve as the main system filter for their aquarium. It can be used on fish tanks, as well. Starting from aquariums with a capacity that ranges from 20 gallons to 150 gallons fish tanks. It also works pretty well for water filtration in regular water tanks.

It is also easy to set up or install, which is one of the qualities that enhances its suitability for people of various plumbing skill levels. Whether you have little knowledge about canister filters or just another expert in disguise, this product will not be a problem to handle. This makes it great for both armatures and pros alike in the context of ease-of-use and maintenance.

What is included in the package?

It comes with several accessories as well. Therefore, it saves you some money that you may have spent separately to acquire such accessories. They have included everything you need to set it up and make it run. Some of the accessories include:

  • All tubing
  • All valves
  • Filtration media
  • Fittings

With all these, you will have everything you need to install it to completion and to flag it off to begin operating. The tunings come in various sizes, as is convenient. All serve their respective purposes well in ways that maximize the general performance of the canister filter.

Overview of Features

Do you want to know what makes Hydor Professional External Canister Filter a great product? It performs impressively, thanks to innovative features and excellent construction. Here are some of the most notable features and characteristics.

Excellent Canister Construction 

When it comes to the engineering and construction of this canister filter, the company did a great job at it. It is made from high-quality materials and has been assembled with perfection. It features a 4-locking clamp system, which offers more support to the canister’s motor. Hence, it helps the product to function properly. You will not experience cases of water leaks with this filter.

Flow Rate and Capacity

To begin with, this filter delivers an impressive flow rate. Its flow rate ranges from 240 gallons to 280 gallons per hour. It delivers such an impressive flow rate at all times. You can adjust its flow rate using the ball valves. The valves are connected to the tubing on the canister filter’s top housing. The ball valves help in reducing backpressure. Likewise, if you want to achieve the best water output for your tank, you make adjustments at the valves.

Filtration Media Layers

The Hydor professional external canister filter comes with three media trays. The three media layers are more than enough for aquarium and a fish tank. You can always change the arrangements of the layers to your preference. There is enough room in the canister chambers for change.

Little Sound makes it Less Noisy

This filter operates quietly. You can rarely tell if it is working by just listening to its sound. This makes it convenient for aquariums and fish tanks set up in the house. This quality also makes it suitable for more often use.

Ease of Installation and Use

It is accurate to say that this model is generally easy to use and handle. From installation to usage to maintenance, this canister filter makes it all very simple for you. You can hook it up to your aquarium with the hoses in no time.

Hydor Professional External Canister Filter Alternatives

There are many great canister filters like this. However, it does not mean that such alternatives present exactly what you will get on this hydor. Some of the most common alternatives include MarinelandMagniflow canister filter, Fluval FX6 canister filter, and Cascade CCF3UL canister filter.

Final Verdict

From this Hydor Professional External Canister Filter review, you can understand the pros and cons of this product. It explains what a great canister filter this is. Being new on the market, you may expect little, but it stands a good chance against the big names. Besides, it boasts a high degree of efficiency and effectiveness in delivering dependable filtration. It also fits in most plumbing systems.

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