Tetra Whisper Power Filter Review

Review of Tetra Whisper Power Filter: External Canister Filter

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Ease of Use
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4.5 Stars
This is a solid aquarium filter that is durable so it will last longer.The filter has many great features that you will not find in other filters and this make it useful.Easy to use and requires low maintenance.The filter comes at an affordable price and it provides a solid performance.
  • You get three filters in one
  • It is suitable for smaller aquariums
  • The filter is durable
  • Provides a nice and solid filtration
  • Promotes healthier fish and clean water
  • Quality and inexpensive filter
  • The filter is very loud
  • Complaints of low flow
  • The included filtration media would have been quality

Summary of the Product :

Tetra is one of the most recognized brand in the aquarium industry. The company provides quality fish food, filters, and other aquarium equipment. In their series of aquarium filters, the Tetra Whisper Power Filter is one of the top products that you can consider buying. There are a lot of things that you will love about this filter. Not only does it keep the water clean, but it also ensures that the fish are healthy. This review covers some of the most critical aspects of this aquarium filter. Read on to find out if this is the right filter for your aquarium.

Aquarium filters do an incredible job of promoting a healthy environment for your fish. They remove dangerous chemicals, excess food, free-floating particulates, and decaying organic matter, among other things. While there are many types of aquarium filters on the market, Tetra Whisper Power Filter beats most of them in terms of performance and other great features.

This filter can be a great addition in your aquarium because it removes ammonia stress and other toxins that are harmful to the fish. With this product, you will get three filters in one. All of them are whisper power filters, and they utilize Bio-bag filter cartridges to get rid of particles in the aquarium.

The filters also eliminate odors and discoloration hence leaving your aquarium clean. The filter is ideal for aspiring fish enthusiasts who want quality performance without spending too much.  Let us now have a look at the features and benefits of this filter in detail so that you can make the right choice.

Who Should Get the Tetra Whisper Power Filter?

This aquarium filter is suitable for fish lovers with small aquariums with a capacity of up to 40 gallons. If you are also looking for a solid and inexpensive filter that works well, this is the right one to buy. This filter is easy to use, and it requires little maintenance.

You can also customize it with ease internally by selecting the right filter inserts that you would like to use. The filter also features a dial mount on the top that makes it easy to control the filter flow. If you would also like to reduce the flow, this filter is suitable for sensitive fish.


Installing this filter is easy. The body is fully assembled, so you only need to install it. You can check this video for fast and simple installation:

                                                      Credit of this Video: Jiayang PetKeeping

Overview of Features

This filter has excellent features that make it suitable for the job it was designed for. Here are some of the top features you will like about this aquarium filter.

3-Stage Filtration

This is an effective filtration that ensures the water is clear and your fish are healthy. It uses mechanical filtration to remove fish waste and debris. The chemical filtration works well to absorb discoloration and odors, while the biological filtration removes nitrites and toxic ammonia.

Flow Controls

Another amazing feature of this filter is that it features convenient flow controls that help you to turn down the flow. This ensures that you get a better feeding and it also boosts the cartridge life. This is because it the food that the fish haven’t eaten that would otherwise cause clogging.

Large Bio-Bag Cartridges

These are easy and economical cartridges that are easy to use. They are also quiet and provide dependable performance. The filters work well for a 40-gallon tank and ensure your fish have a healthy environment.

Simple Design

Unlike other aquarium filters, this model features a simple design that promotes easy cleaning. You will also experience simple maintenance hence making it very convenient to use. Whether you are a beginner or a pro fish expert, you can be sure to have easy use with this filter.

Tetra Whisper Power Filter Alternatives

The downside of this filter is that it is loud. In as much as you don’t expect a filter to function completely quiet, the positive aspect outdo the negative. If you dint like this filter, you can consider these options that are also suitable for small aquariums.

  1. Aqua Clear – Fish Tank Filter– Suitable for 30-gallon tanks, and it is easy to use and install.
  2. Zoo Med Nano 10 External Canister Filter, up to 10 Gallons- suitable for nano tanks and 10 gallon aquariums.


Some people remove the fish to clean the fish tank and replace the water. Removing the fish from the tank is not only traumatizing but also quite a task. Why go through all the stress when an aquarium filter can do the job for you? Well, after going through the Tetra Whisper Power Filter review, I believe you will consider having the filter in your aquarium. This is a dependable, solid, and durable filter that gives an impressive performance. It maintains a clean and healthy environment for your fish. The filter eliminates ammonia and leaves your aquarium crystal clear, so you don’t have to worry about losing your fish because of toxins.

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