Zoo Med 511 Turtle Clean Canister Filter

Review of Zoo Med 511 Turtle Clean Canister Filter: Turtle Canister Filter

Ease of Use
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Value for Money
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You do not have to have a past experience with this same product to know how to use it.The filter’s outstanding performance and durability is greatly contributed to by its highly innovative features.Though it is easy to maintain, you should not underestimate the level of complexity of its maintainance since some areas only need professionals to handle.It generally offers great value for the money.
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Easy to clean
  • Desirable filtration results
  • Occupies very little space
  • Removes ammonia and other impurities at a very high rate
  • Not quite enough/i2cons]

Summary of the Product

The zoo med 511 turtle clean canister filter is generally a high-quality product as you are about to find out. This external canister filter is designed for turtle tanks, vivariums, and more. It features an adjustable flow control system and calibrated anti-vibration bushings that make it even more suitable for such aquatic tanks. It has a space-saving design and would, therefore, fit in tight spaces if that is what you have.

It is designed for tanks with a capacity of 60 gallons. The filter itself can be filled 30 gallons of water. Also, it comes with several accessories and everything you need to get it started and to work properly.

Zoo Med has built a reputation on quality and innovation, producing some of the best filters the market has ever seen. The zoo med 511 turtle clean canister filter is one of the company’s greatest products, no doubt. This is an innovatively designed filter with some amazing characteristics. Its strengths overshadow everything else, and that is what makes it a fantastic filter for turtle tanks, and such. So if you have one of these aquariums and need an external canister filter that can clean the water in it as much as possible, check out this review to see if this model can help you out.

Who is this product for?

This product can serve a wide base of users, and that is one of the things that makes it a really convenient filter. The fact that it is an external canister filter also makes it suit various uses. The zoo med 511 is designed for turtle tanks and vivariums. It is also used on Box turtle Pools and turtle tubs. If you have any of the above mentioned aquatic tanks or pools, then this would be a great filter to install on them. Remember, the tank has to be 60 gallons or smaller in capacity.

What is included in the package?

It is a great convenience since it comes with all the accessories needed to install and keep it running. Besides, all the accessories included in the kit are all brand new and in perfect condition. Some of the accessories that come with the package include:

  • Spraybar system
  • Biologically active ceramic media
  • Active carbon
  • Mechanical filter sponge

Overview of Features

The zoo med 511 turtle clean canister filter is packed with amazing qualities, which is what makes it stand out against its competitions. Its construction is nicely done, and the other characteristics complement that in a great ways. Here is what makes it what it is:


The construction of the zoo med 511 turtle clean canister filter is excellent. The company did a great job of making it convenient and space conscious. With its space-saving design, you do not need a large space to place it just next to the tank.

Highly Effective Filtration System

It cleans and clears water in the mentioned tanks and tubs very effectively. You can depend on it to deliver dependable performance just as the manufacturer promises. It has a new double-filter system that greatly influences the overall good performance of the filter. The system includes internal biological recirculation.

Flow Rate                      

The zoo med 511 turtle clean canister filter offers an amazing flow rate of 160gph throughout its life. It features an adjustable flow control system, which enhances the overall effectiveness of the entire unit. It ensures that the flowrate is always in the right amount for the betterment of the aquatic life. The flow control system is also easily adjustable, giving you the power to make changes to the flow rate whenever you need to.

Extra-large Carbon Chamber

The size of its carbon chamber maximizes its general filtration performance. For instance, the size maximizes its ammonia absorption capabilities, which is very necessary for turtle tanks, vivariums, and tanks that contain amphibians in them. That way, it creates a more conducive environment for aquatic life.

Up to 60 Gallons Tanks

This filter is designed for tanks that have a capacity of 60 gallons and bellow. It is a small capacity filter but very effective in its job. Similarly, it can be filled with up to 30 gallons of water at once.

Installation and Ease of Use

Everything about the Zoo Med 511 turtle clean canister filter is easy. It is easy to identify, easy to understand, and easy to use. It is also easy to maintain. The filter head is easy to open, increasing to its general ease of use and maintenance.

Zoo Med 511 Turtle Clean Canister Filter Alternative

If you need an alternative to this filter, you can take the Zoo Med Turtle Clean External Canister filter 50-gallons. It may have a smaller tank capacity but is for sure a great product too. You can use it in the place of the Zoo Med 511.

Final Verdict

This guide should help you understand the true characteristics of the zoo med 511 turtle clean canister filter. It is an amazing product and would help you keep your turtles and amphibians in a more conducive environment. This product is easy to access when you need it. You can get it in most stores that sell products like this. Also, this product has easily available replacement parts. That way, you will not struggle to get its spare parts.

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